Should the Yanks bring back Betemit?

Would Wang have been so bad in the bullpen?
2009 Draft: Scheppers stock dropping

The White Sox will designate infielder Wilson Betemit for assignment today so they can call up uber-prospect Gordon Beckham, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Yanks should try to reacquire Betemit. Sure, we all remember watching him strike out a ton and boot grounders all over the infield, but when Angel Berroa and his .266 OPS occupy a bench spot, almost everyone’s an upgrade. Betemit would give the Yanks something they don’t have right now: power off the bench (.174 IsoP). And as an added bonus, he’s a switch hitter. The only downside is that Betemit’s kinda expensive ($1.3M this year), but that extra cost is worth the upgrade over Berroa. What do you guys think?

Would Wang have been so bad in the bullpen?
2009 Draft: Scheppers stock dropping
  • jsbrendog

    does he have options? will they be able to send him down? we’d have to trade for him or claim him? no hope they just release him? question question?

    • Mike Axisa

      Out of options. Probably trade for him, but they could wait out the ten days until they place him on waivers, assuming no one trades for him/claims him before the Yanks. A straight release is possible, but you can’t count on that.

  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    Wouldn’t be an awful idea. I’d be down with it. I guess if they did that, they’d just option Pena to AAA when they needed to free up space for someone. It also makes Cody Ransom that much more expendable!

  • jake s

    No better options in the minors? Really? If you want power off the bench I’d rather see Shelley Duncan or Juan Miranda.

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      Duncan can’t hit a breaking ball and Miranda can’t hit lefties in general (though he’s actually hitting them quite well in Scranton this year).

      • http://deleted RollingWave

        yeah except that Betemit can’t hit a breaking ball OR lefties.

        • Count Zero


      • jake s

        They’re incomplete players which is why they’d be bench players, but either one would be better than proven terrible quantity Wilson Betemit. I’m still convinced this blog post is a troll of the userbase.

      • A.D.

        Miranda is hitting lefties better than righties this season

      • Alex

        So that means he can hit lefties

  • Bo

    Who isn’t an upgrade over Berroa?

    • Some call me…tim


  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Maybe we can give Betemit some of Melky’s leche…

  • whitey

    My favorite memory of Betemit was spring training 08 when he crushed a homr run out of the phillies stadium! An absolute rod!!

  • whitey

    My favorite memory of Betemit was spring training 08 when he crushed a home run out of the phillies stadium! An absolute rod!!

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      Last year at Old Timer’s Day, I made a snarky comment to a fellow fan about the best part of Betemit’s ABs being the playing of “Better Man” when he walked up to the plate. A few pitches later, he hit a homer.

      • Kevin

        My favorite memory of Betemit was when we sent him, Marquez, and someone else who I cant think of right now, to Chicago for Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Teixeira.

  • Derby

    I think I would still like to see pena out there. His defense was just awesome. We see that he can put the ball in play, so I don’t see the point in bringing in Betemit if it means taking Pena out. But if Betemit takes the place of Berroa, then I have no problem with that.

  • Mattingly’s Love Child

    I think you wait the 10 days, if someone takes him, no big deal. Definitely don’t trade anything for a guy who is overpaid at $1.3 million.

    If A-Rod really needs a caddy, then Betemit is definitely an upgrade over Berroa and worth the extra $$. But I agree with Derby in that I wouldn’t want to see Betemit over Pena out there.

    • Double-J

      This. If you’re going to trade for utility/INF help, then go all the way and get DeRosa. Otherwise, he’s being designated – by the White Sox, no less – for a reason. Because he’s teh suck.

  • Matt H

    I’d rather give Duncan another look, but Betemit wouldn’t be the worst move.

    Plus he comes up to a sweet fucking AB song….Pearl Jam’s “Better Man”, and I love Eddie Veder’s voice that makes it kinda-sorta-not-really sound like Betemit.

    My father on the other hand, will blow a gasket if the Yanks do this, he fucking hated the guy.

  • Manimal

    Why don’t we re acquire Britton!

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    As long as the Yanks don’t have to take back Marquez also.

  • Ed

    If Betemit gets released, sure, sign him and cut Berroa.

    But I can’t see him being enough of an upgrade over the options we already have to justify giving up a player we might want to keep. We already know that we don’t like Betemit that much, and he’s only gotten worse this season.

