Open Thread: Run Brett run!


Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP

I’m still not sold on his ability to be an everyday outfielder, but it sure was fun to watch Brett Gardner run wild against the Rangers. Dude went 5-for-6 with a walk, a hit by pitch, four stolen bases and four runs scored in the series, beating out three infield hits and almost a fourth. He’s tied for the league lead with seven steals despite starting just eight of the team’s 12 games. I don’t expect Gardner to maintain his .333-.444-.333 batting line all season, but I’ll sure enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyway, here’s your open thread for the night. You’ve got NBA and NHL playoff action, plus the Mets and Cardinals are your ESPN Sunday nighter. Hopefully this one doesn’t go 20 innings. You know what to do, so have at it.

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  1. Stolen from ESPN/Andrew Marchand:

    “Since A-Rod returned from a hip injury in May 2009, the Yankees have played 160 games (including the postseason) and have won 109 of them.”

    This team is good. And my favorite part is that they’re going to get better.

    • vin says:

      Non-baseball fans have been asking me how the Yanks look so far this year. My response is always, “They’re better than last year.” The lineup is diverse, the pitching is deep, the defense is consistently average (which is plenty), and they have more talent than any other team in the game.

      Hopefully enough guys can stay healthy so we can get another dynasty brewing ::knocks on wood::.

      They ripped the heart out of the Rangers, and ate it in front of them. That series seemed to be a message to other teams – if you don’t have your best stuff, don’t bother showing up.

      • “They ripped the heart out of the Rangers, and ate it in front of them. That series seemed to be a message to other teams – if you don’t have your best stuff, don’t bother showing up.”


      • Nick says:

        What’s unique about baseball is a team can be better than previous years, but end up falling short of prior accomplishments.

        As you say let’s hope we stay healthy, things keep rolling and lady luck is on our side.

        This has been an unusually fun start to the season, unlike previous beginnings.

        Can’t wait to get to Oakland.

      • YankeeScribe says:

        The dynasty baton is being passed to the new core of homegrown present and future Yankee all-stars:

        Cano, Gardner, Hughes, Joba, Cervelli, and hopefully Montero

  2. Brad Toughy says:

    Alberto Callaspo single handedly saved my fantasy offense this week.

    I need Wainwright to K six tonight to grab back K’s after my opponent had Matusz have a field day with the A’s.

  3. bexarama says:

    So of course I couldn’t watch most of today’s game. Of course.

    • NYY626 says:

      Awwww that stinks :(. I was at the game. Andy is a (sexy) beast. Maybe you catch the replay?

      • bexarama says:

        Yeah, there’s a replay at like 11. I’m tired but it’s not every day Pettitte goes 8 innings so I’ll watch until I collapse :)

  4. T-Dubs says:

    at this rate GGBG will steal about 92 bags. I’ll take that.

  5. Yadier’s catching tonight.

    He caught 20 innings last night. I’ve never played a single game of professional baseball, but just reading that I think I need to get both my knees replaced.

  6. There were a smattering of boos after Johnson’s last K today… Was strike-3 the right call? I was wondering if the booing was for Nick or for the home plate ump, but I didn’t have a good view of the strike zone from where I was sitting. I’m sure it was for Nick but I’m holding out hope that it wasn’t.

  7. 28 next year says:

    Fun Fact

    Tim Lincecum

    Batting .333 with a wRC+ of 136
    with 3 RBIs

    He has given up just 2 runs over three innings and has been worth 1 WAR just three starts into the season. Domination. I wonder how long he will hold up, he seems to have adjusted to pitching with less velocity but he has gotten better.

  8. bexarama says:

    Jason Heyward had a walk-off hit today :) :) :)

    Also, a homestand without a walk-off? This team has no heart!!!!!

  9. Moshe Mandel says:

    Hey, guys and gals. TYU is looking for someone to cover weekends,writing two posts a day on Saturday and Sunday. I have had some interest in the role, but I wanted to open it up to the RAB community. If interested, email me at mandel42 at gmail, and preferably send a sample of your writing.

  10. Barry says:

    Brett will surprise us all season. I don’t think it’s too ridiculous to envision him having a .370 obp and a .400 SLG (his highest at AAA was .422 and I tend to see SWB as a pitcher’s park). With a .770 OPS and a great UZR with the stolen bases as a plus he’s the perfect player for an outfield spot on this team.

    • Zack says:

      .370 OBP? Yeah that is a ridiculous envision.

