Yanks keeing an eye on Qualls


Via MLBTR, the Yankees are keeping a close eye on Diamondbacks closer Chad Qualls. The bullpen has been tremendous of late, but if Brian Bruney continues to struggle and Phil Hughes has to rejoin the rotation for whatever reason, all of a sudden the team is in need of a late game reliever. Qualls has all the qualities you’d want in a relief pitcher – high strikeouts (8.2 K/9), low walks (1.1 BB/9), high groundballs (3.56 GB/FB) – but he’s struggled of late, pitching to a 5.32 ERA and a .810 OPS against since earlier May. He’ll be a free agent after 2010.

The D-Backs are in complete freefall, sporting the worst record in the game (non-Natinals division) and winning just 6 of their last 22 games. They should be in full blown sell-off mode in short order, making everyone not named Upton or Haren available.

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  • Charlie

    Only if we can get him on the cheap, then that’d be cool. But giving up McAllister plus another prospect for a 30 year old closer? I’ll pass.

    • Reggie C.


      In terms of acquiring ‘pen help, I’d cough up Mcallister for only 1 dude: Huston Street. Its the Rockies’s call of course, so hopefully the team starts to level off.

    • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD


  • Jake H

    BP help is what almost all contenders want. I wonder what we would have to give up to get him.

  • pat

    Lets jump on this early befre it turns into a bidding war.

    • whozat

      Why would the dbacks agree to a deal before bidding has had a chance to happen?

      Also, what Pablo said below. They could very well give up ZMac only to lose Qualls to TJ surgery for the entirety of the rest of his deal.

      • pat

        Because they’re stupid?
        Plus I never said give up ZMac. Jump in early to try and avoid giving up a dood like McAllister.

        • whozat

          But they wouldn’t do that, so what’s the point of talking about it?

          • pat

            I forgot you have a hand in the d-backs front office, my bad whozat.

          • Ed

            Actually, there’s a good chance they would do it if they think his arm is about to give out.

  • http://anewfrontier.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

    He’s struggled because he’s had forearm issues. I want no part of him.

  • Ed

    Qualls has been a little iffy lately, battling forearm issues. May not be a good move.

    Melancon’s got to be due for another shot soon, Albaladejo has been dominating AAA, and Edwar has been respectable down there. Seems like it would make sense to cut Tomko and give those guys another shot first.

    • Charlie

      agreed, but Melancon and Albie are definitely ahead of edwar IMO.

      • Ed

        Edwar is clearly the worst of the three. His numbers are good, but the other two have been great at Scranton.

  • Bob

    Horrible idea. He’s playing hurt and will implode once he gets here.

  • daneptizl

    How much would Capps cost? He’d having a down year, so maybe we can get him on the cheaper end.

    • MattG

      I dunno. When’s the last time the Yankees and the Pirates got together on a trade? :)

  • ds

    I don’t think he is just struggling of late. His whole career, even with Houston, he has had a high BAA and ERA, for a reliever. I’d pass on him.

  • MattG

    Qualls would be my number 1 target. His ability, and his situation, make him the best value.

    But if there is any hint of an injury problem, I immediately turn and run. There are plenty of internal options, starting with Melancon, and many behind him.

    • Ed

      Well, he’s been battling forearm issues for a month. Nothing bad enough to warrant a DL stint, but, the DBacks have been terrible so he gets plenty of rest anyway. It could be nothing, or it could mean Tommy John surgery is coming soon.

  • John Duci

    Street > Qualls

  • Joba-to-the-pen

    When did Hughes become a reliver?Besides one 2 innings every three days.How is Hughes is a reliever?

    • Jack

      How is he not?

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