Fan Confidence Poll: June 22nd, 2009

Late rally not enough to overcome Marlins
Kennedy to begin rehab work this week

Record Last Week: 2-4 (18 RS, 18 RA)
Season Record: 38-31 (378 RS, 342 RA), 4.0 GB
Opponents This Week: @ Atlanta (3 games), @ NY Mets (3 games)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current play, roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Late rally not enough to overcome Marlins
Kennedy to begin rehab work this week
  • Doug

    appears the natives are getting restless. poll is starting off with the 2nd lowest “confidence” of the season.

  • A.D.

    Yanks love leaving Gardner on 3B

  • UWS

    Ooooh this is gonna be good.

    *Gets popcorn, sits back*

    /PS. Confidence level = 8. I ain’t letting one lousy week sway me, damnit!

    • Stryker

      same here UWS. it was a rough week, but my confidence in the team and organization going forward is a solid, unwavering 8.

      • yankeegirl49

        Mine too!

    • Bob Stone

      I agree UWS. I’m still at an 8 confidence level.

    • Jamal G.


  • Stryker

    cue a bunch of confidence = 10 and no confidence responses and endless bitching about what is/isn’t fair game for the poll.

    i think it’s safe to say that the past 2 weeks were a lowpoint in the yankees’ 2009 season. getting swept by the sox, 2 rough games against the mets, losing 2 to the nats, losing to the questionable, jeter questionable, damon questionable, gardner had a scare after a spectacular defensive play, more questions surrounding damaso marte, brett tomko imploded…lots of negatives in that stretch.

    although, the yankees did DFA veras and burnett put together one hell of a start against the marlins.

    it’s not entirely doom and gloom – it’s just a rough patch. if people refuse to acknowledge that teams have rough patches, then hell – you’re not watching the sport close enough. hopefully everything will start to fire on all cylinders again. this team is deadly when they’re rolling.

  • Reggie C.


    I’m down from a 7. This team needs Wang and Joba to step up and start logging real innings. I’m also not confident in the non-treatment approach of CC’s bicep issue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yanks send CC to a specialist later this week. I’d also like to see the ‘pen reinforced with some veteran talent (Street) and see Tomko DFA’d.

    The aberrant Mets blowout game aside, this offense has been putrid since the Boston series. As it appears that Arod will be taking MORE games off as the schedule goes forward, this offense is going to have to find a rhythm without its best power hitter in step. It appears as if we’re still recovering confidence from that beatdown.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Over his last four starts, Joba has thrown 8, 6, 4 and 6 innings. Only one of those outings could be criticized for not featuring “real innings.” More concerning are the 12 walks that he’s allowed over those 24 innings.

  • V

    8, unchanged. One hot streak and one slump aren’t changing my view of the team.

  • Doug

    i’m with you guys in not being concerned about this season. my “5” has more to do with the future. 8 more years of arod’s looking shaky at best and this cc injury, although it’s minor hopefully, is not a good omen either.

    • ChrisS

      The hip thing is legit. I’m less concerned with CC’s arm.

      Utley has rebounded nicely from the full surgery while Mike Lowell is doing OK. Granted, A-Rod probably has more talent than Utley, and definitely is more talented than Lowell. But 8 years of an aging & gimpy power-hitting 3B OPS+ing 115/120 while paying for 150 is a bit worrisome.

      Starting an age-34 season coming off of hip surgery isn’t exactly reason untarnished optimism.

  • ChrisS

    Confidence level=6

    DFAing Veras for Tomko?

    Keeping a bench with Berroa & Pena, plus a DH-only hitter, was kinda exposed this weekend when Damon went down for a couple of games.

    Melky’s last two weeks = .582 OPS, last month = .229/.293/.349

    Gardner’s last two weeks (18pa) = .974 OPS, with 4 SB 1BB/0K, but before last night’s game he had a .775 OPS in June with no XBH.

    Arod’s hip – I’m still concerned he might be lost for a significant chunk of time again despite him trying to play through it.

    Wang not getting his act together, while Hughes has been pitching terrific.

    Joba walking Nieves with the bases loaded, which is only one batter, but it is representative, IMO, of Joba being gunshy of the plate.

