Veras traded to Indians


Via MLBTR, the Yanks have traded the recently DFA’ed Jose Veras to the Indians in exchange for cash considerations. I figured they would at least get a Grade-C prospect out of it, but whatever. Can’t fault the Tribe for taking a flier on an arm like Jose’s.

In other news, the Nats called up old buddy Tyler Clippard. T-Clip’s been absolutely unhittable since moving to the pen, allowing just 35 base runners and four earned runs with 42 strikeouts in 39 innings.

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  1. OmgZombies! says:

    Hes perfect for replacing Vizciano

  2. John says:

    Considering we got him for nothing from the scrap heap, it’s worth it.

  3. Hova says:

    Cabrera pulled from the lineup abruptly and replaced with Swisher. Does that mean something is going on?

    • wishfull thinking says:

      That would be a dream come true…

    • radnom says:

      Cashman is at the stadium….

      I have a weird feeling about this.

    • rbizzler says:

      I doubt Melky is getting moved as PeteAbe reported that Swish was put in the lineup after a meeting with Cash and Girardi. I think that they would have met with Melk if he was on the move.

    • Hova: Seriously, enough with the off-topic comments. I’ve already addressed this issue with you. If it doesn’t stop, you’ll get a temporary ban.

      • ChrisS says:

        And below, threads are riddled with Prius RoIs and NBA trades.

      • radnom says:

        This is what everyone wants to talk about.

        Policing the threads is one thing, but maybe you would be better served creating a new post about it, if it is dominating the conversation on another post?

        • Everyone wants to talk about it because someone posted an off-topic comment about it. As we said on Monday, the thing to do with news is to send it to us using either the new “submit a tip” form or via e-mail, and we’ll start a new thread about it. The comments sections are not blank slates.

          • radnom says:

            Someone posted an off topic comment about it because everyone wanted to talk about it. If Hova hadn’t. someone else would have.

            People consider this a community of baseball discussion, when there is breaking news (although you could argue the news-worthyness of this), they want to discuss it not submit a tip and wait until 9:30 when someone posts a thread about it.

            I understand the validity of policing certain off-topic posts, but when conversation is dominated by a Yankees-related breaking issue, would you not be better served giving the people what they want as opposed to stamping out dissent? Afterall, a lot of the reason people come here is for the community.

            • It is a community. And in order to not have this community get out of hand (see: MetsBlog and LoHud), we try to stick to a set of basic rules. One of them is keeping comments on the topic of the post. We have at least one open thread per day, where we can launch into items like this one.

            • they want to discuss it not submit a tip and wait until 9:30 when someone posts a thread about it.

              And we’ve asked people numerous times not to do that. I realize there’s a community here, but it’s also a site that we run with a purpose and a focus. We don’t want it overrun with off-topic discussions. If we did, it would be a forum and not a blog. That’s why we ask for tips to be emailed.

              We received a lot of emails about the Veras trade, and as soon as one of us was back at a computer, we posted it. That’s how we’d like it to work.

            • radnom says:

              I hear both of you. I’m specifically referring to breaking news, nothing else.

              People are going to be talking about it before you get a post up, there are only three of you and a billion of us – its inevitable.

              Obviously it would be ideal if readers just emailed you and waited patiently until you got a thread up, but honestly, if a trade goes do and you don’t have a thread up yet I will probably be discussing it in an offtopic post. I don’t think thats a sign of comments run wild like the metsblog.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                That we understand. It’s the blatant off topic comments about Beltran going to the DL or NBA trades or cars or whatever that really grind our gears.

                • BklynJT says:

                  I’m hearing conflicting statements from the big three.

                  Ones says the Prius and NBA talk was ok because it naturally occurred from an on topic discussion, although i fail to see how.

                  While another say that discussion of breaking news is ok while talk of random stuff (mets, nba trades, cars) is the type of off topic discussion that is prohibited.

                  I’m more inclined to see the discussion of Melky’s removal from the lineup as natural progression from the Veras trade topic, than I am to believe Posada, Prius, and NBA talk belong in the same thread.

                • Hey, ugys, did you hear that Carlos Beltran is going on the Knicks’ DL since he got into an accident while driving a Prius?


                • Mike Axisa says:

                  Well, if it legitimately comes from from an on-topic discussion, then it’s okay. But just out of the blue “ZOMG the Knicks traded for …” or “I know this is off topic, but Manny is rehabbing in AAA tonight” stuff is a no go.

        • jsbrendog says:

          how about a RAB forum where knuckleheads (myself included) can wax poetic on such off topic topics as melky, the usa, “nba,” etc

          prob waaay too much work, just saying

      • BklynJT says:

        I’m actually interested in discussing the removal of Melky from the lineup, as it might pertain to a trade, which is more on topic than other comments in this thread.

    • The worst part about this is that all the talk of off-topic comments has led the thread even further off topic.

      Le sigh.

  4. Salty Buggah says:

    I’ll kind of miss wildly electric arm. I have a feeling he’s going to be lights-out for them as he was for a while last year.

  5. T-CLIP NATION says:

    Did i hear somebody mention my boy TY-Clip….Holla

  6. jsbrendog says:

    would this be sold him to the indians as opposed to traded? lol altough i guess traded for cash.

    and speakig of unhittable, USA USA USA USA USA defeats the #1 ranked team in the workd to advance to the confederations cup final (my tsjc style of keeping irrelevant things borderline relevant!) their goalie was unhittable

  7. radnom says:

    So begins the curse of the great josambino

  8. A.D. says:

    I wonder how much cash a Jose Veras on waivers gets a team

    • ChrisS says:

      His salary for the rest of the season?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Waiver claims cost 50G’s. Not sure if that money goes to the other team though, it might go to the league.

      • jsbrendog says:

        but then there’s usually some sort of deal involved or it is just “picked up off waivers”

        this mentions a trade (for cash) which means something more had to be involved no?

        • Rick in Boston says:

          It’s “cash considerations” which probably means the Yankees will take the 50k from the waiver claim and then if Veras reaches certain milestones (probably IP), the Indians have to fork over additional cash.

  9. Good luck to T-Clip. I’ll always remember his first career start against the Mets.

  10. E-ROC says:

    I’m sure Veras would probably be an upgrade over Kerry Wood.

  11. Makavelli says:

    I wonder what the Indians are going to use Veras for. Wedge is on his way out, they wouldn’t give him a foot rest – would they??

  12. Makavelli says:

    Now if only there was a team out there we could trade Arod to for an ample return

  13. Will (the other one) says:

    Man, this is kind of a letdown. Not sure why we couldn’t have swung something a little better than cash out of the Indians (or another team, for that matter) from Veras–but then again, this is probably just one of the many reasons I’m not an MLB GM.

  14. [...] Yanks trade Jose Veras to Indians for Willie Mays Hayes, err cash. (River Ave. Blues) [...]

  15. CapitalT says:

    Since when did the Yankees need cash? It might be smart economically but that has always been irrelevant to the team.

    My guess is the second best offer was “nothing”

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