Game 12: Derek out with a cold


From my couch, it looks to be a beautiful day for baseball in the Bronx, but the weather is a bit deceptive. It’s 52 degrees out with a light wind. While the players on the field should be fine, the fans in the stands might get a little chilly as the day goes on.

Despite the weather, though, the Yanks are hot. They’re sitting pretty at 8-3, their best start since 2003, and they’ve won four series to open the season for the first time since 1926. A win today would give the team a sweep of the Texas Rangers. The Bombers are sharing first place with the Tampa Bay Rays – who beat the Red Sox twice yesterday – and will hit the road after their 1:05 p.m. contest wraps this afternoon.

For the Yankees, Andy Pettitte takes the bump this afternoon. After tossing six shut-out innings against the Angels in the home opener, the lefty is 1-0 with a 0.75 ERA in 12 innings. He’ll try to put a bow on this homestand as he goes up against Rich Harden. The Rangers’ right-hander is 0-0 with a 2.79 ERA, and while he has struck out 10 in 9.2 innings this year, he has also issued eight free passes. The patient Yankees will test him.

Offensively, the Yanks are giving Derek Jeter, suffering from a slight cold, the day off. Brett Gardner, he of the three infield hits yesterday, will man the leadoff spot, and Ramiro Pena will slot in ninth. This afternoon delight will be on the YES Network.

B. Gardner LF
N. Johnson DH
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez 3B
R. Cano 2B
J. Posada C
C. Granderson CF
N. Swisher RF
R. Pena SS

A. Pettitte LHP

Game Notes: With the win yesterday, Joe Girardi became the 11th manager in Yankee history to win 200 games with the team…This is the last matchup between the Yanks and Rangers at Yankee Stadium this year. The Bombers make two trips to Texas later this summer.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

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  1. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Imagine Swish leading off. Pitchers have to go through hell facing him and NJ right after him.

    • Jose says:

      I’m pretty sure he led off for a while with the White Sox. He didn’t feel very comfortable with it if I remember correctly.

  2. nc yankee fan says:

    Let us see how Grit does in the lead off spot

  3. Zack says:

    Chances Harden makes it through 5 innings? Even when he’s on he uses 20 pitches an inning to strike everyone out

  4. Dela G says:

    this should be fun

    i bet the yanks pound harden

  5. Accent Shallow says:

    Ah, a Rich Harden start! We could see a no hitter, or we could see an earlier exit than Feldman yesterday.

    (I do think that even if Harden is off, he’ll at least make it to the fourth.)

  6. Pete C. says:

    right now these guys are money; one way or another they find a way to win. hope they can maintain on this road trip.

    • pete says:

      the first part i agree with, but the scary thing is that while they have plenty of dimensions that can beat you, they haven’t been “find”ing ways to win “one way or another”. They do the same thing every time, it seems like. Get a good start, run the starter’s pitch count up, score 7 or 8 runs, win. They are a machine.

  7. For the love of God, please don’t go 20 innings, guys

  8. nc yankee fan says:

    Prediction: the Yankees win 2-0 on an eight inning home run by Tex.
    Harden goes 7 gives up 3 hits walks 1 and strikes out 9. Pettite goes 8 gives up 5 hits walks 0 and strikes out 6. The great Mo closes it out in the 9th

  9. Joe West says:

    Brett Gardner drinking the OBP kool=aid haha

  10. JGS says:

    Suzyn Waldman is insufferable. I need a slingbox

    • AndrewYF says:

      Yes, you do. Unfortunately they only sell the ones you have to have an extra cable box for. The one that plugs right into the coaxial cable are sadly discontinued.

      • JGS says:

        Still worth it. I don’t get YES or MLBN, I’m in Brooklyn so mlb.tv is useless, and I have directv at home, so I can’t stream YES. I can’t stomach Jawn and Suzyn for the next two seasons

  11. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    Great, mlbtv only has the Rangers broadcast. Looking forward to 9 innings of talk about the Rangers.


  12. Accent Shallow says:

    Ball 1 sure looked like strike 3, and Gameday agrees.

  13. Across the pond says:

    Is anyone else only getting Rangers broadcast on mlb.tv?

  14. How come Granderson isn’t leading off?

  15. nc yankee fan says:

    I have a feeling Tex launches one today

  16. Accent Shallow says:

    There goes the no hitter. I’ve been saying since 2007 that Andy will get one before he retires.

    /unlikely, I know

  17. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    wow Tim McCarver called the mets/cards game yesterday? 7 hours of Tim McCarver= worst thing imaginable

  18. MikeD says:

    A cold? There has to be something more here.

  19. Kevin says:

    I think the fact that our 9-hole hitter can bat leadoff some days says a lot about our team…

  20. Accent Shallow says:

    Dammit Michael Kay, you missed a golden opportunity to say “parasol”.

  21. nc yankee fan says:

    Pettite hitting 90 with the fastball is good

  22. JeffB says:

    Leadoff bunt?

  23. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    oh thats so shitty!!!!!!!! wow i am so sad

  24. Reggie C. says:

    Really too bad for Brett. Its still only a strike.