      • Barry says:

        I honestly don’t think so, especially with limited at-bats against lefties and his ability to turn outs into hits with his legs.His AAA stats were very good (.414 OBP/.422 SLG in 08)and they can’t be discounted because of a rocky road rookie season. I hope you’re wrong, you may be right, but I hope you’re wrong. I’m very optimistic on Gardner.

        • whozat says:

          We all know about his AAA stats. There have been many posts and comments about why his minor league numbers may not translate as well as other players’. Put simply, Gardner’s numbers look like a product of taking pitches without regard to where they are in the strike zone. It remains to be seen if that approach will work in the bigs, or if he’s capable of adapting enough to remain productive. The odds are against him, looking at the dearth of players with similar skill sets in MLB history.

          • Barry says:

            He’s showing you he has ability now… he doesn’t have to be Griffey up there, he’s just got to be a little better than Rizzuto.

            • whozat says:

              No, he’s showing me that he’s managing to leg out some grounders for a week. Now, let’s say pitchers start pounding him inside, so he can’t smack pitches the other way…what does he do? We’ll see.

              Also, bringing up griffey is a total red herring. I’ve never said that he needs to be a great hitter to be a useful player. The .370 OBP you cited would be STELLAR for a player with his skillset, and I think it’s completely unrealistic to think he can achieve that. I also think that he doesn’t need to achieve that to be useful. But we weren’t discussing useful, we were discussing whether a .370 OBP was in the realm of reason, and I do not believe that it is.

    • mbonzo says:

      He is a perfect player for the Yankees since they only have Granderson, Jeter, and Arod (2 who are slowing down) to run. .370 is a bit high. If he has a good year I could see .350-.360 which would be unbelievable with his speed. I still don’t think he’ll be good enough for the NY media though since they prefer the big things instead of the little things.

  11. I know Ike Davis is mashing, but wouldn’t it be silly to bring him up after just 37 PAs in AAA?

    • JGS says:

      Think Omar has a plan?

    • This is what happens when you have a front office that knows its survival is directly tied to very short-term performance. Mejia and Davis in MLB in April.

      • I kinda feel bad for Omar. Oh well, he’s dug his own grave/made his own bed/whichever cliche you prefer.

        • While I don’t feel much pity for Omar since he definitely did more than his part in creating this awful situation, this is an untenable position for a F.O. to be in. This falls on ownership, in my opinion. They’ve set up a completely backwards and counterproductive set of incentives and motivations for their F.O.

        • Zack says:

          Why do you feel bad for him? Feel bad for Johan/Beltran who are spending their prime years on the Mets.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          I really can’t bring myself to feel bad for him. His moves have been horrific. The Jason Bay signing for one. Calling up prospects that needs time like Meija or F-Mart. The only good thing he did was trade scrubs for Johan.

          He pays what 140 million for a pretty decent lineup with no defense with a pitching rotation comprised of an ace followed by 4 number 4 starters? Good job.

    • Zack says:

      They brought FMart up after a month in AAA and he struggled. They have Mejia in their bullpen after 44 IP in AA on a .500 at best team, instead of developing as a SP.

      So yeah, he’ll be up after this game I’m sure. Then talk shows can claim they won like they do with Joba, then when Davis struggles they’ll blame Omar.

      • While I agree that Mejia should have more time starting in the minors, I’m not totally sold that he won’t end up in the bullpen. He’s a little guy for a power pitcher (6′ 160) and guys with a slight build often wind up as relievers.

        I’ve heard some Mets fans bitching that they’re ‘ruining his future as a Starer’ ala Joba, but I think the two situations are different. Joba’s a big boy, he has a starters frame and 4 pitches. From what I’ve seen of Mejia, he’s a 2-pitch pitcher with a small build.

        • bexarama says:

          But you should at least keep Mejia in the minors to try to develop as a starter. The Mets appear to have a pretty decent bullpen right now. More importantly, they’re just not that good and they shouldn’t be concentrating on the bullpen because they need starting pitching much, much more.

          Add to that the story about Manuel seeing Mejia working on pitches in ST and telling him not to do that (!!!!) and I see why Mets fans would be annoyed with the treatment of Mejia.

    • Barry says:

      The Met’s don’t have the luxury of common sense.

