Yanks take Game Three thanks to bats, bullpen


Our full recap will be up a little later, but for now this will have to hold you over.

Andy Pettitte wasn’t sharp early on, giving up three runs before recording six outs, but he helped himself out with a game tying RBI single while the rest of the lineup went to work against the Phillies’ pitching staff. A-Rod reached base four times, including a two-run homer, Nick Swisher doubled and homered, and Hideki Matsui even chipped in a pinch hit jack.

Pettitte battled through six, Joba Chamberlain and Damaso Marte worked flawless 7th and 8th innings, then Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera took care of business in the 9th. Game Four is later today, CC Sabathia on short rest vs. Joe Blanton.


  1. Joe R says:

    Big swing game right here. CC vs Blanton for Game 4? I like our chances. Oh how sweet it is baby!

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Offense is “back” with CC against Joe Blanton tomorrow.
    Looking forward to it.

  3. V says:

    HUGE win. If CC is CC, I love our chances.

  4. SamVa says:

    Remember when Rollins predicted phils in five…
    god I hate him.

  5. Klemy says:

    Gotta like our chances tomorrow for taking control. Bats are waking up. Get CC a lead tomorrow early and watch the big man work.

  6. Evil Empire says:

    Nice to see this type of game, where the offense and bullpen pick up a so-so pitching performance. A-Rod is back, so we got that going for us too.

    How scary it must to be for Philly fans to think about CC vs Blanton later today.

  7. Joe R says:

    I love that we “stole” game 3 according to ESPN. Winning by 3 runs.

  8. Mike Axisa says:

    Just need to play .500 ball over the next four games with CC going twice.

    Drivers. Seat.

  9. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    We won this game without TSJC. Great threads, guys. Is there possible Ewing Theory happening with TSJC absent today?

  10. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    I don’t want to say it’s in the bag BUT you’ve got to really like our chances. Especially with Lee only going once. What the hell is Manuel thinking?

  11. Klemy says:

    We were worried about Swish, Arod, and Tex hitting. Imagine watching Howard as your cleanup with the swings he’s taking.

  12. Mike Pop says:

    I have so much confidence in this team it’s awesome. There was not one moment in this game tonight where I thought the Yankees would lose.

    I love having great starting pitching ;)

  13. I noted this in the last thread without realizing there was a new thread up already so I’m re-posting here, just because I think this is pretty hilarious.

    Bobby V. on ESPN: “Pettitte becomes and ace, Hamels becomes a… loser.”

  14. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Who is this autistic guy asking questions about the A-Rod HR? That can’t just be a speech impediment, can it?

  15. Camilo Gerardo - your inception? fuck perception, go with what makes sense says:

    Howard is looking brutal, but you got to give credit to where it’s due, our pitching, heyoooo

  16. Jay says:

    Kruk is on ESPN whining about the A-Rod home run. Big frigging surprise.

    • Mike Pop says:

      What exactly did he say?

      • DSFC says:

        Whined that if it had been a fan touching it, it’d be a double.

        Not if the fan is in the stands, fat boy

      • Jay says:

        Well first Karl Ravech is claiming the camera is 8 inches over the wall and in the field of play and Kruk agreed and said it was a bag call. Kruk just this moment was livid about it and practically spitting in disgust.

        From the angles I saw, I didn’t see that thing sitting 8 inches in the field of play. Just more ESPN nonsense.

        • DSFC says:

          no, it looked to be a couple of inches, and it’s not like the ball just clipped the bottom of the thing.

        • JFH says:

          he said the camera was hanging over the wall, therefore, in the field of play and ball should be double. said the replay decision was a bad call.

          seriously. why doesn’t kruk just openly admit he hates the yankees, wants the phillies to win and be done with it. he is a joke.

        • They’re morons, it was clearly a home run. The umps were off the field for the video review for about 2.8 seconds. It couldn’t have been more obvious.

    • gxpanos says:

      How could he possibly whine about that?

    • Bob Stone says:

      Kruk said that the camera shouldn’t be hanging over the fence. On that point he’s right. Cameras can’t be IN play.

      • JFH says:

        the ball hit the upper part of the camera, a foot above the fence. the ball clearly would have carried the fence.

      • Jay says:

        Sure he’s right, but I saw that one angle (as everybody else did) and the camera was not hanging 8 inches over the fence as Ravech was claiming. They’re trying to turn the camera into Jeff Maier.

        • Bob Stone says:

          It was clearly a homer even with the camera hanging over the fence. That’s not even debatable with the replay we all saw.

          This is a good example of WHY we should have more replay.

          It’s inexcusable to have ANY part of a camera IN PLAY.

  17. steve (different one) says:

    how about Damaso Marte?

    • Mike Pop says:

      Dude is looking good.

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      Yeah. He was straight filthy. Our 2nd best reliever this post-season.

    • Girardi out to the mound says:

      With Marte and Joba pitching well, they should be the new bridge to Mo.