  25. Reggie C. says:

    Ron Washington just got a sinking feeling with that 2nd pitch.

  26. Salty Buggah says:

    Heh, the Rangers TV guys really don’t like the peskiness of Gardner.

  27. Gardner should yell, “Don’t worry, Skip. It’s not gonna keep me from stealing second”. LOUDLY

  28. Dela G says:

    i am stuck watching the texas rangers broadcast (i go to college at texas a&M) and i have to hear josh lewin talk. he has the most annoying voice ever

    even kay’s is better

  29. daneptizl says:

    Kennedy can throw as hard as Harden.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      This game, yeah. Typically, though, he’s been able to get above 95 consistently.

      Look at this

      • daneptizl says:

        Yeah, I know… but you heard during ST how Harden’s velocity was right around where it is now, although he didn’t show that velocity until this start.

  30. Pat D says:

    Flaherty just said that Nolan Ryan didn’t like guys bunting off him. Obviously Harden has embraces Ryan’s “philosophies.”

  31. Dela G says:

    lol gardner >>>>>>>> the texas rangers

  32. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    gotta love what Gardner brings to the team

  33. Reggie C. says:

    Dang. Strike 2 count on Teix. Probably gonna see a curveball here.

  34. Accent Shallow says:

    Poor Mr. Misty May.

  35. His wife could have spiked the ball down to second better.

  36. nc yankee fan says:

    Is Harden playing bean ball instead of baseball?

  37. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    Yankees are taking this gettin on base thing seriously

  38. Poopy Pants says:

    Harden figures “Instead of using 8 pitches to walk these guys, I’ll do it in 2 or 3.”


  39. Dela G says:

    how many pitches for harden? it seems like he’s at 20 already

  40. Salty Buggah says:

    A-Rod still hasn’t hit a HR with men on

    (not that I mind for now, trying to get him to so something)

  41. Dela G says:

    the yankees are geniuses, making harden throw 3 straight strikes

  42. JeffB says:

    Steal Home!

  43. charles poet says:

    anyone watching mlb tv and not getting the YES feed?

  44. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    solid sac fly…ill take it

  45. Dela G says:

    hey cano got the runner home anyways!

  46. Jamie says:

    Thattaway Robbieeeee

  47. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Brilliant start by Harden!

  48. nc yankee fan says:

    Does it seem like Harden’s fastball is a little slow?

  49. Don’t you just love your hitless rallies?

    • pete says:

      no they don’t count. it’s all luck and has nothing to do with patience/batting eyes/fouling off skills.


      • WIlliam says:

        What is this meme? WHat the hell does the Dale Lama have to do with anything?

        • pete says:

          there’s a commenter by the name of dalelama who seems to think that Nick Johnson is a lousy DH because he walks too much

          • dalelama says:

            Never said he walks too much just said he hits too little…I just think having a designated hitter who can’t hit an unique concept…I see our DH had another ofer today and stranded 4 more base runners…

            • dalelama says:

              Sorry I stand corrected…NJ stranded 5 baserunners today while striking 3 times…but hey he got his walk so I guess it was a great day!!!!! Yippee

              • pete says:

                I still think it’s weird to label a guy with a 124 career OPS+ (130 career wRC+) as someone who “can’t hit”. He very much can, and has throughout his career. Are you saying this based off of his not hitting through twelve freaking games this year?

                • pete says:

                  I guess what I am asking is why do you think a guy who has outhit both Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui throughout his career can’t hit. I’m not saying he’s bonds, but he’s certainly a well-above-average offensive player.

                • dalelama says:

                  Time will tell…I just think NJ replacing Matsui move will prove to be a bust…said so at the time and still think so…I am old school and like hitters who relish hitting and driving the ball…to me NJ seems to look for a walk rather than looking to hit…in my mind his approach to hitting is like passing the buck and making someone else do the dirty work…he leaves too many ducks on the pond for my taste

                • pete says:

                  but time has already told that he is a well-above average offensive contributor. He has been more productive than Matsui his whole career, and Matsui is 35 and has no knees anymore, so he’s a good bet to decline soon. And NJ is a MUCH better producer throughout his career than Damon.

                  If it ends up that Matsui has a better year than NJ, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make it the wrong choice. All decisions have to be evaluated based on the knowledge available at the time of the decision. Which was that Johnson was a better, younger hitter who had the upside of being able to provide defensive value.

                  It really doesn’t matter how much you like his style of hitting if he is putting up a 130 wRC+. His career and age suggest that he is a pretty solid bet to maintain that level of production. Matsui’s age and health and career trajectory suggest that he isn’t very likely to maintain his slightly lower level of production. Damon’s age and career outside of Yankee stadium suggest that he’s in line for another 111 wRC+ season.

                  I guess my main point is that the entirety of Nick Johnson’s career speaks much, MUCH louder than your irrational dislike of or lack of faith in him.

                  Nick Johnson has not just walked, but also hit at a very high level throughout his career. The fact that “in [your] mind” he isn’t is nothing more than a testament to your own lack of perceptiveness if unbacked by substantial empirical evidence. That’s why your unsubstantiated opinions have become a running joke here. If you want that to change, start using facts to back up your opinions.

