Mid-game injury update: A-Rod’s knee, Granderson

Game 24: A win for the series
Hirsh strong again in Scranton win

While the Yankees and White Sox are playing the rubber match of their three-game set, Joel Sherman has an update on the various injured Yankees. A-Rod, he says, is out of the lineup with “pain behind the right knee.” According to The Post scribe, this pain forced Joe Girardi to pinch run for A-Rod yesterday in the 9th, but the Yankees do not consider the injury serious. Look for A-Rod to return to the lineup on Monday against the Orioles. I wonder if this pain has been impacting A-Rod’s ability to drive off his back leg while at bat.

On the Curtis Granderson front, the Yanks were “more upbeat about Curtis Granderson’s MRI results than they anticipated being” and hope that the center fielder could return in three weeks. Since Curtis’ ability is tied in with his speed, though, the Yanks will hold him back until he’s fully healthy. While Mark Melancon got the call today, the team is planning to activate one-time first-round draft pick Greg Golson once the bullpen is more rested than it has been lately.

Game 24: A win for the series
Hirsh strong again in Scranton win
  • http://161ststreet.wordpress.com/ Chris A

    Who goes down when Golson is called up, Melancon or Logan? I’d prefer to keep Melancon.

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      My guess is Melancon because Joe Girardi has a love affair with the lefty-lefty match-ups. I too would prefer send Logan down though.

      • http://161ststreet.wordpress.com/ Chris A

        I was thinking the same thing about Girardi. Well I guess it would be better for Melancon to get regular work with Scranton than for him to get little work with New York.

  • Salty Buggah

    I guess it’s good to get the inevitable injuries out of the way now. Please heal rapidly and stay healthy for the rest of the year, A-Rod & Curtis.

  • PaulF

    Isn’t it amazing how much ass this lineup kicks with two all-stars sitting with injuries?

    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      Oh my gosh, the columnists were right, clearly we’re better off without A-Rod (and Granderson) ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Melvin-To-America/193013541601?ref=sgm Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Sign Elijiah Dukes for AAA.

    /not letting this go’d

  • ecksodia

    Come on, Phil. Strikeout to top it all off.

    • ecksodia

      Oops, sorry. Should’ve been in the other thread.

  • Brad Toughy

    And this is why it’s stupid to criticize Joe Girardi for pinch-running for A-Rod yesterday. He knows what’s going on with his players than anyone here thinks they do.

  • http://www.conservationvaluenotes.com Jon G

    I’ve read all the Granderson vs. AJAX stuff over here, but having been watching AJAX rise through the minors, I was won over when he hit that grand slam vs. Boston in pre-season last year.

    He always seemed to me to be sort of like the next Bernie — the home grown CF who could hit, had speed, had heart and power that would come.

    I was bummed about the Granderson trade for that reason. While I told myself that it was smart because Granderson was proven (great player, great character, good clubhouse guy) and AJAX wasn’t, that was my brain speaking, not my gut. My gut said that this was a bad move — that AJAX will be something special and we should have kept him.

    It’s a long season and we’ve got many years to go before we see who’s right, but I sure hope the Yanks didn’t trade away our next Bernie and end up regretting it…

    • http://www.conservationvaluenotes.com Jon G

      And by the way, I always felt the same way about Hughes, and my stomach was a twisted mess when they were talking about trading him for Santana.

      Now he’s looking like — well, 1.44 ERA on 5/2… Siiick!

    • Zack

      “My gut said that this was a bad move — that AJAX will be something special and we should have kept him.”

      Does your gut know that AJax’s BABIP is .500?

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      You were won over by a Spring Training home run?

      • Zack

        If a grand slam off of Devern Hansack in ST doesnt tell you greatness is on the way, then I dont know what does.

  • Jon G

    My whole point was that I read the debate and the numbers on previous posts and comments. I’ve seen the stats, and I know he’s going to come back down to earth sooner than later like he did last year.

    But I still think that AJAX is going to be something special.

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you guys will eat your BABIP. How’s this, Benjamin and Zack: the loser(s) buys a round of Patron for the three of us when I finally get back to NY for a game (I live in northern California, but have been attending Yankee games in NY since 1977).

    Game on..? (obviously it’s going to take a couple of years, but I’ve been on this blog for a couple of years already, and I’m not planning on going anywhere)

    I hope this is one I lose

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      I’d take that bet. What’s our baseline for “coming back down” though? I think he has the potential to be a very serviceable major leaguer, but he’s not going to be an elite player. I’d say more Raul Mondesi than Bobby Abreu.

  • http://conservationvalue.blogspot.com/ Jon G

    Sounds good.

    How about we just say who has the better numbers over the 2010 and 2011 seasons. To be resolved in 2 years…

    Obviously, it’s a short time-span, but for a few shots of Patron, sounds fair to me.

    As I said, I hope I lose this one and Granderson shines, though I also wish the best to AJAX.