Mauer: I’m ‘not feeling great’

Thinking about instant replay
What it meant to be there

Joe Mauer is one of the major reasons why people are uncertain about Jesus Montero‘s future behind the plate. At 6’5″, Mauer is one of the tallest catchers in the history of the game, and it shows. He caught only 109 games this year, and his body suffers through the wear and tear of the season rather poorly. Today, he told reporters that he is hurting. Apparently, a sore hip flexor is why he did not score from second on Michael Cuddyer’s single in the 11th inning last night. As David Pinto noted, the Twins could go with Jose Morales behind the plate tomorrow and bench Jason Kubel while Mauer DHs. Although I don’t wish to see any opponent get injured, a Joe Mauer at less than 100 percent certainly benefits the Yanks.

Thinking about instant replay
What it meant to be there
  • Thomas A. Anderson

    If Joe mauer were 6’0 instead of 6’5″, he would have a shot at being one of the greatest catchers to ever play the game. But that frame isn’t gonna let it happen. I doubt he catches more than 82 games a season past his 30th birthday if not moving to 1b altogether.

  • Mike Axisa

    Of course, Joe Mauer at even 75% is still one of the 10 or 15 best players on the planet.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      Pretty much.

  • Tony

    Mauer’s height made his kidney go nuts?

    • Tony

      Mauer’s height gave him a kidney infection?

      He would be right around 130 games caught just like every other good, starting AL catcher.

      • Drew

        His back kept him from playing, not his kidney surgery. He started feeling the lower back pain at the end of last season.

  • Drew

    Dude hasn’t had an unscheduled day off in like 5 weeks. Sure, he’s had the occasional DH day but that’s no day off for a catcher. At this point, I’m surprised he’s only complaining about a hip flexor.

  • Charlie

    “He caught only 109 games this year, and his body suffers through the wear and tear of the season rarely poorly.”

    I read it a couple times and this sentence doesn’t really make sense. I think its the “rarely” that makes it sound funny. it could just be me, though.

    • Drew

      I think it should read “rather poorly.”

  • Thirty5Thirty6

    Although I don’t wish to see any opponent get injured

    Unless your name is Tom Brady or…

    • DanElmaleh

      Or anyone with a B on their cap.

  • Joe B.

    Exactly why I’m hoping to see Mauer and Montero splitting time at C/DH in NY in a couple years :D

    • Joe B.

      Ugh I did not mean for that to be a smiley…

  • Stryker

    for the sake of comparison, let’s look at mauer, montero, and mike piazza*. size-wise, montero fits right in the middle between the three. mauer at 6’5″, montero at 6’4″, and piazza at 6’3″. montero, at age 19 is the heaviest of the three. at age 19! he still has quite a bit of maturing to do but i think he’s in good hands. he’s one of the yanks’ prized prospects. i believe it’s in their best interest to keep him in as good physical condition as possible. you also have to take into account a strict training program once he reaches the majors. there’s no telling how his body respond will respond.

    piazza, weighing approx. 50 pounds less was able to have a 15 year career, though his numbers dropped substantially as the aging process caught up to him. mauer, at 26, has already injured a major weightbearing joint in his body years before a typical baseball player reaches their peak – most likely due to his size. it’s going to be interesting how the yankees handle montero. his size is a definite factor in whether or not he can stick as catcher for the foreseeable future and beyond, but is also a concern to his health as a baseball player. for now i think it’s best to try and make him as good a catcher as his body allows – his bat is more than able to make up for the defensive deficiency – but i think it’d also be wise to have a backup plan for the young man.

    *why piazza? in addition to being one of the greatest offensive catchers of this generation, many compare our beloved jesus to him as one of the reasons in favor of keeping him at catcher

    • Stryker

      **body will respond

    • Drew

      Piazza also played in a time of rampant steroid abuse. ;)

      • Stryker

        yes he did. who knows if he took steroids or not – that’s not the issue. i was more trying to look at comparable catchers’ careers and see if there was anything telling about them that we could apply to everyone’s favorite prospect.

      • MikeD

        And Mauer (and Montero) does not use roids? Let’s forget the word steroid, and use the simple term PEDs, which encompasses a much wider range of drug use. Why? Because PEDs are with us forever. Players will use PEDs to get any edge possible. The chemist will always be ahead of the enforcer.

        About three years ago there was a story about how Joe Mauer’s feet were still growing, and significantly over a period of one year or so. A person in his 20s does not experience growth in his feet…well, that is, unless he might be taking PEDs.

        I’m not here to question Mauer. He’s no different than many other players, including Piazza. He’s looking for an edge.

        • JMK aka The Overshare

          That’s a bold statement for only having anecdotal “evidence” of PED use.

        • Drew

          All I said was Piazza played in the crux of the steroid era.

          I didn’t even mention that he was a 62nd rounder. heh ;)

        • Drew

          Btw, I’m not against the use of steroids, creatine, amino acids, etc… That wasn’t my point. I just was speaking of recovery time and ability to play the catching position day in day out.

    • Januz

      The interesting questions concerning Mauer are 1: Will he continue to catch? 2: Where we eventually end up? 3: What effect will it have on Montero? The reality is Mauer will not catch much longer, because of his back, and because of the fear that his offensive numbers will decline. 2: Mauer will likely stay in Minnesota (Probably as a DH or Left fielder (They have Morneau signed for four more years)). Keep in mind Pujols has only two years left on his contract. 3: As for Montero, Mauer’s condition will have very little influence on him. Montero will be a DH or left fielder. The likely catcher will be Austin Romine (Who was the Florida State League MVP), and they have future options at that position like Higashioka, Murphy and Sanchez.

  • H5AB

    If I were the Twins, Maier woul have already been puting in time ar 1B in advance of his huge contract he will get. He wouldnt see another game behind the plate beyond this season if I were in charge.

    • Stryker

      but the problem is that there’s already someone playing first base for the minnesota twins for the foreseeable future – justin morneau.

      • zs190

        I’ve seen him mentioned as a candidate for 3B before, where they have a blackhole there. His bat obviously plays anywhere, he’s athletic enough to handle 3B I think and by all accounts he has a strong and accurate arm too, why does everyone think he has to go to 1B?

        • Reggie C.

          “…He’s athletic enough to handle 3B i think…”

          How many games has Mauer played 3B in the majors/minors? Am i missing something or is the transition from Catcher to 3B simply on a different level of difficulty than the transition from SS to 3B?

  • Voice of Reason

    I know his injury is legit, but the excuses keep piling up as to why the Yankees are winning.

    • handtius

      There is no excuse and I’m not hearing one. The Yanks are just a better team, and in a perfect world, the better team wins out.

      • DC Stack

        A perfect world = Better teams always wins
        Better team always wins = No reason to play the games
        No reason to play the games = No baseball
        No baseball = Not a perfect world

  • Doug

    “Joe Mauer is one of the major reasons why people are uncertain about Jesus Montero’s future behind the plate.”

    with all due respect, other than their similar size, mauer is a very poor comparison to montero. montero is nowhere near the athlete that mauer is and that’s why most “experts” feel he will not be able to stay behind the plate at his size. he’s got very poor mechanics, including terrible footwork, things only a real good athlete can significantly improve upon at this point.