    In the minors, Montero is showing that he can handle AA pitchers at 19. :) Ajax is having an odd year and I don’t trust that he’s as close to being ready as I hoped (next year’s OF could be Damon/Gardner/Swisher).

    And Nady and Marte’s injury (more so Nady’s injury for bench strength and anything he could bring in return as a trade or as a Type A FA).

    • Zach

      Wow you’re really complaining about DFA Veras over Tomko?

      • ChrisS

        It just doesn’t make sense from a talent POV. Neither one was exactly lighting things up, but Veras has more talent than Tomko and a higher upside. I don’t understand the reasoning. It’s more that it’s just another little roster move, among several, that don’t make a lot of sense and less had they DFA’s Tomko and kept Veras the Yankees would be undefeated and my confidence level would be 11.

        • http://deleted RollingWave

          not really , Veras isn’t THAT young, Tomko also throws hard too if you havn’t notice. and at least he’s had a history of putting it over the plate.

          • ChrisS

            at least he’s had a history of putting it over the plate

            Obviously, the ball Ramirez hit hasn’t landed yet.

            Here are Tomko’s ERAs and WHIPs, respectively, from the last four seasons (oldest to present): 4.73, 5.55, 6.30, 6.28 and 1.353, 1.500, 1.443, 1.465.

            He’s not very good at all, he’s very hittable, and he’s never really been all that good. And he’s 36.

            Veras is 28, that’s eight years younger, and last year had a 2:1 K:BB ratio and averaged a nearly 10ks/9IP. I liked that Veras. Sure, he’s never been all that good with walking guys, but if they can get him to walk 1 less batter per 9 IP (like last year), he can be very helpful. Whereas Tomko has to not throw hittable pitches over the fat part of the plate and over the last few years, he’s hasn’t shown that he can do that, which is what happens with aging pitchers.

            Neither is a world beater, but I know that Tomko sucks where Veras could still be good.

    • BklynJT

      I see no point in taken into consideration the minor league organization (below AAA) in a weekly confidence poll. Confidence in the organization as a whole (ie. the team how it is now and where you feel it will be in the years to come) should not change on a week to week basis.

      Confidence in how the team is playing and will play for the upcoming weeks is what I think should be considered in a weekly confidence poll.

      With that said, the team is playing terribly lately, we have more interleague games to come (in NL parks) and CC may be injured.

      Confidence = 6 (I still think we are making the playoffs)

      • ChrisS

        Well, we disagree. Meh. I’ve posted my criticisms of the poll question and structure in past threads.

        • BklynJT

          You disagree with me or we both disagree with the poll and how people are basing their confidence scores?

          • ChrisS

            Given the team’s current play, roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees’ overall future?

            I disagreed that we shouldn’t assess the farm system when the poll question asks to assess the farm system.

            My criticisms have been that it’s a weekly poll, so therefore, week-to-week events should impact the vote (the point of doing a weekly poll, sampling event, or questionnaire is to increase resolution and detail – i.e. more data points for trends), but Ben and Joe have posted that people shouldn’t let one week change their opinion. Which I think is silly and negates the necessity of a week-to-week poll. Additionally, I think that “confidence in the Yankees’ overall future” is excessively vague.

            To me, a 1 is dead last, no minor league prospects to speak of, and no hope to win much of anything in the next three years. A 10 is the 1998 Yankees, a fully-loaded farm system (top 5 or better in the rankings) performing as expected, and no question marks at positions (e.g., ARod’s hip), and sound roster decisions (e.g., not trading Nick Swisher for Juan Pierre); baseball bliss. A 5 is a winning team, but barely, with several major question marks and a mostly barren farm system. A 10 is pretty impossible to get, but a 7 or 8 is pretty damn good.

        • BklynJT

          I was only confused cause I don’t know what your criticisms of the poll is

  • Jake H

    8 still. Bad week sure. Need to get A-Rod some rest and that is what they did. 3 out of 4 days off should help him. Marlins series was there for us if C.C doesn’t go down. Josh Johnson is flat out dominating. Probably top 5 starter int he NL and sometimes you just get beat.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Still an 8. The parts are still there.

    We need a healthy Alex Rodriguez. It’s no surprise, to me, to see that, as his performance and opposing pitchers’ perception of him go, the offense goes.

