Yanks put up an 8-spot for 8th straight win

Phelps dominates in Tampa debut
Kennedy's rehab progressing

Another day, another come-from-behind win.

Behind seven strong innings from Joba Chamberlain, the Yanks overcame an early but small one-run deficit to down the A’s 8-3. For the AL East-leading Bombers, it marked the team’s eighth straight victory. With Boston edging the hapless Orioles and the Rays rebounding from Mark Buerhle’s perfect game, the AL East playoff picture remains the same. The Yanks will keep on nursing that 2.5 game lead.

Heading into Friday’s affair, a win was no sure thing. Bret Anderson hadn’t allowed a run in three straight starts, stopping the Rays, Red Sox, and Angels during that stretch. In the first inning, the Yanks fell behind 1-0 on a double, a stolen base and a sacrifice fly. After Anderson struck out Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, and Mark Teixeira with well-placed fastball and some nasty breaking pitches, that one run seemed to be more than enough.

But, just as they did against Vinny Mazzaro on Thursday, the Yanks caught up with the crafty lefty after a few trips to the plate. In the third, they plated two to take a lead they would not relinquish. Robinson Cano singled, and after a Nick Swisher pop up, Melky Cabrera lined a double down the left-field line. Derek Jeter hit a patented opposite-field single, and Johnny Damon drove in the second run with a fielder’s choice. Had someone covered first base, it would have been a double play. Instead, the ball hit Damon’s thigh, and the Yanks scored.

Meanwhile, Joba settled down, and he settled in. After the first inning, he was nearly untouchable, and he dazzled the A’s. He would allow one hit through his final six frames. In the fifth, he ran into some self-generated trouble and showed the old Joba emotion. After two walks and a wild pitch, the A’s found themselves with one one and the tying run on second. But Joba struck old Mark Ellis and Eric Patterson. He unleashed a roar and a fist pump for the ages.

After this spot of trouble, the Yanks’ bats took over. They plated a few on some outs in the fifth and sixth. In the eighth, aided by an Oakland miscue and a Jorge Posada home run, the Yanks blew it wide open in the 8th. They scored four runs, and even a David Robertson meltdown in the 9th couldn’t bring the A’s any closer than 8-3.

Game, set, match. Joba goes seven-plus innings, surrendering one run on two hits. He walks three and strikes out six for his sixth win of the year. His ERA is at an impressive 3.86, and the Yanks are rolling. Eight in a row. And that’s a wrap.

Rookie Pitcher Update: With this victory, the Yankees are now 19-7 against rookie pitchers. That’s the best mark in the majors. For what it’s worth, this is the second time they’ve faced Anderson this year, and the second time they’ve beaten him.

Phelps dominates in Tampa debut
Kennedy's rehab progressing
  • http://forums.projectcovo.com/images/smilies/e6omir.gif OmgZombies!

    What you gonna do brotha when Jobamania fist pumps all over you!
    A couple things:

    The hell is wrong with Mitch Williams. Seems like he like Francesa doesnt want Joba the starter to succeed. He constantly complains about his fist pumping like he stabbed a guy.

    I hope this is the start of a stretch of great pitching from Joba. His velocity is improving but still seems a bit inconsistent.He gave up only 2 hits but also had 3 walks. He needs to tone down to walks and get his awful WHIP down to 1.3ish.

    • http://www.retire21.org Mike R. – Retire 21

      This is what is wrong with Mitch Williams


      • Salty Buggah

        The hair?

        • ShuutoHeat

          he’s hiding a dead squirrel under the cap

          • Salty Buggah

            Pfft, not impressed. Youkilis does that on his chin.

    • Esteban

      I have a co-worker and a friend that have made their minds up that Joba should be in the bullpen, and although they’re Yankees fans, they seemed to enjoy when Joba wasn’t pitching well. The co-worker also doesn’t like Cano or A-rod either (thinks they suck in the clutch) and seem to enjoy being proved right. It’s amazing to me, shouldn’t you want the Yankees to succeed even if it invalidates your opinion?

