Game 154: Hey look, the Red Sox


Getting your offseason goodbyes done early, eh? (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Oh boy, the Red Sox are in town. These games are always fun (or long and unbearable, to each his own), but there’s very little on the line this weekend. I’m not sure the schedule makers anticipated that. No, the Yankees haven’t clinched a playoff spot just yet, but they’re dangerously close to doing so and could have that wrapped up very soon. In fact, they could clinch a spot as soon as tomorrow and with any luck they will.

What more is there to say? I’m sure Boston wants to come in and figuratively punch the Yanks in the mouth, but they’ve lost 15 of 21 games against New York since starting 0-8 against them last year. It’s been a while since the Sox have punched the Yanks in the mouth, that’s for sure. Anyway, here’s the good ol’ A-lineup…

Jeter, SS
Swisher, RF
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Cano, 2B
Berkman, DH
Posada, C
Granderson, CF
Gardner, LF

And on the bump, it’s Andrew Pettitte.

You can watch the game in one of two places: regular old YES or the MLB Network. Remember, regardless of what anyone tells you this weekend, the Red Sox are done. D-u-n. They could win every game the rest of the season and still miss the playoffs. So chillax and enjoy the rest before the playoffs.

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  1. Wow, Kim really stumbled through “Matsuzaka” there, huh?

  2. Brooklyn Ed says:

    soo hmm, Austin’s brother Andrew is getting promoted to the majors before him. granted Andrew is 3 years older, I guess the Angels are in a desperate need of an infielder.

  3. bexarama says:

    Apparently Vasgersian on MLBN just said “The Red Sox are only 4 games back in the Wild Card.”


  4. Beltre will/will not be back in Boston next season? I think he will.

  5. Remember, regardless of what anyone tells you this weekend, the Red Sox are done. D-u-n. They could win every game the rest of the season and still miss the playoffs.

    That’s patently false.

    The Red Sox cannot win every game the rest of the season.

  6. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Everybody shut up. I’m here.


  7. JM says:

    I think the Yankees effectively lost the AL East in the 6th inning last night =/

    • I think people are vastly overestimating how tough a final 9 games against the Sox and Blue Jays will be for us, and vastly underestimating how tough a final 10 games against the Mariners, Orioles, and Royals will be for a Tampa Bay Rays team that’s been no-hit twice, one-hit once, and failed to score more than 2 runs on 32 occasions this year (and who has a rotation that’s even more of a questionmark than ours is).

    • It’s not a foregone conclusion, you know. It’s not like Seattle, Baltimore, and Kansas City are going to just lay down. Usually all those teams can take pride in at this time of year is playing tough against teams who still have something to play for.

      Plus, Longoria is reportedly going to miss the weekend with an injury. They’re throwing the back of the rotation. Stranger things have happened.

  8. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    31 Dingerz with 96 rbi with plus 1000 OPS vs RH , how much money will Ortiz get on an open market if the Sox decline his option ?

  9. JM says:

    In MLB 10: The Show I have a 21 year-old SS with a season of .360/.433/.856 79 HR and 211 RBI. That calculated to a 19.0 WAR and we made the WC by one game over the Jays. We won like 50 games or less the past 3 years.

  10. Mosely vs. Matsuzaka on Sunday, ESPN game.

    Over/under on time of the game is set at 3:45, and I’m taking the over.

  11. Tom Zig says:

    Man what a weird hug VMart and Ortiz have going on there in that picture.

  12. “They had that with Varitek.”

    No they didn’t.

  13. Andy in NYC says:

    Nice inning for my namesake there.

  14. Mike Axisa says:

    Ten pitches? Andy must still be rusty.

  15. I saw that the Orioles may have interest in Victor Martinez in the offseason? Man, that’s giving up on Weiters awfully quick if so. Unless they’re planning to split the time and use V-Mart at first or something.

  16. Mike HC says:

    I thought that Jeter was going to make that play a little closer. Beltre got him easily

  17. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    One of the silver lining I can think of Burnett signing is that it made Boston overpaid for Lackey and Beckett.

