A-Rod: Yankees vs. Mariners


Buried at the bottom of this piece from SI’s Tom Verducci is an interesting little note: Alex Rodriguez now has more at-bats with the Yankees than he did with the Mariners. That kind of surprised me at first because it seems like Alex was with the Mariners for an eternity, but yep, he had 3,126 official at-bats with them and right now sits at 3,136 with the Yanks. He must have passed his Seattle total sometime during Saturday’s game (I’m guessing, I didn’t bother to look). Plate appearances is a bit of a different story, because A-Rod has almost two hundred more of those with the Bombers than he did in the Great Northwest (197 to be exact). He’s also appeared in 51 more games with the Yanks than M’s, but I digress.

Since he’s officially had more at-bats with the Yanks than any other team, let’s take a second to look at how Alex’s stats compare with the two clubs.

With Seattle: .309-.374-.561, 17.5 K%, .252 IsoP, .335 BABIP
With New York: .299-.400-.568, 18.9 K%, .269 IsoP, .322 BABIP

There’s a rather significant difference in his counting stats like homers and RBI and stuff like that because he was playing his games in different parks with different teams and different lineups in different divisions, and frankly it was a different era as well (pre-PED testing vs. post). Overall, A-Rod’s been basically the same player. He’s hitting for slightly more power now, which is what you’d expect considering he’s older and spent most of his prime-aged seasons with the Yanks. He’s also sacrificed 10 pts of batting avg for 24 pts of on-base percentage, a tradeoff I’ll take every day of the week.

The biggest difference is that Alex’s numbers with the Yanks are coming from third base, whereas with the Mariners he was manning the middle infield. Those numbers coming from a shortstop aren’t just great, they’re historically great.

The question is this: let’s say A-Rod retired right now, today, for whatever reason. What hat does he wear in the Hall of Fame? All the PED stuff is irrelevant here, this is just a hypothetical. A-Rod’s production warrants unanimous selection into the Hall of Fame if you ask me. What do you think, Yankee cap or Mariner cap? Discuss.

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  1. OmgZombies! says:

    Uh guys he has 8 more years in a Yankee uniform and will probably break the all time home run record in a Yankee uniform. Is it even a question?

  2. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Absolutely Yankee.

    It won’t even be an arguement in the end. By the time his contract is up A-Rod will be a Yankee.

  3. He’d wear a Yankee cap into the Hall of Fame, if such a building existed anymore.

  4. Mike Pop says:

    Yankee cap, even though I believe he was loved more in Seattle. But this happens with any player that comes to the Yankees.

  5. Rick in Boston says:

    As of today, he’ll be wearing a Yankee hat. Two of his three MVP awards, 227 of his 572 homers (39.6% of his career total – the highest of the three teams). His two best years as a major leaguer were as a Yankee.

    And the media attention of his as a Yankee mean that many or most fans associate him with wearing the pinstripes, not the Mariners or the Rangers. Kind of like how King Felix will be remembered in about 12 years.

  6. TheLastClown says:

    Yankees. Hands down.

    He was a phenom with Seattle, but he started becoming the “Youngest player with X HR” in Texas, and he surely won’t be wearing the Arlington colors.

    If it was today, which is the hypothetical, it goes to the Yankees. Most service time, better numbers.

    And nobody booed him so vociferously until he became part of the family. :)

  7. Chris says:

    One more stat that tilts in favor of A-Rod wearing a Yankee cap:

    MVP Awards as a Yankee: 2
    MVP Awards as a Mariner: 0

  8. Jake H says:

    That is pretty crazy. The guy is a stud of a player.

  9. Observer283 says:

    The questionw as what if he retired today. Its hard to answer this question fairly because we have seen him in pinstripes so long, he just feels like a Yankee. (Whether he is a “True Yankee” or not is a question for Lupica/Francessa/NESPN to decide).

    I think right now, he goes in as a Yankee. That contract he signed was such a monumental game changer in the world of professional sports, that I think it kind of obscures everything in his career that came before. Pre-250 Million Dollar Contract A-Rod doesn’t conjure as many images in the imagination as Post-250 Million Dollar Contract A-Rod. And he has spent the majority of his post 250 million dollar contract career with the Yanks.

