Yanks can’t complete comeback, fall 5-4 to Tigers

Montero returns in SWB loss
Derek Jeter hitting the same, but different, than 2009

Coming off what was probably their biggest series of the young season, the Yankees rolled on in to Detroit to face a handful of former teammates and get back on the winning track. We saw some of that never-say-die attitude that was the trademark of last year’s World Championship club, but ultimately they were unable to complete the comeback, losing back-to-back games for just the third time this season.

Photo Credit: Duane Burleson, AP

Biggest Out: Winn pops it up

As completely and utterly frustrating as this game was, the Yankees had more than one opportunity to tie this up in the 8th inning. With men on second and third, one out, and two runs already in, Randy Winn stepped to the plate against one of those former Yankees, lefty Phil Coke. A simple fly ball to the outfield would have tied the game with the lineup about the turn over.

Coke’s first two pitches to Winn were down and well out of the zone, putting him a comfy 2-0 count. The Yanks’ leftfielder was sitting on a fastball, which is usually what you do in that count, but normally you’d also hold up if the pitch almost hits you in the hands. Instead, Winn swung at a 92 mph high and tight heater, and popped it straight up to third baseman Brandon Inge. The run was unable to score, and sadly it was the third time Winn stranded a runner in scoring position in his four at-bats. The Yanks chances of winning went from a decent 41.5 percent to a slim 25.8 percent on the play.

Derek Jeter tried his best to atone for Winn’s shortcoming, but Magglio Ordoñez’s sliding catch robbed of him of a chance to be the hero.

Biggest Blunder: Two outs in the 1st

Photo Credit: Paul Sancya, AP

Thrust into a starting assignment because of Andy Pettitte‘s cranky elbow, the Yankees were hoping that Sergio Mitre could get off to a quick start with a painless 1st inning. He punched out two more former Yankees – Austin Jackson and Johnny Damon – on a combined ten pitches, though Ordonez ruined the perfect frame by singling into right. Miguel Cabrera posted a formidable threat at the plate, but teams have scored a run with a man on first and two outs less than 25% of the time this season.

After fouling off Mitre’s first sinker, Cabrera hit on top of the second one, grounding to towards Alex Rodriguez at third. A-Rod ranged to his left to the knock the ball down after being unable to field it cleanly, but he quickly recovered to fire over to first. The throw short-hopped Mark Teixeira and ended up in the stands, sending Ordonez to third and Cabrera to second. It’s an uncomfortable spot, but there’s still two outs and a rookie hitter at the plate, so if Mitre bears down he should be fine.

He did manage to induce another ground ball, but Brennan Boesch pulled it just out of the reach of Teixeira at 1st, and in came two runs. In the span of seven pitches, the Yankees watched the game go from two outs and a potentially scoreless frame to down two with a man on first. Mitre escaped the inning and otherwise did a splendid job in his spot start, but the Yanks had to play catch-up right from the get-go.

Photo Credit: Paul Sancya, AP

The Experience

Because he had spent the first month of the season in the bullpen, Mitre was expected to throw somewhere around 65-75 pitches on the night. If he completed five, Joe Girardi said he was literally going to do a cartwheel. He didn’t quite get there, but Mitre was decent enough to keep the team in the ball game.

True to the scouting report, Mitre recorded seven of his 13 outs on the ground. Four others came on strikeouts, and just two were hit in the air. He fell victim to some bad luck in that first inning, with the error and seeing-eye grounder through the 3.5 hole, so it’s tough to hang  that on him. After giving up another run in the second on a walk, single, sac bunt, and ground out, Mitre retired the next eight men he faced, needing just 28 pitches to do it.

His night ended when the sinker stopped sinking, and Johnny Damon deposited a 90 mph offering into the rightfield stands for his second homer of the year. At this time last season, Damon had nine homers. I don’t know why I mentioned that. Anyway, Mitre’s night involved 4.1 innings thrown, five hits, four runs but just three earned, and a pair of walks in addition to those eight strikeouts. As far as spot starts from your long man go, you couldn’t ask for more.

Sad Moments

Photo Credit: Paul Sancya, AP

There’s really too many to count. A-Rod’s error in the 1st stands out the most to me. Then there was Teixeira’s check swing double play with two men on to end the 5th. Le sigh. Also, Randy Winn swinging at Zumaya’s first pitch immediately after he walked Gardner to load the bases. I hate to keep dumping on Winn, but damn dude, the pitcher’s the one in trouble there, don’t help him out.

