Posada close, but not yet activated


Via Sweeny Murti, injured catcher Jorge Posada is very close to be activated, but it won’t happen today. Joe Girardi wants to see him run again first, and there’s a chance he’ll be activated in time for tomorrow night’s game. I’m kinda surprised they’re going to bring him back so soon without at least letting him hit in a rehab game, let alone catch. It’ll be great to have Posada back in the lineup, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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  • http://instrumentsacrosstheworld.com Total Dominication (The Commenter Formerly Known as William)

    They’ll probably DH him tommorow though, right?

  • poster

    I agree, but it would still be cool to get him back.

  • JPK

    wonder if they will go with 3 catchers for a few days, due to fact that even Posada has said he expects to DH for a few games before returning to catching. They could send down Russo instead of Moller.