ALDS Game Two Spillover Thread VI


Ugh, now we need the luck more than ever.

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  1. Reggie C. says:

    Marte out. Who’s in?

  2. Marc says:

    Who else do we have on the bench for a PH?

  3. Charlie says:

    shit, i really don’t like marte. he’s fuckin sucked ever since he put on a yankee uniform

  4. Souter Fell says:

    c’mon boys

  5. TheLastClown says:

    Inside the park double….what a Darling.

  6. Double-J says:

    Rally caps on, boys!

  7. The Artist says:

    Cervelli gets the game winning hit, you just wait.

  8. Marc says:

    So does this thread make this the most spilled-over game? The most commented-on game?

  9. Dela G says:

    we have d-rob and gaudin left i believe

    so i guess d-rob is in now

  10. Charlie says:

    ugh, d-rob? i love him and everything, but he’s not exactly trustworthy in a spot like this. let’s hope he throws strikes

  11. dkidd says:

    can’t say i’m surprised by marte

    might have pitched in his last high leverage situation this post-season

    come on d-rob!!!!

  12. cjc says:

    thanks for coming marte you fucking waste of a roster spot

  13. Alex S says:

    wow! mauer got a double

  14. Brazilian Yankee says:

    We need a miracle here.

  15. TheLastClown says:

    K-Rob! Clap-clap-clap!

  16. Accent Shallow says:

    Well, Robertson, we just need three Ks. Or one and a ground ball.

  17. Dela G says:

    this has to be the longest thread since i started posting here in may

    the 15 inning game went 5 spillovers i believe

  18. Alex S says:

    pleeeeease strike out the side! that would be ultimate badass

  19. cjc says:

    hey just wondering has anyone figured out yet where the hell gardner was going

  20. SF Yanks says:

    I’ll take a massive dose of some of D-Rob’s strikeout right about now.

  21. Riddering says:

    It’s lucky thong time.

  22. Klemy says:

    Please, let D-Rob pitch better then our other relievers did.

  23. Salty Buggah says:

    Nice job K-rob…2 more

  24. mustang says:

    please don’t throw that again

  25. Mike says:

    wow, 6th spillover?

  26. Kiko Jones says:

    What genius move was this to take out Ace and bring in Marte? WTF?!!

  27. Alex S says:

    ohhhh! so lucky mauer stopped!

  28. Dela G says:

    oh god

    this is not good

    not good at all

  29. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Fuck. We are done. Thank you Damon, thank you Marte.

  30. Mike says:

    come onnnnn

  31. Accent Shallow says:

    Oh jeez.

  32. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:


  33. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    The Twins are like spider monkeys.

  34. cjc says:

    who didn’t see this coming after last inning shit why take ace out for marte of all people

  35. E-ROC says:

    Gardner got to that ball quick.

  36. PrintScreen says:

    So continuing with the Star Wars reference, episode VI is The Return of the Jedi. Tex returns from this slump? ARod returns to the plate to win this one? Cmon now..Lets go yankees!

  37. Alex S says:

    we’re in a shit situation bases loaded no one out. imagine we turn a triple play???

  38. Charlie says:

    FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK. i hate marte sooo friggin much. we need more than a miracle here

  39. Russell NY says:

    This sucks.

  40. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    i can’t force myself to watch this game on tv any longer.


  41. Frigidevil says:

    We need swish on the mound, pronto

  42. TheLastClown says:

    Delmon Young’s just got to stri…..even better.

  43. Alex S says:

    TEX!! D-FENCE!

  44. Accent Shallow says:

    Oh, the Twins don’t go on line drives?


  45. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    That is how you run the bases.

  46. Klemy says:

    You think Gardner was watching how the runners reacted there?

  47. Riddering says:


    Tex! I came!

  48. Jackson says:

    So thats what you’re supposed to do on a line drive.

  49. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Why do their runners freeze on linedrives but Gardner couldn’t do it?

  50. Quikksand says:

    we need some luck

  51. ansky says:

    Why is Cabrera always talking…i cant stand that bastard.

