Recapping the walk-offs, all 15 of ’em

Game 159 Spillover Thread
A recap, in verse

Everyone loves walk-offs, and the Yanks sure have spoiled us this year. Moshe at TYU took the time to recap all 15 of those suckers, from Melky’s 14th inning jack against Oakland to Luis Castillo’s dropped popup to last night’s Kyle Farnsworth special. Good times, good times. Check it out.

Game 159 Spillover Thread
A recap, in verse
  • pat

    Well it’s safe to say I blame Moshe for us not walking off tonight seeing as how he already wrote and published the article. JERK!

    • Tom Zig

      life ruiner!

    • Moshe Mandel

      Hangs head in shame……

  • Accent Shallow

    Good call on the linking to the video!

  • Ivan

    Good times indeed. Hopefully the yankees continue the walk-off magic in october.