Granderson begins taking fly balls

The Bullpen Problem
Following up on Hughes

With the hurdle of running pain-free behind him, Curtis Granderson began taking fly balls on Sunday for the first time since injuring his groin earlier this month. He did everything with about 75% intensity, including running down balls and changing direction. “Everything felt good,” said the Yanks’ centerfielder. “The endurance is just not there.” Most importantly, Granderson has felt nothing but normal soreness since resuming baseball activities last week.

With Granderson, Nick Johnson, and now Nick Swisher nursing injuries, the Yanks’ lineup is noticeably missing a lefty bat. The sooner Grandy gets back and healthy, the better. He’s going to need a minor league rehab stint to get himself game ready, so I’m hopefully that Granderson will be back within two weeks. Maybe that’s just me being optimistic.

The Bullpen Problem
Following up on Hughes
  • Matt :: Sec105

    Yeah, I’d sign for the first week in June right now in a heartbeat.
    (obvs a slow day at work for me, dam rain, haha)

  • Zanath

    The sooner we can get him back, the better. But if he needs longer, he shouldn’t be rushed back. Don’t want him to come back only to aggravate the injury and make it worse.

    In other news, is there even going to be a game today? It’s horrible out.

    • vin

      I saw a glimpse of the Joe Girardi show after yesterday’s game – and Girardi mentioned that Hal Steinbrenner gets the best weather reports. He was the guy who knew they were going to play that final game in Detroit when everyone else thought it would definitely get rained out.

      • SFY

        Elitist prick!

        • Thomas

          Yankees are so rich, they can afford to pay God for his weather reports. We may not even have the money to resign Prince.

          Mark Attanasio

          • nathan

            Well he is a Prince after all, who can afford him. I donno whether he plays like a Prince he definitely doesnt eat like a pauper.

    • A.D.

      Its crap out and forecasted to rain all night

  • vin

    Getting Curtis back (with a healthy Swisher) would completely change the dynamic of the lineup and defense. Thames and Miranda can platoon at DH, Winn can return to being the 4th OFer. Then when one of the infielders gets a day off there’s only 1 void in the lineup instead of 2. I’d much prefer a 7-8-9 of:

    Getting Thames out of the OF, and into a platoon situation will be a substantial improvement.

  • ADam

    For the love of god please be within two weeks… I can’t look at Randy Winn anymore…

    • JMK’s Mystique and Aura

      I think you left the “repeat” button on.

    • Chris

      Since Randy Winn became an everyday player (on May 3), he’s hitting .265/.375/.412/.787

      Sure it’s not great, but it doesn’t warrant over reaction. In fact, it’s better than Granderson was hitting this season before the injury.

  • brian

    at this point though….

    wouldn’t you want to see cervilli in the game almost everyday? which would make Posada DH … i wonder where that leaves thames and wynn?

    • JMK’s Mystique and Aura

      No, Frankie’s had exceedingly good BABip that will not continue moving forward; he’ll soon be exposed for what he is – a good defensive catcher with a decent hit tool.

      Posada also loathes DH’ing, so that would piss him off. And we’d have to call up a 3rd catcher, likely to be Chad Moeller.

      Not sure that’s allocating resources effectively.

    • Steve H

      No. Cervelli is a backup catcher.

      • YankeeScribe

        For now…

  • JMK’s Mystique and Aura

    I always find it funny when someone assigns a percentage as to how much effort they expended. Why in just this very comment I went at roughly 82%.

  • jim p

    Frankly, looks like 81.7% from here.

    • JMK’s Mystique and Aura

      You could be righ-


  • Matt on Earth

    I don’t really see the purpose in keeping Winn at this point. He’s decent on defense but Golsen is better. He’s terrible on offense so why not take chances with anyone else. If the yankees are going to have a 1 dimensional outfielder, at least get someone REALLY fast and athletic out there. Winn seems like a nice guy but I am reallllllllly sick of seeing him in the lineup. I don’t think his contribution is better than a callup. Why not give some kid a chance to log some innings?

    / exerted 77% effort

    • JMK’s Mystique and Aura

      Don’t look now but Winn’s been pretty good the last week +. Golson would provide better defense but he’d also provide much worse offense. Considering the present state of the bottom of the lineup, I’d rather take the veteran who’s been performing of late with a larger career sample.

    • ROBTEN

      Winn seems like a nice guy but I am reallllllllly sick of seeing him in the lineup. I don’t think his contribution is better than a callup.

      Fun Facts:

      Winn in May: .265/.375/.412/.787
      Winn in his career: .285/.344.417/.761

      In other words, outside of an extremely slow start in April, Winn is now putting up numbers in line with his thirteen year career and certainly good enough for your fourth outfielder. And he’s also putting up a .9 UZR, so he’s not hurting you in the field. Again, certainly good enough for your fourth outfielder.

      Who should the Yankees call up that would be better off the bench than this?

      • Matt on Earth

        Austin Jackson…..Doh!

        /homer simpson’d

        Yeah you guys make a decent case for him as a fourth outfielder. .265 and a .9 UZR certainly isn’t bad but I don’t think we’re going to see Winn match his career stats. He’s probably going to be a lot closer to last year’s stats (.260ish BA) than the .285 he has posted over his career. Most players will have a week where they do decently. That’s not necessarily an indication of consistant play. There was a recent he was cut from the Giants.

        • ROBTEN

          1. He wasn’t cut from the Giants. He was a free-agent.

          2. BA is such a small part of it. If he’s getting on base more, I wouldn’t worry about how it is happening. Plus, one more hit in May and we’re talking about a .294 BA.

          3. Austin Jackson is an entirely different situation. Jackson had an otherworldly BABIP that everyone pointed out was unsustainable and, guess what, it is not. Since May 1st, AJax is hitting .276/.311/.362 (and since the Yankee series it’s .120/.185/.120).

          Winn, on the other hand, has a career .323 BABIP and even in his down year was .308. This year it is .250. So unlike Jackson, it is more likely that Winn will improve his numbers. I’d speculate that this what is happening, but I’d have to figure out his BABIP for May to be certain.

          The point is that with Winn we have twelve years of data. If he can keep up his current production then it is most likely that last year, but certainly this April, are outliers in his career. In other words, if his production continues like this, he’s certainly good enough for your 4th outfielder.

          • YankeeScribe

            AJax is a bust


  • nathan

    Out of curiosity I checked into Pete Abe’s chat today. One of the serious questions was “What would the Yanks want in a trade for Cervelli”

    • Matt on Earth

      Roy Halladay, probably…

      That’s a pretty good question. He’s clearly a more than capable backup catcher.

      • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

        yeah but since it was a sox blog wouldn’t they be asking that as in he would be their starter?

      • pat

        I’ll take Lester, straight up.

  • fiercescuba

    Randy Wynn is serviceable at best. Late inning def replacement, maybe a pinch runner. We can’t have this guy coming up in big spots over and over. He is a huge weak spot.

    Jermaine Dye is out there… we need a DH with HR power, preferably a righty…

    Used 69% effort here.

    • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

      randy wynn is serviceable at best.

      but, randy winn is a much much much much better person to have on the team right now that jermaine dye.

    • pat

      2009 WAR

      Randy Winn: 1.6
      Jermaine Dye: -0.4

      Randy had the worst year of his career and he was still more valuable than Dye. That’s how bad Dye is in the field.