    • Yankee1010 says:

      Beyond silly. For both baseball and economic reasons. If they hold off a couple of weeks, he will not be a Super Two and his FA will be pushed back a year. The team is going nowhere, he still has trouble with lefties, and he’s been in AAA for a few weeks. Yet, nobody should expect the Mets to do the right thing. It’s this kind of thinking that has Frank Catalonotto as the cleanup hitter tonight.

      Thank God I’m not a Met fan.

  12. Zack says:

    Matthews Jr

    That’s is an awful lineup, Christmas came early for Adam Wainwright.

  13. Will in NJ says:

    I need skip schumaker to score 1 run and I win my fantasy game. Think he can do it?

  14. YankeesJunkie says:

    This team looks like it could easily score 950 runs when Tex get going and the summer comes around.

    • 950 is a lot. They’ll be above 900, and I doubt anyone else in the AL will be. The Red Sox lineup looks like it’s taken a few steps back this year. The only other team I think will break 900 this year is the Phils.

  15. pete says:

    I’m not sold on Gardner being an every day outfielder for any team, but I definitely think he’ll give us enough offense and defense to be well worth not paying market price for a “real” outfielder for at least the rest of this year. I think the yanks can easily hide a <.700 OPS that steals 30+ bases at a great % and plays great defense in this lineup.

    I'm not saying that he's the long-term solution there, but I don't necessarily think that Crawford would be either. If we continue to field dominant lineups outside of LF for the next few years, I'd have no problem waiting until Slade or somebody else comes up to take that spot.

    Of course, having Jeter/NJ/Teix/A-Rod/Cano/Jorge/Curtis/Swish right now is different from having those same guys a few years down the road, but I still think it's early to close the book on Gardner. This lineup would score runs if I was in the lineup, they can handle a year of Brett the Jet. And it will take at least that long, I think, to really know whether or not he can cut it at this level. If it turns out that he is a true 105 wRC+/+10 UZR player, then spending any money on LF would be insanely dumb.

    • 30? At the rate he’s going, he’ll steal 30 by the end of May.

      • pete says:

        the rate he is going at includes his getting on base 40% of the time. I think 30 is a conservative expectation, but some people seem to assume he’ll steal 50+ and i just don’t know if he’ll get on enough. Pitchers tend to walk a lot more guys in the early season than later on, if my potentially hugely flawed perception is correct

  16. Brad Toughy says:

    5 of the Mets 9 batters tonight are hitting under .200

  17. KyleLitke says:

    Gardner won’t keep up this line, but he should have a slightly higher slugging (he’ll at least catch a few doubles or triples). If he hits, say, .280/.350/.370 with 40-50 steals (heck, maybe even 60…he’s already up to 7 after only 12 games, and even when he sits he can come in to pinch run) and good defense, that’s tremendously valuable for your 9th hitter.

    Not that he’s horrific against lefties necessarily, but he could even maintain a higher average/OBP if they keep platooning him, even if the defensive hit may not be worth it in the end.

  18. larryf says:

    And that bunt that went foul his first AB. If he ever becomes half the bunter McCarver thinks he is…..does he ever drag them or always punch them down the 3rd base side??? I love Gardner. 100 SB’s on healthy legs. How many guys have done that in Yankee history?

  19. bexarama says:

    Pavano got lit up today. I was getting freaked out/annoyed by how good he’d been.

    • IPK pitched really well today, good for him.


      He’s been striking guys out like crazy so far (17 SO/14 IP). Walks too many, but he probably always will.

      • pete says:

        he’ll probably always have to to have any success with his stuff. I really think that in the same way that walks are very important and strikeouts aren’t that important for hitters, I think strikouts are very important but walks aren’t necessarily that important for pitchers. Having little control or command is one thing, but if you’re walking guys because you’re attacking corners and hitting them enough to rack up 10 K/9 like IPK is currently doing, you should be ok. Baserunners and extra pitches thrown don’t help, but fat strikes hurt more than balls do as a pitcher, and if your upside isn’t true dominance, then it’s worth developing yourself into a good damage-limiter.

  20. Drew says:

    I can’t believe LaRussa is staring Molina.

  21. bexarama says:

    I’ve said this before, but I want to buy John Maine some cheese fries and a milkshake and watch him eat them. I would then give him a hug. He looks scary skinny.

  22. JGS says:

    baseball-reference added umpires to their splits pages. cool

  23. bexarama says:

    Ludwick is such an idiot

    Also, Frenchy does have a pretty good arm.