  18. Greg says:

    HI everybody

    Sorry about last night. Knee-jerk reaction on my part. I’ll try to be better.

    Thank you

  19. Cy Pettitte says:

    pitching and defense = Beckett and Scutaro?

  20. Even if Andy isn’t sharp tonight and his next start, how can the ALDS rotation be anything other than CC-Andy-Hughes/AJ-CC-Andy? Seems like a no-brainer to me. (And I’d probably leave AJ out entirely)

  21. Do not do that with a bad knee, Nick.

  22. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:


    Yankees 7 Sox 3

    Mariners beat the Rays – Yankees go back up 1.5 games.

  23. Gotta be Youk since he’s the best player, no?

  24. pat says:

    Hahaha sweet Text Poll.

  25. bexarama says:

    Hey guys, did you hear the Red Sox had some injuries?

  26. Kit says:

    Ortiz with the potty mouth.

  27. Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Blog says:

    Big papi might be an Ok nickname, but Cookie Monster was way better.

  28. Kiersten says:

    Way to go Francona, managed the Red Sox all the way to third place! Manager of the year!

  29. There’s one spoiler reference!

  30. Cy Pettitte says:

    0-2 to 3-2 double, that sucks

  31. bexarama says:

    Obligatory 2004 reference

  32. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    over/under for those references is set at what number? 6,7,8?

  33. Interesting? If they win tonight things will get INTERESTING? Oh my god.

  34. Kit says:

    Shut. the. fuck. up. with the momentum shift.

  35. Seriously, Swish? ugh.

  36. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Lowell is one of the few Sox that doesn’t get my hate.

  37. This is going to be one of those games, I can tell. Not only will both teams play like crap, we have to hear about how the Red Sox are still alive in the postseason race. I mean come on.

  38. Mike Axisa says:

    Well that error was costly.

  39. Kit says:

    Fuck. You can’t be playing D like that, Swish.

  40. Well that was not fun.

  41. Hummingbird S. says:

    Man, that’s not ideal.

  42. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I already hate Lowrie. In fact if you are a hyped Sox prospect I hate you.

  43. ZZ says:

    Lowrie shoulda bunted.

  44. pat says:

    Fuckin Jed Lowrie is garbage.

  45. Greg says:

    Now Flaherty will go into momentum even more

  46. James A says:

    John, just for clarification purposes, are the Red Sox loose in their clubhouse?

  47. Big Stein says:


  48. cjc says:

    Jed fucking Lowrie joke what a total fucking joke

  49. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    Now, that was as much Pettitte’s fault as Swisher”s. And really, why is Swisher playing when he looks like he is running while holding a taco in his ass

  50. Wooderson says:

    gimme some of that argy bargy

  51. Cy Pettitte says:

    great, we lost all momentum, now we’re gonna lose the next 10 for sure

    see you guys in 2011

  52. cjc says:

    Lowrie whats next Balldeli and Aybar oh wait never mind

  53. Going back to the Swisher error, people are gonna cite that and say he’s not a good fielder. Ugh.

    And, Robbie, don’t swing at that!

  54. bexarama says:

    I feel like friggin’ NESN would be better tonight than YES.


  55. Andy says:

    Is it just me or is the easiest way to get Alex out recently is fastball right down the middle? How many of those has he swung through in the past 5 games?

  56. Sean C says:

    Can we please get a baserunner or two so we can run on all over V-Mart, and, god forbid, score a run or two?

  57. Dave Miller says:

    When did the Yankees decide to just go up and hack at everything? What happened to working the count? Swinging at strikes? Making the pitcher work?

  58. Greg says:

    I’m surprised so far. In my mind this was the one pitching matchup that the Yanks would clobber. It is early, though.

  59. Mike HC says:

    You just gotta be happy that didn’t hit Pettitte.

  60. Reggie C. says:

    Seriously , what the FUCK. We’re already down 3 runs?