  52. mustang says:

    2 more

  53. Salty Buggah says:

    Please Mo, let us get a DP.

  54. PrintScreen says:

    Glad we have a great defensive 1B.

  55. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:

    Double Play


  56. Mike says:

    lets go. DP please

  57. Accent Shallow says:

    Please don’t get beat by that fuck Carlos Gomez.

  58. Alex S says:

    OMG! Tex baby!

  59. Klemy says:

    Thank you Tex. Please, one more quick out.

  60. Mike says:

    yeah baby. one more come on

  61. mustang says:

    1 more

  62. BigBlueAL says:


  63. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    Anybody but Gomez and that is two.

  64. Doug says:

    Yankees defense holding strong!

  65. PrintScreen says:

    Tex Clutch-D!

  66. Jersey says:

    Oh man. Just one more.

  67. Jackson says:

    If Brendan Fucking Harris gets a hit here I’m going to lose my shit…

  68. Accent Shallow says:

    Of course it comes down to Brendan Harris.

  69. Alex S says:

    good thing Cervelli didn’t go for Gomez, he could have thrown the ball away and a run would’ve scored

  70. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    Harris of all people.

  71. BigBlueAL says:

    Cervelli shouldve drilled Gomez in the back, he was way out of the basepath.

  72. Mike Axisa says:

    Please D-Rob, please…

  73. PrintScreen says:

    Ok,time to retire Harris.

  74. Ivan says:

    The last out always seem to be the toughest.

  75. Reggie C. says:

    Robertson wants to K this guy. Keep that K rate up.

  76. mustang says:

    I need my Blood pressure meds

  77. Klemy says:

    I don’t think Chuck even knows where his strike zone is anymore.

  78. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    You can’t predict baseball.

  79. Klemy says:


  80. Accent Shallow says:

    D-Rob, I love you.

  81. Brazilian Yankee says:

    We got our miracle!! Can we please win it now??

  82. mustang says:

    are you kidding me LOL

  83. BigBlueAL says:

    Im going to have a heart attack…..

  84. Alex S says:


  85. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:

    David Robertson is now one of Mo’s disciples

  86. Mike Axisa says:

    Holy motherfucking fuck.

    I want my steak and blowjob right now.

  87. Patrick T says:

    Go go D-Rob!

  88. Dela G says:



  89. Jersey says:


  90. Ivan says:

    We gotta win this game. We gotta win this fuckin game.

  91. Jake H says:

    This must end now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  92. Mike says:

    this game is unbelievable

  93. SF Yanks says:

    Holy fucking Christ, that was HUGE!!! HUGE!

  94. Klemy says:

    That was Houdini like.

  95. Charlie says:

    destiny is just oozing out of this whole freakin team

  96. The Artist says:


    I SAID FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

  97. E-ROC says:

    Good defense all-around for Yanks as well as pitching, at least by Robertson.

  98. PrintScreen says:

    Tex-Rod coming up! End this guys!

  99. Drew says:

    I think I woke the neighbors with that “fuck yeah”

  100. Salty Buggah says:


  101. Kiko Jones says:

    Bases loaded w/no outs and the Twinkies CAN’T SCORE!!!

  102. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    *jaw drops!*

  103. Riddering says:

    /bursts into tears


  104. Chris says:

    Awesome work, David.

  105. Dave says:

    Luck. Luck. Luck.

  106. Klemy says:

    How unclutch would an ARod homer be?

  107. Joe R says:

    David “Houdini” Robertson

  108. Lorenzo says:

    This NEEDS to end now.. With the heart of our order..

    DOO ITT!!

  109. Doug says:


  110. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:

    A Rod is coming up, i feel the pre-cum all over my tip.

  111. Marc says:

    We have to win this game. We just have to. It smells like a postseason victory, it tastes like one…it looks like one…It better be one!

  112. Charlie says:

    d-rob you are fuckin awesome

  113. jjhammer31 says:

    I think the magic’s back in the Bronx. I feel like it’s 1996 all over again. Sick fucking game.

