• Simon B.

    I’m really shocked to see those poll results. 2x+ as many fans think Montero is more untouchable than Joba (as well as Hughes)?

    It really seems impulsively fickle to me on two fronts. Joba runs into a bit of trouble in the second half (mind you, a bit, he’s still a valuable starting pitcher at age 23), and suddenly people are trying to think of ways to fit him in a Halladay trade.

    Montero’s an excellent prospect, but he still has a long way to go. He had a hotstreak in AA. He still hasn’t conquered the level, and he still needs a position since he won’t be ready to catch in the majors any time soon.

    Joba is still by far the most important young player in the yankee organization to me.

  • Charlie

    i guess he meant try not to pull your hair out…