    And Phil Hughes isnt pitching Sunday when i’ve got tix. Double whammy.

  61. Sean C says:

    Hughes’ hair is getting dangerously close to Kenny Powers territory. That would be amazing.

  62. Mike HC says:

    It looks like half the seats in the first level are empty. Talking about the buzzing crowd is a little disingenuous, I think.

  63. Kit says:

    Good DP, guys. We need hits, boys. Get it going.

  64. ZZ says:

    Using a 3 man rotation in the playoffs should be the easiest decision the Yankees have made all year.

  65. Reggie C. says:

    Looks like Carmelo Anthony is coming to live in NY. …

    but he’s gonna be playing in NJ. At least till the Russian gets his Brooklyn-style MSG built.;id=929

  66. All Star Carl says:

    Michael Kay and John are up there having a conversation.

  67. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So Granderson…where was this for my fantasy team!?

  68. Cy Pettitte says:

    Grandyman! crushed it

    He’s really coming on

  69. Kit says:

    Grandyman! Come on guys, keep those hits coming.


  71. Reggie C. says:

    Grandy’s power has really come through this past month. Great wake-up shot for the lineup. hopefully.

  72. Greg says:

    there’s one

  73. Kit says:

    Nice on DJ.

  74. Boom goes the Grandermite.

  75. JMK says:

    Jeter hitting the ball in the air? DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME?

  76. Mike HC says:

    Jeter lining an inside fastball, tailing in, against a righty. Good sign.

  77. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Wow this may be late but MEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  78. Dave Miller says:

    Nice chance for Swish to atone for his error.

  79. ZZ says:

    Jeter is letting the ball travel so much deeper in the zone.

  80. Grr, not Swish’s night thus far. Karma got him back for the error, apparently.

  81. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    Tough night for Swish.

  82. Frigidevil says:

    Wow, watching the game with my roommate on NESN, and somehow Jackie Gleason was mentioned. Jerry Remy says, and I quote, ‘Right to the moon! You can’t get away with that anymore’ *facepalm*

  83. Accent Shallow says:

    So it’s 3-1 on a homer to Jed Lowrie? What the hell Andy, couldn’t you have given it up to a non-worthless player?

  84. Greg says:

    I’ll say Ortiz and Jimmie Foxx

  85. Big Stein says:



  86. Sheepmeister says:

    Holy cow, pettitte got a called strike!!!!!!

  87. JMK says:

    Did Flash just say he would like to see Andy around 95? Isn’t that a tad high?

    Did I mishear?

  88. bexarama says:

    BABIP why do you hate Andy?

  89. Kit says:

    C’mon, Andy. DP ball at least.

  90. Hummingbird S. says:

    Andy is definately not sharp tonight.

  91. pat says:

    Blooped to death.

  92. Dave Miller says:

    You can’t stop Jed Lowrie, you can only hope to contain him.

  93. Okay grounder please SERIOUSLY.

  94. All Star Carl says:

    Would like to see a dp with BG throwing out Ortiz at the plate.

  95. Stratman9652 says:

    Andy please keep your glove over your mouth if you insist on saying what pitches you are gonna throw to yourself before you throw them.

  96. Mike HC says:

    I’m happy Pettitte is getting this start out of the way now instead of the playoffs.

  97. Kit says:

    Robbie! Defensive stud, much?

  98. Hummingbird S. says:

    Damn. Awesome play, Robbie!

  99. Nice play, Robbie. Okay NOW get a grounder and get out w/no damage.

  100. Big Stein says:

    take Andy out and put Kerry Wood to extinguish the fire

  101. Mike HC says:

    Cano made that look easy. I love watching him play

  102. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    Now that was nice. I just love Cano’s arm.. so effortless.

  103. Reggie C. says:

    Alittle good luck at least. Alright Pettitte , try to get the DP.

  104. Swish just doesn’t seem to be running well. It’s like he’s afraid to take long strides or something.

  105. Mike Axisa says:

    Robinson Cano is good at baseball.

