Kennedy’s rehab progressing

Yanks put up an 8-spot for 8th straight win
If you are a reliever, the Yankees are interested in acquiring you

Less than three months after having surgery to remove an aneurysm from under his right armpit, Oam Ian Kennedy is rehabbing down in Tampa and making 50 throws at 90 feet. “It feels really good. Doesn’t feel like anything ever happened,” said Kennedy, who hopes to get into a few games before the minor league season ends in early September. Regardless, the former first rounder plans on heading to the Puerto Rican Winter League for a second straight year to get some innings in. Fingers crossed, but so far everything sounds good for IPK.

Oh, and it’s good to see Danny Borrell land a coaching gig in the organization as mentioned in the article. It’s a shame injuries derailed his once promising career, but he deserves nothing but the best. Tremendous person and the classiest of class acts.

Yanks put up an 8-spot for 8th straight win
If you are a reliever, the Yankees are interested in acquiring you
  • Accent Shallow

    A healthy Kennedy is a solid piece for depth. Anyone who puts up those kind of MiL numbers can’t be all bad.

    • Chris

      I agree. If he hadn’t been injured, he’d probably be on the major league team right now.

      • Jersey

        Maybe. He’s shown he can get guys out at the ML level, but he’s also shown he can get consistently bombed. No guarantee he would have fixed those clear problems by now.

        • Zach

          Hughes showed the same thing last year as well, and well as a starter this year also. But Kennedy doesnt throw 94-95 so we dont give him the benefit of the doubt.

          • Jersey

            Right. Hughes worked his issues out, just like Kennedy would have to. Neither of those guys, nor Joba, nor any prospect in the history of prospects has ever been a guaranteed success.

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    Remember, last year and in the offseason, when there were people, here and other places, who used to mock the whole “Save the Big 3” mentality and shirts and stuff because they thought Joba was the only success story (and even Joba wasn’t regarded as highly after his 2008 injury, etc.)? I wonder where they went, now that 2 of the 3 are significant contributors to the MLB club (and, while the third is not as highly regarded, he’d probably be making some appearances for the MLB club this year if he hadn’t had random medical issues)?

    Hopefully IPK can work his way back to where he was, I Imagine he’d be a nice option as a 6th/7th starter in 2010.

    To paraphrase TSJC, thank Mo the Yankees are letting the burrito cook.

    • Dela G


  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Every Yankee fan panicked about everyting. Only I, who was the beacon of hope, the keeper of the faith, Mr. Calm-under-pressure, the other side of the pillow, the resident of Hoth, the oasis of the desert, the eye of the hurricane, remained calm.

    /Little Bill’d

    :) Just kidding LB

    • Zach

      Eric Duncan will be a future All-Star, stop writing him off, you all just wait and see.


  • Steve S

    Borrell is a great person based on what?