    Moreover, the Yanks are the biggest show in town. People remember great actors for the years on Broadway, not the shows they did while they were making a name for himself.

    In the national consciousness: A-Rod = Yankee.

  10. This image looks “weird” to me now. (safe)

    ARod wears a Yankee cap. Parallel question: What do Griffey and Randy Johnson wear?

    I say Mariners for GriffBones and Arizona D-Bags for the Large Unit. He had 10 years in Seattle vs. 8 in Arizona, but the Arizona eight was his prime years (4 straight CYs and the ring in 01).

    Schilling? Phillies.

    • JGS says:

      I agree on both counts–Griffey will wear a Seattle cap and Johnson will become the first man to wear a Diamondbacks cap in the Hall of Fame.

      Schilling I don’t know. His three best seasons were 01, 02, and 04 (none with Philly), and he won a ring with Arizona and two with the Red Sox. I would say Boston

    • Anthony says:

      Agreed on Griffey and Unit (his numbers in Arizona were unreal) but I’m not as sure on Schilling. While he spent almost half of his career in Philly, I think that the Hall would put him in as a Red Sox considering the 2 championships he won there, and not to mention all the obsession with the bloody sock.

      Though I still have bad, bad memories about how him and Randy dominated us in 2001..

    • Chofo says:

      Randy? Arizona, hands down
      Jr? Seattle
      Schilling? Boston. The bloody sox

    • YankeeScribe says:

      Schilling was great for 3 seasons but he isn’t a lock for the HoF like those other guys

    • Whitey14 says:

      Schilling doesn’t belong in the HOF, but if he goes in it should be in a “38 pitches” commemorative cap, only $19.95 plus shipping and handling!

      • Meh, I think Curt and Moose are both Hall locks. But that’s me.

        Regardless, Schilling and Moose are both >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jim Rice.

        • Whitey14 says:

          Erroneous! Erroneous!

          I don’t have any facts to back that up, I just felt like saying it ;-)

          Jim Rice = Hall of Famer
          Curt Schilling = Hall of Fame blabbermouth
          Mike Mussina = Hall of Fame Academian

          • If Jim Rice had played in Pittsburgh instead of Boston he wouldn’t have been “feared”. He would have just been “another one of those black guys”.

            Refute THAT.

            • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

              If Jim Rice had played in Pittsburgh instead of Boston he wouldn’t have been “feared”. He would have just been “another one of those black and yellow guys”.

              what’s a worse stigma in that time period…black or pirate?

              now begone, before i curse at you and kick you out of my office!


            • Whitey14 says:

              I refute it!

              At the time, he would have been feared no matter where he played because he was large, 6-2, 205, when that was large and not just the average size of a back up infielder, plus, he was one of the few hitters in the late seventies and early eighties who consistently hit for Power AND Average. He wasn’t the best at either, but there weren’t many doing both better.
              He played in a difficult leftfield (following a defensive legend) and his throwing arm is vastly underrated because he spent 15 years playing accross the field from Dewey Evans who had a Howitzer growing out of his torso. Plus, he broke up brawls instead of starting them and he was always feared by reporters so I don’t think that would have changed in Pittsburgh.
              He may have actually gotten a ring in 79 playing alongside Pops and Dave Parker, plus another MVP that year.

        • I think Schilling has a better shot than Moose… Or at least a better shot to get in earlier in his eligibility period. I think there’s a psychological effect on the voters when a guy has big years or moments late in his career, and I think Shilling gets a huge edge over Moose in that category. While we may look at both of their careers and conclude that Moose was better, I think the voters have a tougher time with it because Moose’s best years were early in his career and Schilling had some signature moments later in his career. Whatever, maybe the voters will be smarter than that and prove me wrong.

  11. Ooooooh, guess who’s on the HoF ballot for the first time in two years? (safe)

  12. CB says:

    If he retired right now with an equivalent number of games/ at bats he’d have to go in as a Mariner.

    He’s close to the same hitter in terms of production. But he’s an entirely different player due to the change in position.