  106. Kit says:

    Now you just need a DP ball, Andy.

  107. ZZ says:

    Cano just hit Posada on the fly off balance from his back foot.

  108. Kit says:

    Oh c’mon, ball boy!

  109. Mike HC says:

    Did Pettitte just say “fastball in” right before he was about to pitch and before his glove was over his mouth.

    Maybe the batter saw him mouth that?

  110. JMK says:

    Someone get the ball boy and sever one of his hands.

  111. Goddammit.

    I’m not mad or worried. I know that the magic number is three and is coming. I’m just annoyed, haha.

    • Kit says:

      I feel the same way. Just seriously annoyed.

      • JMK says:

        Ultimately, this is a fairly inconsequential game. But it’s difficult not to be annoyed when your likely #2 starter gets absolutely torched and the team’s plate discipline looks Royals-ian.

        • Kit says:

          I’m not worried. I just hate losing, and between Andy’s struggle, Swish’s error and the offense not doing much, it starts to wear on you.

          • JMK says:

            No doubt; it’s been largely been a frustrating month.

            Just knowing Francisco Cervelli is alive and still on the 25-man roster gets my blood boiling.

            It’s also why I drink to the point of near blindness.

            In short, I hear ya on the wear and tear.

  112. JMK says:

    Did YES not bring a single decent camera to the game today?

  113. This game doesn’t mean anything, but it’d be nice not to get embarassed like this…

  114. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    back dooring their way into the playoffs like 2000… or was it 2001

  115. Reggie C. says:

    Some game heh. But hey, Moseley’s going to start on Sunday so i’m sure the Yanks can still take the series.

  116. Dave Miller says:

    This is about as bad as Andy gets.

  117. Bryan says:


    Only way to describe how I feel right now.

  118. Sheepmeister says:

    It would be nice if a proper strike zone was called, this is getting ridiculous. I mean, does it have to be a meatball for this ump to call a strike.

  119. Matty says:

    Seasons Beatings!

  120. Mike Axisa says:

    Thanks for trying, Andy. Bring on Brackman.

  121. Dave Miller says:

    Love the Yanks, but there is no point in watching this.

  122. cjc says:

    Lowrie Mcdondald Scutaro sure why not

  123. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    well…. Yankees are having pitching troubles now to add to their offensive might. Not a pleasant cocktail.

  124. Hall and Nokes says:

    How do the matchups look for the Toronto series?

  125. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Hey let’s not do any damage control. Sure we can concede the division but clinch ASAP.

  126. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Garbage time ! Unleash Javy , let’s get our money worth.

  127. JMK says:

    This is like pinball.

  128. Matty says:

    Prediction: Yanks will clinch the Wild Card in Toronto.

  129. Big Stein says:

    What’s the use in taking him out now?

  130. Hughesus Christo says:

    I’m almost happy about this. YES’s terrible announcers came fully prepared to push this garbage for the next 10 days. Why not throw some gasoline on it?

  131. JMK says:

    Has anyone informed President Madagascar of what has happened tonight?

    Is it time to panic??!!

  132. All Star Carl says:

    Don’t even care about this game.

    I just want the regular season to be over.

  133. ZZ says:

    I expected Pettitte to come back from a 2 month layoff and be lights out right away. Silly me.

  134. Mike Axisa says:

    In other news, Francisco Liriano just left his start due injury. Wild Card? Yes please.

  135. Hummingbird S. says:

    that’s the ball game. It’s hard to watch the september 2010 version of the Yankees.

  136. cjc says:

    well to say he had nothing might be the understatement of the year just feel ok tomorrow Andy

    its just terribly frustrating to keep getting beat by the bottom dwelling bullsht garbage of other teams (at least thats how it feels right now)

  137. Sheepmeister says:

    I think its safe to say pettitte had some other things working against him. I enjoy how a red triangle is on a green square in the top left of the strikezone.

  138. Kiersten says:

    So, anything good on TV tonight?

