Long, Granderson working to revamp swing

Yankees agree to terms with third rounder Rob Segedin
Game 113: Patience is not in the game plan

Hitting coach Kevin Long told reporters this afternoon that he is working on a “total reformation of the swing” with Curtis Granderson. The centerfielder’s struggles this season are well-documented, so this is obviously good to hear. Something had to be done. Remember though, wholesale changes like this can take time, it’s not like flipping a light switch.

Granderson is out of tonight’s lineup despite surprisingly good career numbers against Cliff Lee as he and K-Long do their thing.

Update: Just to clarify, it sounds like Granderson went to Long and asked for help, not the other way around.

Yankees agree to terms with third rounder Rob Segedin
Game 113: Patience is not in the game plan
  • thurdonpaul

    i hope at this stage of the season it doesnt make Curtis worse in the short term. i have complete faith that they can improve his swing, but doing a complete re-vamp at this point in the season seems risky to me. i hope i am wrong.

    • http://twitter.com/tomzig Tom Zig

      How can he get worse? He’s already making an out every time up.

  • Simon B.

    Interesting that they think it’s such a problem such to resort to a mid-season change.

    I know it’s almost impossible to judge a coach from afar, but Kevin Long sure seems like a good coach, doesn’t he? It seems like whenever you hear somebody is working with him, they just get so much better so quickly. Cano, Swisher, Gardner, even an established hitter like Teixeira.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan

      With guys like Swisher and Teixeira, basically all Long did was help them open up their stance more so they could read the ball better. Maybe that’s all Granderson needs.

      • ZZ

        The changes Swisher and Teixeira made were nothing alike.

        Teix opened his stance, while Swisher closed his stance and cut out the movement he had in the box before his swing.

        People often overlook the changes Long has made with ARod as well. Marc Carig had a really fantastic article about ARod’s swing over the years and what Long did about a week ago.

  • http://www.twitter.com/CaptainRaf CaptainRaf

    wonder why they would decide to do this in August as opposed to the All Star break or before. i guess since hes a veteran you give him a chance to work it out on his own but he is obviously struggling. hopefully this is something that can work for him for the end of this season and in the future.

    • ZZ

      It takes two to tango.

  • Chris

    “…despite surprisingly good career numbers against Cliff Lee”

    Common man, sample size. That’s MLB.com quality logic.

    • http://www.theyankeeu.com/author/steve-s/ Nostra-Artist

      Large samples tell you who someone is in general, as a player. Head to head match ups tell you how he fares specifically in that one situation. I’m all for digging through the specific Batter vs Pitcher outcomes to see what kind of ABs he had, and teasing out what was luck and what was skill. But if you value how Grandy does against generic Righthanders over how he fares against a specific pitcher based on sample size, then you’re lost. That’s taking a good concept and over-applying it. There’s a place for micro analysis in the world of statistics.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Common man, sample size.

      That’s a funny typo, and TWSS.

  • cecala

    I have a feeling his stance is going to open up a little but more and Long will stop Granderson from dancing in the box. Every time he is up he looks like 2009 Swisher with all of the movement.

    • Total Dominication

      I would be very happy if Granderson performed like 2009 Swisher.

  • UncleArgyle

    So the Yanks will try and reinvent Granderson’s swing, but they won’t subject him to playing left field….interesting

    • Mushy Carl

      Why does he have to when BG plays a great left?

    • thurdonpaul

      has Curtis been bad in the field ?

      • UncleArgyle

        Gardner is a better CF.

        • Chris

          Probably, but it’s not certain.

      • Guest

        His +3.7 UZR (Fangraphs) says he hasn’t been bad in the field at all.

        I think this is one of those narrative things. Curtis had a couple of high profile misplays last year with the Tigers after he failed to get a good read on the ball. So the narrative became “Granderson has trouble getting a good read on the ball.”

        Now, everytime he doesn’t sprint in the direction of the ball the second it comes of the bat, people notice and comment (nevermind whether he actually caught the ball on the play, which he often does). Joel Sherman pressed this very narrative a couple of days ago.

        Of course, all that truly matters is how good Grandy is at turning balls hit in his direction into outs. He’s been very good at it this year. In fact, this season he’s been better at it in CF than Gardner (Per Fangraphs, Gardner’s UZR in CF this year is actually -0.1 in the admittedly small sample of 36 games).

  • http://www.theyankeeu.com/author/steve-s/ Nostra-Artist

    I suspect the real work will be done in the off season, like it was with Cano and Swisher. Minor adjustment now, big overhaul later.

    • thurdonpaul

      that sounds logical to me.

      • http://www.theyankeeu.com/author/steve-s/ Nostra-Artist

        The big question is whether or not Curtis identifies breaking balls, specifically from Lefties. He’s always been a dead red hitter who strikes out way too much and doesn’t walk as much as he should. It makes you wonder if he even picks up the pitches.

        But Long may be able to get him in a position where he can wait longer, and not commit so early. I had the same doubts about Cano and Swish and he’s worked wonders with them.

    • Mushy Carl

      Lohud has audio of K-Long. They are doing the off-season stuff now.

  • Naner-Tater

    I think he can bounce back next year, but he might be a total mess for the rest of the year.

    Prolly gonna have to cut him from my fantasy team :(

  • Mushy Carl

    Montero just missed a bomb to dead center.

    • http://twitter.com/tomzig Tom Zig

      does CTRL+F “Montero”; no results in article

      Guess that means it’s off-topic

      • Mushy Carl

        Yeah I meant to post this in the off topic. Wrong window.

      • Zooboy

        How do you know Granderson is not revamping his swing to be more like Montero’s?

  • http://theyankeeu.com Matt Imbrogno

    Dela G would approve of this Kim Jones outfit.

    • thurdonpaul

      damn, i missed the outfit :(

      • thurdonpaul

        i just saw the outfit, i approve too :)

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