    We need CC to recover quick, and we need our starters to return to the positive pattern of throwing less pitches that I thought they were settling into before a recent setback.

    We need less desperation bullpen management. Unless the plan was to keep Hughes rested yesterday in case he needs to step in for CC or AJ, he should have been out there instead of Tomko. Otherwise, saving him for late innings only smells too much of desperation of Girardi’s parts. Don’t like the bullpen hand you’re dealt? Then get some better cards in AAA, Joe.

    Brett Tomko needs a Newark Bears cap.

    The parts are still there. It’s hard to go lower. They just need to consistently execute.

    • Zach

      “Unless the plan was to keep Hughes rested yesterday in case he needs to step in for CC or AJ, he should have been out there instead of Tomko.”

      Have you been paying attention to Hughes’ use in the bullpen?
      We have this starter, dont know if you know of him but his name is Wang, and because he’s on a pitch count and dont really trust him- Hughes has been his back up and coming in after him in his last 2 starts, and 2-3 days before Wang’s start they use Hughes for an inning to keep him sharp.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        So, in other words, in a situation where we could have used our best parts to protect a 3-1 lead following our #1 starter going down, we can’t use one of our best parts because we want him to be Wang’s caddy? I disagree with your logic there.

        • Zach

          It’s not my logic, its the plan they’ve been using.

          Hughes never pitched back to back games, yet he pitched an inning the day before and you want to throw him out there for 2-4 innings? i disagree with your logic

    • JohnnyC

      “Don’t like the bullpen hand you’re dealt? Then get some better cards in AAA, Joe.” That’s Cashman’s call. We shouldn’t forget that Torre had the same problem with Cashman in getting reinforcements for the roster. For every Aaron Small or Shawn Chacon feel-good story there have been more than a few Tim Reddings, Felix Heredias, and Bret Tomkos. It’s great that we stockpile arms in the minors…it’s bad that we have no confidence in actually bringing them up to the show. We’re sure that Melancon isn’t ready after a handful of innings but we allow Jose Veras and Tomko to stink up the joint for weeks? Other organizations believe in the theory of the hot hand when calling up prospects. We are much too concerned with “setting them back” emotionally when they fail. I guess there’s no concern for Tomko’s frail psyche (or the team’s won-loss record).

  • LiveFromNewYork

    My confidence is down to 6 after many weeks much higher.

    I think to be confident you have to go into a game believing you can win no matter what. I’m never sure anymore what is going to go on and I don’t know how/when they’re going to cure the RISP issue.

    Baseball is a fickle mistress and you never know if your starter is going to come out early, if the bullpen is going to implode, if you get calls the wrong way, bobbled balls, throwing errors, reliable closers giving up HRs, rain delays etc etc etc. That’s baseball. Even bats going cold is baseball. But the RISP problem is really an issue that tends to rear its ugly head no matter what. That is the main issue I have with the team right now. I can understand just about anything because that is the strange and wonderful nature of baseball, but this RISP thing drives me crazy.

  • bonestock94

    I have been 9 all season but I’m stepping down to 8. The nightmarish inability to produce with RISP that I thought was gone with the revised team has resurfaced. Hopefully it’s just a result of some of the better hitters slumping and will be over soon, like tomorrow.

  • YankeeScribe

    Confidence dropped from 7 last week to 6 this week…

    After losing back to back series’ against two of the worst teams in baseball, hopefully the Yanks have hit rock bottom and are about to get hot again.


    – The pitchers performed relatively well over the past few games

    – Brett Gardner might be transforming back into the guy we saw tear it up in spring training

    – Nady will be back soon


    – The bats have looked dead. The whole lineup looks like it is slumping

    – Girardi’s using Brett Tomko in close games

    – The A-Rod day-off thing makes Girardi look like he doesn’t communicate well enough with his players

  • Jake K.

    I’ve been at a 7 all year and I’m sticking there.

    I have huge concerns about Arod’s health and whether that contract is going to become an albatross a lot sooner than we expected. Plus the front office’s willingness to give a player of his age a 10-year deal gives me pause. Same with giving Burnett five years.

    I have some reservations with Girardi, but know it can take some time for a manager to prove his worth.