  24. No, Joe, that’s not any outfielder at his best. The throw was up the line, but they got lucky because of where Ludwick happened to be. With a faster runner, that was likely a run.

    • Brad Toughy says:

      Jeff Francouer does have a gun though. It wasn’t that far up the line, and was right where it needed to be.

  25. LaRussa should kill Ludwick. This is the third baserunning fuck up he’s made in the past two nights.

  26. bexarama says:

    the Cards look BAD these last two games

  27. Dela G says:

    what the hell is going on, wainwright? i need your behind to deliver me a win against the mess!!

  28. bexarama says:

    The Cards look like the Mets. Wow

  29. Dela G says:

    holy shit, wainwright just fucked up and made 3 runs score!!!

    damn you!!

  30. What the hell was that?

  31. YankeesJunkie says:

    Sounds like good ole NL Baseball to me.

  32. Eirias says:

    I do not appreciate this crap, Wainwright.

  33. Steve H says:

    Speaking of Omar, wasn’t he a pretty good GM for the Expos? IIRC he was, with a small payroll of course. Maybe he wasn’t, but that’s how I remember it.

    • JGS says:

      He sent Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens to the Indians for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew. Colon made 17 starts for the Expos

      • bexarama says:

        I was gonna say, I think he was the one that made that TERRIBLE Colon trade

      • Steve H says:

        That was a horrible trade obviously, but there were different circumstances around that one, as they team was likely heading out and he was trying to win now.

        • Steve H says:

          Ehh, nevermind, that was earlier than I remember.

          I was probably just giving him undeserved credit for the farm system they once had.

          • JGS says:

            He also traded Jason Bay and Jimmy Serrano for Lou Collier.

            Trying to find when he took over the Expos, and I think Minaya himself wrote his wiki page

        • That’s right, that deal was made the year before the Expos were supposed to be contracted, so as far as he was concerned there was no long term planning.

          That being said, it was still a horrible deal and Omar is mediocre at best as a GM. He’s great in press conferences, though. Hilarious stuff.

  34. What should be the catch phrase for the NL?

    NL baseball! Better than AAA!
    NL baseball! Just like the AL, but with less talent!
    NL baseball! Thank God for Albert!

  35. ... says:

    Dear Santa,
    I would like midnight in some location in the USA to pass before this Mets-Cards game ends.

  36. bexarama says:

    No, Jon Miller, facing a pitcher who hits decently for a pitcher is not like facing Ichiro

  37. Steve H says:

    Colby Rasmus is hitting .179 with an .807 OPS?!?!

    He just got cut in my league, I might have to pick him up.

  38. Pujols fail?

    I don’t think I’ve ever put those two words so closely together in a sentence.

  39. bexarama says:

    Is Brendan Ryan as good at short as he’s looked?

  40. larryf says:

    Too much Met stuff. Much more interesting to dream about Bret and those 100 sb’s. OK-I’ll settle for 75 :-)

  41. AndrewYF says:

    So the Mets are rushing Ike Davis to the show because, apparently, they ‘have to win now’.

    Poor Mets fans. It’s gotten to a point where I can actually express this sentiment.

    • whozat says:

      then…um…shouldn’t they have, like, spread the Bay money around a bit and made some smarter acquisitions this offseason?

  42. Frigidevil says:

    Damn you devils, why is Brodeur the only one on this team that can play 60 minutes!?

  43. Ana says:

    I suddenly had the blast-from-the-past urge to Wikipedia John Rocker. Dude was messed up.

    • bexarama says:

      He’s still my least favorite baseball player ever. Ugh.

      • Ana says:

        You and the rest of the world, pretty sure. He was an almost laughably bad person. Fitting that his last significant season ended with an ERA of 6.66, am I right?

        • bexarama says:

          the only time I ever out-and-out rooted for the Mets was when they were playing him. I wanted them to LIGHT HIM UP. There’s no “almost” in that laughably bad person thing.

  44. poster says:

    What the fuck happened to the Devils? Brodeur was on fire but somebody else has to do SOMETHING. 5 shots on two power plays? They looked like the seventh seed tonight. They need a serious turn around to win this shit.

  45. dkidd says:

    visited a few red sox sites today out of curiosity. the nation is panicking

  46. Sean says:

    Opening day Lineup 2012

    Jeter SS
    Grandy LF
    Tex 1B
    A Rod 3B
    Cano 2B
    Montero C
    Posada DH?
    Crawford/Werth/Other RF
    Gardner CF


    and of course Mo in the bullpen

    Chances I’m right?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I think Swish stays. LF I’d say Crawford. CF is Grandy and RF Swish.