Boone Logan. What purpose does the guy serve? He faced two lefties tonight and they both reached, and overall he’s allowed 11 of the 26 batters he’s faced to reach base. That’s a .423 on-base percentage. The only thing the guy has going for him is the arm he throws with, yet Girardi seems to love him.

Jose Valverde. Get a grip man, no need for a first pump after every strike.

Happy Moments

This might have been the most frustrating loss of the season because the Yankees squandered so many chances (they had men on the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th innings, yet scored zero runs), but there were still some things that made me smile. Brett Gardner beating out the double play in the 2nd, for example. His grounder to Inge was tailor made, but as soon as the third baseman double clutched, you knew he had no chance at two. You gotta love that.

Joel Zumaya came into the game with 23 strikeouts and zero walks in 18.1 IP, but the Yanks coaxed a free pass out of the flamethrower. The culprit? Gardner, of course.

How about Joba Chamberlain? Guy was en fuego this game. He went 96-97-97-97 to leadoff man Scott Sizemore in the 8th, and struck him out on three swings and misses. His first pitch to the next batter, Adam Everett? Try an 86 mph curveball for a called strike on the outer half. All told, Joba threw 14 pitches, got five swings and misses on his fastball, and hit 98 three times in Everett’s at-bat. It’s the best he’s looked probably since 2007.

David Robertson looked better as well. He’s still off a bit, but it was good to see him limit the damage after allowing a two out single. It’s a start.

And finally, May Tex lives on. Another game, another jack.

WPA Graph & Box Score

Individual WPA breakdowns are available at FanGraphs, and here’s the MLB.com box score.

Up Next

Same two teams tomorrow night, as Javy Vazquez looks to get back on track against Rick Porcello and his 7.50 ERA (4.63 xFIP). The forecast isn’t great, so a rainout is very possible.

Montero returns in SWB loss
Derek Jeter hitting the same, but different, than 2009
  • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with all of this. It was a very annoying loss, but what can you do? I always get way more frustrated by losses where the Yankees blow the lead, honestly.

    Also, if I hear ONE MORE PERSON say “this 2010 team has no heart, they can never come back!!!” I am going to … shake my fist a lot.

    • http://www.bomberbanter.com/ BomberBanter.com

      no heart? those folks are knuckleheads!

      Jose Valverde was more animated than Joba Chamberlain on coke. I know the Tigers won the game, but relax!

      I think the Girardi wants to see what he has in Boone Logan. He’s not long for this team if he keeps this nonsense up.

  • Dela G

    unbelievable how sergio mitre has ANOTHER start in which the defense fails him. i remember last year, especially against toronto, in which he would have his starts stymied by errors.

    i feel for the guy

    we’ll get em tomorrow with javy

    • http://MattOnEarth.blogspot.com Matt on Earth

      Doesn’t that sound promising…

      What a frustrating loss. I am not sure which is more crappy, Marcus in the outfield or Randy at the plate.

  • Matty Ice

    I like that Girardi keeps going with Robertson to try and break him out of his slump, instead of sending him down and getting in his head. Hopefully they can grind it out now, and then he’ll be good to go in the dog days of summer.

  • Stryker

    sigh. i cannot WAIT until granderson and park come off the DL. and it’d be nice if joba could throw more than an inning.

    this game was entirely winnable. what a frustrating loss.

    • matt damon wayans

      I wish Joba could throw multiple innings too, however, if as the innings pass his Grunt Quotient plummets.

  • Hey ZZ

    I hope one day I am alive to see every LOOGY in baseball unemployed.

  • http://conservationvalue.blogspot.com Jon G

    I’ve about had enough of Randy Wynn (Randy LOSE is more like it – that’s more of what he usually helps us do) and Boone Logan.

    I really hope that the next time Melancon comes up, he does for the big league club what he does at SWB. His doing that and becoming a trustworthy presence in the 7th and 8th would make a lot of other things possible…

    Speaking of which, I wonder of Joba in the pen this year does for him as a starter what Hughes in the pen last year has done for him as a starter this year. We all know that Joba didn’t have nearly the time that Hughes did in the minors to develop, so maybe this is the type of thing he needs. We will see… Future starter or future closer..?