    • Some call me…tim


      Let Pena play and give the 1.3M to Andy to skip two starts.

  • gxpanos

    Better than Berroa. If they can get him for a song, take him. As it is theyre carrying both Pena and Berroa; would they keep Pena up if Angel got DFA’d for Betemit? Because I like Pena’s glove and pinch runner. Between the two of them, they’re a fantastic bench guy: speed, glove, pop.

  • OmgZombies!

    ANYTHING that gets Berroa off the team.

  • jsbrendog

    yes he is better than berroa, but aren’t we planning on ditching berroa anyways when the injure dplayers ocme back? so then you trade for betemit, cut berroa and then when everyone is healthy you…….send down pena and keep betemit as your uti? betemit the hatchet?

  • A.D.

    I’d wait and see if he’s outright released, let the White Sox pick up all but the pro-rated league minimum.

  • JP

    Don’t like Betemit. Berroa runs better, fields better.

    The marginal upgrade for his power, in view of the amount of usage, is minimal I think. Berroa can probably lay down a bunt, and Betemit can’t. So they’ll send him up there to hit his homer and he’ll strikeout out or hit into DP.

    Now, if you’re talking an upgrade to DeRosa (if not too costly), ok.

  • UWS

    Over Berroa: yes. At the expense of Pena: no.

    I guess they could always DFA Berroa to add Betemit, then get rid of a pitcher when Nady is ready *coughVerascough*?

    • UWS

      What I forgot to add is that Yanks should wait and see if he gets outright released. No sense wasting $1.3M on him, but for a prorated minimum might not be a bad deal.

  • I Remember Celerino Sanchez


    (Can you tell I’m passionate about this?)

    Wilson Betemit is useless. He can’t hit right-handed (last year he was .233/.250/.395 batting right-handed, very close to his career right-handed numbers of .230/.275/.362). He can’t field any position competently (although he shockingly had a 10 UZR 150 in 14 games for the Yanks last year at SS, but he was -51.8 at 3B last year in 16 games and is -79.7 in six games at third this year).

    Sure, he’ll run into a HR every now and then, but he is a bad, bad, bad baseball player.

    I see no use in picking him up.

  • ChrisS

    Meh, nothing wrong with the team that Betemit can fix.

    Pena is a more than adequate back-up INF and I’d rather see another OFer on the bench – preferably one that can spot up at 1B and, in an emergency, 3B – than Berroa anyway.

    Holliday’s thinking trade … CMW/Melky/Romaine for Holliday/Cliff Pennington/random RHP?

    • UWS

      They allow teams to trade salad greens for baseball players now?

      • ChrisS

        Ha Ha … congratualtions you cuaght a TYpo!

        • UWS

          Oh c’mon, it wasn’t just any typo, it was a borderline amusing typo! Lighten up :)

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          Lighten up, Francis.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            I really have to refresh the page more often before I comment, huh.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        Even with the lettuce it’s a terrible trade for the Yankees.

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez

      That’s WAY too much to give away.

      I’m not a big Melky fan, but he has a higher OPS right now than Holilday does. Holliday is in the last year of his contract and he’s having a lousy year. There are real questions if he is a Coors creation. His value has dropped.

      You don’t give up your starting CF and a starting pitcher who has consistently won games, plus a legit catching prospect, for Holliday and an IF OPSing less than .700 in AAA.

      • ChrisS

        Yeah, it is, I was just trying to hash something out quickly and off the top of my head to get some valuable position guys from Oakland.

        Pennington is a legit SS prospect – an excellent defender with a good bat.

        However, I’m losing faith in Melky by the day as he continues to fly open early and hit the ball with zero power. His stats are tumbling and I’d rather ship him out for an OF that can hit and play D. Holliday may be struggling and in his last year, but he’s been scorching the ball in May.

        I’d really like to move Nady or Matsui … no reason to have two DHs on the team.

        • chriskeo

          This was written about 5 hours too early, Melky has been hitting in the clutch this year, a lot, that is more than arod has been doing.
          Someone should do the numbers on this, via Michael Kay, we know Melky has 6 go ahead hits this year, how many does the all mighty arod have in 2009?

    • A.D.

      No thanks to Holliday, though if he can only hit in Coors maybe Coors Field East will do the trick.

  • Hawkins44

    No way….. No way…..

