Kennedy to begin rehab work this week

Fan Confidence Poll: June 22nd, 2009
More rest planned for A-Rod

Six weeks after having surgery to remove an aneurysm under his right armpit, Ian Kennedy is set to rejoin Triple-A Scranton to begin his rehab work. Even though he doesn’t know exactly when he can resume throwing, Kennedy is encouraged by his progress and is excited to be with the team again. For now he’s just doing range of motion and strengthening exercises. All good news, but most important thing is that he’s healthy.

Fan Confidence Poll: June 22nd, 2009
More rest planned for A-Rod
  • jsbrendog

    thank god. maybe this could be the wake up call he nees to put the childish pride attitude (which could quite possibly totally be media created but i doubt it after some of his comments after getting hit around and inability to adjust to the ml level after such great success at aaa) and move on toward being mroe mature and translate his success to the ml.

    regardless, good thing he’s ok

    • whozat

      “(which could quite possibly totally be media created but i doubt it after some of his comments after getting hit around”

      This entire perception is based on ONE comment.

      As for his not adjusting…his problem was that he nibbled. Like many young pitchers. Like many young pitchers on the Yankees, even. And then he didn’t have the stuff to escape the bad counts he put himself in, unlike Joba and Hughes. The meme that Kennedy’s “childish pride” even exists, much less is a problem, comes from fans looking for an excuse to be angry at a guy whose only fault is that he didn’t succeed in his first 50 big league innings.

      You’re better than that.

      • jsbrendog

        touche, i fell prey to the SSS monster and probably the unfair overhype and expctations of young starters too. but hey, just shuttup and pitch. not you obv. but point taken

        • jsbrendog

          the naysayer’s are wearing off on me….must…resist….

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I can’t stand this critique. “Childish pride attitude”? Give me a break.

  • Jake H

    I hope he gets better quickly and can continue his career.

  • Say Hey Willie

    I have been wondering the past few weeks when IPK was going to come back. This is good news and important for the Yankees in 2010. It appears that Phil will be in the rotation next year for Andy. This leads to two Wang based scenarios. If Wang pitches well, then IPK is number one on the depth chart. If Wang cannot get back to form then the club needs another starter and the Yankees are better off having IPK in the mix for that spot.

    • Jamal G.

      If everything goes well with IPK’s rehab and CMW’s performance rehab, I’m hoping the 2010 rotation depth chart will be as follows:

      CC Sabathia
      A.J. Burnett
      Joba Chamberlain
      Chien-Ming Wang
      Phil Hughes
      Ian Kennedy
      George Kontos
      Zach McAllister
      Ivan Nova

  • Will (the other one)

    Glad to hear IPK’s (apparently) doing well, given that it didn’t seem anyone really knew how serious the aneurysm might or might not be. Does anybody know whether or not having this one puts him at risk for future related issues?

  • Bomberette

    Ths particular issue could be genetic, but actually it has been discovered to be a specific issue for athletes who sports cause them to have violent overhead arm motions, such as volleyball players and baseball pitchers. Whether it makes IPK more susceptible for future occurences, don’t know. Just glad he came through the original incident and the subsequent surgery okay.

  • Bo

    IPK. The definition of a guy who should have been traded at his peak value. See also Homer Bailey.

    • AlexNYC

      Ian Kennedy >>>>>>> Homer Bailey

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