    It’s pretty clear that this division is ridiculously strong and only going to get stronger. Plus I worry that the Sox and Rays have more young talent ready to make a contribution.

    But, the Yankees are the Yankees. They have a ton of talent and will always have the resources to get more. They’re never going to let themselves fall out of the hunt.

    • YankeeScribe

      I have a feeling that the Rays will have a hot second half and make up for their poor first half. I’m no longer confident in our ability to make the playoffs this season…

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Really? The Rays will get hot in the second half but not the Yankees? The Yankees are better in the second half. Not to mention CC, Teix and Cano do better in the second half of the season. We’re always “out” when we’re 5 games behind first and in the second half they always pull through and make it to the playoffs save for last year.
        Why do people seem to think one bad week translate us into coming in dead last?
        I’m pretty sure there were comments when we lost 5 straight saying how we’re done and what happened next? A 9 game winning streak?

        • ChrisS

          “Why do people seem to think one bad week translate us into coming in dead last?”

          A) no one posted that the Yankees would finish dead last.

          B) as posted, the Rays and Sox have pretty damn good teams, to.

          One or two games either way could keep the Yankees out of the playoffs. It could happen and losing series to the Nationals and Marlins don’t help. I think they’re valid points. Not something for ridicule.

        • YankeeScribe

          The Rays are better than their record. I wouldn’t count them nor the Blue Jays out of the division race down the stretch…

          This year’s Yankee team has an identity crisis. Which team is the real 09′ Yankees?

          April – The team that could hit the cover off the ball but the pitchers and defense couldn’t hold leads?

          May – The team that we saw pitch and hit their way to wins and errorless streaks?

          June – The team that can’t buy a hit with RISP even if the pitcher is throwing beach balls?

          Which version of the 09′ Yanks will dominate the second half? Hopefully it’s the May version…

        • BklynJT

          Simple… we just lost 2 series in a row (and it should of been 3, but thank you castillo) to the natinals and marlins. Fans are fickle and this is a weekly confidence poll.

          When we are doing well, everyone’s confidence is at an 8-9, when we aren’t, you can’t expect it to stay at a 8-9.

          • YankeeScribe

            We got swept by the Sox, and should have lost 3 series’ in a row if not for Castillo’s error. This team is not playing good baseball right now.

  • Nady Nation

    I’m still very confident in this team (8), but I have to admit, I am concerned with CC’s arm. I honestly can’t think of one reason why the Yanks wouldn’t run any sort of precautionary tests. I don’t see any down side to it. For such a large investment and crucial piece to the team, it seems curious that they wouldn’t even want to make sure everything is clean in his bicep.

  • Jay

    I’ve been at a 2 throughout and remain there.

    The A-Rod contract is an anchor around the team today and will only get worse — MUCH worse — which gets magnified by almost half thanks to the luxury tax.

    I suspect they’ll do something almost equally stupid when Jeter’s current contract expires.

    They continue to show very little indication of being able to do anything very astute in trades.

    They continue to swing for the fences instead of making solid contact at the plate for simple base hits — which all but guarantees that they can’t prevail against good pitchers and good teams, much less the Red Sox.

    Most important, their hated rival continues to do almost EVERYTHING right. So even if the Yankees clean up their act, they will be at a disadvantage to them — especially with the A-Rod contract and the team’s penchant for resigning old players at top dollar to long term contracts. Thus, having almost guaranteed that the Red Sox will continue to beat them like a cheap mule for years to come, there’s no way I could give them anything higher than a 2.

    Of course, they should continue to beat up mediocre teams — or, more accurately, most other teams’ mediocre middle relief. They’re investing heavily in the future. And they’ll continue to assemble lots of all stars. And Cashman isn’t COMPLETELY brain dead and may eventually learn from his mistakes — at least to some degree. So despite the fact that I think they have little or no chance of winning very often against the Red Sox, I give them a 2 instead of a 1.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Arod’s contract impinges their ability to play baseball this year? What?

      • jsbrendog

        arods contract obviously impedes the progress of the whole team because of said contract’s inability to integrate with team mates because of its sandpaper like personality. Arod’s contract was seen shitting in melky cabrera’s cleats and then whizzing on aj burnetts socks. His contract is a travesty and its all arods fault.


