Curtis Granderson Press Conference Liveblog

Yanks trying to set up a private workout for Chapman
What Happened To All Those Draft Picks? Part Four

Granderson The Manderson

Nine days after being officially acquired from the Tigers, Curtis Granderson will be formally introduced to the masses today at Yankee Stadium. The press conference is scheduled for 11am ET, and will be broadcast on both YES and If you’re unable to tune in, I’ve got you covered with this here liveblog. Welcome to the Boogie Down, Curtis.

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Yanks trying to set up a private workout for Chapman
What Happened To All Those Draft Picks? Part Four
  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

    I hope someone asks him my question.

    • Bronx Ralphie

      what is your question?

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      I’m really excited to see if he’s a realist or a liberal. Maybe he’ll shock everyone and say he subscribes to the World Systems theory. The anticipation is killing me.

      • aj

        Well it definitely should be World Systems theory, the Yanks are the core, and everyone else should be in the periphery. Or he could take the Machiavellian approach that we as Yankees must dominate other teams for our own interest. Either way is fine…not sure why I commented on a sarcastic comment though…

  • Rose

    I’m sure his wife isn’t nearly as tasty as John Lackey’s wife is though…

    Krista Clark Lackey is TASTY…let me tell you.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

      I wish I could give you a pic of Curtis Granderson’s wife so we could compare, but My Man 100 Grand is unmarried.

      The proof he’s unmarried is evident in this picture: (safe)

      • vin

        He’s the James Buchanan of the NY Yankees.

      • pete

        oh god. that’s gonna be sterling’s nickname isn’t it. 100 grand. i might die.

  • pete

    btw, didn’t cano wear 14 for like 2 weeks in ’05?

    • Nady Nation

      Yup. His first few games in the bigs he rocked 14.

  • Evil Empire

    heh, the embedded picture title for this post is “Granderson the Manderson”

    • aj

      You just stole Sterling’s homerun call! It is high it is far it is GONE!! Granderson! the MAN!derson!

      • larryf

        It could be “He slams one over the wall-It’s a GRANDERSLAM!” And when there are 3 men on “It’s a GRANDSLAM BY GRANDERSLAM” sounds corny enough for Sterling…You just can’t predict his calls….

        • aj

          It is high it is far it is GONE!! ohhhhh curtis….isn’t he Grand?? A two-Run home run and the Yankees…

        • Tom Zig

          just like you can’t predict baseball!

      • Evil Empire

        lol yeah I do think that one is the most appropriate. Except when he hits a grand slam, then all hell can break loose with Sterling’s call for CG.

        • aj

          OhHHH! a Grandslameerbason by Granderason!!sdsdlj I don’t think he’ll be able to control himself.

  • aj

    Then when Curtis steals a base….Suzyn Waldman – “Oohhh watch out John, it’s GRAND theft auto!”

  • aj

    Or a bomb! COURTESY of CURTIS granderson! OK i’ll stop now.

  • Ganzi

    He’s a stud.

  • tim randle


    Fantastic job on the liveblog–no pie man, that’s why i love this place…your love for the working man. its…its…its almost socialist in your love for the working man. And walks. groundballs are a little more democratic. chicks dig the long ball.

    so my boss is here, and we’re eating crappy food that was great two hours ago but now its cold, and we’re all acting like we dont have better things to do but eat cold food. my desk is covered in work i have to finish by tuesday, so yeah, he’ll need me to come in saturday.


    love you guys.

    Merry Christmas
    Happy Hannakah
    Happy Kwanza
    Happy Holidays
    aw fuck it. Enjoy the offseason.


    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

      You forgot Ramadan.

      Happy Christmahannuramakwanzaakahdanmas.

  • Danny

    i hate this trade i think yankees made a bad move

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