Open Thread: Another series win


"Ladies." (Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP)

Another home game, another rock solid win for the Yankees. Whenever the Twins play in the Bronx, they must feel like the Yanks felt all those years playing in Anaheim. This series is already in the bag, so tomorrow’s house money day with The Sergio Mitre Experience on the mound.

I recommend going out and enjoying yourself on this gorgeous Saturday evening, but if you’re stuck in front of a computer, then use this as your open thread. The Mets-Marlins are on WPIX, plus the Cardinals-Reds (MLB Network) are on as well. Anything goes, so have at it.

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  1. Any time I get the urge to complain about how poorly the Yankees play in Anaheim, I’ll remind myself that Minnesota is 3-25 in Gardenhire’s tenure at Yankee Stadium

  2. Brett says:

    Yea along those lines can the Yanks play the Twins at home more often?

  3. Drew says:

    Going to my first game in the YS III tomorrow. You aren’t allowed in your seats until 2 hours before first pitch, right? Also, does anyone know about what time the Yanks usually take BP for a 1 o’clock game? Also the visiting team? I’d like to watch Mauer take a few swings in the cage.

    • BP is about 1 hour before game time. About 15 minutes or so for both teams, and then about a half hour wait until the game actually starts. So if you want t5o catch it, get there at least an hour early.

      BTW-Watch Mo play CF, he’s a natural out there. Jeter’s fun to watch as well, very methodical.

      • Edit-According to Matty, it’s earlier now. I haven’t been to BP in a long while.

      • Drew says:

        Nice, thanks. I’m going to get up there by 11 so I can walk around and what not.

        • Oh, definitely do. Make sure you check out the museum, it’s right upstairs on the 2nd level when you enter Gate 6 (161+River). Ruth and Gehrig displays, and a big glass display of balls signed by a zillion Yankees. It’s fun to just read them all and see how many you recognize.

  4. Eirias says:

    Ah, the Mets. John Maine has decided the Marlins should go for a walk. Can’t win for losing.

  5. Teix is the Man says:

    Does Hughes go on Monday, and Sabathia on Tuesday?

  6. WIlliam says:

    If Johnson’s surgery fails, and he’s out ’til end of July, do the Yankees make a trade?

  7. theyankeewarrior says:

    Lets assume that Nick Johnson will never bat again for the Yankees.

    (Which is not a bad assumption)

    Who can Cashman target as a primary DH for the second half/playoffs? Suggestions?

    • WIlliam says:


    • WIlliam says:

      Just re-read. Johnson will bat again. He’s out worst case through July.

    • nsalem says:


    • larryf says:

      Jorge Posada

    • yoo-boo says:

      Lance Berkman may be another Swisher. Low BA but high OBP with 25 HRs production from both sides. No trade clause with 2011 option. He is quite expensive.

      Jon Cantu is a HR hacker for just 6M. he had dealt with arbitration twice. Not sure he is up for another arbitration or finally becomes FA after this season.

      Jason Kubel? I dont like him.

      I dont see any good option for Yanks this moment unless Jermaine Dye willingly lowers the price tag to play for the contending team as DH/RF.

      Johnson will return from wrist surgery in August so how well will he rebound in a little time? I hope Juan Miranda hit well during NJ’s absence. If Miranda cant then Yanks need to transfer NJ to 60 day DL in order to purchase either Weber or Winafee as either W will take Miranda’s spot in bigs.

      • bexarama says:

        Lance Berkman isn’t really much like Swisher because we absolutely stole Swisher. People know Berkman is good and he will cost a lot more.

  8. Eirias says:

    Got Alan Wake early. This is going to be one spooky game.

  9. WIlliam says:

    What a tag by the Marlin’s catcher.

  10. WIlliam says:

    What is WPIX? Why isn’t it SNY?

    • Eirias says:

      WPIX is the local CW network station in NY. Weekend Mets games are sometimes shown on it, much like there are Yankees games on MY9.

  11. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    NHL playoff action is tomorrow, not today, you got me all excited……

  12. sleepykarl says:

    I wish Nova would start tomorrow instead of Mitre. May not be a more logical start, but it would be more interesting.

  13. Zack says:

    Dontrelle Willis has 7 BB in 3.1 IP. Ugly

  14. Riddle says:

    Not sure if everyone has already seen this, but it gave me a chuckle…,17436/

    • sleepykarl says:

      “Never bothered to throw a perfect game on Mother’s Day when his Mom was still alive.”

      That one got me.

  15. I was at the Stadium today and it was absolutely gorgeous.

  16. zs190 says:

    Pat Burrell just got released. I know he’s been horrible this season but the guy has a track record, he seems healthy, and in a few days he’ll only cost the pro-rated minimum. Worth kicking tire on as a DH if Johnson needs surgery?

  17. sleepykarl says:

    Can anyone think of a reason Manuel is hitting Pagan in the 3 hole over Wright or Davis?

  18. larryf says:

    Don’t know what time the Yanks take BP-gotta be around 10:30/11. The gift shop opens at 10 on Sundays and as of last week when we visited there were no Gritsky shirts or jerseys to be found.


  19. sleepykarl says:

    Also, where does Det get their endless supply of nondescript white guys to fill out their OF (Rayburn, Casper Wells, Boesch, Kelly, and Clete Thomas)?

  20. VO says:

    Does anyone here have a good article on the physics of baseball?

  21. Jack II says:

    Pat Burrell was an unmigitated disaster with the Rays, so to beat all other Yankee fans to the punch (and not because I’m actually being serious about this)

    should the Yankees consider going after Burrell?

    • Jack II says:

      I wasn’t first.

      Forget this post.

    • Nah, it’s not a great use of a roster spot to carry a DH-only player. I’d rather leave things as is and try to improve the bench depth somehow, which they really could use.

    • Drew says:

      At this point in his career he has a reverse split and carries a Winn-ian OPS.

      Last year vs Lefties, he was out OPS’d by almost 220 points by Thames.

      Not worth the roster spot IMO.

      Too bad it will take too much to get Berkman.

  22. yoo-boo says:

    For fun, What would happen to Vazquez if he continued fucking up.

    3 way trade.

    Yanks: Oswalt.
    Mets: Vazquez.
    Astros: SPs Nova and McAllister (Yanks), OF Martinez and 1B/OF Murphy (Mets).

    Oswalt is almost 2 years younger than Vazquez but is owed for about 12M in 2010 and 16M in 2011 plus 2012 16M option (2M buyout).

    2010 rotation: Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Oswalt, Hughes.
    2011 rotation: Sabathia, Burnett, Oswalt, Hughes, a rookie.

    Granted sticking with Vazquez until the season is over and then signing Lee is a lot of cheaper than taking Oswalt’s final 2 season contract, but Vazquez’s struggle can kill the bullpen, especially with Burnett being wild and Hughes possibly dealing with tired arm later in the season.

  23. Drew says:

    If the Cubbies continue to fall out of contention, I’d love to make a run at D-Lee. Not sure if he’d be happy only DHing, and it may cost as much as Berkman so I’m not sure it would work. But I can dream..

  24. poster says:

    Anyone watching Cards-Reds? SHIT, that was some ending!

  25. Eirias says:

    Run Prevention in Detroit!

  26. WIlliam says:

    Wow, Sox just gave up a walk-off 4-pitch bases loaded walk. Just wow.

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