      • http://forums.projectcovo.com/images/smilies/e6omir.gif OmgZombies!

        Arod is the most polarizing. People just love to hate the guy to the point where they look for him to fail in “clutch” spots so that they can be like “see I told you so”.

      • whozat

        There are a large segment of sports fans that would rather be right than have their team win. They’re only happy when the team wins IN SPITE of ARod or Cano, and when Joba tanks but “clutch” relievers manage to hold the line and Jeter, Posada and other players they like bring home the win.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          And when to do perform they take it for granted and they forget about it. When A-Rod doesn’t get that 5 run HR then he’s a washed up first baseman who can’t hit without steroids. It’s really aggravating.

        • Little Bill

          Yeah, I hate those people who just want to say “I’m right, you’re wrong!” and they rub your faces in it. And most of the time, these are the people who are wrong! The people who boo A-Rod, want Joba in the pen, think Matsui should have been cut, these are the idiots! It’s a good thing there are people like us to maintain the sanity in this world.

          • Nady Nation

            “Yeah, I hate those people who just want to say ‘I’m right, you’re wrong!’ and they rub your faces in it.”

            You mean like, saying how AJ Burnett was such an amazing signing during and after each and every one of his starts?

            • Zach


          • pollo

            You just described 90% of the people you meet at Yankee games. Nothing to do but just smile.

  • Little Bill

    And this just proves that Joba needs to stay in the starting rotation. They cannot have Hughes and Joba in the bullpen while Mitre and Igawa are starting in September and October. Joba is a starter.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      If they don’t put Joba in the bullpen or completely shut him down after his innings cap is done then he has a greater chance of getting injured. The Yankees will never do that so you can stop with that. They don’t want to mess up his career so I’m going to doubt Joba continues to start in the payoffs after his limit is reached.

    • whozat

      You know, Bill, often you have good things to say. But you really, really don’t need to say all of them over and over and over and over again.

      There’s really no one here who doesn’t think Joba is a starting pitcher, with the stuff and stamina to be a damn good one for a long time if he stays healthy. Which brings us to the workload issue. I know that you don’t believe that the correlation between dramatic workload increase in young pitchers and subsequent injury and ineffectiveness demonstrates a causal relationship. The data is there, but if you don’t believe it…then let’s just drop it. You have no data, you don’t believe our data, so there’s no point in just continuing to state our points of view over and over with no more evidence.

  • Little Bill

    Remember when sports writers were blabbing that Joba was just an overrated, arrogant kid who didn’t listen to anybody? Why did they come to this conclusion? Because Joba shook off Posada a few times in one start last month. Now these writers can’t say enough good things about Joba. It’s all about the tempo they say and he’s still learning his craft. Funny they didn’t say these things last month. Joba is going to be one hell of a starter for years to come.

  • Salty Buggah

    Congrats to Derek Jeter as he passed Ted Williams on the career hit list.

  • Salty Buggah

    Got these form ESPN stats:

    • Retired leadoff batter in seven of eight innings.

    • Despite mediocre command, Oakland’s on-base percentage was .231.

    • The Athletics were 0 for 5 with 3 K’s against Chamberlain’s slider. He threw 16 sliders in the game.

    • Salty Buggah

      Some more things:

      Jorge Posada’s 448-foot shot was the longest by a Yankee at the new stadium. Overall, the home run pace at the new Yankee Stadium has fallen off since the All-Star break with 14 homers in eight games.

      See, good pitching was all that was needed, though it is a small small sample.

      • Zach

        448ft? jet stream baby

  • Salty Buggah

    Is it me or does it seem like Joba holds back his velocity on purpose? He’s like 91-93 usually and when he got in a jam like in the 5th or needed a K or something, he pumped it up to 95-96. Then in the 6th, he was was 91-92 again to the leadoff guy and on.

    And since you guys forgot, I gotta give mad props to Coke for bailing out Joba big-time.

