Game 125: Joba returns


Earlier this afternoon, Joe previewed this Texas series. For an extended look at the Rangers, you should check that out. Tonight’s storyline, though, revolves around Joba Chamberlain. The young pitcher, nearing his innings limit, is making his first start in eight days.

Since the All Star Break, Joba has pulled a bit of a Jekyll-and-Hyde routine. In his first three starts after the break, he went 3-0 with a 0.83 ERA. In 21.2 innings, he allowed just 8 hits and 8 walks while striking out 19. In his three most recent starts, though, Joba has been less than impressive. Over those starts, he is 1-1 with an unsightly 6.75 ERA. Over 16 innings, he has allowed 18 hits and 12 walks while striking out just 12. Hopefully, the good Joba will return tonight.

In other Joba-related news, the Yanks said that Joba will pitch on Sunday on regular rest. After tonight’s outing and his Sunday start, Joba will have but four starts left in September.

Game time is 7:05 p.m., and it’s a My9 Tuesday night special.

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Melky Cabrera CF

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  1. putt says:

    Do we want Jekyl or Hyde to show up? I always confuse those two…

  2. Dela G says:


  3. EvoLuTioN says:

    Ugh i hate My9, worst picture quality

    I hope Joba really attacks the zone tonight, nothing annoys more than watching him nibble around the strike zone ending up walking the whole park

  4. In other Joba-related news, the Yanks said that Joba will pitch on Sunday on regular rest. After tonight’s outing and his Sunday start, Joba will have but four starts left in September.

    Will he start in October? I ask because there’s three regular season games in October (TB on the 2-4th). If he doesn’t start one of those games, he’ll probably make his first start in the postseason on like 10+ days of rest.

    /pedantic but important nitpick’d

    • Zack says:

      Girardi said on WFAN that he wouldnt worry about starting Joba on 5+ days rest in the playoffs.

    • Sam says:

      Yes, indeed. Shallow and pedantic. They’ll probably do with him what they did this week and have him throw an extended bullpen session 5 days before his scheduled start if he doesn’t pitch at the end of the season.

  5. pat says:

    It would make me feel all nice and warm inside if Joba pitches a solid game. 6 and change 1 or 2 ER with minimal walks and 6 or 7 strikeouts.

  6. JobaJr says:

    Do you think Joba will be put in the Pen during the postseason?

    • JGS says:

      don’t think so, but you never know–I drew this up as a hypothetical ALCS against Boston (and jiggered it so AJ didn’t pitch at Fenway). He wouldn’t be needed in a five game series. This is all assuming Joe gives the #3 starter to the more experienced Pettitte

      game 1–CC
      game 2–AJ
      (off day)
      game 3–Andy
      game 4–CC
      game 5–Joba
      (off day)
      game 6–AJ
      game 7–CC

    • Dan says:

      No, I think the plan is to let him start a few more times this year and then put him back on regular rest as a starter in the post season. My guess is he would be the #4 starter.

    • Dela G says:

      its a given that he will not be in the pen, he will be starting

    • Little Bill says:

      I think he’ll be starting. Girardi said there’d be no restrictions in the playoffs. I would expect to see him be the #4 starter so he’d only have to make 3 starts maximum- 1 start in each series.

  7. gxpanos says:

    Murphy with his first pro jack today, Slade 0-4.

    Cotham 5 K’s in 2 IP. I feel like he’s the one in this draft class that will draw my man-love the most.

  8. Dela G says:

    How many Ks does chris davis have today?


    haha i keed

  9. Kenny and Coney. Love it.

  10. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Oh nice Singy and Cone with no Kay.

  11. chriskeo says:

    PUDGE is back!

  12. Tank the Frank says:

    Oh I can’t wait for a postseason game to be played at that Stadium. I’m going to try and go to one game a series. I’ve already started saving…a lot.

  13. Is Joba lip synching to the song playing? Awesome.

    Also: what do we think Pudge’s reception will be?

  14. Accent Shallow says:

    Things I’m bummed about: Joba’s K/9 being under 9 so far this year.

  15. Dela G says:

    alright lets do it!

  16. Alright, Joba. Let’s worry about establishing the fastball before we fall in love with the slider. Please?

  17. JGS says:

    how often do DHs lead off?

  18. Bugsy says:

    for the love of god.

  19. Tank the Frank says:

    Already throwing 3-2 sliders are we?