    Mike’s on the mark. As a SS Alex wasn’t just great – he was historically great. He was making an argument for himself as one of the 3-5 best players of all time as a SS.

    He was a better defensive SS than he’s been a defensive 3b. Part of that is age. But part of it is his degree of skill at the position related to experience.

    If he retried today he should be remembered as a SS. That’s would be his great historical contribution to the game. That means he goes in as a mariner.

  13. jsbrendog says:

    rangers. i keed i keed.

  14. johnny says:

    personally, I could care less what he’s wearing on his head. If there’s a big, gem crusted ring with an NY in the middle on his finger he could go ahead and wear a football helmet and clown shoes.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      He could be headless if as long as we GET THAT RING.

      Oh my. That probably wasn’t politically correct, was it.

      I’ll issue my formal apology to A-Rod and his family later.

  15. Bo says:

    It would really help his case in going in as a Yankee if he won a ring or three in pinstripes.

  16. Joe says:

    He can sit in the audience with Barry, Roger, Rafael, and Mark at Jeter’s induction ceremony. No cap necessary.

    • jjyank says:

      I dunno, the one test isn’t enough to discount his entire (rather amazing) career. Some of those guys you listed can’t make that argument, but A-Rod can.

  17. The 2010 Ballot, with my vote indicated by what cap I think they should be wearing:

    Returning candidates (with votes/percentage):
    Andre Dawson (361, 67.0%)
    Bert Blyleven (338, 62.7%) – Twins
    Lee Smith (240, 44.5%)
    Jack Morris (237, 44.0%)
    Tim Raines (122, 22.6%) – Expos
    Mark McGwire (118, 21.9%) – Athletics
    Alan Trammell (94, 17.4%)
    Dave Parker (81, 15.0%)
    Don Mattingly (64, 11.9%)
    Dale Murphy (62, 11.5%)
    Harold Baines (32, 5.9%)

    First timers:
    Paul Abbott
    Roberto Alomar – Blue Jays
    Kevin Appier
    Andy Ashby
    Danny Bautista
    Brian Boehringer
    Darren Bragg
    Dave Burba
    Ellis Burks
    Greg Colbrunn
    Mike Fetters
    Brook Fordyce
    Andrés Galarraga
    Karim Garcia – Yankees
    Tom Goodwin
    Ricky Gutierrez
    Jimmy Haynes
    Pat Hentgen
    Sterling Hitchcock
    Mike Jackson
    Eric Karros
    Ray Lankford
    Barry Larkin – Reds
    Curt Leskanic
    Josias Manzanillo
    Edgar Martinez – Mariners
    Brent Mayne
    Fred McGriff
    Mark McLemore
    Shane Reynolds
    David Segui
    Scott Service
    Chris Stynes
    Scott Sullivan
    Todd Van Poppel
    John Vander Wal
    Robin Ventura
    Fernando Viña
    Turk Wendell
    Todd Zeile

  18. jon says:

    check out his HOF stats from baseball referance

    Black Ink Batting – 68 (13), Average HOFer ? 27

    Gray Ink Batting – 204 (37), Average HOFer ? 144

    Hall of Fame Monitor Batting – 330 (10), Likely HOFer ? 100

    Hall of Fame Standards Batting – 70 (13), Average HOFer ? 50

  19. Joe says:

    If you want a book that gives the best explanation of the Hall of Fame’s history and the way it functions try Bill James’ “The Politics of Glory”.

  20. Kel says:

    Schilling is not a hall of famer. Imop

  21. A.D. says:

    Right now, I’d say the Yankees, and given that he’d not retiring right now it will definitely be the Yankees.

  22. mr yankee says:

    What happened to ariod he used to be dominant now he is average? I thought we were supposed to have the next coming of manny-papi 2003-2007 I dont see it at all. I wonder what colonel Jacob Rupert would do if he were alive nd owned the Yankees. I bet he would do everything in his power to hav the Yankees dominate like they didi. Not accept mediocrity from the players-management. To bad he is not here now I hear he used to love the 21-0 scores. I wonder how committed this group is to that standard?