                • bexarama says:

                  other things dalelama hates: A-Rod, Posada

                  In other words, he’s just not very good at talking baseball.

              • bexarama says:

                Albert Pujols has also stranded five today. You need to come back when NJ is actually struggling and not getting on base at least. Oh wait that’s not going to happen and you’ll still be here crying about Matsui. I do notice that unsurprisingly you’ve mostly stopped whining about Damon because he’s off to a slow start.

  50. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    anytime we can score without a hit in an inning I am happy

  51. Dela G says:

    damn it joe po

  52. Steve H says:

    From today’s Boston Globe:

    Ricky Romero, LHP, Toronto — A scout who saw him take a no-hit bid into the eighth inning said this: “He pitched like a legit No. 1. He’s got No. 1 stuff, and you can tell Roy Halladay has rubbed off on him. He’s a bulldog.’’

    So when does Romero go to the pen, he’s got that mentality, right?

  53. Dela G says:

    hey, harden is at 23 pitches already, so it’s good news for swisher, who will enjoy bein patient

  54. Dela G says:

    hmm that was a weird pitch sequence

    i guess pettitte wanted to get the GIDP

  55. Jose says:

    My answer to the poll: Absolutely

    • Drew says:

      Wouldn’t it depend on the quality of the game? I mean, the Mets? I dunno if I’d stick it out. They had one hit through 10 innings and it’s not like the pitching was that good.

      • Jose says:

        I wouldn’t be at a Mets game. I suppose you are right, if it was the Pirates and Astros I probably wouldn’t stay. Good point.

  56. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    well I stayed for a 15 inning game, so I guess I would stay for a 20 inning game too

  57. In answer to the YES poll: a hundred times yes.

    • JobaTheHeat62 says:

      Imagine the Yankees in a 20 inning game…Think of the amount of pitches that would be thrown, and the length of the game…If only Joe West was the ump, he would off himself

  58. AJ says:

    I would stay. Last night La Russa and Manuel made every wrong move and it was embarrassing for both of them. And hilarious for me.

  59. Drew says:

    wtf was that?

    Guy with rabbit.. FAIL

  60. Dela G says:

    good job andy

  61. Pat D says:

    For me, it would depend on the weather conditions.

  62. Dela G says:


    guy with dancing rabbit = fail

  63. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    not into this swisher jumping at the first pitch…that is derek’s job

  64. Reggie C. says:

    I thought Andrus was a SS prospect in his days with the Braves org.

    • JGS says:

      He played one game in the minors at second base, when he was 16. Everything else was SS

    • pete says:

      he was. who said what to the contrary?

      • Reggie C. says:

        Ergh. My mistake. I just realized that the Andrus simply drifted out to Murphy’s LF position. I thought the fly ball had been hit deeper than it was. Either that or it was hit deep and Andrus still got out to LF.

        The way it looked, i thought Andrus was in the OF. My bad.

  65. e mills says:

    anyone having problems connecting to the game on mlb.tv basic package??? Any ideas on how to get around it and make the game “available?”

    • bonestock94 says:

      My yes feed wouldn’t connect so I’m watching it on the ranger’s station. I don’t know if you can do that with basic though

  66. Pat D says:

    Wow, YES’ pitch count is off by 1. ESPN’s box score has Harden at 31 while YES shows 30.

  67. Dela G says:

    grit gutner is murdering the rangers

  68. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    Gardner has to be the Rangers least fave player of all time

  69. Reggie C. says:

    Harden wishing he was taller right now.

  70. Salty Buggah says:

    Stop giving those BS calls to Harden, especially when Andy didn’t get the same one.

    Th Rangers must hate Gardner now.

  71. Drew says:

    Ha, just thinking.. We could probably get through a 20 inning game with like 5 pitchers. Starter for 7 or 8, D-rob, Joba, Ace, Mitre. That’s assuming it’s low scoring game like yesterday.

  72. AJ says:

    I’m glad to be a Yankee fan when I see videos like this. A lot going on, a fat man’s peanuts are stolen. Guys pretending to be tough after the fight is over and the classic man being taken with his shirt off towards the end. Besides the girl with the huge rack in the last seconds, this is embarrassing for the entire Marlins fan base. I blame the orange seats.


  73. JobaTheHeat62 says:


  74. Dela G says:

    damn nick johnson, swing at that

  75. Steve H says:

    Johnson struck out looking?

    Was it a bad call?

  76. bexarama says:

    I was out for a little and listening to Waldman/Sterling and good lord. “Pavano told me he loves Target Center (ed. note: not Target Field). Or he would have if I talked to him.”

  77. AJ says:

    Would anyone agree that batting average is important too because taking a walk rarely knocks in runs?

    • dalelama says:

      I would but I am crucified because I expect a designated hitter to be able to hit rather than to rely on the picher’s inability to find the strike zone and the umpire getting the call right. So far this season I have been in the minority but I anticipate that I will be vindicated as NJ continues to strand baserunners in his continuing quest to draw a walk rather than drive the ball into the gap or over the wall, ala our previous designated hitter who many were happy to see get discarded for the “Delicate One.”