      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        It’s unbelievable the number of vultures flying above Alex Rodriguez’s career, the “albatross” talk…..just unbelievable.

        Any contract that big on an over-30 player is going to automatically mean that you’re going to be paying too much for a few rough seasons at the end. This isn’t the NFL, where you just assume you’re going to cut the guy when those years come. But to think that recovery from an injury automatically means that he’s never going to be a productive player again? I think some folks have let the Selena Roberts gossip mill get into their heads a bit too much. Alex Rodriguez is human, people. He’s also far from done.

    • jsbrendog

      They continue to show very little indication of being able to do anything very astute in trades.


      Most important, their hated rival continues to do almost EVERYTHING right. So even if the Yankees clean up their act, they will be at a disadvantage to them — especially with the A-Rod contract and the team’s penchant for resigning old players at top dollar to long term contracts. Thus, having almost guaranteed that the Red Sox will continue to beat them like a cheap mule for years to come, there’s no way I could give them anything higher than a 2.


      • Stryker

        They continue to show very little indication of being able to do anything very astute in trades.

        getting a top tier outfielder and legit 4th starter in bobby abreu and cory lidle – what did the yankees give up? virtually nothing.

        getting one of the best defensive catchers in the game of baseball – what did the yankees give up? virtually nothing.

        getting a solid outfielder and the most reliable reliever in baseball – what did the yankees give up? virtually nothing.

        getting a solid outfielder/backup 1B with power and on base skills who has been a shining light in the clubhouse – what did the yankees give up? virtually nothing.

        • jsbrendog

          i hope this reply was meant for him because i agree 100% and therefore dropped the oaktag bomb on his ig’nant statements.

          • Stryker

            yessir. definitely meant for Jay and not for you. just trying to refute his point about the yankees and brian cashman specifically not being shrewd on the trade front — which they clearly are.

            • jsbrendog

              agreed. it makes me livid when ppl are like oh yeah he sucks when if you look at all his trades he’s been a magician. only 1 or 2 things have come back, like dioneer, but at the time i make that trade 100 times out of 100

  • Jay

    P.S. I give them a 2 DESPITE the fact that I expect the Yankees’ pitching, more than likely, will round into shape and be very nasty after the All Star break — although Posada’s age-related declining skills and, speaking of age, our shortstop, left fielder, and closer even give me pause there.

    • Chris

      Would you vote higher than a 2 if the Yankees had the same record, but were 8-0 against the Sox?

    • BklynJT

      Voting a 2 is ridiculous. Even when we are playing at our worse, we should be no less than a 5 given the talent on this team for winning this year.

    • pat

      Posdada’s really the last person to bust on concerning age related skill erosion.. Dude’s sporting a nice 132 OPS+, and is top 5 in OPS for all catchers.

      • Nady Nation

        He’s forgotten how to call a game, though. His mental decline must be taken into consideration for this confidence poll.

    • Nady Nation

      I’m sorry, but I just don’t get how a fan of a team with the 4th or 5th best record in baseball has a confidence level of 2/10. What would you be if you were a Pirates fan?

      • jsbrendog


      • Stryker

        in hell. which is pretty much where pirates fans are anyway.

  • Say Hey Willie

    I am still rocking an 8. I am not going to let one bad week by the club crash my overall opinion of the team. I share the concern that some have expressed with Arod’s long term contract, but I have been concerned about that for more than a year now. I am also not a fan of the Burnett or Marte contracts. However, my view of the “Yankees’ overall future” is still positive. Weighing against the negatives above, I see:

    – Jeter’s demise may have been overstated last year
    – CC is a beast (and I am not worried about the arm injury yet)
    – Joba and Phil look t be working through their issues and learning to pitch at the MLB level
    – Cano is still frustrating at times, but he is playing well overall
    – JD does not appear to be done
    – Swisher still seems to be a point of controversy here, but I like what he is doing for the team
    – Tex is a beast at the plate and in the field
    – Robertson looks to be figuring it out
    – While Melky is doing his summer slide, I am beginning to believe that Gardner can be an average MLB player
    – It appears that the farm will produce three up the middle players over the next two years: CF (Jackson), C (Montero – yes I still believe he will catch until he is no longer catching), and backup C (Cervelli – I cheated a bit on up the middle players here)
    – It also appears that the farm will produce at least two impact pitchers in the next two years in Melancon and ZMac
    – There are other farm players who could still put it together

    That was a bit long winded. I am still optimistic about the team’s “overall future” and keeping my 8 score. To move up from 8 I would need ARod to make a full recovery and play back up to his standards of the past few years or more prospects to figure it out to the point where they will be ready to make an impact in the next couple of years.