  23. mr yankee says:

    I think its a legitimate point-This guy (Ruppert) had the Kansas City A’S as his personal farm team. How great is that? If jhe were paying someone 252 million and yo can try to compare that to 1920′s dollar and were getting the present performance. what do you think he would do? Would he have allowed this team not to improve itself at the trade deadline?

    • Ruppert died in 1939. The A’s moved to Kansas City in 1955.

      Keep it coming though, you’re the man. Let’s have some more.

      • mr yankee says:

        My error I did say Ruppert meaning he-I should have said the precedent was set by Ruppert for that time of business model. Why is it so crazy to yearn for an owenership group that strives to completely dominate the sport-Why do people care what the payroll is its not our money I read the posts everyone saying dont spend the money and or prospects. What difference does it make how you win, you just win. I think if possible take the payroll to 300 million or 400 million. Pay for the finest scouts and place them all over the world so not one reservoir of talent is missed. Isn’t that what we expect as Yankees fans for the team to win every year? For someone to imply I am a Red Sox troll is like implying Jimmy Hoffa was a communist. I am only stating what the mission statement should be for any great organization. Does anyone think winning by whatever means neccesary witin the rules is wrong?

        • I don’t know where to begin.

          Possibly with a semicolon and a line break.

          • mr yankee says:

            Fine critique me for spelling and or grammar I am ok with that-am I wrong though? I don’t get why the presen ownership group has teh desire to be liked. If you think of any great dynasty at the height of their powers they were never liked. If you an advantage(money) you use it to defeat your opponet-I dont know about you gusy, I wold like to see the Yankees win every year.

        • mr yankee, you see right through me.

          • mr yankee says:

            Hey as I said I am not concerned about being liked or popular in the chat room. I am a Yankee fan as much as anyone here and I am tired of reading how Cashman wants to trim the payroll, or dont trade this guy or that guy. Almost seems like he is ashamed of having the resources he does sometimes. If that is the case he should go be the general manager of Kansas City. I brought up Ruppert because his business type was probably similar to the green bay packers when Lombardi was coach. The team does not mind doing what it tkes to win but the players were supposed to deliver year in and yea out. Here I am saying would anyone here be embarrased if this tea was as dominant as they were in the early to mid 1900′s? and does it matter if you win with big name players or people you drafted. If you can afford to spend 400 some million in contracts in one off season then why stop there?

            • Ok… I’m going to disagree with you here… But I still love you. Just know that before I start.

              “Almost seems like he is ashamed of having the resources he does sometimes. If that is the case he should go be the general manager of Kansas City.”

              This seems to be the central theme of your argument, and it’s just false. I’m sorry. The Yankees do everything in their power to win as many games as they can. They try to sign the best players, trade for the best players, develop the best farm system, identify the best international free agents… I’m not sure you could find an area in which the Yankees don’t try to do as well as they can. Your entire point of view – your Yankees weltanschauung, if you will – is based on a fantasy.

              • jsbrendog says:


                • mr yankee says:

                  regrdless of reason how do you feel about sergio mitre pitching important games down the stretch.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  i feel they should obviously sign sidney ponson to pitch down the stretch.

                • I try not to think/feel things regardless of reason. Sorry.

                • mr yankee says:

                  Maybe that what cashman said to JP Riccardi-I gues we will know if I m wrong about 1030pm tonight

                • No. You are wrong now, no need to wait until 10:30. What does that comment even mean, dude? lol. What did Cashman say to JP? What’s the joke/point, there?

                  I seriously don’t know that anyone on RAB has been so wrong about so much in so little time as you. Ever. You’re kind of a marvel. Golf-clap to you, my good man.

                • mr yankee says:

                  Cause if and I hope not Hallday complete games the Yankees tonight, then how may people will be on here tomorrow saying we should havd made the deal, we should have made the deal. I kow if the Yanks win I will be on here saying I was worng and they won despite having to face Halladay.

                • Cause if and I hope not Hallday complete games the Yankees tonight, then how may people will be on here tomorrow saying we should havd made the deal, we should have made the deal.


                • So you will base your entire opinion of this situation on whether the Yankees defeat the Blue Jays on August 4th.