      • bexarama says:

        You really need to stop calling him “The Delicate One.” It’s like you think it’s really cute when it’s not. Also delicate: Hideki Matsui and his knees made entirely of powder at this point.

  78. Patrick says:

    Come on, Nick. Protect.

  79. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    oh lord heres that creepy ass six flags commercial

  80. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    I love you NJ, but please swing the bat a little more okay?

  81. Drew says:

    Rays Sox about to start on TBS for any of you channel flippers like me.

  82. AJ says:

    LMAO @ the Six Flags commercial music. Remember when they gave out something during the parade and “We like to Party” By VengaBoys was playing in the background? I need to find that video.

  83. Drew says:

    Wow that flyover was crazy.

  84. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    I like the Andy curveball

  85. Dela G says:

    damn that sucked

  86. Accent Shallow says:

    Should A-Rod have had that? Hmmm

  87. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    uh oh things are getting dicey

  88. AJ says:

    I hope none of you guys have Gavin Floyd on your fantasy teams. ONE Inning with 7 earned runs and four walks. Against the mighty Indians.

  89. Mike Axisa says:

    Bad play Swish, gotta keep the DP in order.

  90. Dela G says:

    lol swisher why did you throw home

  91. bexarama says:

    oh dear. C’mon Andy.

  92. Drew says:

    Swish’s arm has stuck out like a sore thumb early on in the year. Eiland has to work with him again.

  93. pete says:

    why would you throw home there swish?

  94. Pat D says:

    Why throw Young a pitch in the exact same place where he got a hit in his first AB?

  95. Vinny the Bull says:

    Andy does not like facing the Rangers. So this is nothing new. Wearing down Harden ftw!

  96. Vinny the Bull says:

    Big Tex!

  97. WIlliam says:

    Teh Defense!!!!

  98. Dela G says:

    holy shit tex is incredible

  99. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    what a glove

  100. Jose says:

    Fun Fact: Pettitte has pitched against 28 teams in his career. His worst ERA is against the Texas Rangers. 5.41 ERA in 138.0 IP. (Not including today)

  101. Dela G says:


    craig counsell with a grand slam

    10-0 brewers, with only 1 out

  102. Salty Buggah says:

    Time for Tex to get a HR. Or A-Rod. Either one works

  103. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    TEX is back

  104. Vinny the Bull says:

    About friggin time!!

  105. Dela G says:


    fuck yeah!

  106. WIlliam says:

    Teh slump is over!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. pete says:

    yeah, that’s right.

  108. Reggie C. says:

    Teixeira comes alive!

  109. bexarama says:

    Tex message sent :)

  110. JGS says:

    you’re on the Mark, Teixeira

  111. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    There you go Mark.

  112. Coach6423 says:


  113. Pat D says:

    Tailor made ESPN highlight: great defensive play followed up by big hit.

  114. ecksodia says:

    Now everyone will say “CALLED IT!!!!1!!”

  115. nc yankee fan says:

    It’s a Teix Message Oh You’re on the Mark Teixeira!

  116. WIlliam says:

    That lazy A-rod, not even bothering to swing.

  117. WIlliam says:

    Why is Cano’s avg higher than his obp?

  118. danny says:

    the rest of the league should be scared. VERY scared

  119. WIlliam says:

    So, I’m sorta rooting for the sox today! It feels weird, but I need the rays out of first,

  120. ecksodia says:

    Aww, I was hoping he’d go for it there. Was that last pitch a borderline strike? (sorry, gamecast)

  121. Dela G says:

    is cano crazy? harden can’t throw three consecutive strikes. why swing at anything?

  122. Vinny the Bull says:

    Cano hasn’t had too many bad at-bats like that, to this point. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  123. Coach6423 says:

    TBS fawning over TEH NO HITTER1111 of Lester…haha

  124. Dela G says:

    wow that wasn’t a strike…

  125. bonestock94 says:

    strike 1 for posada = wtf

  126. bexarama says:

    dude it was Tom Seaver. He was a pretty good pitcher.

  127. Vinny the Bull says:

    Luck ftw.

  128. Dela G says:

    wow that was a crazy fair ball

  129. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    haha it unfair when we get hits like that

  130. Dela G says:

    granderson has hit into 1 double play in his last 190 games?

    that’s what the texas rangers broadcast said

  131. bexarama says:

    Posada probably wasn’t even running that out

  132. Coach6423 says:

    Tons of high strikes being called via gameday…

  133. Dela G says:

    great AB by grandy

  134. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    Harden is living in dangerous territory this game

  135. Vinny the Bull says:

    Let’s go, Swish. No first pitch pop ups, here.

  136. bexarama says:

    Venga Bus… really…?

  137. JeffB says:

    Let’s go Swisha!!!

  138. Salty Buggah says:

    Love Granderson padding his OBP today.

  139. Mike Maddux: “My brother would throw strikes. What’s your problem?”


  140. JGS says:

    Did Suzyn just say “froficient”?