  • JoeSit.(ragman)

    Several weeks at 8—last 2 weeks at 7. Seems to me if you examine the parts individually all looks good, yet the whole doesnt’t add up. Don’t like much of what I see. For me Melky needs to go while any value is still their, bring in sum one who can drive in runs. Play Gardner if we must, awesome 4th OF and runner. 1 move in the pen and help the bench. Lots of “prospects” to package that will never have a home in the Bronx. Do something, get er done.

  • 27 this year

    I think Gardner should be starting again. He is figuring out the majors. He has a .280 avg with an OBP of about .360. That is better than we thought and he has 15 stolen bases I believe. I think he should start again because Melky has cooled off and Gardner is earning the job back.

    • Say Hey Willie


      With those numbers, his speed and range in the field really make him an asset. It will be interesting to see if he can keep the .360 OBP with more regular playing time.

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez

      I think both Gardner and Melky are not legit major league starting CFers, so the smart thing is to ride the hot bat. Right now, that’s Gardner.

      • ChrisS

        I think Gardner is a legit starting CFer. I was never in the Gardner bandwagon, but he’s doing well enough at the plate this year with plus defense that I’m starting to think he can succeed at this level.

        Devon White played 17 seasons because he had stellar defense, speed on the base paths, and a ~.750 OPS. Gardner steals bases at nearly 90% and can work a count. Sure he’ll never slug .450-.500, but he doesn’t really have to. A .350+ OBP with .400 SLG with his speed and D will go a long way.

  • Hova

    The people voting an 8 (drunken optimism) after what they’ve seen the last 12 games are just as bad as the ones voting a 2 (lunacy).

    The more disheartening thing is that after 69 games, this team is only seven games over .500 and 2nd place in the AL East (and with the way TB has been playing, we might be sharing that 2nd place title very soon). With all the talent that we put on the field we should be much better (stating the obvious, I know). Sox are 15 games over .500 and they did nothing to improve their team in the offseason. We signed the three best free agents available for $423M and haven’t seen a significant improvement in the standings versus last year. 36-33 through 69 games last year. Only 2 games better through same number of games this year at 38-31.

    Hoping to see the Yankees of May show up against an Atlanta team that has lost 6 of 8.

    • Say Hey Willie

      So you are of the opinion that everyone should be rolling with the even keeled 5? Where the hell is the fun in that? We are sports fans because we enjoy watching the game and following a team. Part of that is the emotions. Rolling a 5 has all the excitement of watching my accountant completing tax returns.

      • Hova

        Haha. I agree. I was just referring to the 8s knocking the 2s. It goes both ways. I’ve been between a 10 and 6 all season. At a 6 again right now like I was in April. Disappointed at the bats slowing down.

        But like I mentioned above. Its just amazing how unpredictable of a game baseball is (people who gamble on this sports must have some serious problems). With everything we did to bolster our team, I can’t believe we’re only 2 games better than the team we had last year through the same number of games. As every week of mediocre play goes by, the team is going to create more pressure and urgency to have a strong finish.

        • Say Hey Willie

          I agree, baseball has a lot of variability. It is all about streaks. You get some talented guys together and they can go on a tear to win 10 straight games. The same guys will also have stretches like we have seen from the Yankees the past 12 games. Even winning the WS is mostly about a team getting hot at the right time.

  • Lance

    Confidence = 8

    This may sound strange but my confidence has acutally risen somewhat over last week. Finally seeing the bullpen put it together made me realize that this team is complete. While it has its issues we have seen the starting pitching, offense, defense and now the bullpen shine at various points during the season. Soon the Yanks will put all of these elements together in the form of a prolonged summer hot streak and we can all look back and laugh about this bad stretch.