                  Sadly, that doesn’t surprise me about you.

                • mr yankee says:

                  Ok its possible the yankees will win the whole thing and that would be great but you have to take into account your chief competition, red sox angels tigers and possibly texas. The yankees have sucked against the angels-red sox-very good against the tigers and rangers. The tigers made a great move with washburn-so if you face the tigers you go up against Verlander-Jackson-Washburn. The yankees would have AJ-CC(hopefully the good cc) and Pettite I guess-because Joba will not be starting at that point. Explain to me again why not add a starting pitcher when you knwo that Joba is probably going to the pen and pettite has been ok at best? I use Halladay for example because he is a difference maker-I would have liked washburn to-

                • No. I can’t explain it to you. I ran out of patience.

              • mr yankee says:

                I am not saying they dont try but let me give you an example. When they were discussing Roy Hallady we heard two issues here 1: the money and 2: the prospects. None of us knows what Toroonto asked for but there were stories out there that the cost of Halladay’s contract was to prohibitive. If that was the reason then I am confused-why would you spend as I said before 400 mill on fa’s then stop at another 15 million. Another example when the Yankees signed Mussina in 2000-a reporter asked is there anything left over for Ramirez? which Cashman said noo-why not? think about what this team would have been with Ramirez and MOOSE. In ters of prospects do we as fans tend to fall in love with these guys? becasue they are our guys and thus dont trade them. If you have a dominate cirle of scouts then you should be able to replace the prospects you may have had to give to get Halladay. I dont know about you but how would you feel about AJ-CC-Joba and Halladay going up against the sox. Now we have Pettite(sigh) and mitre(sigh) pitching this week and pettite has to face Jon Lester as well. Whats the point of losing today(if that happens) so you can maybe good in 5 years, if everyone pans out

  24. steve s says:

    The 2 historical precedents for this kind of decision are Winfield and Reggie so amount of time spent with a particular team is not as relevant as to what was accomplished during the time spent as a Yankee and how savvy the player is about the rest of his life. Reggie has parlayed his post-career relationship with the Yanks into maintaining his prominent public persona and as well as a meaningful position in the Yankee hierarchy. Winfield as “Mr. Padre” is a mere afterthought to Yankee fans and in baseball generally from all I can tell. IMO Arod’s model would be Reg more than Winfield.

    • mr yankee says:

      Difference between reggie and arob-5 wc’s and clutch performances at a tenth of the price

      • steve s says:

        Agreed as to diff between Reg and Arod but I was responding to how going into HOF as a Yankee and maintaining a good relationship with the Yanks post-career is a better way to go if a player had a choice and that’s how Arod would (and should) play it.

        • mr yankee says:

          I agree but really does arod deserve to be in momument park with Mantle-Dimggio-Ruth and Gehrig if he cant delive one title? I hope he does but I would prefer he go in as a Ranger if he does not win a tile here

          • jsbrendog says:

            this is batshit insane

          • steve s says:

            Well there is sort of a hierarchy in monument park for sure and only Jeter belongs in the quartet you mentioned but even if Arod doesn’t win a title if he ends up with 700+ HR he’ll deserve it as much as Mattingly deserves to be out there.

            • mr yankee says:

              If Mattingly is out there I am fine with that I thought you had to be in the hall of fame to be in monument park, I might be wrong. The problem with AROD in monument park is that there will be the cloud over him about the PEDS and not winning a title. Would that not in a way sully the concept of monument park?

              • jsbrendog says:


                mantle and babe ruth used to use horse steroids. no shroud over them.

              • ” I thought you had to be in the hall of fame to be in monument park, I might be wrong.”

                You are wrong. Dude… Again… You have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s incredible that you seem to think you’re such an authority when you clearly have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You’ve sure got some chutzpah, though. Good for you.

                (Is this a troll or something? This person can’t be for real.)

                • mr yankee says:

                  I said I could be wrong-and I am not an authority and I submit most of you guys probably know a lot more than me in terms of Yankee history.Okay fine so I am wrong and your all right-so I guess your all satisfied when this team loses because they did the best they could. After 2004 did you say well they went down but they went down nobly?