  114. DreDog says:

    Setting up the inevitable……
    It’s an A-PIE, FOR A-ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This team is boring.

  115. Klemy says:

    I am so emotionally spent already too.

  116. Alex S says:


  117. Joe R says:

    D-Rob goes another inning. I like Gaudin but not as the last pitcher out of the pen :o

  118. Accent Shallow says:

    Mijares against Tex and A-Rod?

    There’s not going to be a 12th inning, is there?

  119. Salty Buggah says:

    Get a hit Tex. You get a hit. We win. Get pie if you have to.

  120. Alex S says:

    who is this scrub Mijares????

  121. Ivan says:

    I may not live any longer, if I continue watching these yankee playoff games.

  122. pedro says:

    come tex time to earn your pay

  123. Klemy says:


  124. Mike Axisa says:


  125. Ivan says:


  126. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    Tex is MO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Upstate Nick says:

    TIME TO GO PUSSYTUBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. BigBlueAL says:


  129. Brazilian Yankee says:


  130. mustang says:


  131. Salty Buggah says:

    YEEES!!!!!!!!! TEXY!!

  132. DreDog says:


  133. Jackson says:

    Never a doubt

  134. Reggie C. says:

    That was a quickie.

  135. PrintScreen says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEX!

  136. Jake H says:

    Twins hearts are dead!!!!!!!!!

  137. Dela G says:


  138. ShuutoHeat says:

    to do: pick up a case of adult diapers for the Yankees post season

  139. Jersey says:

    I was about to post that Mijares has given up 7 HRs in 61 IP.

    There’s #8 bitchez

  140. Johan Iz My Brohan says:


  141. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    TEX IS MO !!!!!!!

  142. jjhammer31 says:

    Brian Cashman is the happiest Jew this side of my Grandpa’s house.

  143. Brazilian Yankee says:

    D-ROB deserves the pie just as much as TEX!!!

  144. SF Yanks says:


  145. Doug says:

    THIS!! IS! A! HOMEBOYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  146. Patrick T says:


  147. Klemy says:

    Mo. I don’t know how I’ll ever sleep tonight. My heart is beating so damned fast.

  148. Drew says:

    never lose faith fellas. we the best


  149. Accent Shallow says:

    That was a Joe Carter-esque rocket.

  150. Riddering says:

    Even I could feel that fisting by Tex.




  151. Alex S says:

    TEX! TEX! TEX!

    did anyone catch Mijares with tears in his eyes?

    OOhhhh and BTW………Game Of The Year!

  152. Jersey says:

    Aaaaaand pie in the face

  153. Doug says:

    Boom goes the Pie-nyamite!

  154. Klemy says:


  155. mustang says:

    Who still wants Manny?





  157. Alex S says:

    was that Tex’s first pie? i think i heard AJ say that

  158. Mike Axisa says:

    That game made me cry through my penis.

  159. e mills says:

    hmmm how long til the media talks smack about A-Rod taking Tex’s tv time??

  160. Kiko Jones says:


  161. slappy white says:

    Im gonna celebrate with two Ukrainian hookers and a T-Bone steak

  162. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:


  163. Drew says:

    All you haters suck.


  164. pat says:


  165. Start picking out ring designs, Cashman. We’re winning the whole guacamole.

  166. Souter Fell says:

    i looooooooooooooooooove the yankess

  167. Evan says:

    That was spectacular. :D

  168. Ivan says:

    I would like thank the good lord for making me a yankee fan.

    2 down, 9 to go.

    “We Play Today, We Win Today. Das it.”

  169. Alex S says:


  170. Riddering says:

    Not only did we walk this one off, but the Red Sox were shunned to the second best station for three innings.

  171. vin says:

    Capitalizing on lucky breaks really helps make a team champions. They did it in the 90s, and are doing it again now.

  172. claybeez says:

    Tex made this household happy! Never say die!

  173. Doug says:

    A-Rod: “We love each other and we play every day.”