    • Tony

      I think there’s something to the idea that he holds back at times, but it’s also clear that his mechanics go in and out from game to game (inning to inning, batter to batter). You don’t just lose 5 mph in one inning. I think mechanical consistency just comes with time.

    • http://www.theyankeeuniverse.com/ The Artist

      I think he throws more 2-seamers in normal circumstances, looking for easy ground ball outs. But when he gets in trouble, he goes to the 4 seamer looking for the strikeout.

  • andrew

    2 things:

    1. I like how the yes team mentioned that joba had gone back to being his old self. im not a huge fan of the fist pumps, but if it gets him 7 innings of one-run ball, ill deal with it just fine. also, it was good that he was just shaking off all the criticism. heres hoping his next start is just as good.

    2. david robertson did not have quite a meltdown. yes he gave up those 2 runs, but at least he threw strikes. i would love to see melancon in a game as opposed to rotting in the pen.

    • crawdaddie

      I agree, I think Ben is being unfair by suggesting Robertson had a meltdown. He had a seven run lead and without pitching in a game for almost two weeks, he threw strikes. True, his location was off a little which isn’t a surprise considering his inactivity in game situations.

      • Zach

        “True, his location was off a little which isn’t a surprise considering his inactivity in game situations.”

        he had 16 BB in 22 IP on regular rest, prior to this outing. are we really blaming his location on rest?

  • V

    Despite beating him, I’m impressed by Anderson. Seems VERY similar to, oh, Andy Pettitte (with a 95 mph fastball).

    • Tom Zig

      I wonder if Anderson was stoned during tonight’s game

      • RollingWave

        yeah, he’s a weird one for sure.

  • Tom Zig

    With this victory, the Yankees are now 19-7 against rookie pitchers. That’s the best mark in the majors.

    It looks like we now have a new meme. (does this count as a meme?) Unfortunately I admit I contributed to it.

  • Mac

    Melk vs. Gardner late and close stats – Melk has 16 rbi’s in about 60 ab’s – Gardner has 3 rbi’s in 30 ab’s – its been bugging me for three days as some one here just looked at their triple slash #’s and “educated” those who felt Melky was better than Gardy in those spots (he is).

    Also, after last night I definitely believe that Robertson will be closing in a few years – unfortunately for him it will be as the late shift manager in the Dubuque, Iowa Wendy’s.

  • http://kikojonesusa13.blogspot.com Kiko Jones

    I watched tonight’s game w/a good buddy who’s an A’s fan and frankly it was rather disappointing. Yeah, it’s good to win but if the A’s are not in fact fielding a AAA team, they’re sure playing like one. Not much of a challenge.
    As for Billy Beane, I dunno…how great is a guy who got rid of Dan Haren, Nick Swisher, Marco Scutaro, Rich Harden, Joe Blanton, Mark Kotsay etc etc etc–and now, Matt Holliday–in trades that have yielded poor results? (I’m not a Cashman fan, but the team he built is a contender currently in first place; have you seen what the A’s look like? Not a pretty sight.) My buddy the A’s fan hates the Yankees but he admits that if you keep replacing top talent w/semi-scrubs AND pocketing the revenue sharing monies that could get you some talent out there, all you’re doing is keeping the operation afloat and selling empty dreams to your fans.

    In other words, they are the Pittsburgh Pirates of the American League. As a fan of the game it saddens me when storied franchises are reduced to a joke.

    • Manimal

      Considering the financial circumstances between the A’s and the Yanks you cant compare Cash and Beane like that.

      • Zach

        Beane had 3 cy young winners in his rotation, won 90+ games 6 out of 7 years (88 the other year), during that span he won 102 and 103 games back to back. Lost 4 straight ALDS and got swept in the only ALCS he was in.
        Havent we learned payroll doesnt mean anything? It’s all about the talent you have.

      • Ban Bud

        That’s certainly true, no truckloads of unearned free money will be coming Mr. Cashman’s way this offseason.