      Being pessimistic on the FO I’d say Joba is stuck in the pen forever. So…here’s my rotation.


      Javy might end up staying on a one year deal. This team looks mad expensive though. More so than now at a quick glance.

      • Lifetime of Question Marks says:

        I think it’s going to be hard to get both Lee and Werth/Crawford. Both Swish and C-Grand get more expensive next year. Only way it happens is if we do not resign NJ, Pettitte, and Vazquez. I think.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          True. It’s probably either Crawford or Lee. I wouldn’t mind either choice.

          Though the rotation I’d like to have which is somewhat unlikely is…


    • pat says:


  47. Brad Toughy says:

    The Pirates are 7-5 despite being outscored by 22 runs. Impressively fortuitous.

  48. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Gary Matthew Jr is a good defense outfielder.

    Joe Morgan everyone.

    • bexarama says:

      but but but teh catch in 2006!!!

    • whozat says:

      To Joe, a good defender is anyone who’s not widely known as a good hitter and made a highlight-reel play that Joe happened to see at some point in the last few years. Anyone who doesn’t fit that bill, if he’s a veteran who’s not widely known as a good hitter, he’s a professional hitter. The same is true of anyone who used to be a good hitter, but is much, much older now. Anyone who used to be a brand-name hitter…he stays a great hitter until he retires, and then Joe talks about what a shame it is that he can’t find work (I’m sure that when Jermain Dye crosses Joe’s path as an NL pinch hitter later this season, we will hear these words.)

  49. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/.....erId=28864

    So far, IPK has had 2 good starts and one bad one. But he’s striking guys out like crazy in the NL West (17 SO/14 IP). Good for him, I hope he does well out there.

    • bexarama says:

      I hope he does well too but so far I’d say one good start, one okay start, one bad start.

      Arizona’s bullpen is BAD

    • JGS says:

      very inefficient, but not too bad. good luck to him

    • vin says:

      I too am pulling for him, but his “good” starts were against the Padres. His poor start was against a legitimate major league team, however. His performance in AAA would indicate that he could shut down the Pads.

  50. Jim S says:

    Holy cow the O’s scored 8 runs today. That’s like, quadruple their to-date average. Brian Matusz and Matt Wieters are going to be demi-God’s(there’s only one MO) down here. And by down here, I mean in the DC/Bmore area.

    I do hope they get better so I can watch quality baseball during the 13 game plan I purchased at Camden Yards. That bullpen is a wreck. It belongs on the Mets.

  51. The Mets have a ‘Stoner’ and the Yanks have a ‘Stoneburner’.

    I think that says everything about the two franchises.

  52. Anyone else a little bummed out seeing Harden be a shell of the pitcher he used to be? Both he and Kazmir are in their 20′s and are already turning into finesse pitchers, which is kind of sad.

    I’m glad the Yanks beat both of them, but a few years ago both of them were special to watch. A few injuries later and they both look spent.

    • bexarama says:

      It’s always sad to see this happen to pitchers

    • Sean says:

      They are too afraid to throw strikes because of their lack of velocity. Its a shame, but it seems like these days pitchers are afraid to throw anything in the zone, but you cant blame them against a team like the Yankees who can crush anything in the strike zone.

  53. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Believe it or not Joe, 60 percent of the time Albert Pujols will fail.

    • Sean says:

      I’d be interested to see how the Yanks would play against the Cards in the world series. Keeping Puljos on a lease would be a difficult task, especially in the new stadium.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        And the Carpenter-Wainwright duo is a tough match. It would be interesting that’s for sure and I though they’d end up in the World Series.

        Bad luck in a short series can do a lot. I’m looking at you Matt “Dropping Routine Ball” Holliday.

        • bexarama says:

          Yeah, I thought they were going to the Series last year. Their team seems pretty top-heavy in talent but when you have two aces at the top of your rotation, that will usually get you by in a short series. Just didn’t work out that way though.

      • just intentionally walk him, and be done with it

      • Hughesus Christo says:

        The Cardinals have 2.5 credible hitters, 2 starters, and a WACK bullpen. The NL teams I worry about are the Phillies and Giants.

        Phillies because they’re AL-caliber and have Doc
        Giants because anything is possible with Tim-Cain-Zito-Tim-Sanchez-Cain-Tim.

