Jeter, Rivera could be dragged into Clemens/McNamee fray

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As Brian McNamee and Roger Clemens continue their “he said/he said” spat, most people — and particularly the Yankees — would prefer it if this mess would stay far, far away from the Bronx. McNamee, however, has other plans.

According to the Daily News, in a brief filed on Friday and not yet available to me via the PACER system, McNamee has named a handful of current Yankees as potential witnesses in Clemens’ defamation suit against McNamee. Nathaniel Vinton has more:

The Yankees have never relished the destructive defamation suit former pinstripe hero Roger Clemens brought two years ago against his accuser, former Yankee trainer Brian McNamee, but bigger headaches for the club may yet lie ahead according to a new appeals-court brief issued by McNamee’s defense attorneys.

A footnote deep in the 60-page brief lists current Yankee stars Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter as witnesses McNamee might call to the stand for sworn testimony about Clemens’ purported use of steroids and human growth hormone. Also listed among potential witnesses for McNamee is Angela Moyer, an alleged mistress of Clemens who tended bar near the Upper East Side apartment where McNamee said he visited Clemens after Yankee games to inject the pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone (Clemens has testified he thought the syringes contained vitamin B12).

The brief, which McNamee’s attorneys sent Friday to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, portrays Clemens’ defamation suit as nearly dead in the water. It comes in response to Clemens’ appeal of a lower court’s ruling last year that eviscerated the suit, which Clemens first brought against McNamee on Jan. 6, 2008, three weeks after a report by former Senator George Mitchell first publicized McNamee’s accusations. Mitchell was also listed as a potential witness. He and the others could also be summoned to testify as part of a defamation countersuit that McNamee himself brought against Clemens last year in a federal court in Brooklyn — and will likely pursue, at least in order to recover his monumental legal fees.

If McNamee’s brief is as convincing as the Daily News says it is, the Yankees could be free of having to send their star players to testify. McNamee’s side could file for summary judgment and hope to get the case’s original dismissal affirmed. However, McNamee will continue to push his countersuit in Brooklyn, and only a settlement would stave off a trial.

For the Yankees, Spring Training steroid stories are becoming old hat, and the Roger Clemens mess has been lingering like a bad taste in the back of the team’s mouth since the Rocket’s ill-fated 2007 return to the Bronx. Hopefully, this story will just go away, but then again, we’ve all been hoping that for years with no end in sight.

Catch Joe on SportsTalkSoup
How Mariano became Mo
  • Nostra-Artist

    Any update on Clemens facing Federal charges for lying to Congress?

  • Pete C.


  • Zack

    Man this is still going on? Thought it just faded away

    • Tom Zig

      It’s almost over. Clemens will likely lose at this stage, attempt to get a writ of certiorai to go to the US supreme court and then be denied

  • RobC


    How do testomonies work in these cases?
    Can they be done by sworn intergogatories or depositions or over the phone?
    How often do fact witnesses in these types of cases have to show up in court?

    • Andy_C_23

      Are they able to just plead the fifth?

      • Hughesus Christo

        F-I-F, fifth? Seems like a horrible PR move.

      • Tom Zig

        No. Pleading the fifth is to avoid incriminating yourself. The two of them weren’t implicated in the taking of steroids. They are just being questioned on what they saw.

  • Mr North Jersey

    I am looking for a Yankee perspective on this.

    Ken Davidoff of Newsday said Bonds 73 HRs are just as legit as Ruth’s 60 HRs of 1927.

    As a Yankee fan do you agree?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Please review the RAB commenting guidelines. This isn’t the appropriate place for this comment.