  141. Dela G says:

    that high strike is annoying the shit out of me

  142. pete says:

    potentially great matchup on TBS. Garza vs. Lester – arguably the best young righty in the AL against almost certainly the best young lefty in the AL

  143. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    oh wow I thought it was gone

  144. Coach6423 says:

    another high strike

  145. I was about to go nuts if Swish hit a granny. Too bad he whiffed.

  146. WIlliam says:

    Fuck, is it to early to pinch hit Dereck?

  147. whozat says:

    Maybe nick needs that heavier bat :-)

  148. Reggie C. says:

    Damn. Harden throws his hardest FB of the day at exactly the right moment.

  149. Yankees #1 Fan says:

    Pinch hi Jeter!!!!

  150. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    OH BABY!!!!

  151. Dela G says:


  152. WIlliam says:

    Teh bench!!!!!!!

  153. Vinny the Bull says:

    Look at the little guy come through!

  154. Who ever called for a Pena grand slam: Here it comes.

  155. bexarama says:

    Kay is so ridiculously gossipy.


  156. Accent Shallow says:

    Hey, Ramiro Pena does something useful!

  157. Drew says:

    Woot! RamPen ftw

  158. whozat says:

    Hey, nice job kid!

  159. Reggie C. says:

    Ramiro’s Jeterian impression! Not half bad kid. Not half bad.

  160. bonestock94 says:

    I love it when pena hits

  161. Drew says:

    Harden is living up in the zone.

  162. AJ says:

    Why the all the hate for Michael Kay, I really feel like there’s something else behind it. He has a great voice, he’s smart, he knows the game, he has good stories, he’s passionate about what he does and he does great monologues. I just don’t see why people dislike him so.

    • Pat D says:

      Same reason they don’t like Sterling. They’re pompous.

    • JobaTheHeat62 says:

      i don’t hate Kay, but he does get annoying from time to time

    • Jose says:

      I don’t dislike him, but I’m in the minority. The announcers are just filler for me anyways.

    • Coach6423 says:

      How can anyone like a man that refuses to eat condiments???

    • Drew says:

      he has good stories, he’s passionate about what he does and he does great monologues.

      I guess that’s where we disagree.

    • Vinny the Bull says:

      Familiarity breeds contempt.

    • whozat says:

      For me, it’s the way that he tends to spend games with ONeill and Leiter talking about when they used to play, to the point that they’re ignoring what’s happening on the field.

      Like, just now, they’re spending all this time focusing on Tanyon Sturtze, and they didn’t really talk about NJ’s entire at bat. At all. That, I find aggravating.

      Some people don’t like that he sounds excited when the other team does good things, but that doesn’t bug me. He’s just avoiding being a homer, and I think that’s fine in a major media market like NY.

  163. danny says:


  164. Salty Buggah says:

    Nice job Catwoman!

  165. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Predicting the climate of the LoHud comments section:

    “I want Cervelli to start over Posada, and I want Pena to start over Jeter.”

    They go whichever way the wind blows.

    • bexarama says:

      I haven’t been there since the start of the season, really. What’s the comment section like now? Other than completely confusing due to the lack of “reply” button

  166. Hughesus Christo says:

    Can Flaherty shut up? Tell us again how everyone should swing at the first pitch, so they can be just like you.

  167. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    2 games in a row we have put a starters pitch count over 70 in under 3 innings…what a baseball team

  168. I love how Rangers starters have lasted only 9 innings and have thrown 256 pitches. This team is legendary awesome.

  169. Dela G says:

    great inning there

    i wish the gritster had got that hit, as i bet it would’ve been the end of harden

  170. ShuutoHeat says:

    Gotta love the production from the bench.

  171. bexarama says:

    Maybe Andy needs a neck massage or something. (creepy leer)

  172. bexarama says:

    A-Rod is one of the answers to that trivia question, no?

  173. Salty Buggah says:

    For trivia question: I think A-rod, Vlad, and…

  174. pete says:

    yay other pena!

  175. Dela G says:

    tex is a god

  176. bexarama says:

    Every time you talk about Pettitte retiring, a bexarama cries. Please, think of the bexaramas.

  177. Drew says:

    tbs’s Pitch Trax is awesome.

  178. It’s a good thing David Adams is playing in Trenton, because the batting averages for the rest of the players is not pretty.

  179. bexarama says:

    WTF Tanyon Sturtze!

  180. Mike Axisa says:

    Hey look, Ten-Run Sturtze.

  181. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Pena power:

    Carlos Pena hits a 2 run homer against Lester

    Ramiro Pena hits a 2 run single.

  182. WIlliam says:

    OBP Jesus strikes again!

  183. Damn, NJ sent that shit to the third deck.

  184. If the Yankees were playing cricket right now, they would be pwning.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Not according to the score…

      4 runs in what 15 overs? That’s nearly possible b/c it’s so bad. (I think what I said what right. Not sure)

      • I’m talking about where they are hitting it, all over the place. 420 feet, 100 feet right of the foul line.

        • Salty Buggah says:

          Yea, I figured. Though, if they’re in the air, they’ll be caught and be called “wickets” (I think that’s what they’re called.) Now all of the groundballs, however, would be a bunch of runs.

  185. Hughesus Christo says:

    Remember when Joe Torre ended Tanyon Sturtze’s career?

