Thames exits game with ankle sprain

Sanchez dominant before bullpen nearly blows it for SWB
Posada out 3-4 weeks with hairline fracture

Update (11:18pm): Joe Girardi said during the postgame that x-rays were negative and that Thames was not expected to be placed on the disabled list, which I guess is good news. I just hate seeing that dead 25-man roster spot.

9:33pm: Sprained left ankle. Time to call up another reliever.

9:27pm: Marcus Thames left tonight’s game after literally stepping on his own bat running out a single in the 6th inning. Not sure if it’s an ankle or a knee or what, but it was obvious from the replay that stepping on the bat did the trick. He was lifted from the game after trying to walk it off, and was replaced by Ramiro Pena. We’ll update this post as more info becomes available.

Sanchez dominant before bullpen nearly blows it for SWB
Posada out 3-4 weeks with hairline fracture
  • bexarama

    He has a sprained left ankle according to Twitter. SIGH.

  • T-Dubs

    Kinda wish Boone Logan was an outfielder…

  • Guest

    Our Yankee OF is like Mr. Burns’ softball team.

    • Andy_C_23

      Hey, those guys won the championship!

  • Guest

    They know when they have a curveball coming.

  • Yankeefan91 Arod Fan

    so who do we call up now john webber.

  • JoeyH

    It’s really time to demote Boone Logan is what time it is.

    • Chris

      Why? He’s been more effective than David Robertson so far.

      • B-Rando

        Robertson proved he was capable last year of being an effective reliever…possibly someone who could step into a setup/closer role in the future. Obviously he’s taken a step or two backward, but we know what kind of pitcher he can be.

        Logan’s peripherals and previous performance show us that he’s performing exactly as he should. In the Yanks bullpen he’s the 2nd lefty out of the pen. When he’s been used in key spots (aka where he needs to come in and get a lefty out) we’ve seen him give up hits, walk them, do almost anything but retire that batter.

        I’d rather see Robertson, Melancon, dare I say even Albaladejo instead of Logan out there.

      • JoeyH

        Why? Because he can’t throw strikes.

  • Pasqua

    All eyes now on Nick Swisher and his Painful Forearm of Doom.

  • bonestock94

    lol wtf

    this is my reaction to injuries at this point

  • forensicnucchem

    Also on the injury front, Posada has a fracture in his foot. Out 3-4 weeks. Per Lohud.

  • Cecala

    Honest to god, I laughed because this pretty much summed up our injury filled season thus far, plus he tripped over his own bat! Who does that!

  • L.C.

    It seems that every day now there is a crisis. We need Posada for the long ball and we always seemed to win with Swisher in the lineup. With Joba it seems more mental than anything else. The last time out he looked like he had no confidence in his pitches. If we don’t get good pitching from our relievers we are in deep trouble. It doesn’t look good for the short term. I just hope we can hang in there till we get everyone healthy.

  • RS

    Ya just don’t get rid of last years World Series MVP.

    .As bad a call as letting Pettite’s contract expire in favor of hiring the un Yankee Big Unit. That cost a couple of World Series rings.