    There you have it, the secret to the 2009 Yankees’ success: Love.

  174. dkidd says:

    unbelievable. biggest rush since aaron boone

    i love this team

  175. Souter Fell says:

    god, these yanks feel sooooo good

  176. Charlie says:

    i’m so fuckin happy i don’t even know what to say

    • Drew says:

      Say, You’re sorry you were so negative, and you know now what rhymes with “barley.”

      • Charlie says:

        i’m sorry i littered rab with forms of the word “fuck” and i’m sorry that you’re crazy enough to actually care. i believe the first thing you posted after big tex’s HR was “fuck the haters”.

        • Drew says:

          heh yepp. I could give two shits if you curse. That wasn’t the point Mr. Charlie.

        • Nobody was upset at your cursing. We were upset at your lack of perspective and wisdom. We were upset at your overreactions and your vitriol directed at members of this team who are doing their best to win this ballgame, which they did.

          The cursing is not the issue. The impatience and lack of faith and historical memory is the issue.

        • We were upset not at the cursing, but at the overreactions in these comments.


          Nobody cares that you cursed. We were offended that you:
          A.) smeared Girardi for being an idiot for not bringing in Mo, even though bringing in Mo would have been the WRONG move and bringing in Joba and then Coke was totally the RIGHT move, and the subsequent chain of events that transpired after your comment backs that up;
          B.) called Mariano Rivera a “dumb shit” because he didn’t immediately get an out and gave up a run; he’s the best postseason closer ever, and frankly you don’t have much of a right to be upset when the best player to do what he does EVER doesn’t succeed; Mariano has earned your respect, deference, and gratitude;
          C.) claimed that people who didn’t overreact and fly off at the handle like you weren’t “real Yankee fans” and “didn’t care” like you did, which is just all sorts of ignorantly rude, self-centered, immature, inflammatory, assholish, counterproductive, anti-intellectual, and flat-out wrong;
          D.) chided other fans for continuing to be confident, even though the game was still very early and we had plenty of valid reasons to remain confident because we understood the abilities of our team, the weaknesses of the opposing team, and the historical record better than you did, as was borne out both by your irrational and foolish in retrospect comments and by the final outcome.

          THAT’S what we got on your case for, Charlie. Not for saying “fuck”. I could give two fucks in you say fuck. I love saying fuck. Fuck rocks. Being a belligerent, thickheaded, dour, reactionary, screaming dolt does not rock.

          I accepted your apology, but it looks like you weren’t apologizing for what you should have been apologizing for.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      I know what to say. You don’t get to party tonight. People out there better watch out for me tonight, especially since its a Friday. I’m going to be fuckin HYPER!

  177. Drew says:

    That was the best pie of the year(so far). Same shit different day.

  178. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:


    We the best!

  179. Souter Fell says:

    f the posada-molina controvesy, YANKEES WIN!!!!

  180. jjhammer31 says:

    Seriously, Cashman’s agent should be on the phone tonight. It’s early and he had lots of dough to spend. But, his guys have been cleaning up so far.

  181. Will says:

    On espn.com: “Mark Teixiera’s blast in the 11th beat the Twins 4-3 in Game 2 of the NLDS.” That must’ve been SOME home run!

  182. Klemy says:

    There threads are my support group for high tension postseason play. /tear

  183. Alex S says:


  184. Mike Jones says:

    Did A-Rod take steroids? I can’t seem to remember

  185. Jersey says:

    Jesus, I need a drink

  186. Accent Shallow says:

    This is like the 2007 ALDS, except the exact opposite.

    Think about it.

  187. Klemy says:

    I love that this season when Alex gets big hits, he looks to his team with those fist pumps. He’s a new man this season.

  188. Bob Stone says:

    The Yankees are unbelievable. Never say die. They are going all the way to #27.

  189. jjhammer31 says:

    second best game, behind game 4 in ’96. Leyritz ends Wohlers career and a dynasty is born.

  190. vin says:

    When Posada hit the bloop in the 10th, was everyone else reminded of the bloop in 2003 off Pedro?

