Vazquez skipped again

Injury Updates: Chan Ho Park & Nick Johnson
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While Tuesday’s rainout forced the Yankees to use Sergio Mitre for a second straight start, it also afforded them some flexibility the next time through the rotation. They’ll use it to skip Javier Vazquez’s next start, which would have come Monday or Tuesday against Boston. Instead he’ll start the series opener against the Mets Friday night at Citi.

Clearly, the Yanks want Vazquez to get a few more starts under his belt before placing him in a high-pressure game. They’re not going to be able to have Vazquez skip the Sox every time through, and at some point he’s going to have to pitch in a big game. Skipping his last start seemed to work, though, so maybe they’re in the process of getting him back on track.

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Injury Updates: Chan Ho Park & Nick Johnson
A closer look at Marte
  • Chris G

    Uggh I know that Hughes is pitching well but he is only going to be able to throw 25ish starts this year. These are starts where Hughes is suppose to be skipped. I really worry they are going to jerk him around like they did Joba last year.

    • mike c

      if he keeps up this kind of performance, they are going to let him go a little longer. they will probably rest him once they clinch in september and get him ready for the postseason

    • bg90027

      Your first two sentences were my thoughts exactly plus I’d like to see Vasquez given the opportunity to build on his last start without having to wait nine or ten days to do so. Wouldn’t be the way I would go but if Hughes pitches well and Vasquez pitches well against the Mets then who really cares. We all probably second guess these decisions too much.

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    Been thinking about this today and I don’t like this decision much. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but I don’t understand why you don’t take the opportunity to keep Hughes’s IP-total down a bit. The Yankees have to be aware, all season, of Hughes’s IP-limitations and find ways to keep his IP-total down, and they’re not taking an opportunity to do so that’s basically been presented to them on a platter. I don’t know… Seems really myopic.

    • Brien Jackson

      I get your point, but with 4 games against Boston and Tampa, I don’t really see much of an issue with using your 4 best pitchers (at the moment anyway) who are all pitching very well right now, and passing over the guy who is struggling. Let him pitch in a big park to an NL lineup. 2 straight good starts might help his confidence too. There will be opportunities to skip Hughes later if he needs to be skipped.

  • EvoLuTioN

    don’t get this move to be honest

    red sox are still injured so now is the time to face them and get javys confidence up against them

    plus, hughes IS on an innings limit…..we got javy to give us 200+ innings and make it easy to skip hughes now and then. not the other way around

    • mike c

      it makes perfect sense to me, we should be focused on winning now, and beating AL east teams is the #1 priority. the mets series isn’t a big deal really. we need to pad our lead in the east and smash boston while they are weak. we can rest hughes once we’re coasting to the playoffs

  • Raf

    i dont understand the fear they have leading to these skipped starts against Boston. like you said, he’ll have to face them eventually.

  • ledavidisrael

    Hmm idk about this. He seemed to regain his control after the last break. I suppose they are hoping he can regain his fastball with another break.

  • Hughesus Christo

    Yankees handling a young starter poorly? Nah… can’t see it.

  • crawdaddy

    I think a couple of factors went into this decision besides the obvious one with Javy like not wanting Pettitte to swing a bat next weekend at Citifield.

  • WonderBoy

    Let me get this straight. So NYY management is skipping, AGAIN, its $11 million, NL Cy Young runner up, +200 IP “workhorse” in favor of the kid,”The Franchise”, that you DON´T want pitching more than 160-170 innings to nurture your potential ACE of the future. And you are doing that in mid-May, that even with your big guns kind of quiet, you still have the second best record in MLB, 1 game down of TB, on a HOME game against the FORMER “mighty” Red Sox?

    If you don’t risk it now, when. What are you afraid of? The booing to Vasquez by the asses in the Stadium affecting his “fragile” psyche?

    I say, put him in, tell him to saddle up, and take it like a man (that is, an $11 million man/professional) if he screws up again; and try again the next time, and the next time, and the next time, until he gets it right…or, cut your losses, admit the mistake and dump him in July!

  • bg90027

    I don’t disagree with those wanting to give Hughes a rest. I’d start Vasquez too. I’d do so more though because I want to get Vasquez on a roll though than because I think its that important to skip hughes.

    If they want to keep Hughes going on regular rest, maybe they think that he’s more likely to be affected by a skipped turn than Vasquez? I don’t know. I don’t care about Hughes reaching his innings limit faster at the end of the day. I’ll be really happy if he reaches his limit without any injuries and managing his August and September innings becomes a challenge. That will be a good problem to have.

    I want Vasquez to start mostly for selfish reasons of not wanting to have to wait another five days to see whether he’ll build on his last start. What’s the best decision for the team I’m not sure. I know I won’t enjoy the press spin of it though or the time I’ll have to wait wondering how Javy’s next start will go.

  • Guest

    In a way, doesn’t a move like this put more start on Kavy? It brings further light to the team’s current lack of trust in him and makes each one of his starts seem like a bigger, and bigger deal. Plus, this would certainly have been a good moment to skip hughes for innings cap purposes.

    If he continues pitching well and we are in a close race in August and September, I hope they still remember to restrict his innings. I know that might not seem awesome if he is still the best pitcher in the rotation, but I think it actually becomes more essential if he’s pitching at an elite level. If he continues to be elite, he’s an even more precious commodity, and I’d want them to take even greater care with him. If you think that’s a bad idea and that we shouldn’t coddle him, I have two words for you “Mark” and “Prior.”

  • Josh S.

    I’ve been thinking about this move too, and here’s what I think. If the Yankees were to skip Hughes in favor of Vazquez, then there would be a ton of different critics saying that Hughes is arguably our best pitcher right now and why skip him against a team in the division like Boston? This move will be second guessed especially if it backfires, but I can’t argue against Hughes facing Boston again after dominating them in Fenway. Then Javy pitches in the spacious Citi Field and can build on his last start.

    Either way, I think that it’s a tough decision, and I’d almost rather have Javy start today on 3 days rest (and pitch again on Fri on normal rest) than give the ball to Mitre. Since they already won the series and it’s virtually a no-pressure game, why not let Javy try to build on his last start (or maybe bring Javy in from the bullpen if Mitre struggles).

    Whatever happens with the pitching, I hope that the games end up in Yankees wins.