        • bexarama says:

          Giants don’t scare me. If the Cards have 2.5 credible hitters, what do THEY have? Guys like Renteria are off to a fast start but they will cool down. The Cards’ rotation is equally scary in a short series, though I think the Cards’ bullpen is worse. In the NL West the Rockies and Dodgers scare me more (though the latter really needs to get their bullpen together).

  54. JobaWockeeZ says:

    YES!!!!! I needed that home run. The run Holliday scores is the deciding run for one of my leagues.

    I was so hoping home run and it happened.

  55. Damn, Rasmus unloaded on that shit.

  56. Hangoverologist says:

    The Mets are idiots for rushing Ike Davis. They might be lucky if he ends up like Wright did when he was called up after 112 ABs at AAA.

  57. Sean says:

    How many of the Yanks AAA players would start on the Mets?

    I can think of Igawa and Miranda off the top of my head.

  58. I predict Gardner steals 60+ bases

  59. bexarama says:

    I just realized Matusz has both of Baltimore’s wins haha

    Also, I was reading the game thread and people with irrational NJ hatred are really silly.

  60. Joe West's Sense of Self Importance says:

    Pop quiz: right now, who has the better record? The Mets or the Red Sox?

  61. Brad Toughy says:

    Just one more strikeout Wainwright!

  62. Jim S says:

    “A pitcher hitting .242 is like a regular hitter hitting .300″

    So at first glance I wanted to laugh at Joe, and rejoiced when Orel seemed to mock him a little bit, but then I wondered, relatively speaking, if he’s actually right. And then I realized it’s late on a Sunday and the weekend’s over, and I really don’t want to do research.

    So I’m going back to laughing at him. It’s better this way.

    • pete says:

      Adam Dunn hitting .242 could be very much like Juan Pierre hitting .300, only better.

      • Jim S says:

        Right, I was trying to give him as much credit as possible, and just think about avg, without any context or other(more relevant) stats.

        Simply, if you rank pitchers 1-180(whatever the number is), what rank would a .242 avg give you? And then do the same with batters, look up that rank, and check if the average is around .300

        I probably could have done the research in the time it took me to try to explain that.

        • bexarama says:

          you mean .242 avg. against? No one had that last year but here are guys that were close:
          JA Happ (.241)
          Jarrod Washburn (.244)
          Justin Verlander (.244)

          Honestly… it doesn’t really tell you much, I guess. Verlander was clearly elite. Happ got lucky with BABIP. Washburn had an amazing defense behind him in Seattle that helped him get lucky.

          • bexarama says:

            oh wait that probably wasn’t what you were looking for were you? You were probably looking for pitchers and their BAs.

        • whozat says:

          It’s all position-relative, so…yeah, a pitcher who hits like a backup middle infielder is actually a lot better than what most NL teams are getting out of the pitcher’s spot. There have been a couple articles I’ve seen that have talked about this, usually talking about Micah Owings (as he is a recent example of a pitcher who’s actually an OK hitter). On Fangraphs, or maybe baseball-analysts.com, I think.

        • Jack says:


          Last year, there were nine pitchers (Min. 10 PA) who hit better than .242.

  63. pat says:

    Umm pretty fucking wild this volcano business.

  64. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    I got 5 quality starts in fantasy day. I really needed a day like this.

  65. Sean says:

    Early season stats

    Yankees have the best home record (5-1)
    Rays have the best road record (6-0)
    Boston has a worse record than the Mets, Pirates, Nats, and KC

    Also, a Astro win combined with a Boston loss makes them equal

    I like this season so far

  66. JobaWockeeZ says:

    At least I know 2004 isn’t the only playoff series they constantly mention.

  67. pat says:

    I know it’s only 10 games , but I’m so torn up about Ajax current .311/.367/.444. I love me some Grandy, but I feel like I’ve been following Ajax since he was a baby. I’m glad he’s doing well, but can’t help feel a twinge of regret that he’s gone.

    • Sean says:

      We will have to see where he is at around June, he could be back in AAA for all we know.

    • Reggie C. says:

      I applaud Jackson for starting the season in a strong fashion. I too remember following Jackson’s debut in Charleston, and name-dropping him into conversations us fans always have concerning future Yankees lineups.