    • MikeD says:

      A friend of mine still refer to fungible relief pitchers who develops arm problems from overuse as being “Sturtzed.”

  186. Alex S says:

    Tanyon Sturtze kind of looks like Mark Teixeira

  187. That’s not Tanyon Sturtze. That’s Tanyon Sturtze Sr.


  188. bexarama says:

    Joe Torre overused pitchers? Surely you jest.

  189. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Damn it, that hot streak Tex was supposed to have after that home run didn’t last long.


  190. Pat D says:

    I heard they corrected yesterday’s trivia answer/question. I’m glad to know that someone with half a brain went to BR and looked up the right answer.

  191. Hey guys, not able to see the game right now. How does everyone look?

  192. Drew says:

    Ayy Robbayyy. Hit a homer!

  193. Vinny the Bull says:

    Could… could Robbie actually… WALK??

  194. whozat says:

    He got so wild so fast, I wonder if he got hurt.

  195. WIlliam says:

    Robbie walks on 4 pitchers!

    ::head explodes::

  196. nc yankee fan says:

    Wow Tex comes through with a home run and then a double play, his next time up. Let’s hope he is breaking out of his slump

  197. AJ says:

    Harden has the control of Barack Obama.


  198. Another starter knocked out early. The story of the season so far.

  199. nc yankee fan says:

    Wow, Looking at Nippert makes me appreciate the Yankees not allowing facial hair

  200. bexarama says:

    Wasn’t Nippert a SP? And didn’t he look totally different?

  201. WIlliam says:

    Heehee, Nipper!

    /giggles very immaturely

  202. JGS says:

    what the hell just happened?

  203. Vinny the Bull says:

    What the hell was that???

  204. Poopy Pants says:

    Double steal, bitches!

  205. WIlliam says:

    Epic steal.

  206. WIlliam says:


  207. bexarama says:

    Booo. Anyway, I’m out. Go Yankees. Woo.

  208. Mike Axisa says:

    Wow, what a slide.

  209. Salty Buggah says:

    A-Rod just got Cano a free SB. Now he pads his teammates stats too. What a guy!

  210. Alex S says:

    So this is the movie Derek Jeter had a small role in. looks outrageous. Cop Out part Deux?


  211. That was an awesome steal.

  212. nc yankee fan says:

    In two seasons we could be talking about Manny as another answer to that trivia question.He hit 236 home runs with the Indians, 274 home runs with the Red Sux, he has gotten 37 long balls with the Dodgers, so maybe by 2012 he will have 100+ with 3 different teams if he plays after this season

  213. Mike Axisa says:

    Poor Melky. Just got thrown out at the plate.

  214. Not counting the Yanks’ losses, no starter has made it out of the sixth inning:

    Beckett: 4.2
    Lester: 5
    Lackey: 6
    Davis: 6
    Shields: 5.1
    Santana: 5.2
    Kazmir: 4
    Wilson: 6
    Feldman: 2.1
    Harden: 4

  215. AJ says:

    Jon Lester is ruining my fantasy team for 3 starts straight.

  216. Cano made that catch in the laziest way. Pedroia would have gone straight to the ground and made his uniform all dirty and gritty.

  217. JeffB says:

    6 pitches!
    Wow AP!

  218. Cecala says:

    Pettitte is dishing right now, it is kind of amazing because the great John Kruk said age was going to be an issue for him.

  219. nc yankee fan says:

    Pettite could go 8, he is only at 82 pitches, Pettite for 8 + Mo for 1= Victory #9

  220. Reggie C. says:

    What Kay really wants to say: the Rangers need a pick-me-up.

  221. Drew says:


    Grit saw as many pitches in that AB as the Rangers saw in the top of the 6th.

  222. Everyone watch this.

  223. Alex S says:

    I would pay to watch Brett Gardner race Usain Bolt.

  224. JeffB says:

    #2 right now!

  225. WIlliam says:

    Even though he got out, Tex hit that ball very well.

  226. Alex S says:

    hehe Brett went straight through his legs

  227. Hughesus Christo says:

    Kay going on and on about Ron Washington’s drug test EVERY GAME, and implying that his job is on the line because they might be 5-7 after today, is why I don’t like Michael Kay.

  228. claybeez says:

    Too soon to move Granderson to the 2-hole vs RHP?

    • Drew says:

      Umm.. we have a 2 hitter.

      • claybeez says:

        Oh, thanks, thought we were just forfeiting that position in the order to be fair to the rest of the league…seriously, if you have nothing relevant to add why bother?

        There was debate, pre-season, about Grandy or NJ in the 2-hole. I think it’s OK for someone – me – to ask whether it might be worth trying a switch.

    • WIlliam says:

      Why would we do that?

      • claybeez says:

        I guess I’m interested in the trade off of OBP for a guy that is more able to put the ball in play and move runners over. Is there ever a point when you’d take a lesser, but quality, OBP for a greater ability to make contact at the top of the order?

        • Drew says:

          Walking moves runners over too. Even if you only put Curtis at 2 against righties, the way we go through starting pitchers would make the top of our lineup susceptible to match ups late in games. NJ is the perfect 2 hole hitter on this team. Handles the bat well vs both R’s and L’s, walks a ton, has a little power and regardless of the outcome of the AB, he’ll always work the count.

