A-Rod now 10th on all-time HR list


Amid the muck of this game, Alex Rodriguez hit his 569th and 570th career home runs, tying him and then moving him past Rafael Palmeiro for 10th all-time. Three more and he’s tied with Harmon Killebrew. A-Rod could reach seventh all-time this season: he needs just 17 more to pass Frank Robinson.

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  • Charlie

    it sucks, i actually woulda been (somewhat) excited about this if it weren’t for the steroids. fuck PED’s

    • teamboras

      Each era is unique.

      What players have put in their bodies has changed..
      The strike zone has changed.
      The size of ballparks.
      The type of bats.

      And tons of other things that’s why we should compare players to their peers.

      So please leave those bad vibes about steroids at the door. I can make a heck of a case for steroids having negative effects on his career.
      Lets celebrate the man who has been the best hitter in the best league on earth… okk???

      • Tony

        “Unique era” doesn’t erase steroids. And Pujols is better than him, people need to acknowledge that.

        • Joe B.

          In fairness to Alex, there’s Pujols and everyone else. Alex is probably the best of “everyone else,” which is about the only reasonable way to judge players in this era.

          • Tony

            And I quote:

            “Lets celebrate the man who has been the best hitter in the best league on earth… okk???”

            • Joe B.

              Dude, wasn’t looking for an argument, just wanted to add some perspective.

              • DP

                Why do we assume Pujols uses nothing?

                • Tony

                  I only assume that one has been caught doing it, and is w still qorse in an objective sense. I don’t see the point of throwaway lines like “let’s celebrate the best hitter on earth,” when it is factually incorrect. It’s one of those things people think they can make come true if they say it often enough.

                • Joe B.

                  Because at this point I, as a baseball fan, cannot even fathom the ramifications of that on the game.

        • teamboras

          ahaha erase steroids??

          Roids have been around since the 40s……

          How do you know what Mays or Hank put in their body? Babe ruth coulda sniffed coke to stay alert??

          And steroids don’t only work on hitters pitchers where using them also
          What if offensive numbers across the league were suppressed overall, besides the hitters who juiced? There for leaving juiced hitters on the same playing field as the clean players from the past.

          WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF SHUT THE FUDGE UP and compare the players to the others that where alive and working at the same time.

          • monkeypants

            WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF SHUT THE FUDGE UP and compare the players to the others that where alive and working at the same time.

            If this is the approach we should take, why should we care that A-Rod is in the top 10 all time for HRs, or that he is about to pass Killebrew? Since players should only be compared to those in the same era, all all-time records are basically irrelevant.

            By this logic, we should have paid no notice whatsoever to Bonds passing Mays and Aaron, let alone a real old-timer like Ruth.

            I am intrigued by this approach. And I applaud A-Rod for climbing to #5 or so in the career HRs in his own time list.

      • Al

        What players have put in their bodies has changed..

        It’s sorta funny, because I’m sure that other workout supplements (creatine, protein, etc.) combined with personal trainers, workout regiments, and other such things have likely had a far greater affect on player’s bodies than steroids.

      • monkeypants

        Yes, each era is unique…but that does not mean we must celebrate the achievements from different eras equally. I don’t begrudge those who downplay the records from the days before Jackie Robinson. At the same time, I have a hard time getting too enthusiastic about watching the current generation of players obliterate the record book. Frankly, it rubs me the wrong way that three of the top five active career HR leaders have been implicated in PED use, as well as five of the top eleven all-time career HR leaders, and six out of the top fifteen.

        But that’s just me.

        • DP

          Oh Peter Gammons, you can think of a better name than monkeypants.

          • monkeypants

            That’s cute, and nearly clever.

  • Little Bill

    And 542 of those were just padding the stats in a losing effort like today’s game. The guy just isn’t true Yankee material and a scout informed me today that his best days are behind him.

    • Mac

      True Yankee Material.

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      OF COURSE his best days are behind him. He’s in his 30s. You don’t need a scout to tell you that.

      And just because his best days are behind him, doesn’t mean that the days that are ahead of him aren’t going to be better than almost every other third baseman on the planet.

  • j

    Arod is hitting a HR in less than every 12 ABs. that’s sick.

    • teamboras

      And has cut strikes outs and upped the walks. Dude is about to enter the fine wine era as a hitter. Gonna get his Barry BONDS on.

      • Dela G

        scott boras has made an appearance i see

      • j

        lets hope so…

      • Salty Buggah

        I’m still hoping for a .609 OBP and a 1.450 OPS

        • Dela G

          that .609 obp is incredible.

          does anyone remember the one time maybe 4 or so years ago that bonds was intentionally walked with the bases loaded?

          • V

            Josh Hamilton says hi.

            Bonds was an excellent hitter.

            But he wasn’t an OBP > .500 hitter. Managers being pussies made him an OBP > .500 hitter.

            • dkidd

              his pre-steroid stats are outrageous

              hall of famer by 1998

              • Salty Buggah

                you never know when he started but yea they were still good, as were A-rod’s

  • j

    over under?

    arod hits 900 hrs before his career is done.

    • Dela G

      waay under

      i put him at 749

      i know thats short of aaron

      • Salty Buggah

        I put him at 789

    • Zach

      900 is alot dude

      • j

        lol i meant 800. sorry folks.

  • Brian

    On a less controversial note, Jeter will pass Jim O’Rourke, Lave Cross, and Jimmie Foxx for career hits shortly after the break (if not in the next game). Even Ted Williams is only 11 hits away. He’ll be # 68 after passing Williams.

    • j

      sounds good… imagine if ted williams didn’t go to WW2. damn…