    • Little Bill

      Beane doesn’t have a blank check to sign Teixera, Sabathia, and AJ in one offseason. That’s a terrible comparison. Pittsburgh Pirates of the American League? I hope that’s a joke. The A’s have had a pretty good run this decade- 5 out of 7 years in the playoffs from 2000-2006.

      When you trade those players for prospects, you’re building for the future. Cashman never has to worry about trading his best players for prospects because he can’t afford to keep them. Beane does. Some Yankees fans sure are spoiled and blind to how lucky we are to have the largest cash supply.

    • http://www.theyankeeuniverse.com/ The Artist

      Things aren’t that bleak for the A’s. Mazzaro and Anderson have tremendous upside and they have other interesting pieces (Cahill, Cunningham, Cardenas) on the way.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      They’re not on par financially but I don’t know if the A’s (like the Twinkies) are pocketing the revenue sharing money. The few times I’ve been out to Oakland for a game (not in the last 5 years), I’ve thought the team deserved better. But I’m not familiar enough to know what kind of money they have. But not Yankee type money, I’m sure. But if they’re not returning the revenue sharing money to the team, then that’s not right.

    • OldYanksFan

      Beane has done a great job in general with a limited payroll. Unfortunately, Holliday was a mistake due to the economy and Holliday underperforming (he didn’t even match his Colorado Road OPS). Normally, he could have offered Holliday ARB and gotten 2 picks, but in this econony, Holliday is overpaid and would have accepted ARB, so Beane had to trade him and get what he could.

      On paper, with Giambi, Normar, Cabrera and Holliday, while they didn’t have a great team, on paper, they looked like a decent team, with a chance, if everything fell into place. Unfortunately, it was mostly underperformance.

      Beane’s strategy wasn’t bad, but 2009 conditions (including sucky numbers from Holliday) screwed him.

  • http://imgur.com/NMNVd.jpg Joba Powers (all I needs is a jheri curl mullet)

    You’re fuckin’ out! I’m fuckin’ in!

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I know we’ve had close games but we really need to use Bruney, Melancon and Robertson more or at least send Melancon (and maybe Robertson) back to Scranton where he can get the work in.

    • zs190

      Honestly I don’t have a problem with this too much. Our starters have been terrific lately, the hitting has been ok but not great. So you get to 8th inning and you lead by 3 run or less, there is no reason to put in your 6th best reliever instead of your set up men just to “get some work in” as long as they don’t get overworked. First and foremost is get the win, if that means your 6th and 7th relievers don’t pitch much, so be it.

      I don’t mind if we send Melancon down to get Albie though, so I agree in that sense.

  • Accent Shallow

    Back to back good starts from Joba? Sign me up. If he can keep clicking like this, I don’t think they need to go outside the organization for another starter.

  • http://leegrantphotography.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/madmax.jpg gxpanos


    Robertson meltdown, you say?

    Jack Morris would have given up six runs. Exactly 6 runs.

  • Rob S.

    The A’s made the same mistake as the Orioles. They pursued only bats and position players in the offseason. You can’t expect to win with offense and a string of rookie pitchers. You need at least a couple of proven veteran presences in your rotation. The dollar amount doesn’t matter, there we’re plenty of bargains to be had this past offseason. The Yankees took a balanced approach in aquiring pitching (Sabathia & Burnett) and offense + defense (Teixiera). It’s easy to say that the A’s had no chance but Anderson had not given up a single run in his last three starts versus the Angels, Rays and BoSox. This was the A’s best hope to win a game this series and the Yankees dominated.

  • Rob S.

    I’m tired of hearing about how A-Rod doesn’t hit in the clutch. Every single time he comes up with runners in scoring position they seem to show that his lifetime average in that situation is over .300 (even better with the bases loaded). The problem is some people choose to only remember the times when he doesn’t come through. The best players are still going to fail 70% of the time. A-Rod has had a lot of clutch hits this year and the team didn’t take off until he came back. Regardless of your personal feelings about him A-Rod is the most important bat in that lineup.