  20. Bugsy says:

    was that a 3-2 slider? have we not learned anything?

  21. JGS says:

    that is not how you want to start

  22. Accent Shallow says:

    Please, walk the Punch and Judy hitting leadoff man. Oy vey.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      A man with 9 career MiLB home runs, and a .401 minor league slugging percentage. Ick.

  23. Dela G says:

    damn, he got squeezed on one of those

  24. Salty Buggah says:

    well, a 8-pitch walk to a speedy guy isnt good

  25. I hate to buy into this meme about Posada’s game calling, but a 3-2 breaking ball to the leadoff hitter is pretty shoddy pitch selection.

  26. How was Young player of the week over Jeter?!


  27. Dela G says:

    can we stop throwing to first now?

  28. Dela G says:

    damn the tag was not placed

  29. Riddering says:

    Is Joba really nibbling or is he missing?

  30. Bugsy says:

    here come the sliders.

  31. Dela G says:

    excellent K for joba

  32. Nice comeback, Joba.

  33. Tank the Frank says:

    Nice curve!

  34. Tony says:

    Is this lohud? Chill the eff out.

  35. Accent Shallow says:

    The breaking balls appear to be on this evening.

  36. Dela G says:

    wow the 96mph!

  37. Accent Shallow says:

    96 mph fastball?!

  38. Tank the Frank says:

    I’m surprised we don’t see Joba go for more swings and misses up in the zone with 2 strikes if he can dial it up to 96 when he wants.

  39. Tank the Frank says:

    A 3-2 slider! Well at least he’s changing things up.

  40. Stop with the 3-2 sliders, please.

  41. Over/under on game time is 3:36, and I’m taking the over.

  42. Bugsy says:

    3-2 slider count: 4

  43. Accent Shallow says:

    At least Hamilton didn’t do what we know he can do with hanging sliders . . .

  44. Salty Buggah says:

    I can has a DP?

  45. Abe Almonte says:

    That is what I am talk about!

  46. Dela G says:

    double play!


  47. Accent Shallow says:

    What the hell is Marlon Byrd doing batting cleanup?

    • Bugsy says:

      I’ve been asking about this for so long now. I mean, why not Kinsler? or Cruz? Imagine if Joe Girardi did this shit.

  48. Mike Axisa says:

    Ah yes, the hacktastic Marlon Byrd.

  49. Sam says:

    That was much needed

  50. Little Bill says:

    There it is! Great DP.

  51. JGS says:

    beautiful–caught a huge break that in that Borbon has lousy baseball instincts

  52. Riddering says:

    Joba’s working the Jeter fistpump so far tonight.

  53. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Sad news today. Melvin “Asesino de los Sueños” Croussett season came to an end today. The DSL Yankees lost game 3 of the best of 3 playoff series today.

  54. CanoFTW says:

    At least 20 pitch innings will keep Joba’s innings down?

  55. pat says:

    Kevin Millwood prepare to meet your maker.

  56. baravelli says:

    Wow, that is a long time without a walk for the Captain. Although, I guess, who needs walks when you’re hitting .500?

  57. Dela G says:

    jeter with a great AB making him work

  58. Tank the Frank says:

    I want him to work a walk…just cuz.

  59. pat says:

    Watched all of Eastbound and Down on netflix yesterday, Katy Mixon rawrrrr

  60. Dela G says:

    wow jeter walked!

  61. Tank the Frank says:

    There! Doesn’t that feel good?

  62. Salty Buggah says:

    Jeter walk! no DP Johnny!

  63. Riddering says:


    Jeter walked!

  64. LivefromNewYork says:


  65. Dela G says:

    wow i am shocked that jeter was thrown out

  66. JGS says:

    yeah, that cannon is still there

  67. Abe Almonte says:

    He uses the steroid

  68. Mike Axisa says:

    It’s too bad Pudge couldn’t throw anyone out like that when he was with the Yankees.

  69. Tank the Frank says:

    Damn Pudge. Jeter got a good jump…that’s how you gun out a MFer.

  70. Dela G says:

    aight alex, make em pay

  71. LivefromNewYork says:

    Perhaps Teix will not try to run on Pudge.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Jorge’s fault and Pudge cant handle the pressure of NY!

      I was there for his first game in pinstripes, which we lost big time but I got to see 5 HRs that day. It was like Tex’s 2nd or 3rd game with the Angels too.