    • http://twitter.com/marcos_aguirre Marcos

      Starter, and I hope he learns a thing or two in the pen.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        thats what i’m hoping. I’m hoping that he at least gets another shot in the rotation. Hopefully he can learn to be 93-96 as a starter and top out at 97-98. But joba going back to the rotation has alot to do with andy as well as guys like melancon

    • http://www.bomberbanter.com/ BomberBanter.com

      Ha, nice one Jon – take THAT, John Sterling!

      I still prefer Joba as a starter.

  • DJH

    This was the most upsetting loss of the season to me. I don’t mind games like the last one in Boston because we never really got close but games like this get me down.

    I still have faith that Vazquez is gonna turn it around in spacious Comerica the next game.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    I bet alot of people didn’t think they would be yearning for the return on CHOP but Boone Logan sucks…also, losing Curtis Granderson was such a tough loss. Winn and Thames suck for different reasons, and it seems every time they’re playing the weakness shines through big time. Winn has 0 ability to the hit the baseball, therefore why not let the other guy who can’t hit the baseball play? I am talking Golson, he is faster and a better defender, so why not? Randy Winn kills me, Thames on the other hand is passable at times. I think he should be on the team, at least he can hit, which is still the most important thing.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    also….Jose Valverde = FAIL

    then again pitching for the astros and dbacks are sad jobs, so maybe for the first time in his career he felt important against the big bad champions. Regardless, fuck him.

  • http://deleted RollingWave

    Dear Jonothan Papalbon:

    We’re sorry that we called you the biggest douche closer ever, today’s Jose Valverde experince clearly indicates that yes, there is someone even more douchee than you.

    Signed, Yankee fans everywhere

    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      being a Red Sock player automatically gives Papelbon the edge, plus Valverde is like an unhinged insane person (holy redundancy Batman). I mean, celebrating like that after not just an out, but a STRIKE? AHAHAHHAAHA

    • http://www.soxandpinstripes.net JGS

      Well, we can put it to a vote:

      Exhibit A–Valverde

      Exhibit B–Papelbon

      • http://deleted RollingWave

        a hell of a competition!

      • Tom Zig

        in fairness to Paps, he won the WS in that picture (if I’m not mistaken, that is)

      • NYC

        LOL, Valverde is wayyy over the top with his antics.

        • http://MattOnEarth.blogspot.com Matt on Earth

          I vote Papelbon. He steals the spotlight after you hear his interviews.

      • http://www.bomberbanter.com/ BomberBanter.com

        I bow down to you, JGS – this is a conversation truly worthy of discussion. On the one hand, Valverde looks like he needs to use the rest room while Papelbon looks like he believes he’s “the strongest one there is!” and will turn green and lay waste to the city at any moment. i have to go with Papelbon because he also makes that face when he stares in before he comes set.

  • A.D.

    Mitre was as good as anyone could really hope for, perhaps he is getting stronger off TJS

    • http://deleted RollingWave

      yeah, if A-rod didn’t boot that play on Cabrera in the first this would have been a very good outting

  • Hey ZZ

    A terrible 32 year old journeyman LH started this game for the Tigers.

    The best offense in baseball scored 2 runs off of him in 3 innings.

    And great, they got his pitch count up. That really does not matter. Brad Thomas was by far the worst pitcher they faced all night. So by knocking him out of the game early by driving up his pitch count all they did was get to much better pitchers faster.

    I really don’t care that Winn could not get the run home with 1 out in the 8th inning. Failing to get the guy home from 3rd happens all the time over the course of the season whether you are the best player in baseball or the worst.

    And even so, Randy Winn is the freaking 9 hole hitter on this team. I cannot get too upset over our 9th hitter failing to deliver.

    The guys at the top of the lineup should have teed off on Brad Thomas. If they do their job, Randy Winn’s shortcomings don’t really matter.

    I really don’t get why people get wrapped up in the WPA on individual plays of the game when they are so incredibly context driven by what happens previously in the game. Randy Winn failing to get a runner home from 3rd in the 8th inning is completely inconsequential if the team performs like they are supposed to off Brad Thomas.

    The Yankees had something like a 65% chance of winning this game going in and it definitely was not because Randy Winn was expected to deliver.

    • http://www.soxandpinstripes.net JGS

      2 runs in 3 innings is a 6.00 ERA

      • Hey ZZ

        A 6 ERA is basically the best you can expect from Brad Thomas on a normal day in his career.

        Against the Yankees you would expect more.