    • Jay

      + 10000

  • Bostowned

    If I could give you an e-kick to the nuts, Id do it twice for proposing this. Berroa = DFA’ed when Nady returns. Pena will permanently replace him. Book it.

  • swedski

    Please do not go this way. Pena is good and has shown he should be here. What has Berroa done wrong so far.

    • UWS

      What has Berroa done wrong so far.

      You cannot be serious.

    • ChrisS

      The problem is that Berroa hasn’t done anything. He’s just wasting a roster spot.

    • JGS

      well, he can neither hit nor run nor field

  • Bryan V

    Over bringing up Duncan or Rodriguez? No way.

    Perhaps those two still have things to work out. However, nobody expected Francisco Cervelli to hit as well as he did during his stint with NY either.

    In Betemit we know what we would get…not a whole hell of a lot. I’d rather go with guys that just might hit better, and that isn’t saying much.

  • Mark

    I would do it, can play 4 positions in an emergency, has real power from the left side and is still pretty young.

    Only problem is that his teammates apparently didn’t care for his attitude

    • Bryan V

      I don’t think his team mates here in New York cared for his inability to field or hit.

  • http::// MattB

    Bringing in Betemit for Berroa would be like trading the mumps for the measels. Except in this case you’ve already had the measels and decide that you want them again.

    A few people mentioned Betemit’s old AB music of PJ’s “Better Man”. I always wondered what Eddie Vedder would have thought had he known about it. Hey Eddie, here’s this intensely personal song of your’s about how your stepdad was a dick and treated your mom like dirt. Mind if we use it as AB music for a guy whose name kinda sorta sounds like “Better Man”?

    • jsbrendog

      betemit used it because he realized it was the only reason he kept getting a job with major league teams. cause they cant find a better man.

      thank you thank you, i’ll b here all week

    • p2

      “Bringing in Betemit for Berroa would be like trading the mumps for the measels. Except in this case you’ve already had the measels and decide that you want them again.”

      That’s great/ Perfect

  • JohnC

    Betemit again? As they used to say on the old Listerine commercial:

    UH UH UH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oscar

    can shelly duncan learn to play 3rd base?

  • ChrisS

    Well, his UZR/150 at 1B is only -16.7, which *fumbles through calculations* converts to a -32.6/150 at 3B, which is better than Betemit’s -51 he put up with the Yankees last year, or the -79 he’s currently sporting.

    Duncan’s huge, he’d be like a brick wall at 3B.

  • Dan

    Burnett just suspended six games for throwing at cruz the other night…WTF?

    • Bruno

      6 games for a pitcher means only 1 start. Phranchise starts in that spot. Back off the cliff.

      • andrew

        He’s nowhere near the cliff, just seems a little unfair given the circumstances

  • Ross

    Betemit should just give up switch hitting. He is terrible from the right side

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  • http://Sureeee!!! Temp

    Is a excellent Option to bring back Betemit and cut Berroa!!! sure he’s so much better. and 1.3M he worth it!!!

  • Kevin

    Worth the $1.3mm?????? False. Negative. Erroneous. You want power? How about Shelley Duncan (19 homers and a .680 SLG in Scranton)? He’s under contract already…at the minimum, not $1.3mm. Or perhaps we’d prefer someone who can get on base at a decent clip? Then bring up John Rodriguez who has a .389 OBP in Scranton. Or maybe we could just wait until Ransom finishes his rehab assignment, he’s playing in Scranton now. You don’t shell out $1.3mm for a 3rd string infielder, who’d be 4th string if not for Ransom’s injury. Betemit’s slow, not a particularly good fielder, and his power is overrated. If he goes through waivers and no one claims him and we can get him at the minimum or a minor league deal, then maybe it might be smart to perhaps consider it. But even then, I’d rather have Shelley, Rodriguez, Melancon, or Kroenke occupying a big league spot than Betemit. Worth $1.3mm? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Its when people say stuff like this that others hate Yankee fans. Everyone immediately tries to say the Yanks should pick up any and every free agent or player that is available, no matter what. And Betemit? I mean he’s not really even that much better than Berroa as a hitter. And Berroa runs over 1mph. $1.3mm….Jesus there are so many better players you could have at that price. Paying that kind of dough for a player like this is ridiculous. He isn’t worth a major league deal at $400k and you want to trade for him and his $1.3mm contract when we have better options on our own payroll already. That’s friggin hillarious.