                • Okay fine so I am wrong and your all right-so I guess your all satisfied when this team loses because they did the best they could.

                  mr yankee: 1
                  Strawman: 0

                  Seriously, Champ. Why don’t you stop talking for a while, maybe sit the next few plays out. I’ve never seen anyone jump to as many tenuous and ultimately incorrect conclusions this many instances in this short of a timespan.

                  You think you know way more about things than you actually know and you’re reading way too much false narrative into vagary, circumstance, nuance, and complexity.

                • mr yankee says:

                  My basic initial premise was to talk about how the Yankees under Jacob Ruppert were a ruthless winning at all costs machine-he established that model for the franchise and they became the damn Yankees-they won almost every year it seems for the better part of the 1900′s now you say no amateur draf was a reason they won so much, and your right. There was also no free agencey at that time. Now shift tho the free agencey era and transfer the ruppert era ownership model to today-would the Yankees sign every needed free agent regardless of cost to creat a monopoly of winning if needs be?

                • Now shift tho the free agencey era and transfer the ruppert era ownership model to today-would the Yankees sign every needed free agent regardless of cost to creat a monopoly of winning if needs be?

                  Yes. In order to replicate the Col. Ruppert Yankees today, we would need to have probably a 300M payroll, spend 30M in the draft every year going overslot to keep the pipelines stacked with prospects despite finishing last every year, and do the same in the IFA market.

                  And if we did that, there would be a salary cap and a rookie wage scale faster than you can say “David Stern”.

                  Those days are gone, brother.

                • mr yankee says:

                  Well it would be nice while it lasted though huh?

                • “My basic initial premise was to talk about how the Yankees under Jacob Ruppert were a ruthless winning at all costs machine-he established that model for the franchise and they became the damn Yankees-they won almost every year it seems for the better part of the 1900’s…”

                  But you don’t know anything about the Yankees under Colonel Ruppert. You seem to think he was more important, over a longer period of time, than he was. And you clearly know nothing about baseball in the first half of the 1900s, as evidenced by your lack of knowledge about Ruppert or the KC A’s, who you incorrectly referenced.

                  And the Yankees are still a “ruthless winning at all costs machine,” I don’t know why you think they’re not. They outspend every other organization by a long-shot. You seem to be living in some alternate-reality.

                  “now you say no amateur draf was a reason they won so much, and your right. “

                  Right. That’s ONE thing… Among MANY other MAJOR changes.

                  “There was also no free agencey at that time.”

                  Good point! Teams couldn’t go out and acquire their targets by simply flexing their financial muscles.

                  “Now shift tho the free agencey era and transfer the ruppert era ownership model to today-would the Yankees sign every needed free agent regardless of cost to creat a monopoly of winning if needs be?”

                  No. Damn it, you were so close to saying something that actually made sense with that free agency thing. I was pulling for you. It was like the beginning of that movie “Cliffhanger.” You just couldn’t hang on to the sanity long enough, you let her fall to a horrible, premature death. The most over-simplified answer I can give to this latest insanity? The advent of free agency has been a boon to large-market teams like the Yankees (AJ, CC and Tex ring a bell, buddy?). But the Yankees simply cannot sign every single one of the best players out there. They sign the guys they want by flexing their financial muscle, like you want them to. But they can’t sign everyone. There are only a certain number of roster slots per team, and the Yankees have a certain amount of money and, like it or not, you have to face reality at some point and realize that you just can’t go out and sign every player that might be attractive. And, you aren’t going to like this, but there are actually other teams out there trying to sign some players, too.

                  With that… I’m sorry, my friend, but I’m out of this conversation. Like TSJC said… You’re just way too far removed from reality for this to be worthwhile beyond being an entertaining little jaunt into the unfortunately and completely confused mind of a fellow Yankees fan.

  25. Ivan says:

    He’ll retire a yankee. Infact it’s not really an arguement.

    Think about it, it’s sorta like A-Rod and the yankee organization were meant to be together. Yankees are considered the “the bad guys” and what guy doesn’t represent that but A-Rod.