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      As JGS pointed out, that’s a 6.00 ERA and 972 runs scored over the course of the season. I think you need to adjust your expectations.

      • Hey ZZ

        Projecting it over the course of the season takes the context out of who they are facing.

        Thomas is likely the worst pitcher they will face all year.

        • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

          And they scored twice off of him in 3 innings. 6 of the 14 Yankees reached base against him, and the bottom of the order couldn’t drive them in. Story of the game. It happens. To fault them for not getting even more on Thomas when they had the bases loaded and no one out in the 8th and could push across the tying run seems silly to me.

          • Hey ZZ

            The point was that while everybody is busy killing Randy Winn, he should not have been a factor in this game. Even if Randy Winn delivers with that sac fly who knows if they even win.

            This team has way too much talent to be having games decided by their 9th place hitter.

            Of course I did not expect them to score 17 runs off him. But coming into this game, I expected and I am going to assume most on here thought the Yankees would score more than 2 runs off Brad Thomas even if he only lasted 3 innings.

            The Yankees had Sergio Mitre on the mount with a strict pitch count. The top of the lineup needed to be more effective for them to win this game.

            People get way too caught up in pinning the blame on one person for a loss. There was much more to this game than Randy Winn, regardless of the WPA swing, but you don’t seem to be dismissing the complete overreaction to Randy Winn.

            • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

              …you don’t seem to be dismissing the complete overreaction to Randy Winn.

              That’s because I have a dislike of Randy Winn that, admittedly, borders on irrationality. I can’t stand watching him play. I don’t really understand what Cashman saw in him as a potential back-up outfielder, and the fact that he’s pressed into everyday service just underscores how a flawed a player he is right now.

              That said, I still think you’re being too harsh on the top of the lineup. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

              • Hey ZZ

                In general I just don’t like how certain guys become the scapegoats in an individual game especially when there was a lot of bad to go around.

                I understand my expectations for the top of the lineup were greater than normal tonight, but this is the type of game where I really thought to win the Yankees were had to go out there and just outslug the Tigers.

                My original post was more of a reaction to the Randy Winn stuff than a really set or calculated expectation.

                Personally, I thought before the season Randy Winn would be at least adequate for the Yankees, so I am still holding out hope with regular at bats he will get his swing together.

                The most annoying thing for me in this game was actually Boone Logan. He clearly had nothing from the 1st batter he faced (which was not surprising) and it was only a matter of time before someone smoked one off of him with the way he was throwing.

                But I do have to admit I dislike LH relievers as much if not more than you dislike Winn.

              • DSFC

                I can understand that, because I have a deep-seated hatred of Mitre that borders on irrational. How much does a guy have to suck for him to give up 4 in 4.1 and people say “Well, that’s as good as we could possibly expect from him”?

                Give Nova a shot next time. It would be hard for him to be much worse.

                • http://www.bomberbanter.com/ BomberBanter.com

                  I would guess Nova didn’t get a shot because they’d have to make a move and they’re already making a move to accommodate the Johnson injury – besides, that’s what they’re carrying Mitre for in the first place.

  • Cecala

    Curtis Granderson, I miss you. Come back into my life!

  • Salty Buggah

    Time for the RABbis to write an article saying Winn & Logan should be demoted because they suck. Hopefully that’ll either get them sent down for real or help them go on a little run, Melky style, until CHoP and Granderson are healthy.

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      Winn would be released if they had a better option. I’m not sure I’d consider Jermaine Dye to be a better option. Logan should be demoted yesterday. The guy can’t do his job at all, and as long as he’s on the roster, Joe Girardi will continue to use him because he loves lefties.

      The truth about Winn, though, is that he’s the 25th guy pressed into service because of an injury. We’d love the Yanks to have an All Star on the bench just waiting to pounce, but that just doesn’t happen. Last year, we would have seen Hinske and Hairston attempt to play the outfield and hit for a few weeks. This year, it’s Winn and Thames. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Let’s just hope Granderson recovers faster.

      • Salty Buggah

        True about Winn. It’s just my irrationality coming out after this frustrating game.

        And also agreed about Logan. However, I doubt he goes down until CHoP is healthy, unfortunately.

  • Michael Kay but not THE

    I’d have pinch hit Pena for Winn, just to see how he did in that spot. I think there’s “comeback games” and then there’s “ominous sign” losses. I just felt that Gardner lost/blind spot fly ball gaffe was a sign of things to come, but at least they had a shot at the end.