        • WIlliam says:

          Actually, Johnson has a traditionallly higher avg than Grandy. Plus, while there might have been a #2 hole debate on Lohud, everyone here was in agreement.

          • claybeez says:

            Was there? Haven”t read the comment section there in a cpl years. However, I’m pretty sure it was a post here.

    • Alex S says:

      yes NJ is getting on base

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      Why are people so insistent on creating problems with this team? Nick Johnson’s is over 100 points below his career BA and his OBP is still higher than Granderson’s right now.

      • Drew says:

        Even if you only look at Curtis vs righties, NJ’s obp is still better.

      • claybeez says:

        Give it a rest. It’s not creating problems to ask questions. Not like I said Nick sucks. What’s the purpose of a blog if not for discussion? I mean if we were sitting at a bar we watching it would be out of line to discuss and debate?

        • Drew says:

          For someone who wants to debate you’re not giving any reasons on why we should switch. We’re saying it doesn’t make sense for a few reasons. You’re adding nothing to the “debate.”

          • claybeez says:

            You’re right, as I’ve been busy answering the Thought Police for just asking a question.

            • claybeez says:

              See above. Nested under William. I was thinking of Damon and his great OBP coupled with his ability to drive in runners to what Nick may provide in the two-hole. I like NJ and appreciate what he brings. But, I also appreciate someone in the two-hole that makes good contact, as well, and drives runners in.

        • Hughesus Christo says:

          I’m not trying to shut your opinions down or anything. I don’t agree with a change because the team is incredible as is, and the players are going to settle into what they do as the year goes on. I want as many people on base in front of Tex and ARod as possible, so I like NJ in the 2 spot. So I see dropping NJ as creating a problem that doesn’t really exist right now, and probably creating a problem down the line.

          I would say the same thing to people talking about moving Tex because he’s hovering around .100 10 games into the season. They’re 8(9)-3. What am I trying to fix?

          • claybeez says:

            OK. Take Nick out of the equation. Do you want Dunn in the two-hole with his .400+ OBP and low AVG or Damon/Grandy with the .360+ OBP, but greater ability to move Jeter, Gardner over?

            • Hughesus Christo says:

              Nick Johnson isn’t going to hit .240 for the season. It is April 18.

              • claybeez says:

                Agreed. But, does that mean you don’t tinker now till NJ gets going? I am not advocating it, btw, just discussing.

            • Drew says:

              The reason I wouldn’t want Dunn hitting 2 is because he hits 40 Hr’s per year. If he only had Damon’s power he’d make perfect sense for the top of the lineup.

              • claybeez says:

                Thanks for the answer. So everyone would prefer NJ in the 2-hole over Damon, then. If we still had Damon, not Granderson, where would you hit Damon and where would you hit NJ?

                • Drew says:

                  Personally, I think I’d put NJ 2nd. I think Joe would’ve kept JD at 2nd though.

                  That 400+ obp in front of Teix and Al is just too sweet for me to pass up.

                • dalelama says:

                  Not me I would rather have Damon over NJ—more pop and more speed…plus JD is more of a proven gamer than NJ

  229. WIlliam says:

    Gardner for the Stolen base crown!!!!!!!!

  230. Salty Buggah says:

    Time for A-Rod to take the save chance out…

  231. JeffB says:

    Let’s set the record for double steals in a game.

  232. Salty Buggah says:

    Love the walks by A-Rod but I want HRs too, though they’ll come.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Yep they’ll come. I think the multiple MVP pre-season predictions for Arod made me think that Arod would have an explosive start on his way to a 40 HR season. Meh. I think the numbers will be great soon enough.

  233. Reggie C. says:

    Nippert’s got a plus FB and his change generated a swing and miss. You’d think he’d be a better reliever than what his career indicates. He’s an interesting, high-upside (on paper) reliever to watch though.

    • sleepykarl says:

      I live in Texas and catch more Rangers games than most, I will say he at times does look very good out of the pen.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

      I remember in MLB The Show 08, I would always pick trade/draft him, he was always ridiculously lights out for some reason.

  234. Andy is on cruise control now.

  235. nc yankee fan says:

    Pettite seems to be getting sharper as the game goes along

  236. Salty Buggah says:

    Andy is in CC/Good AJ-mode today. Like it.

  237. Hughesus Christo says:

    Imagine how good Pettitte would be today if we had a real catcher behind the plate!

  238. Ayadaddy91 says:

    Does anyone else hate the new Yes graphic which shows the score and # pitches? Even on a 57 inch TV, it takes up too much real estate. Suggestions, make it smaller unless a new batter or base change (like last year), and move it more to the upper left.

  239. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Just as Flaherty and Kay were heaping praise on Nippert, Jorge shut them the fuck up.

    Thank you, Jorge. Thank you for things you will never know.

  240. nc yankee fan says:

    Jorgie Juiced One

  241. Across the pond says:

    Is ARod trying to steal Jete’s job as the top-step-celebrator-in-chief?