  72. Salty Buggah says:

    Anyone see Tex on Letterman last night? I thought he was kinda funny and didn’t seem nervous.

  73. Abe Almonte says:

    Watch Pudge catch 3/3 basestealers and go 3-4 with a HR and 3 RBI’s…typical …

  74. whozat says:

    They’re running on Pudge, but wouldn’t run on Varitek and Victor Martinez??

  75. Dela G says:

    great hit by alex

  76. LivefromNewYork says:

    coulda been a run

  77. Abe Almonte says:

    Very nice piece of hitting.

  78. Tank the Frank says:

    They’re no on teh same PAGE!1!!

  79. Dela G says:

    HIT DEKI!!

    2-0 yanks

  80. JobaWockeeZ says:


  81. Salty Buggah says:


  82. Mike Axisa says:

    High five. Go Godzilla.

  83. Accent Shallow says:

    What a rocket. Gotta love Godzilla.

  84. Little Bill says:


  85. Sam says:

    2 out rally!

  86. JGS says:

    I’m going to miss this guy

  87. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Matsui is on fire!

  88. Riddering says:

    Matsui moved that ball with his MIND!

  89. Accent Shallow says:

    Bet Pedroia doesn’t sail that throw, Ian.

    /playing on Kinsler’s insecurities

  90. Zack says:

    DFA HIM! oh wait 3 year contract extension!!

  91. Salty Buggah says:

    Imagine if he had healthy knees

  92. Salty Buggah says:

    HIP HIP JORGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Jorge Juiced One!!!! 4-0

  94. JGS says:

    Jorge juiced one!!!

  95. Mike Axisa says:

    Posada was definitely on the same page with Millwood’s pitch right there.

  96. LivefromNewYork says:


  97. Sam says:

    Well that escalated quickly

  98. Dela G says:


    4-0 yanks

  99. Little Bill says:


  100. Rey22 says:

    Hip Hip!

  101. LivefromNewYork says:

    Wait. do we want to win these Texas games? I’m confused.

  102. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Hell, Millwood is being overwhelmed tonight. It’s going to be a good night for us.

  103. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Wow, this team is unbelievably good.

  104. Riddering says:

    These are the 2-out runs I like to see!

  105. V says:

    Re: Joe: Jekyll & Hyde = teh awesome.

    [/almost a major in literature with a focus on the Gothic Romance’d

  106. Tank the Frank says:

    I LOVE making the first pitcher of a series work and getting him out of the game early. It just sets up the rest of the series so well.

  107. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Yankees are 50-14 when scoring first. 51 is coming tonight!

  108. baravelli says:

    I gotta say, that was solid analysis there from Kenny and Coney, about the three true outcomes for our offense. That’s something that should probably be talked about more often.

    • JGS says:

      I missed it…sum up?

      • baravelli says:

        They said that the Yankees offense is so good because they hit a lot of homeruns, walk a lot, and don’t strike out very often. They have the league’s best walk to strikeout ratio as an offense, apparently, and we all know about their power. Then they just expounded about why that makes things so tough for pitchers.

  109. Tank the Frank says:

    Well they got that one right at least.

  110. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Yeah, see Robbie. Let Mark catch the popups, please!

  111. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Lester has no command tonight, he’s getting behind in a lot of counts, unfortunately guys like Rios have no idea how to work a count and swing at a low 3-1 pitch. uhhhh.

  112. Abe Almonte says:

    Isn’t throwing strikes fun?

  113. LivefromNewYork says:

    Cone is much more serious and analytical without that assbag Kay. Kenny sets the tone.

  114. Riddering says:

    Who has more 3-2 counts: Swisher or Joba?

  115. Bugsy says:

    3-2 slider count: 5

  116. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    How does Joba look tonight btw?

  117. Tank the Frank says:


  118. pat says:

    Defensive indifference in the 2nd inning?

  119. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Damn, does Pudge plan on beating us by himself?

  120. Salty Buggah says:

    4 pitch walk to Chris Davis?

  121. Dela G says:

    wow i cant believe davis walked

  122. Riddering says:

    Seriously? A single and a stolen base?

  123. Dela G says:

    cmon joba

    throw a strike

  124. Mike Axisa says:

    C’mon Joba. Overpower this 20-yr old.

