MLB will not punish A-Rod

Rough game
Waiting for — and needing — DRob

From the non-news on a slow Saturday department, MLB will not punish Alex Rodriguez after completing it’s investigation into whether he used performance enhancing drugs longer than he acknowledged. Had he been punished in any way, I assume the union would have flipped their lid and come to A-Rod‘s aid.

Meanwhile, what’s up with David Ortiz? It’s been exactly five weeks since his press conference and 44 days since he got outed as cheat, are we still waiting for him to “gather information?” Why does he escape the witch hunt?

Rough game
Waiting for — and needing — DRob
  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    On Ortiz, I’d say it’s the following things:

    1. Finally, the media has gotten off its high horse and dropped the steroids thing as an issue.
    2. Ortiz is a likable guy who wears the right uniform.
    3. In a combination of the top two, the fans don’t want to hear about it because of either steroid fatigue or the fact that, Ortiz is a likable guy who wears a uniform people enjoy rooting for.

    • crawdaddie

      And that Ortiz has ESPN in his corner.

      • Makavelli

        ESPN represents a huge portion of the Red Sox Propaganda Machine…if you notice during the “bumpers”, fade-outs or fade-ins there’s usually a boston jersey, player, or baseball card (Baseball Tonight) shown first…

      • aerod500

        I agree completely. He is not being punished because he is liked by the people who don’t have a stake in trying to ruin his career. Ortiz got off easy…too easy. And if there had been charges filed against A-Rod, I would have begun my own campaign to get his name cleared!!!

  • Steve H

    alex gonzalez is going to be devestated by this “news”.

  • Makavelli

    The thing that I don’t understand is that David Ortiz flat out lied to everybody and made a big deal about punishing those who have tested positive…then gets ousted himself.

    And why did the Players Association run to his aid immediately but let Arod sweat it out under the lights?

    And not even David Ortiz…but Manny has gotten the free pass more than anybody. But I do love Manny’s response to the whole thing “I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal.” haha. And with that response…everybody, for the most part, seemed to have agreed with him…as if it were a Jedi mind trick.

    • Steve H

      The worst part about the Ortiz thing is that he was MADE by steroids. Manny and A-Rod were HOF’s the moment they stepped on big league fields. David Ortiz was a failure, a non-tendered guy, then began to juice and became a great hitter. It wasn’t the team, the ballpark, the manager, it was the juice, plain and simple.

      • Makavelli

        I agree with everything but I think the combination of the steroids and Fenway Park’s RF wall/short fence worked together for him. But you’re right. He was a nobody before.

        The Twins have had one of the best scouts in baseball for a very long time but they couldn’t see anything in David Ortiz?? Never understood that. They chose Mathew Lecroy over him…that says a lot about what they thought perhaps.

      • Nady Nation

        +1. That’s what pisses me off most about Ortiz. The man cannot even field a position. He made his money, and fame, strictly with his steroid-induced bat.

  • Mister Delaware

    MLB only pursues stars.

    • Rice Eats Paint Chips

      Ding ding ding, we have a winna!

  • Thomas A. Anderson

    I think it is steroid fatigue by the fans, mostly.

    Not that I’m rooting for it, but if Pujols get outed for PED use, I will neither be shocked or care very much. At this point, I don’t really care what people take. It’s not going to ruin my enjoyment of sports.

    Would I like it if guys didn’t take PEDs and relied on their God-given ability? Sure. But that isn’t and never will be reality. So I’ve moved on. And most other people have also.

    • Mister Delaware

      Similar opinion although there’s one guy I am rooting to find out used. Ripken Jr. Deified by the media and already in the Hall so if he were “fingered”, perhaps the writers and voters would finally throw up their hands, say “we just don’t know” and put the focus back on the game.

      • Steve H

        Steroids have been in the game since the 70’s. Tom House said 5 pitchers per team were using. Tom House, a teammate of Hank Aaron, who had a major late career spike in HR/AB. Hmmmmm. Moral of the story, there are probably several HOF’s who used steroids. The “steroid era” is not limited to 1995-2003 or whatever arbitrary date people want to use. I remember being in Fenway in 1988 and 35,000 people were chanting “STEROIDS” at Canseco in RF. Of course the media must not have heard….

        • Makavelli

          Yeah, they’ve been around for a very long time…body builders weren’t the only ones who were able to get them in the 70’s that’s for sure…

        • Accent Shallow

          Well, one of the reasons for Hank’s late career spike was the Braves moved to the Launching Pad. He does admit to trying amphetamines (“one time”) in his autobiography.

          • Steve H

            Not truly calling out Aaron, but just making a point that A. Steroids existed, and B. if Aaron had the same end of career spike in this era he absolutely would have been questioned and targeted as a steroid user.

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        I wouldn’t like it, but I’d find it amusing if it came out that Nolan Ryan did them. Everyone always said he was a “freak” by being able to pitch into his forties, yet everyone just assumed Clemens was juicing.

      • Let’s Talk About TEX Baby

        Obviously there are guys already in the hall of fame who juiced…I don’t know if it’s Ripken, but I kind of hope one of those guys gets outed so that we can end the “nobody who took steriods should make the hall of fame” nonsense.

  • Ed

    I’d imagine it’s a cross of the media getting tired of the story and not wanting to beat a dead horse. At least with A-Rod, there was more of a story. He was always one of the best, yet he took steroids to improve. Stopped taking steroids, and he’s still one of the best. What prompted the steroids? What prompted him to stop?

    With Ortiz, he was a lousy player. He took steroids and became an MVP candidate. He stopped taking steroids and is a shadow of what he was. His motivations to use steroids are far more obvious than A-Rod’s. They could hound him about using steroids while taking a public stance against them, but he’s still not admitting to using them and all we know for sure is he failed a drug test, which could have been for anything.

  • Zack

    He didnt fail a test so they cant punish him, how many people were punished for the Mitchell report?, wasnt it like 10 days but then that was taken away? This is a non-story. But its Arod so they need to do an update just to keep alex in the news.

    • Dela G

      exactly, its such bullshit in my opinion

      • Zack

        just wait.

        ALDS Pregame show- Arod still not punished for roids
        ALCS Pregame show- MLB still not punishing Alex
        WS Postgame while giving trophey to Yanks- Alex, so about those steroids…

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  • Tom Zig

    I actually wish MLB tried to punish Arod. Not because I feel Arod deserves to be punished. But because I would have loved to see the shitstorm that would have ensued.

    • Zack

      ha id like to see that too

      • aerod500

        I don’t get my enjoyment by seeing other people being hurt. You should not either. A bad idea Tom and Zack.