  242. Salty Buggah says:

    Work the count to 3-2, then, BOOM, HR. I’m in love with this team. Seriously, this is so entertaining.

  243. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Heh when the Red Sox’s hottest hitter is Jason Varitek, you know you have problems.

  244. A-Rod must have stolen Gardner’s uniform because he is dirrrty.

  245. JobaWockeeZ says:

    And with Granderson’s K my fantasy team is 1 for 20 today. Sigh. With the likes of Kendry Morales, Brian McCann, Youk and Chase Utley.

    • Pat D says:

      Don’t feel too bad. Somehow I forgot to check my pitchers and didn’t start Ryan Dempster. Who’s pitching against the Astros. And shutting them out. And I needed pitching stats today.

  246. nc yankee fan says:

    They bring in Oliver to face Curtis and he strikes him out on 4 pitches, stupid finesse lefties.

  247. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Out of fucking nowhere– SUNLIGHT!

    My eyes! MY EYES!

  248. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    The Rays are running wild on the Sox today. They just did the double steal on noodle-arm Tek.

  249. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Jorge ruined the K on the 4th pitch by getting up before the pitch reached his glove.

    He’s horrible at framing pitches.

  250. Turko says:

    And running on Tek with a lefty pitching.

  251. WIlliam says:

    He gone!!!

  252. Dela G says:

    what a great job by pettitte to get MY

  253. Wow, check out Andy’s grin after that K.

  254. What an outing by Andy.

  255. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Pettitte is a cold starter but seems hot this year. Love it.

  256. Drew says:

    After the first 4 innings, I saw 0 chance of Andy going 8 innings. Talk about in game adjustments..

  257. WIlliam says:

    Wow, what a game by Pettite. He looked shaky through 3, but has since dominated.

  258. Axisa’s worst nightmare. Eduardo Nunez ties the game with 2 outs in 9th with a home run.

  259. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Good ol’ Andy. The Wizard of Schnoz.

  260. Pat D says:

    Garza no hitter over. But Beltre gets thrown out at second on trying to stretch the Monster hit to a double.

  261. Alex S says:

    hahaha Beltre just got caught going to 2nd off a hit on the monster

  262. Matt Garza is pwning the Red Sox through five. Maybe I’ve got a shot at ERA and WHIP this week after all.

  263. Johan Iz My Brohan says:


  264. mustang says:

    Not Bad for 37 year old who’s career was declared over two years ago here at RAB.

  265. Dela G says:

    grit gutner looks like ben zobrist against the rangers

  266. Drew says:

    Lol Arias was not even close.

  267. nc yankee fan says:

    What a great 8 innings for the crafty veteran, now its Mo time, and let’s see the Sux get swept

  268. WIlliam says:

    That was sooo an error, nit a hit!

  269. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Holy shit, they may all be singles, but Gardner’s bat is on fire.

    • whozat says:

      His legs are. Not a single one of those hits was well-struck. Which is ok, but I don’t know how sustainable it is. They came inside more, which made him swat the balls to 2B…and he can’t beat those out.

  270. Pat D says:


    Seriously, that’s a hit?

  271. Hughesus Christo says:

    GGBG forcing mistakes. Now steal second, bro.

  272. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Is it an error if the ball hits the lip of the grass and takes a roll instead of a bounce?

  273. Drew says:

    “I’m not trying to take a hit away from Gardner(I’m just trying to get the official scorer to take away a hit from Gardner.. Totally different)”.

  274. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Were there seriously boos to NJ?

  275. Dela G says:

    man nick johnson 3 Ks looking…

  276. W.W.J.M.D. says:

    I know it’s only the 12th game, but if Gritner continues on this pace or even hits just a bit worse as the season progresses, I don’t see why we should look into acquiring a LF.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      I know it’s only the 12th game, but if Gritner continues on this pace or even hits just a bit worse as the season progresses, I don’t see why we should look into acquiring a LF.

    • Jose says:

      .780 OPS with great defense would be fantastic. You always look at the market though and see what is out there. Sometimes upgrades are available for relatively cheap prices.

    • Drew says:

      Well, if a superior player is to be had, it would be silly not to look into it. But I see what you’re saying and agree on some levels. That said, I still don;t see Gardy hitting much above 270 which will do a number on his obp.

  277. Across the pond says:

    Release the Kraken!

  278. nc yankee fan says:

    Grit, picked off, crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. Pat D says:

    And here we…go!


  280. Drew says:

    Non-save prediction fail by me. I thought we were going to crush the Texas pen.

  281. Alex S says:

    I’m shocked that guy in Fenway didn’t get a pizza thrown at him

  282. Holy shit. Mo just threw something inside and it was called a strike.

  283. JeffB says:

    Mo being mo!
    Thank Mo!

  284. mustang says:

    This team is something special.

  285. Kyle says:

    Keep Gardner in the lineup. Bat him first!!!!

  286. Dela G says:

    great sweep

  287. Drew says:

    I wanna know what the “C” on Cap’n America’s chest really stands for.

  288. Casey Kelly was nice enough to let the Trenton Thunder get two hits in the 1st inning. He must be toying with them.

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