  125. CanoFTW says:

    How do you walk Chris Davis on 4 pitches? He’s hitting .202 and will swing at anything close to the zone!

  126. Tank the Frank says:

    Atrocious pitch selection.

  127. Bugsy says:

    I cannot take this.

  128. Dela G says:

    throw it down the middle for him

  129. Salty Buggah says:

    cmon Jobber, get him out

  130. Mike Axisa says:

    Christ almighty.

  131. Dela G says:

    wow i am shocked that was fair

  132. V says:

    I hate to say it, but ARod looks like a 1st baseman out there. Wow.

  133. CanoFTW says:

    A-Rod’s defense looks atrocious lately btw.

  134. Lanny says:

    Joba is painful to watch. Never puts a hitter away. Nibbles. Another typical Joba start. 5 innings. 100 pitches.

  135. Salty Buggah says:

    WOW! Cmon Joba! You got a 4 run fucking lead!

  136. Jersey says:

    And the .202 hitter he walked with two outs comes around to score. Joba really did it to himself that time…again.

  137. Tony says:

    ARod is looking… not in great shape right now.

  138. Dela G says:

    joba has got to get these guys out on 2 outs

  139. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    What has happened to Joba this year? He needs to do a TON of work during the offseason…

  140. Lanny says:

    The bottom part of the order has been killing Joba lately. That is a focus issue.

    • Bugsy says:

      how do you know that joba has focus issues? Better question: are you a real human being or are you a bot?

    • V says:

      I’ll make sure to tell Girardi when we have lunch together tomorrow. He always likes to know what Lanny thinks.

  141. CanoFTW says:

    Joba is shaking off Posada a ton again – weren’t things going well when he just threw whatever was asked? Why revert….

    • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

      If it’s happened to him (a few times) and Burnett, what the hell is going on with Jorge then?

  142. Dela G says:

    alrightnow lets get to millwood again

  143. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Let’s hope Millwood continues to be on a giving mood cause Joba will need some more runs.

  144. Tank the Frank says:

    Those two runs were entirely unnecessary. All brought about by suddenly being averse to throwing strikes. That’s just a product of being a young pitcher IMO and hopefully he’ll continue to learn from those kinds of innings.

  145. Accent Shallow says:

    Millwood and Joba are having a pitcher’s duel to see who can throw the lowest percentage of strikes.

  146. Salty Buggah says:

    While A-rod should have gotten that, he was going to cover the bag and couldnt react fast enough to the ball

  147. Dela G says:

    nice play by davis there

  148. Salty Buggah says:

    ah damn, kinda bad luck for Melky

  149. Bugsy says:

    if there was ever a play when I thought a broken bat would kill a player, that was it.

  150. JGS says:


  151. Dela G says:

    jeter is automatic

  152. Rey22 says:

    Is it even possible to get Jeter out anymore?

  153. Dela G says:

    cmon marky t

  154. putt says:

    Damn that Jeter, he’s so hot right now.


  155. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Teixeira destroy himmmm!

  156. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Joba better start locating better or Texas might just come back and win this Baseball game!

  157. Riddering says:

    No MVP for you, Teixeira!

  158. Salty Buggah says:

    Cmon Joba, dont beat yourself again this inning

  159. Bugsy says:

    i just switched the channel to SNY and saw Daniel Murphy commit 2 errors in succession. It relieved some frustration from watching Joba “pitch”.

  160. pat says:

    smile of the game FTL

  161. Dela G says:

    alright, they will have to get em next time

  162. Dela G says:


  163. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    Did Kenny just pwned Ruben Sierra?

  164. Accent Shallow says:

    Holy crap, Swish!

  165. Bugsy says:


  166. Salty Buggah says:


  167. Dela G says:

    damn it cano

  168. PinstripesForeverDouglas says:

    would have loved Hamilton being called out going back to 1st base :)

  169. Salty Buggah says:

    I can has another DP?

  170. Accent Shallow says:

    Hamilton shouldn’t have been on first to begin with, so it’s nice to see him removed.

  171. Dela G says:

    great throw out there JOPO

  172. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Joba couldn’t be any slower off the mound.

  173. Dela G says:

    oh wow

    that was not a strike

  174. Riddering says:

    No walk for you, Byrd!

  175. Accent Shallow says:

    Hey a twelve pitch inning, with no walks and a K!

    Maybe he will be able to make it through 6.