Postgame Notes: “Really not that bad.”

Vazquez leaves with bruised finger, x-rays negative
Vazquez strong again as Yanks take game one of 2010 Subway Series 2-1
Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II, AP

When Javy Vazquez left tonight’s start after taking a pitch to his right index finger, the first thing everyone thought was “here we go again.” It seems like every time the Yankeess play a game these days, someone goes down with injury. X-rays were negative on Javy’s bruised digit, and the good news is that the ball missed his nail. Just got the meat.

“Really not that bad,” said tonight’s winning pitcher when asked about the pain, in fact he joked that he didn’t even realize he had been hit until after running down to first. Vazquez didn’t know he was bleeding until he got back to the dugout and took his batting gloves off, at which point he basically said to himself “oh man, this is bad.” Joe Girardi couldn’t offer any more info beyond what we already know, but he did say they’ll know more by Sunday. Javy did some tests gripping a baseball, and said everything went fine. He still has to see how he feels in a few days, and how it feels actually throwing a baseball in his upcoming side work.

Vazquez will have an extra day of rest before his next start because of Monday’s off day, so it’s entirely possible he’ll make his next scheduled start against the Twins next Thursday. That would be pretty awesome.

  • Javy said his command is getting better, especially with his fastball. He seems like a very cool guy, he joked about being embarrassed by the injury because he’s been bunting in the NL so long. Said that’s never happened to him before.
  • The Yankees left eight men on base, but Girardi isn’t concerned that players are pressing. He praised Mets’ starter Hisanori Takahashi for getting strikeouts when he needed them, particularly Derek Jeter in the 3rd and Nick Swisher in the 4th.
  • Girardi also isn’t concerned about Mariano Rivera, who’s been hit unusually hard in his last three outings. “He usually has pinpoint control,” he said, “but it hasn’t been pinpoint the last few times. ” I don’t know if the fans are panicking, but no one in the clubhouse is.
  • “Big night.” That’s pretty much all Girardi – or anyone – had to say about Kevin Russo. Making his first big league start, Russo went 2-for-3 and saw 14 total pitches, driving in the team’s only two runs. I’d bet on him playing again tomorrow.

And finally, for any Mets’ fans out there, Jerry Manuel said Ike Davis didn’t hurt himself rounding second on his 9th inning double. He just missed the bag and had to go back to touch up. Mets baseball, ladies and gentlemen.

Update: Forgot to mention this above, but the pitch Javy suffered the injury on was not the deciding pitch of his at-bat. It was the foul immediately before that.

Vazquez leaves with bruised finger, x-rays negative
Vazquez strong again as Yanks take game one of 2010 Subway Series 2-1
  • YankeesGalaxy

    Feels good to get a win eh gang?

    • Neil

      Terrific! I’d like to see Tex get going. I’d like also to see the LF defensive replacement (Winn) track a fly ball a little bit better. The ball that Bay hit landed against the wall head high and three feet behind Winn!

  • bexarama

    He seems like a very cool guy, he joked about being embarrassed by the injury because he’s been bunting in the NL so long.

    But I thought he was a headcase who couldn’t handle NY!

    I don’t know if the fans are panicking,

    I am looking at you skeptically.

  • Matty V

    Nice work tonight. Had to have been pretty fun covering it at Citi Field.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Love the RABbis covering the game. I hope you get to do this everyday, at least in New York.

  • Frittoman626

    Hopefully Javy can keep it up

  • ShuutoHeat (Igawa > Logan)

    Lets hope the slightly injured index finger doesn’t affect Javy’s pitching too much. The index finger is so crucial to a pitcher.

  • Ana

    Javy is easy to root for. Hopefully he can continue the run of success, get his head on straight/confidence back…

  • Dela G

    great game

    great win

  • Richard Iurilli

    You even beat Carig to the punch on Twitter several times. The beat needs to step it up with RAB in the house.

  • I Collect Brett Gardner Cards

    good stuff tonight, but wayyyyyyy too nail-bite style.

  • nsalem

    Jeff Francoeur said tonight on the FAN pregame show (paraphrase)
    We would be very happy to win four of the next six games against The
    Yankees and The Phillies. Later in the interview he also said three wins on the homestand would be making a great statement. Never heard a statement quite like that. Also where do you think Gardner should be batting (ASSuming he maintains an over .360 OBP) when or if this team
    is healthy again.

  • tom massa

    I think the Yankees brain trust ( Cashman) made a monumental mistake not at least getting back Damon,let alone Matsui.Even Jeter has dropped markedly in average without Damon in the 2nd hole,this was a dynamite combo.
    The hope is the pitching gets its collective butts in gear, to lose to the Mets is bad enough,but the starters have failed miserably over the last 2 weeks.Texeira has been swinging so badly that i dont think he could hit a beach ball right now,and that is hurting the table setting for this team. Cano still leaves men on base,while the only consistent RBI men have been Rodriguez and Cervelli with men on base. Gardner is starting to fade,and you hope Granderson picks up the offense when he returns.The hitting this year is just not getting it done.The injuries have been like an emergency ward,but they are hurting without Posada.Rivera you hope is just in an early season funk,as without him they are going nowhere this year.
    This team also needs a hard hitting outfielder with some speed,as Winn and Thames have been mediocre at best,plus another middle inning reliable reliever to replace the horrific Chan Ho out of the Park. Tex,Jeter,A-Rod ,and Cano have to start driving in runs,as the Yanks are leaving scads of runners on,and after tonite they are 6 back of the Rays,not good,lets hope they get out of this funk they are in fast………even though its very early in the season,and in August lets see where the streaking Rays are,and maybe the Red Sox also