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      If you want to pinch hit there, go to Cervelli. At least he’s been making decent contact this season. Pena is B-A-D at hitting. But the problem with PHing for Winn is that you either lose the DH and stick Thames in left or put your left field fate into the glove of Ramiro Pena, an infielder.

      • http://www.soxandpinstripes.net JGS

        They had already put Cervelli to pinch run for Posada. Russo and Pena were the only ones on the bench

        • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

          They could have PR’d Pena for Posada and then PH’d Cervelli for Winn. Then do the Pena/Cervelli Posada/Winn double-switch. But Joe’s shown no willingness to ever use Pena in the OF. I don’t blame him for that.

          • http://www.bomberbanter.com/ BomberBanter.com

            But they had Pena working out in the outfield, didn’t they? but yeah, i dont like the idea of pitch hitting with Pena, unless you need a bunt, and he’s good at that – or isn’t he?

  • Jimmy

    For some reason, the game felt like the Tigers were trying to let us win. We just couldn’t get the big hit.

  • BigBlueAL

    The Yankees are going to leave a bunch of runners on base with the 7-9 hitters they have right now and for the immediate future. Its even worse when Cervelli plays C and Posada doesnt DH.

    Gardner is getting on base but is still barely slugging over .400 and is not exactly someone I want up with runners on base. Thames’ numbers still look real good but dunno how long that will last. Cervelli’s fluke start wont last long either. Just saying this wont be the last time the bottom 3 of the lineup will cost the team a game. I know batting Swisher 7th instead of 2nd will cost him several at-bats but I just think the lineup will look better with Gardner 2nd and Swisher behind Cano/Posada.

    • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

      I wouldn’t mind batting Gardner second the way he’s currently taking pitches and getting on base, actually. SLG isn’t terribly important for someone with his skill set. But if batting him second it turns him into a frequent bunter, I will absolutely mind it.

  • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

    oh and the biggest mystery of the game: why was the Hava Nagila playing at one point?

  • Jonathan

    A lot of valid points have been made here…but I think the real reason we lost this game was Girardi. The game was being completely handed to us. Bases loaded zero outs with Gardner up, and following him Winn. Easily the two worst guys to have up but that’s not the point. Phil Coke comes in to get Gardner and switch Winn around. As Yankee fans we all know about Coke. He can overthrow and really get wild. Well that’s exactly what he did. His first pitch was 95 mph and not even close…I would have liked Girardi to make sure Gardner/Winn saw a strike first, knowing how wild Coke can be and knowing Gardner and Winn aren’t expected to do much more than a single anyway. the second pitch was up and in again, not even close to Gardner’s wheelhouse and definitely not a strike and he swings and hits a pathetic tapper that scored a run. He helped out Coke by not making him throw strikes with the bases loaded, and Girardi should have made him take a strike. Then Winn comes up and the first two aren’t even close,2-0. Coke has thrown 4 pitches without getting close to the zone. Winn is the equivalent of that kid on your little league team that you just pray gets hit or has 4 pitches thrown so far from the plate he would never swing because you know that’s the only way the lineup gets turned over. You can say Gardner maybe should have been able to swing away because he’s normally selective and not as bad as Winn with not much chance to ground into a double play but with Winn up 2-0 and Coke nowhere near the zone with the bases loaded and 1 out with Winn from the right side (more likely for GIDP) there is ZERO excuse for not making him take until he got a strike and making Coke throw one. He threw 2 pitches to Gardner that weren’t in the zone, then 3 to Winn that weren’t in the zone and then even went to 3-1 on Jeter. 8 out of the first 9 were balls. That’s the book on Coke but Gardner/Winn and most importantly Girardi didn’t make Coke even throw a strike. His next error was leaving Gardner at first. Gardner on first with Cervelli on 3rd and one out. Why on Earth isn’t Gardner stealing on the first or second pitch? Most likely they wouldn’t have a chance to get him and we’d get another runner in scoring position and would have taken away the double play. If they throw down there there’s always a chance it gets thrown away or Cervelli can steal home on the throw. The only excuse i can think is that he wanted to leave the hole for Winn but taking away the double play (guaranteeing jeter hits) and putting the winning run in scoring position are much more important. And Gardner should have been stealing when Jeter was up. Can’t you see Jeter hitting one of his seeing eye grounders but Everett makes a good play up the middle or in the hole and with no chance to get Jeter at first has the force at second to bail him out. We’re talking about a guy that micromanages the game so much at times that he went to the pen to get the lefty lefty advantage against jeremy f’ing hermida up 12-3 in the 9th and the whole Angels IBB fiasco, but still just let his worst two hitters swing away and didn’t send Gardner in a situation where he has no chance to get thrown out. And someone else pointed out the fact that he burned Cervelli running when he KNEW Winn would basically have to hit in that situation. Pathetic.