      Grandy’s acquisition immediately improved the ball club’s offense, OF defense. Perhaps Jackson’s ridiculously fortuitous BaBIP made it difficult for Cashman’s cadre to project how Jackson would fare in big league role in 2010, and that could’ve helped push the trade through. Who knows…

  68. Dela G says:

    that last curveball wainwright threw outside to wright reminded me of 2006

  69. Hangoverologist says:

    Lol, Wainwright has a hit. A double, of all hits.

  70. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’d seriously die of laughter if this game went to extras again.

  71. Beef Hammerdong says:

    What’s with the fucking Lew Alcindor goggles?!

  72. bexarama says:

    the worst thing in the world might be Miller pronouncing foreign names

  73. Dela G says:


    ballgame over

  74. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Well that’s ballgame probably. No extras. Oh well.

  75. Beef Hammerdong says:


  76. bexarama says:

    Redemption for Ludwick? Hmm

  77. Dela G says:

    manuel should’ve left pedro to do pitch, he too could’ve easily given up a HR

  78. Hangoverologist says:

    Ludwick’s redeemed himself for his shitpoor baserunning. I would have laughed if he somehow missed first base.

  79. bexarama says:

    what’s Waino’s pitch count? Also, he’s pretty

    • Hangoverologist says:

      He’s up to 103 or 104. Is he AP pretty bex?

      • bexarama says:

        no one’s that pretty ;)

        • Ana says:

          For one of my classes last week, I had to do a presentation on being a female sports fan. I wound up focusing a lot on balancing being a “female” and being a “legitimate fan.” You balance excellently, bexy. kudos.

          • bexarama says:

            aw. Hat tip.

            I feel kinda bad going on about Pettitte/other players, honestly. Like, I feel like I just come off as shallow. But I really love baseball. It’s awesome. Take yesterday’s games. A no-hitter, a completely ridiculous 20-inning game… baseball is awesome. It would still be if everyone looked like Youkilis and Lackey. And to a large extent, I really love all the stats and minutiae involved in the sport.

            Shallow alert: The cute guys don’t hurt though ;)

            • Ana says:

              No, but that’s one of the things that makes you awesome! Like, I see so many girls who are super defensive about looking at the players, because they’re all like, “I watch the game! I don’t watch the players!” But in most cases that’s simply not true. We’re not blind … we do watch the players. But that doesn’t mean we’re not super serious baseball fans who love the game and are extremely knowledgeable about it.
              The defensiveness is one of my pet peeves with a lot of girls who are serious sports fans. So fangirl away, my dear. It’s refreshing. And makes me feel less self-conscious about my own fangirling. :)

            • pat says:

              Bex you can SABR it up with the best of em, when you gush about your crushes and whatnot it is endearing. You don’t come off as shallow at all.

          • bexarama says:

            I should also add that from what I’ve seen you balance very well too. And I like your blog. :)

  80. Alex S says:

    this cg performance by Wainwright just sunk mt fantasy ship. He had 2 huge starts and now I’m set to lose this week by about 3 points. and Pujols didn’t help by going 0-5. FML

  81. Dela G says:

    thank you wainwright for the complete game

    my fantasy team appreciates you

  82. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Mutts lose again. Here’s a tip Omar, pitching wins games.

    • bexarama says:

      I dunno, they got pretty good pitching these past few games. Their hitting is worse right now. Wright and Bay were terrible this series, Francoeur is starting to cool down, and I don’t think Reyes is doing much.

      • Reggie C. says:

        Bay looks as alive as JD Drew right now. I had thought Bay’s debut would go alot smoother than it has. My mistake as he’s killed one of my fantasy teams.

        • bexarama says:

          this, especially considering how he carried the Sox early on last season. He MURDERED the Yankees during the 0-8.

          Sorry about your fantasy team.

    • Reggie C. says:

      With the 7th pick in the 2010 draft, Minaya has to pick the best starter available to the club. I’ve been told that the Wilpons abhor going over-slot with any 1st rounder, but if the club wants to retain its fan base, it needs to select and sign impact talent.

      Continual 5 inning efforts from starters will assure the Mets a 4th place finish in its division. I’m not a Mets fan, but I feel sorry for that team.

      • whozat says:

        And that drafted player won’t help the Mets for two years at minimum.

        They need to draft the best player that’s there, damn the money, and go into a full rebuild.

  83. yankees=warriors says:

    Love the movie reference, Run Lola Run is one of my favorite movies!

  84. Tom Zig says:

    Umm holy epic ending to Spartacus. I really hope for another season.

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