    Seriously if ya think about, A-Rod and the yanks are a perfect match.

  26. Teams that currently do not have a single player wearing their cap in the HoF:
    Astros (Nolan has a Rangers cap)
    Natinals (since they have abandoned the Expos legacy*)
    Blue Jays
    Angels (ten former players in, but all wearing other caps)

    Candidates to be the first soon:
    Astros – Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell
    Marlins – I’ll tell ya in a sec
    Diamondbacks – Ol’ Long, Tall, and Ugly
    Rockies – Larry Walker
    Natinals – A uniform quality control expert
    Blue Jays – Robbie Alomar
    Rays – Fred McGriff? Not good enough. I got nothing. Wait patiently for Tim Beckham.
    Angels – Jim Edmonds
    Mariners – Ken Griffey, Edgar Martinez

    The “I’ll tell ya in a sec”: I think Gary Sheffield should go in with a Marlins cap. Think about it, he played for 6 teams and made the ASG with all of them. He won a title with the Fish, and was probably the greatest non-Hanley player in the team’s history. Go for it, Sheff, rock the teal and black.

    *-Not only to the Natinals basically never mention existing in Montreal, but Gary Carter, the only Expos HoF’er (who didn’t want to rock a Montreal cap in the Hall, he wanted to be a Met and they overruled him) and Rusty Staub, the two numbers the Expos retired… well, the Natinals un-retired them and put them back in circulation.

    The Montreal Expos never existed. You heard that torpedo hit the hull, and I was never here.

    • Whitey14 says:

      You really think “Old catch and dive Edmonds” will make it in. I would hate that if it happened.

    • RCK says:

      Not only to the Natinals basically never mention existing in Montreal, but Gary Carter, the only Expos HoF’er (who didn’t want to rock a Montreal cap in the Hall, he wanted to be a Met and they overruled him) and Rusty Staub, the two numbers the Expos retired… well, the Natinals un-retired them and put them back in circulation.

      As a former Montreal resident, this really depresses me. Actually, everything about the Expos depresses me. It’s a sad history. I still believe that Montreal could have supported a baseball team, if they’d given them a halfway decent place to play and tried a little more French-language marketing.

    • Ivan says:

      I think Edmonds if he ever was going to the HOF would be St.Louis no?

      • Yeah, he probably would. The post was more “Potential Hall candidates who could be the first to wear Cap X.”

        • RichYF says:

          Speaking of which, thank you for derailing the topic at hand. I must have missed the part in Mike’s final paragraph that opened the floor to debate the hall-worthiness of other players and the caps that they may or may not wear should they get in. So thank YOU tsjc for becoming the “I know this is off-topic, but…” guy.

          Yeah, I went there. What are you going to do about it, Sparky?

          • jsbrendog says:

            boom. that just happened?

            i’m ron burgundy?

          • Um… Isn’t this post about whether a guy is HOF-worthy, and, if so, which hat he would wear on his plaque? Am I losing my mind?

          • POST: ARod is a Hall of Famer that played for the M’s and Yanks. Which cap should he wear? Discuss.

            MY “OFF-TOPIC” REPLY: I think he should wear a Yankees cap. Speaking of which cap ARod should wear, that got me thinking: what do you think about these other Hall of Famers and what caps they should wear?


            POST: ARod is a Hall of Famer that played for the M’s and Yanks. Which cap should he wear? Discuss.

            SOMEONE ELSE’S “OFF-TOPIC” REPLY: Hey, apropos of nothing, don’t you think Joba should be in the bullpen/We should trade for Player X/I can’t believe David Ortiz took steroids/The Royals just cut Sidney Ponson/The Patriots are interested in Michael Vick.

            Are they the same thing? I ask you.

            • jsbrendog says:

              tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a ridiculous upside has murdered RAB commenting history

              Jayson Stark

            • RichYF says:

              The Sincerely, Corky Simpson post was easily a 10/10.
              I’ll give this one a 4/10. Relevance factor was too high although in your own defense I didn’t do a great job of selling. I thought calling you Sparky was a nice touch, but it just wasn’t enough.

