Montero headlines non-roster invites

Yankees sign Marcus Thames
Open Thread: Winn comes cheaper than originally thought

At long last, the Yankees have released the list of non-40-man roster players they’ve invited to Spring Training. Drum roll please…

Kyle Higashioka
Jesus Montero
P.J. Pilittere
Mike Rivera
Austin Romine

David Winfree

Colin Curtis
Marcus Thames
Reid Gorecki
Jon Weber

Wilkins Arias
Jeremy Bleich
Grant Duff
Jason Hirsh
Kei Igawa
Zach McAllister
Royce Ring
Amaury Sanit
Zack Segovia
Kevin Whelan

Sixty players in all will report to camp, some with more of a chance to make the team than others. They need all the catchers because there’s a lot of mounds in the Tampa complex, and someone has to catch all those guys throwing bullpens. Sanit’s a nice sleeper. He’s an older Cuban guy without blow-you-away stuff, but I bet he sees the big leagues at some point in 2010.

Obviously, I can’t wait to see Montero permanently damage some psyches with his bat.

Yankees sign Marcus Thames
Open Thread: Winn comes cheaper than originally thought
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    There’s an innuendo-ish joke here about Montero and his, well, bat.

    • Matt Imbrogno


  • Gor

    Odds Montero makes the team out of Spring Training as the 5th Starter?

    • JGS

      nah–they aren’t the Mets

  • chriskeo

    Obviously Montero will not make the team out of Spring Training, how long do you guys think is the minimum time he should or will spend in the minors this year?

    • Big Juan

      I think it’ll just be a September call-up. 2011 will be the year of teh Jesus.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        Yeah, I’ll agree with that.

      • AJ Burnett’s Chin Music ensemble

        nobody fucks with the jesus

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Unless he just crushes AAA — which is quite possible — I’d echo those who think we’ll see him in Sept. 2010 with an arrival date of April 2011. The Yanks don’t really have a need to rush him or to state the options game.

    • Cecala

      You have to worry about being a super 2. If he gets a call up it will probably be later on in the season.

      • MikeD

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see him earlier. Not by design, but by circumstance. An injury to Nick Johnson in the DH slot (a risk that’s probably more real than not), coupled with a poor showing by the “collection” out in LF might cause the Yankees to reach down for Montero for his bat. The Yankee system is thin on positional players, which increases the chances of a Montero call-up. Not saying it’s going to happen, but if he’s crushing at AAA as Benjamin noted could be possible, then the time of Jesus may be upon us.

        BTW Any guess where Montero starts 2010? Will they put him back in AA for a month or so since he didn’t play there much last year, or does he start in AAA right off?

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Who is Jason Hirsch? He’s your buddy on the couch, isn’t he?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

      (chugs Diet Coke)

  • Tbord

    Montero headlines, is putting it mildly. Except for Romine, this is a pretty sorry group of invites. Is our farm that thin?

    • 28 next year

      well you have the 40 man guys and inviting the guys in the real lower levels isn’t something that is generally done because they are just too raw. Sometimes you get a guy like Higashioka but that is only cause he is a catcher.

      Another question: Is the reason Higashioka is invited but not guys like Murphy, Sanchez or some other lower level guy because higashioka is a really good defender while the others are really raw?

      • pat

        Word. Higgy is mad smart. He actually called the Turley/Ramirez no hitter last year. The org likes him alot.

        • Steve H

          Dare I say, Varitekian?

        • Bill

          Yep Higgy is our best defensive catcher in the minors. His defense is way ahead of the level he is at as he is already a great game caller and has a solid arm.

          Murphy and Sanchez aren’t getting a shot because neither of them have any professional experience and both are quite raw defensively.

    • zs190

      This is nonroster invitee list, these are guys who are not prospects enough to be on 40 man roster yet advanced enough that there is a minor chance that they can compete with people for roster spots(except for catchers, who are just there to…catch).

      So unless I’m badly mistaken on this, everybody’s list is made up mostly of career minor leaguers and fringe big league players.

    • pat

      Yes our farm sucks. This is a list of our top prospects.

    • Big Juan
    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

      Except for Romine, this is a pretty sorry group of invites. Is our farm that thin?

      • Bill

        Unfortunately, yea kind of. We lost 2 of our top 5 prospects this offseason making our system essentially Montero and everyone else. Montero is probably our only top 50 prospect. Romine, Banuelos, and McCallister are all toward the back end of most top 100 lists (if they make it).

        I’m not complaining about the deals the team made this offseason cause they were great for our team, but we lost a decent amount. That said though Vizcaino wouldn’t have been invited to ST and Jackson would’ve been on the 40 man roster so the non-roster invitees list wouldn’t have changed.

        Overall I think our system has pretty solid depth, but really needs a couple guys to step up. Guys like Brackman, Heathcott, ManBan, Jose Ramirez, G. Sanchez, Romine, and Joseph could really jump up the rankings with big years as all of these guys have great potential.

  • Mo

    Lets add Jose Molina, Willy Taveras, and Joaquin Benoit to invitee list and Kiko Calero to 1.5m contract-less than Bruney will make

  • Richard Deegan

    Can’t you just hear the stadium fans chanting “K K K K K” when their favorite lefty (IGAWA) comes in to relieve after making it north instead of Logan?

  • Mac

    The only way I see Montero coming up before Sept is because of major injuries to guys like Posada/Cervelli/Johnson/Teixeira. And even then if the Yanks are in good shape in the standings I don’t see them panicking and bringing him up.

    And once he is up, if he struggles behind the dish I really don’t think finding a place for him (If he lives up to even 3/4 of the potential) is a major issue. He would be 26 during Mark Teixeira’s last year of his current contract.

  • Brian

    Just send Montero to the Bronx right now. The Jesus don’t need no stinkin’ Spring Training.

  • JohnC

    Best case scenario for Jesus is he has another great year with the bat and continues improving defensively, so that he is ready to back up Jorge in his final year in 2011.

    • Mac

      Posada started 88 games last year behind the dish. I expect that to decrease this year. Then decrease even more in 2011. Posada may be backing up Montero or possibly even Cervelli in his last year of his current contract.

      • Snakes on the mother effin plane

        That. Posada will start approx 81 games in 2010, and more like 50-60 in 2011, splitting C and DH time with Montero, and C time with Cervelli.

  • Sam

    Baseball-reference has Sanit’s birthday as November 11th while Baseball America has it at July 4th. Does anyone know which one is true?

    At least they have the same year though.

  • Tim

    Jason Hirsh is about to show up in camp and start throwing smoke…
    The yankee universe will never be the same.

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