Aceves likely headed to the DL

The return of Javy Vazquez
Open Thread: Those clouds look ominous

Via Sweeny Murti, Joe Girardi indicated that Al Aceves‘ back is still an issue, and that he expects the righty to be placed on the disabled list. Marc Carig adds that he has a bulging disc in his back and is returning to New York, presumably for tests. My grandfather had a bulging disc in his back a few years ago, and all I remember was that he basically couldn’t do anything until he had surgery to correct it. Pretty painful and debilitating.

The Yankees also have yet to call up Juan Miranda despite indications that he was on his way to join the team. Considering the timing of this whole thing, it sounds like they were going to option out a pitcher for Miranda, but with Aceves’ back continuing to be an issue, they’re going to hold off and keep the extra arm around for another night.

The return of Javy Vazquez
Open Thread: Those clouds look ominous
  • Cecala

    Curse of the 2009 Mets is striking the Yankees. This is terrible, best of luck to that Mexican Gangster.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    The rain might also be a reason for not making a move quite yet.

    • CS Yankee

      Joe: Juan, we have a hotel room for you tonight, but no per diem I’m told (looks around)

      Juan: Just glad to be here, Skip’

      Joe: If we do play, make sure to get up front in the buffet line… if we don’t, well find Leyland and drink your dinner with him because your likely back on the plane in the morning, OK?

      Juan: Yes sir

  • pat

    Dios mio.

  • cliff


  • dr mrs the yankee

    Bulging disc -> herniated disc -> agh

    Sometimes they can be rehabbed by rest and physical therapy but I wouldn’t count on Ace coming back anytime soon even if that’s the case for him :(

  • nathan

    I think ever since Cashman visited Shiti-field to give Nady his WS ring, our players started to hit the DL. I firmly put the blame on Shiti-Filed and Cash$$ for visiting the stinking place and contracting the damn injury plague from those losers.

    // Letting out my frustration with these injuries’d

  • poster

    Me thinks Melancon (unless I’m stupid and he’s already up)?

    Or perhaps Romulo Sanchez again?

    Did we bring up Ivan Nova, or is my memory just playing tricks with me?

    • nathan

      Cant call Melancon up for 2 more days and Romulo for a week. Ivan is up indeed.

      Spare a thought for Kei Igawa, we need to go to 20 members on teh DL before he gets his next shot.

      • Slu

        If Ace is put on the DL, they can call up Melancon early, if they wanted to.

        • nathan

          Aah, my bad thats right. An injury pre-empts the 10 day mandate.

  • Jack

    Speaking of bulging dicks disks…

    • Jack

      Who are you?

      • Jack II

        I was unaware of another Jack.

        Now that issue can be rectified.

      • Jack III

        I’m also a Jack.

        • Jack Meoff

          Hi guys!

  • Kevin

    When is Chan Ho coming back?

  • Rose


    My dad has one of those now. Did the surgery help your grandfather? I’ve heard mixed reviews…some people have said the surgery made it worse :/

  • The Trooper

    Jesus Christ…will this team ever win the war of attrition? Lets count all the ways the Yankees have been bitten by the bug:

    The Stick
    The Ho Train
    Robbie was out for a bit
    Mo wasn’t used for a while because there were concerns about him
    Pettitte’s elbow
    Vazquez’s suck

    Now this?

    I know every team gets its bumps and bruises…but damn, eventually it’s gotta catch up with them, right? Hopefully Jeter starts hitting again and Swisher, Robbie, and Posada keep it up while Teixeira and The Rod continue their resurgance.