    • Stryker

      i’m just waiting for the MSM to start clamoring for hughes to stay in the bullpen. it’s coming, i know it is. the only thing that gives me reservations about it is the fact that they’ve all seen him pitch in the rotation before – unlike chamberlain – so there should be less to say about the subject.

      • Hova

        I definitely want him to be a starter because I think he has the makeup of one. But I have to admit that when he comes out of the BP, I think he’s bulletproof. He’s confident and throws great stuff. Has a swagger that shows he’s willing to do anything to help this team win. Love it.

        If Wang can hold it together, a BP with Mo, Bruney, Aceves, Hughes, Robertson and Coke is nasty. And when Molina comes back, we could DFA Tomko (just don’t see him improving) and carry three catchers.

        • LiveFromNewYork

          Starters are good pitchers and middle relievers are not as good. So if you put a starter in the bullpen, they come out with lights out. Converting starters to relievers is always going to give you a better bullpen but that doesn’t mean it should be done. While I’m sick of the Joba-to-the-pen arguments (and they’re starting up again as he struggles in his starts), I’m not even going to entertain Hughes in the bullpen. He’s just too damn good for it.

          • Hova

            I agree that Hughes should be a starter 110%. And if Wang can’t get his act together over the next couple starts put Phil back into the rotation. My one concern is that is there a “tipping point” where after a certain point you’re risking an injury moving a guy around from starter to reliever to starter again?

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Confidence level = 7

    The offense is in a bit of a drought, and I worry about what the Yankees will make of the Hughes/Wang dilemma.

  • mryankee

    I have a bit of a quiz one question who of the following ages between 20-24 throws consistently in the 95+ range?
    a: clayton kershaw
    b: josh johnson
    c: tim lincecum
    d: joba chamberlain

    answer all ofthe above except d-
    now second part is we have heard all the excuses from shoulder injury (john johnson had tommy john surgery) to mechanics(tim lincecum has anything but orthodox mechanics. and of course age(kershaw is youngest or second youngest pitcher in league)so having said all that are there any pitching coaches, doctors or anyone who knows about this stuff that can explain why we have the second coming of Jaret Wright(possible)as opposed to Justin verlander?

    • Say Hey Willie

      I just looked up the 2009 average fastball velocity for those four pitchers on fan graphs:

      Kershaw – 94.0
      Johnson – 94.9
      Lincecum – 92.4
      Chamberlain – 92.4

      So the correct answer to your quiz is e – do some research before you post so you don’t end up looking stupid.

      • jsbrendog

        ::golf clap::

      • mryankee

        lets say your source which might be precise would you be willing to round up kershaw and johnson to 95-and i watched the game saturday night and i saw alot of 96-97mph for johnson and I also have seen lincecum throw more 95-97 than under but I give you I might have overstated lincecum this year-do you think Chamberlain stuff is electric and even michael kay asked on the yes braodcast what happened to 98

        • LiveFromNewYork

          Invoking the wisdom of Michael Kay. ooooh :scary:

        • Say Hey Willie

          My source is fan graphs as I stated above, so let’s not make it out to be some less than credible source. Second while you could make an argument for rounding Johnson up to 95 that does not put him in the “consistently 95+ range” you referenced. There is no reason to round Kershaw up from 94.0 to 95. That just makes no sense.

          In answer to your question about Joba, yes he has had electric stuff at times this year. Two examples that jump to mind at the 12 strike out performance on May 5th and the 8 IP performance on June 1st when he struck out 5 and generated 12 GB. He has also shown some inconsistencies – welcome to young pitching in baseball 101.

        • The Lodge


          I found these on another thread. I think they belong up there.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside


  • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

    Confidence level=10

    …but I was not sure anymore. If CC goes to the DL for more than 3 weeks, I can’t keep it at that.

    • ChrisS

      So the Yankees can’t improve in your opinion?

      • Hova

        They will and they must. As of now they’re on pace to win 89 games. With all the BP issues we’ve gone through, the Wang collapse and unbearable hot/cold hitting streaks, I think 95 wins is achievable.

      • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

        No, it means that I’m very optimistic about the overall future of the Yankees. They will content for the playoffs for the next five years, for much more can you ask?

  • AlexNYC

    I voted 8, even though The Yanks had an awful week.

  • Doug

    With an average rating of 6.09, this is the lowest confidence level of the year so far

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