    • larryf

      Agree with Jonathan’s long post-very therapeutic to write and read. I am ready for Ramiro or Golson in LF. Can’t stand Thames who swings at too many pitches and is a joke in LF. Winn is not a professional hitter. At least Ramiro could (GOD FORBID) execute a squeeze play once in awhile. Give the guy a chance. Golson is a tremendous defender-better than Winn. He can fly and we all know how valuable that is.

      • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

        Again, I don’t understand this love affair with Ramiro Pena. He’s not a viable Major League. He’s never played the outfield in the big leagues. He’s not the answer to the Yanks’ temporary left field issue and neither is Greg Golson. Randy Winn might suck, but you’re scapegoating the 25th guy. As we said numerous times over the off-season, LF will be fine if the rest of the lineup also does its job.

      • DF

        I didn’t see the game last night. Did Winn fail to get a squeeze down or something? I’m assuming there were no failed squeeze attempts because it wasn’t mentioned in the game post, but please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        That said, Ramiro Pena shouldn’t be playing because he can get a squeeze down. I’m sure Winn could do that just as well and as often as Pena. And you’re hating on Winn because he can’t hit…but you want to replace him with Ramiro Pena? Pena CANNOT hit. At all. I love the guy and think he’s a valuable member of the bench because of his glove, but he’s not an outfielder and he can’t hit. Like Ben said above, they’d probably DFA Winn if there was a better option. There just isn’t one.

        • larryf

          Well I respectfully disagree. Winn sucks and I am ready to try Pena. Lots of folks say/said Cervelli and Gardner were backups and mediocre etc before the season and that hasn’t been the case.

      • Jonathan

        thanks for the backup larryf. Did anyone else say to themselves “yes! Coke will walk one in for sure,” when they brought him in? Where is the bench coach and everyone when Gardner is stuck on 1st? It reminds me of when I went to Nationals when I was 14 in Detroit and we’re down one in the bottom of the 7th (last inning) in an elimination game with runners on 1st and 3rd and 2 outs with our slowest guy on 1st so naturally we pinch run for him. Well our coach puts in this kid who was huge and athletic but had ZERO baseball skills, never played, was home schooled, and no common sense at all. He tells him to warm up to go in. He thinks they want him to pitch, even though he had never pitched in his life and we were hitting. They finally had to get him out of the bullpen to go to 1st. He runs all the way to 3rd and they tell him wrong base and he runs back to 1st. Every single player/coach/parent is screaming at our coach about how it’s the obvious wrong move and indefensible. I would like Jorge or Tex or Arod to at least ask Girardi why he didn’t want to send Gardner or make Winn take…By the way, were in the 1st base dugout and we’re all SCREAMING at this kid to not even take a leadoff, so of course he goes all Willie Mays Hayes with a GIANT lead. The pitcher tries to pick him off but he’s BARELY back. So we scream even louder to not take a leadoff. Next pitch his secondary lead is about 1/3 down to 2nd and the catcher throws behind to 1st and he is OUT but they call him safe. So we beg our coach to take him out and we scream to not leave the base unless the ball is put in play and sure enough, he takes an even bigger secondary and the catcher picks him off. End of Nationals.

        I could NEVER do what you guys do and have access to Girardi at times because i would ask him to explain stuff like that all the time, and probably do it in a total dickhead way. If any of you guys get to talk to Girardi at all in the next couple of days, please do me a favor and get his take on why Gardner didn’t steal in the bottom of the 8th. thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Frank

    What is most disturbing to me about last night, aside from Winn’s terrible AB, was allowing key runs to score with 2 outs. Sunday night it happened vs. the RS and again last night, both in the first inning with 2 runs scoring after 2 were out with no one on base, and the then the critical 5th run given up by Logan (again with 2 out and no one on). Speaking of Logan, this guy needs to go once Park returns. He faces 2 lefties and walks one and gives up as triple to the other. Inexcusable.