            • To wit:


              POST: Working deep into counts has swings of advantage to first the hitter and then the pitcher.

              SOMEONE ELSE’S “OFF-TOPIC” REPLY: Hey, apropos of nothing, Derek Jeter is pretty awesome and should win the MVP.

            • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

              …nowhere does it say the Pats are interested in Vick. if you read that, they were lying. if someone told you, he read what that lying liar wrote yesterday.

              ‘specially cause vick’s going to the vikings…two perfect signs:
              a) farvrer retired
              b) minnesota’s motto is ‘F-You dogs!’

              • I think Brad Childress has the stones to piss off half his roster and shit on his quarterbacks to bring in future Hall of Famer, Wrangler Jeans Wonderboy, and local hero/villain-envied-from-afar Brett Favre.

                He won’t stick his neck out and risk his job security for Federal-Charge-PR-Nightmare Mike Vick. (Particularly after everyone roasted him for hitching his wagon to Vick Lite).

                • DougPinstripesForever says:

                  Mr. TSJRU, I agree with ya on the PR hit that Vick would become for any team that gives
                  him that proverbial second chance that he so rightfully deserves (as NESPN shouts every minute about).

                  While, I will never forgive that man for what he did, the Vikings might be the best place for him because of how dangerous of a duo he and Peterson would be. Plus, that whole pathetic desperate plea for Farve to save them proves how little confidence they have in their inhouse solutions.

                  This team is on the verg of taking the next step and that ceiling will never come unless they fix their wretched QB problem. Mr. Dog Killer/ Torturer may be their only hope

    • Thee4stringking says:

      The Angels don’t have anybody in the Hall either.

      Carew and Ryan both went in with other teams.

  27. Tony B says:

    You know its a slow newsday when Ian Kennedy’s rehab is the 2nd top story on espn’s baseball page

    • DougPinstripesForever says:

      You know its a strange day when NESPN ever mentions any sightly postive Yankee story on their baseball page, Tony B ;)

      P.S. Who else would love to go to a game with Mr. Yankee? He

      would annihilate that loser Mr. Met anyday

  28. goyankee says:

    arod retire now and lets see what happens, yankee or mariner proberly neither.

  29. [...] Alex Rodriguez now has played more for the Yankees than he did for the Mariners. River Ave. Blues offers a comparison of the slugger then and now. [...]

  30. DougPinstripesForever says:

    Back to the original question, Mr. Axisa… the answer is irrevelant because he wouldn’t get in at this moment. The hatred
    {which is mostly unfair} against him would make it impossible for him to get inshrined in Cooperstown.
    And only if he “proves” over the next 8 years that his somewhat tainted career is more legit than syringe-aided. I firmly believe he’ll do that just because the man has suffered for so long that some of the breaks will start going his way & the team will finally recapture their championship glory due to his performance.

  31. Beast of the East says:

    I think he has 275 million reasons to be wearing a yankee hat into the HoF. As for monument Park, (putting PEDS Aside) there is no way it can’t have room for one of the best all round players to play the game, im also inclined to believe he will deliver a title in the next 9 years..maybe even this year. Now the question is where does TEX stand after his Yankee Contract expires? HoF? Monument Park?….

    • DougPinstripesForever says:

      Mr. Beast, I’ll take a firm bet that Tex will end up in the

      land where pinstripe legends go to retire but the HOF seems

      unlikely. His glove is on par with Donnie and Tino, and it

      seems he’s going to play the prime of his ever rising

      borderline HOF career Still, all I care about with my players

      is the Monument because you have to DO great things as a Yankee

      to get in and thats all I care about. We have not SIGNED a free

      agent like that in a long time.

      • Beast of the East says:

        Thats a good point as a yankee fan : Monument Park >>>>>>> HoF. I still have a hunch that he has a decent shot at cooperstown if he keeps up his career numbers.

  32. It’s the Hall of FAME, not the Hall of Slightly Better Seasons. A-Rod was infamous in pinstripes both for better and worse. Not to mention 2 MVPs. He’d be a Yankee. Guaranteed.

  33. Thee4stringking says:

    What does Vlad Guerrero go in as?

    Expo or Angel?

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