If the Yanks make a big move, it will come in August


Joel Sherman passes along some excellent advice: “Avoid writing what is not going to happen.” I read that line as I was 800 words into an article examining why the Yankees won’t look into two possible upgrades in the starting rotation, Roy Oswalt and Carlos Zambrano. The loss to me: 30 minutes of my life. The gain for you: the cost of reading some thoughts on moves that will not happen. I think we all win at least a little in this transaction.

To Sherman’s larger point, the chances of the Yankees making a deadline deal do not look optimistic. Instead their deadline dealings will probably resemble what they did last year. Acquiring a bench bat, or maybe a low-profile bullpen arm, is all we’ll probably see from Cashman and Co. by the time the non-wavier deadline passes at 4 p.m on Saturday.

That doesn’t mean that the Yankees will stay put. It just means that they won’t pursue any of the names currently available. That’s not only because they’re luxuries and not needs, but also because many of them will be available for another month. Plenty of interesting players will clear waivers, which will open the way for deals. This group will certainly include a number of starting pitchers.

All of this works in the Yankees’ favor. As we move through August the team will have a better idea of how Phil Hughes is reacting to the increased workload. They’ll also have a better assessment of Pettitte’s injury. If they feel they need a starter after that, they should have options available. If they don’t, they can save the money and prospects by sticking with in-house options.

There still exists a possibility of a pre-deadline move. Brian Cashman works quickly and stealthily, so anything is possible at any time. But considering the potential August trade market, they might choose to just wait it out. There will be options later, and those options might not be any worse than the ones they have right now.

As to Oswalt and Zambrano, it’s not happening. I kinda just wanted to drum up something on them to get everyone talking, but really that wouldn’t be a productive discussion. Both are owed too much money, more than they’re ultimately worth. While the Cubs would likely kick in some cash, there are some other negatives from Zambrano that make even a complete salary dump a questionable move. If the Yanks do acquire a starter, it will likely be a name we haven’t seen them associated with yet.

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  1. B-Rando says:

    Thank you for sparing us Joe!

  2. Frank says:

    How’s this for an interesting scenario: Tigers fall 10+ plus games back by mid-August. They ship Damon back to Yanks. Yanks have their LH DH.

  3. Grandy says:

    I still hope that Cash makes a stealth move for someone like Dunn by the deadline. Then he can focus on the BP, Bench, and possibly a SP in August. I also think Capps would be a great 8th inning arm, but I prefer Dunn if possible. One can dream.

    • Steve O. says:

      As much as I would like Dunn, I just don’t see it happening. Rizzo is placing Dunn’s value ridiculously high, which is why I don’t see him coming to the Yankees.

      • CountryClub says:

        Tim Dierkes said in a chat today that Jesus or Joba would get the Yanks Dunn. Obviously, they;re not trading Jesus for him. But I’d seriously consider doing the Joba deal.

        He also mentioned a package with Gardner getting it done. But I’d have no interest in that either.

        • Steve O. says:

          I wouldn’t deal a package around Joba for Dunn. I’d rather deal a lower level guy like a Banuelos package instead. Whether Rizzo blinks is a different story.

          Gardner isn’t happening.

  4. Brad Toughy says:

    For how good a fit he’d be, it’s strange how quiet any connections about Adam Dunn and the Yanks have been.

    • whozat says:

      a) for several years now, the trades that have happened are the ones we didn’t hear much about until they were essentially done deals
      b) We’ve heard enough to know that Rizzo is valuing Dunn like he’s more than a one-dimensional rental player. Makes sense for the Yanks to stay on the sidelines as long as that remains true.

      • c) The Nats are reluctant to sell any of their key contributors (Dunn, Willingham, Capps) since they’re trying to build their fanbase up around Strasburgmania and don’t want to punt on a season, so all those good trade chips have high, high pricetags.

        My guess: this winter, Dunn and the Nats meet in the middle and agree to a 3 year extension with an option for a 4th. He likes it there, they like him there, he’s a big part of their team.

        Dunn stays put.

  5. Steve O. says:

    So you’re telling me AJ Burnett for Zambrano isn’t on the table?


    • Scout says:

      I understand you are joking, but I shudder that anyone would propsoe such a swap even as a joke. A.J. has his issues, but they are nothing compared to Zambrano’s. He’s the Milton Bradley of pitchers.

  6. nsalem says:

    Let’s all root for the Jays to become big sellers. 20% of the reamining games are against them. Nothing like playing a team full of late season call ups and tired vets who are just counting down the days till the end of the season. Jays 2 top pitching prospects (Stewart and Drabek) are only in Double A so hopefully we won’t have to contend with the “MLB Debut Jinx” It’s not who you play, it’s when you play them.

  7. I love how Sherman had a pithy line about the folly of superfluous blather… 800 words into a superfluous blather.

    I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

  8. Mike HC says:

    Wow, responsible reporting of trade rumors. Shocking. Or, knowing RAB, I should not that shocking.

    Unfortunately there probably will not be as much discussion, plus the 4:30 post time slot never seems to get much attention as people are either leaving work, or eating dinner, etc …

  9. JoeC says:

    The Red Sox will be putting in claims on everyone and their mother come August 1st. Guaranteed.

  10. Brooklyn Ed says:

    still waiting on Willingham coming to the Yanks. sure he’s not linked to the Yanks, but since Cash is talking to Rizzo, might as well mention Willingham. Cano-Willingham-Posada, OH MY!!!!!!

  11. Craig says:

    Saying Rays in heavy on dunn hope this changes the yankees view on being passive with him to at least drive up the price

  12. Nick says:

    A lefty bat for the purpose of being a DH or a good bat off the bench I think is the way to go at the trade deadline. The Yanks’ issues in the pen will only be solved or alleviated by giving themselves as many arms as possible to choose from. There really aren’t any 8th inning guys out there, so the best thing they can do in the bullpen is mix and match.

  13. mustang says:

    I was looking around for a move and came up with this:

    Ted Lilly and Jeff Blaker for Park and some middle level prospects.

    Lilly is owed $4.43 million the Cubs are said to be willing to eat some of it I say ask them to take Park. Lilly would be an upgrade over the current 5th starters once Andy comes back he can take Hughes’ spot when he reaches his pitch limit. Then they can send Hughes to the pen making that stronger. Lilly can also be use as a left-handed relief pitcher in the playoffs.

    Jeff Blaker can play a few infield spots and has become a decent pinch hitter (6 for 10 as a pinch hitter this season). He is an upgrade over Pena.

    This is not a glamorous move, but it’s cheap and addresses a few need areas.

    What do you guys think?

    • FachoinaNYY says:

      Pending the prospects given up… I like it.

    • Big Juan says:

      Not a fan. Lilly isn’t the type of pitcher that would succeed in YS3 at this point. Too many fly balls. (51.4% FB and 10.6% HR/FB in 2010)

      Good thought however.

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