  191. ansky says:

    Just woke up from 9th inning coma…Did.that.just.happen?

    Tex baby yeah!!!

  192. Drew says:

    Turns out, we aren’t only better on paper.

  193. Klemy says:

    D-Rob needs a good lay for his escape tonight. Who’s setting this man up tonight?!?

  194. A-Rod is my dad AKA The Evil Empire says:

    David Robertson is now one of Mo’s disciples

  195. ansky says:

    best line ever from Chip Caray: The Yankees walk off with reckless abandon!! I love it.

  196. Drew says:

    Oh man. Pavano got a fucking shit storm heading his way.

  197. Klemy says:

    Now, if we can destroy Carl Pavano Sunday…I will be so happy.

  198. Jackson says:

    It’s a celebration bitches

  199. TheLastClown says:

    Andy’s gonna be all dynastic on Sunday.

  200. Mike Jones says:

    I would like to thank Mo for crappy umpiring and clutch hitting. Amen.

  201. Rob D. says:

    Frequent reader, rare poster here…has there been a game this year that was that much of a roller coaster? I went from loving baseball to hating my love of baseball about 73 times tonight.

  202. EB says:

    k-hud must have a magic pussy

  203. Souter Fell says:

    love that tex had the walkoff so the couldn’t make him the new “arod”

  204. rbizzler says:

    Late to the party, but I just wanted to add a FUCK YEAH. I love the balls shown by D-rob tonight and Big Tex showing up. Have fun people an keep it X-rated.

  205. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Jesus ESPN can’t believe about the Mauer call. Let it go for christ sakes.

  206. Drew says:

    Ughh… I hate when comments disappear into the RAB universe.

    Charlie, You said F Mo, which is wild. You told someone who said “I’m still confident,” “You shouldn’t be.” Finally, you said the game really sucked. Which, it obviously turned out to be awesome.

  207. Shiraldi's Eyes says:

    This is truly a David vs. Goliath match-up. To see a cool visual of the payroll disparity between these 2 teams, check out a new baseball blog called Visual Baseball.


    • Souter Fell says:

      Goliath should always win.

    • Drew says:

      They play in an old ass shitty stadium and how much do we pay them in rev sharing? Please. They traded one of the best pitchers in baseball for Carlos Gomez, that’s the real issue here; management, not payroll.

      • Bob Stone says:

        Stadium? That’s not a fucking Stadium. It’s a fucking over-size baggie with air-conditioning.

      • vin says:

        Are you saying they’re not a well-run organization? Yeah, the got a shitty return on the Santana deal, but for poor management may I refer you to the Royals?

      • Jersey says:

        Fuck the Twins. They’re receiving like $20 mil a year or thereabouts, and there’s no reason Pohlad can’t increase payroll.

        • The Twins owner volunteerd his club for contraction to take the fat cash payment.

          Keep that in mind.

          He was offered the choice of A) Taking a one-time cash payout or B) refusing to COMMIT EUTHANASIA ON HIS OWN TEAM, THUS RIPPING OUT THE HEARTS OF MILLIONS OF BASEBALL FANS, and he chose the cash-payout + the murder of his own team.

          • Jersey says:

            Oh, I remember that farce. Props to Twins management for consistently fielding an excellent ballclub in spite of ownership’s best efforts.

          • Bob Stone says:

            See my comment just below. They just look at it like any other investment like a stock or bond or money market fund. They only care how to get the best return. So they were quite willing to blow up the franchise for a few bucks. They have never acted like stewards of the franchise, its fans, the city or anything else one expects responsibility-wise from enlightened ownership. It’s always come down to the last buck and the best return for the Pohlads.

      • Bob Stone says:

        Management have done a pretty good with what their very rich skin-flint, dirt cheap ownership has given them. The Pohlad’s just never wanted to win at any cost like the Steinbrenners. They just run the club like any of their other businesses. Make a profit. Winning be damend.

  208. Nikhil R. says:

    I am so fucking happy I got to go to this game.

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