Romine goes deep in Tampa win

Game 59 Spillover Thread III
Wang limp as Yanks fall to Sox again

Another bullet point job tonight after today’s five-plus hour draft liveblog. Triple-A Scranton had a scheduled day off, but here’s the box scores for AA, A+, and A-.

  • The Trenton game got a late start, so as of this writing it’s still going. Chris Garcia had his real rough outing of the year, walking six in just three and a third innings. Jesus Montero made his return behind the plate.
  • Austin Romine went deep for Tampa and Humberto Sanchez made his season debut with a scoreless inning of relief.
  • David Phelps twirled a gem for Charleston, allowing just three hits in eight scoreless innings for Charleston. David Adams picked up two hits, including a double.
Game 59 Spillover Thread III
Wang limp as Yanks fall to Sox again
  • Accent Shallow

    Is Phelps someone worth getting excited about?

    • Mike

      I think so. I believe that he can move up to Tampa with Mitchell, Bleich, and Betances to have a solid young rotation.

  • A.D.

    Upside is Garcia only gave up 1 run and struck out 4. Just hope its a bad outing and not any health concern.

  • pat

    Wow Oppenheimer LOVES him some JR Murphy.-

    Third, and most importantly, Damon was as animated as I’ve ever heard him about the selection of JR Murphy in the second round yesterday, telling me, “let me just say that you and your readers are going to love this kid. He can flat. Out. Hit. He’s got present power, too. I was at four games of his and in those four games he hit four homeruns that would have been out of any park. He’s also got 6.75-6.80 second 60 speed, and he’s constantly getting better behind the plate. I know a lot of the publications didn’t have him at the top of their lists because he didn’t start the season there, but let me tell you that you’re really going to like this kid.” He said that if we like the Austin Romine pick now, we’re going to like this one, too. I asked about his opinion on Murphy’s plate discipline, and he replied simply, “It’s tremendous. He can really hit.”

  • Mike R. – Retire 21

    Romine is picking up where Montero left off. He is making the most of his chance to shine.

    • kSturnz

      is his k/bb rate getting a little better?

      • Mike R. – Retire 21

        Not really.

  • CJ

    Adams seems to be heating up lately

  • YankeeFan

    Adams really becoming a solid hitter.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    Someone should tell Jesus Montero that he was promoted to hit. Who cares if he’s practically the youngest guy at his level? I demand immediate results.

  • Jeety

    Austin Jackson is coming soon, melky is dont hitting for the year, and brett is a 4th outfielder….

    Jesus is going to start crushing the ball in about 2 weeks, let him get his feet wet….

    Hughes should be starting over Wang, its not even close!

    • handtius

      Jackson’s not going anywhere, besides the AAA all-star game.

  • mko

    Could you guys keep up the bullet point format for DotF? It’s much faster to extract the most important information without looking through 30 players. And maybe once a month you could look at the past month and how the players did, what stats they have overall. Because right now I might know what Romine did yesterday, but I have no idea how he’s doing over the season.

    Just a suggestion…I don’t know what other people think about it :)

    • emac2

      Count me on the other side of this one.

      I’m a good scanner and would rather have some extra info to scan through than to have someone else decide which 3 or 4 prospects to follow.