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Some links to check out while I try to get my finger to stop bleeding after cutting it open with a broken glass…

Joe Girardi interview at HBR

Katherine Bell of The Harvard Business Journal sat down for a chat with Yanks’ manager Joe Girardi recently, and it’s really one of the better interviews you’ll see. There aren’t any lay-up questions; they talked about his use of statistics, older players mentoring the younger players on the team, his divorce from the Marlins, steroids, all sorts of great stuff. It gets RAB’s highest level of recommendation.

Giambi gets hosed

He hasn’t been a Yankee for over a full year now, but Jason Giambi was always a favorite of mine, so I still keep tabs on him. Even during his down years from 2006-2008, he still put up a .386 OBP and a .262 ISO. Anyway, the Giambino invested seven figures into a social network/fashion retail website (really Big G?), but apparently got taken to the cleaners by a tech guy who delivered an inferior product. Giambi and his wife are now suing the guy for $3M, but I get the sense that the former Yank is the kind of guy that would rather have a few minutes alone with him in a locked room.

Mr. Russo makes it

The Wall Street Journal has been cranking out some great stuff recently, and today they have a feature on Kevin Russo. Apparently the scrappy (yay!) little utility player from Long Island didn’t even have the benefit of the doubt from his college coach at Baylor, who “was just pulling for him to catch a break.” Russo’s father was a Yankee fan before succumbing to cancer in 2007, so for him to be playing in that uniform is all the more special for him and his family. Great stuff, right there.

Overworking catchers

Over at FanGraphs, our own Joe Pawlikowski took a look at catchers who’ve been doing a lot of catching this season, and the possible effect it’ll have on their production. I bring this up because Frankie Cervelli just finished a stretch in which he started seven games in seven days, nine games in ten days, and 15 games in 20 days. Unsurprisingly, his OPS has dropped 64 points during that time, but of course he wasn’t going to maintain his torrid pace all season. Really, I’m thinking more about laying off him a little more now to prevent him from being completely worn out come August and September.

Jorge Posada‘s not young and has already dealt with three different injuries this year (two fluky, of course), so Girardi has to be prepared for a situation in which Cervelli starts the majority of games from here on out. Easing back on the gas now should have benefits later.

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  • Matt :: Sec 105

    Giambi would look great back in pinstripes as a DH mashing to right field. Think he could go 4th (of 5) deck?

    Also, something fun, he could wear 77…for mantle, a favorite of his, and because tex wears 25.

    • mike c

      hmmm my initial reaction was definitely not… but a strictly DH role + YSIII actually sounds halfway decent

      • Matt :: Sec 105

        oh yeah, just run him out there to hit, tell him to to even bring his glove. that short rf porch? giambi would live there.

        • mike c

          yeah a giambi, thames, miranda bench sounds pretty good, a lot of pinch hitting opportunities

          • Angelo

            But the Yankees (when healthy) are stacked with good to great hitters. Why would they need someone to pinch hit most of the time? One of, Thames, Miranda, or Giambi would do just fine.

            Now if we are talking about the Yankees current position, it might make sense to have one of those guys DH and have another there for pinch hitting situations, but once Posada comes back he will likely DH a lot more, so it doesn’t make sense to have so many pinch hitters long term. This isn’t the national league.

    • A.D.

      as a DH mashing to right field.

      Orrr for kicks put him in RF to get some new found appreciation for Thames defense

    • Opus

      My lingering memories of Giambi are him batting with no one on the left side of the field and him pulling the ball towards the fielders on the right side.

  • bexarama

    Some links to check out while I try to get my finger to stop bleeding after cutting it open with a broken glass…

    Well that doesn’t sound too good.

    Great Girardi interview. And I have a big soft spot for Giambi now, actually probably much more so than I did when he was actually a Yankee. It makes me really happy to see him doing well. Probably because of the revisionist history by a lot of people that he was no good at all, which is ridiculous.

    • Thomas

      What determination and grit, still posting at such a high level with a severe injury.

      Also, I am just waiting for the update saying, “The bleeding has stopped.”

    • larryf

      Bex on the 60 minute DL.

    • Steve H

      Probably because of the revisionist history by a lot of people that he was no good at all, which is ridiculous.

      On WEEI this morning they were talking about big money bust contracts in sports due to Rashard Lewis’ horrendeous performance against the Celtics, and someone brought up Giambi. I couldn’t believe it (well they are idiots, so I could). He was far from a bust as a Yankee.

      • bexarama

        WEEI : Steve H :: NYYFans : bexarama

        So stupid, can’t… stay… away…

        • Steve H


      • bexarama

        But yes, people, including a bunch of Yankee fans, act like Giambi was a bust. His defense was not good, and his contract was more than likely a few years too long. Of course, I’d rather have Teixeira (the normal Teixeira, not the alien of suck that has invaded him).

        But he had a .925 OPS and 143 OPS+ with the Yankees, even with several “down” years. It’s a crapshoot but he very frequently did quite well in the postseason, too. That’s bad? He’s become a scapegoat of the “terrible” 2002-2008 years, I think.

        • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

          (the normal Teixeira, not the alien of suck that has invaded him).

          this made me laugh

        • dr mrs the yankee

          Plus his awesome post game interviews where he called Kim Jones honey.

          • Steve H

            And the golden thong.

        • ROBTEN

          “He’s become a scapegoat of the “terrible” 2002-2008 years, I think.”

          I think this is it; it’s the absurd notion by some fans that if you don’t win a championship you don’t become a True Yankee™ (other than Mattingly, whose gritty use of eye black puts him as the exception to the rule).

          Giabmi = loser, should be hoisted by his own golden thong despite a .260/.404/.521 OPS+143

          Sojo = loveable winner and True Yankee™ despite a .251/.284/.311 OPS+54

          Or, just like the argument about “team chemistry”: winning makes you overlook shortcomings, losing often leads to becoming (falsely) critical.

  • rehabdr

    C’mon Giambi……look i rooted hard for him when he was here and he had a few nice moments with the yanks over the years. But please, did the yankees sue giambi for delivering an inferior product!!!!!? He was never the player from the a’s that the yankees paid 100 million for. The whole contract was based on PEDs.