      • JMK aka The Overshare says:

        Eh, I still hesitate on Joba. Sure, he did pretty well. But Utley hit that ball HARD. I’m not trying to understate how well he did, but it wasn’t a strike-out-the side kind of inning. Just saying.

        • Girardi out to the mound says:

          I am not 100% confident in Joba either but I trust him a hell of a lot more than Hughes right now

        • Zack says:

          Utley hits alot of good pitchers hard.
          Example: Game 1 v CC

          • JMK aka The Overshare says:

            No doubt, Zack. All I’m saying is I think some are putting more stock in Joba than they should right now. He looked pretty good out there, but the latest appearance doesn’t quell the concerns that are there. Utley’s AB is another reason I’m a tad worried. Yes, Utley hits tons of guys hard. He’s a top-notch hitter. But let’s not pretend like Joba made him look average. He lucked out that Melky happened to be right near a smoked ball. That ball falls and we’re chiding Joba.

            • Zack says:

              A reliever could go K, K, game tying HR, K in an inning and he would have choked. Isn’t that the problem with judging a guy on 1 AB to an excellent hitter?
              You dont have to have faith in them but Marte and Joba are the best options for the 8th inning right now, Hughes is not.

              • JMK aka The Overshare says:

                Right. Judging him on one AB or 3 AB is the same problem, really. I’m trying to look at this from the view of the entire post-season, not just this game.

                That said, even though he did well by the numbers, the ball Utley hit was smoked. So yeah, it didn’t hurt Joba, but it doesn’t mean he deserves kudos for it, either. Unfortunately, I can’t really see anyone else that has stepped up outside of Marte.

                Why is it you think Joba is the best option?

                • Zack says:

                  It’s kind of by default. I love Hughes, but you have faith in him so far this postseason? And Marte is just a LOOGY is close games.

                  You could make the argument that DRob is the best option, but we shouldnt give him kudos for that line-drive Tex caught with the bases loaded in ALDS Game 2 right?

    • DSFC says:

      he’s finally healthy and throwing well. Couldn’t come at a better time.

  18. baka nakamura says:

    awesome win.

  19. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Is English Charlie Manuel’s second language? Is he eating a rally towel and trying to speak? Who can understand that man?

  20. HolyGhostClaw says:

    Bumbling Fumbling Idiot that Manuel. He’s on MLB dancing around on why Pettitte beat them. What a douche!!

  21. You know, Charlie Manuel gets a lot of the ‘oh isn’t he an adorable old country boy’ stuff all the time, but he’s just a moron. He’s bitching about the A-Rod homer in his post-game press conference. How about watching the tape, Uncle Charlie? Then, tell us more about how Andy Pettitte is over the hill and how Mariano Rivera is just another closer who your team can hit since they hit other closers? Then, suck my balls. No wait… Ew.

  22. EB says:

    Charlie ‘needs an instruction’ Manuel


  23. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    The guy who’s on MLB with Harold Reynolds looks like he just finished off about 3 bumps. He’s sweating profusely.

  24. aj says:

    Did anyone hear Joe Buck complain about the ARod homerun? That it wasn’t clear?

  25. currambayankees says:

    GO YANKEES. Way to come back and keep adding runs to keep at a distance.

  26. Karl Ravech looks like someone killed his dog, and he won’t stop mentioning the camera as if A-Rod’s homer wasn’t really a homer. Karl Ravech is the newest addition to my shit-list. I just wrote him in.

  27. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    I love that during the ninth inning of a world series game, we had a pretty extensive conversation going on about Glee. It was that in the bag.

  28. Jim says:

    Was out at a bar watching tonight, on the way home heard someone on the radio say, and i’m NOT kidding,

    “I think the umpires only looked at one view on the camera. I think they wanted to get the game moving so they didn’t bother looking at any more views. They really should have used all the views they had available.”

    Never before in my life have I wanted so badly to slap someone and say “NO! Bad! Stop talking about baseball!”

    Who freaking believes the umps only looked at one view? Anyone? Bueller?

    • Esteban says:

      The level of intelligence on the radio (callers and hosts) is unbearably low.

    • DSFC says:

      they only needed one view. The camera was a ground rule – hitting the camera=home run. They watched the tape to see where the ball hit, and as soon as they saw that it hit the camera, it was a home run.

      • Jim says:

        I wasn’t sure about the ground rules; I’d assumed as much. Even so, wouldn’t they look at at LEAST 2 views to make sure it did, in fact, hit the camera? Which everyone in the world agrees it did? I mean, isn’t that like, their job?

        The MC’s didn’t have any reason to believe that beyond “they didn’t take very long”. Hey, maybe, they saw one view and said “Woah, looks like it hit the camera. Lets look at one more….yup, hit the camera. Finished.”

        Gah. Thank Mo for sites like this where people think before they speak/type. Most of the time.

      • This whole ‘the umps decided anything that hit the camera would be a HR’ thing doesn’t even matter… From the view we got on FOX, it was clear that the ball would have landed beyond the outfield fence if it hadn’t hit the camera and bounced back into the outfield. That’s all that matters.