  • Yankeesta

    One thing i want to get out of my chest about last night’s game…The Tigers played a good crisp game Damon as always “Yankee Killer” etc…Its a long season and we’re still 21-10 I have no worries but…What is it with Mr. Valverde and his ridiculous celebrations after every single out he makes???? I thought that was so out of line and disrespectful! I mean okay to celebrate the last out, Pabelbon, KROD and Joba have thier moments etc…but after the last out when they’ve secured a save/win for thier team…Whn Joba was doing his lil fist pump he was critizied all over baseball but Valverde celebrates every out and tips his hat to i dont know who the heck and its alright???? I would love 2 be in a close game 2nite and see the Yanks get 2 em n put one in the stands!!! He should have a lil more respect… if ur gonna celebrate fine….Do it after the last out of the game!

  • MattG

    I am not surprised to see Joba’s velocity creep back up.

    If you go back a couple of years, Hughes’s velocity had dropped to the 91 range. He actually said that’s as hard as he ever threw, but plenty of people seemed to remember some pretty consistent 94s. After a season of tonic in the bullpen, he is now touching 96 as a starter.

    Joba, the “starter in the pen,” will work his way back to the occasional 99, and back into the starting rotation mix for 2011. This season is about giving his 23 year old arm a chance to rejuvenate.

    Here you see a brilliant way to use financial resources. What other team in baseball drops $11.5M on Javy Vazquez so that their 23 year old phenom can take a semi-vacation for a season?

    • YankeeScribe

      The only reason that there hasn’t been much criticism of Cashman’s offseason moves is becase the Yankees are off to a great start in spite of his moves. Plus, Javy and NJ are most likely not to be re-signed after this season.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      “Joba, the “starter in the pen,” will work his way back to the occasional 99, and back into the starting rotation mix for 2011.”

      hopefully he is in the mix but sometimes it feels like it’s a done deal

  • CS Yankee

    I got home late from practice with the kids last night but got to see B8th & T9th…

    Joba was just incredible, from the way he sold (didn’t tip his pitch) and placed the hook to cranking the heater to 98 while looking effortlessly doing so…WOW, I still like him as a starter (due to 4 plus pitches), but 2010 should be lights out come late innings with the Jo-Mo duo.

    Valverde, I’ve seen him pitch a couple of dozen times and was confident that our 2,3, & 4 hitters would munch as his fastball is usually up with little movement. Swish was dead-red on fastball and Valverde was painting the zone but seemed fortunate to escape…Teix looked like a fool, he was the one that I thought would put the splitty in the RF seats…Arod, I excuse his AB due to looking at the first two guys and then having to deal with a 98 fastball thrown in? I never knew that he had 98 & thought he was 94/95 tops in all the times i’ve seen him pitch.

    It was Valverde’s World Series…his best night likely ever…to celebrate almost every pitch, well Braden & Pabelbum never even do that…it’s like he won lotto after trying unsuccessfully for 30-plus years.

  • mike c

    If Javy hangs in for 5 IP, that would be big. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up on the DL soon

    • YankeeScribe

      I have less confidence in Javy’s pitching than I had in Wang’s this time last season

      • http://twitter.com/rebexarama bexarama

        then you are exaggerating how bad Javy is, frankly

        • http://www.bomberbanter.com/ BomberBanter.com

          agreed – I still think Javy can turn it around. I dont think anyone thought Wang could turn it around, and until i see him on the mound throwing 95, I still won’t believe he’s back to his old self. Javy is struggling, they way Tex did in April. Give him a chance and I think he’ll be an above average pitcher

  • http://dontbringinthelefty.blogspot.com Lucas AA, aka don’t_bring_in_the_lefty

    Joba’s outing was super. Both you and Michael Kay mentioned that that was probably the best he’d looked since 2007 … I often forget this too, but he was pretty impressive in 2008 both as a reliever *and* as a starter. (I’m pretty sure he hit 100 mph a few times out of the rotation in 2008.)

  • http://www.rowlandscherman.com motamanx

    When will someone show Joba what a proper fitting baseball cap looks like? It’s got a bit of a crease in the peak and looks cool. Joba’s goes straight across and looks like a duck bill. It’s hard to take him seriously when he lloks like that.

    Wynn lost last night’s game. Who is he?

  • pat

    Mama said there’d be games like this.