        • DSFC says:

          Well, it does matter because that was the ground rule for the game. The camera could have been two feet over the railing and the calls would’ve been the same. The fact that the ball was gone anyway just makes the whining that much sweeter.

          • Was it an official ground rule? I’m not sure that the umps agreeing before the game to call it that way makes that agreement an official “ground rule.” Maybe it does, I’ve just never heard of that before. And have we heard this ground rule stuff rom anyone other than uncle Charlie Manuel? I’m not being snarky, just wondering if the umps themselves have corroborated Charlie’s story.

            Look, I get why you’re bringing up this ground rule stuff, my point is just that if someone wants to have this argument, the most persuasive argument that it was a home run isn’t some ad hoc ground rule, it’s the fact that we had clear video evidence showing that the ball was a home run. Period, end of sentence.

  29. Bob Stone says:

    Man – Winfield is huge compared to the other announcers on the ESPN post game show (Kruk, Valentine and Ravech).

  30. Is that Caple standing behind Jeter’s left shoulder on YES?

  31. JackISBACK says:

    Kruk is just pissed now. I was waiting for him to lose it, just get up, flip up his papers and headsets, and walk out. It was a clear HR call, all of a sudden Kurk going nuts over it. The camera is in play mainly because its for balls going into the corner, dumbass. That blown call on Mauer by Cuzzi, from the OF side, was first shown from a camera set up the exact same way.

    Why does Kruk have a job anyway? What does he actually add to any show? Some stupid story about how he’s fat and ate a whole postgame spread by himself? He does nothing but talk about the Phillies.

    KR: So John, who do you have as the NL Cy Young this year? Lincecum? Carpenter?

    JK: No, Karl I’m going to throw a little surprise into it and say JA Happ. Thats right folks, the young lefty SAVED the Phillies, pitched as dominant as ANYONE in the game. He had a stretch from June 15 to June 21st, where he was just UNHITTABLE!

    Gammons chiming in: I was talking to this national league scout who told me that if he was in the NL, Daisuke Matszuzaka would’ve been a clear favorite for the award as well.

  32. “I’m not really the type of guy to read the paper, I just look at the pictures.”

    -Nick Swisher

  33. Esteban says:

    Nick Swisher doing a press conference is awesome. He came out videotaping the press and said he’s the type of guy that looks at pictures and doesn’t read the papers

  34. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    The Swisher trade may be the greatest of cashman’s tenure

    • Bob Stone says:

      I scratched my head when it was announced and wasn’t that thrilled, but I have to agree that Swisher has been a fabulous asset to the team on so many different levels. Great trade!

      • Zack says:

        how big of an asset can a 4th OF be to a team?

        /fans still focused on AVG

        • Bob Stone says:

          Agree that Swish’s OBP and power make up for a sub-par average along with all his intangibles. I was still hoping at the time that the Yanks would still go after Teixeira and everyone interpreted the Swisher trade as the death knell to that. That was the real disappointment for me at the time.

          But it’s great that we got both guys. WOW.

          • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

            I’d like to thank the good lord for making me a yankee fan

          • Zack says:

            Oh, I see your point. If they didnt get Tex this offense would have been much worse. (Figuring that Nady still went down with TJS, and Swish was still streaky Nick) But I’ve always loved Nick Swisher so I went nuts when I heard about the trade.

            I was just taking a shot at the ‘Swisher is a bench player’ during June, July, August etc

      • Hey Philly, Yankees ain't the Rays says:

        I dunno. Betemit was a big loss man. Think of where we’d be right now if we still had him!

    • steve (different one) says:

      i’m going to go with A-Rod or Clemens, but it’s up there.

      • I never compared the trades, but I kinda think it might be closer than it seems at first. My initial reaction is to say ‘yeah, the A-Rod and Clemens trades were better,’ since A-Rod and Clemens were (and are, in A-Rod’s case) so big for the Yankees, but the other aspect we have to consider is that Cashman gave up nothing for Swisher. Does that make this trade as good as the Clemens and/or A-Rod trades? Eh, probably not… But it’s closer than I thought it was before thinking about it in this context.

        • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

          That was my thinking. He essentially conjured a solid-fielding 30-homer switch-hitting on base machine out of nowhere.

      • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

        I also thought abreu and lidle was a major steal. but i guess if teams want to dump salary, he doesn’t have to do much

  35. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Rollins doesn’t sound as confident anymore.

  36. Hey Philly, Yankees ain't the Rays says:

    I’m thrilled to note that the new “I Got Ripped” ad is marginally less horrifying!!

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Hah, love the name. To build on that name/statement, check this out (h/t T-Kep):

      When the Phillies played Game 4 last season, they were up 2-1 and facing Andy Sonnanstine. Now they’re down 1-2 and facing CC Sabathia.

  37. aj says:

    I’d say not trading the farm for Santana and waiting for Sabathia was his best move.

  38. JSquared says:

    I’m just happy the bats woke up, this is just like 1996, except we won game 2 with a masterful AJ Burnett Performance.

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