  139. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Wow Albie exists in Joe’s eyes.

  140. Big Stein says:

    Get Kim Jones warming up in the bullpen. Let’s see what’s she got.

  141. Slappy White says:

    Im trying my best to stay optimistic but then I look at the next two pitching matchups and Damn. Please give me reason to believe

  142. Kit says:

    Nice, Albie.

  143. pat says:

    We will bring the tying run to the plate this inning.


  144. Reggie C. says:

    Seriously Cano? Grinning when your down by 6 runs? Ugh.

    • Kit says:

      What do you want him to do? Sob? It’s the 4th, Beckett is on the mound, the Red Sox have an lolpen. As ugly as it looks now, they still have a chance.

    • Betty Lizard says:

      Light up your face with gladness
      Hide every trace of sadness
      Although a tear may be ever so near
      That’s the time you must keep on trying
      Smile, what’s the use of crying?
      You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
      If you just smile

      (Thanks, Nat)
      (Go, Robinson!)

  145. Greg says:

    Feel like that child right now

  146. ND Mike says:

    October is a “second season”

  147. All Star Carl says:

    Oh nice Alby has command. That happens after you give some guys mound time.

  148. JMK says:

    Some of us sound like September-style Mets fans on here. DOOM AND GLOOM.

  149. Mike HC says:

    They would both assume its a stomach ache? With nothing else but knowing it is non baseball related.

    • Mike HC says:

      And not to get too philosophical, but I would assume any malady Liriano has would be somehow related to baseball a least a little.

  150. JMK says:

    Stomach ache? Maybe we should pay Miguel Cabrera to show Liriano a fun few weeks.

    Dinner with the wife…you know.

  151. Nice says:

    got to find a way to pin this on Girardi.


  152. ND Mike says:

    A-Rod needs to eat more Wheaties.

  153. Sean C says:

    Nice, Swish.

  154. Kit says:

    There you go, Swish…Defense: you’re usually good at it.

  155. ND Mike says:

    …queue the sarcastic “nice catch” Swisher comments in 3.. 2.. 1..

  156. Mike HC says:

    Swish is starting to remind me of Paul O’Neill out there recently. Odd, slow gait, but effective if he gets to it.

  157. Mike R says:

    Umm.. Just turned on the TV. 7-1 Sox? I’m getting more and more nervous that we’re going to really shit the bed in the last two weeks of the season. I was at the game last night and that was miserable, tonight dosn’t look much more promising.

  158. JMK says:

    Ugh, I’m so tired of the white noise that is Flaherty. I’d almost rather an inane basketcase than him.

    • Kit says:

      I really don’t even realize he’s talking half the time. I’m only startled into listening by Kay’s shrill voice.

      • JMK says:

        If the choice is one commentator with stale analysis and a boring personality or an excitable wacko with even worse analysis, I vote the latter every time.

        I’m still lobbying to get Emmit Smith in the booth next year.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      He is awful. I can’t believe the Yankees parted with Cone and turned down Kaat’s offseason request to return, and kept Flaherty. Either of those two is clearly far superior to Flaherty. Horrible decision-making by the YES bigwigs.

      • Mike R says:

        No way.. they turned down Kaat? He was always one of my favorite announcers before he left.

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          Indeed. I remember reading it during the offseason (maybe here at RAB, actually). Kaat wanted to return on a limited basis, but the Yanks/YES said no.

    • jack frosty says:

      hes awful. wish a stray bullet hits him in the face.

  159. Greg says:

    Now ESPN is going to go down on the knees to suck the Sox tonight

  160. Kit says:

    Alright, Albie. Shake it off and get this next out.

  161. Bill fucking Hall? Ugh.

  162. Mike Axisa says:

    Pull them all. Get Scranton in there.

  163. JMK says:

    Wah wah wooooooooop.

  164. ND Mike says:

    MUTHAFUCKER! How can Albie be lights out in AAA and so meh in the bigs?

      • ND Mike says:

        Nope, the expletive that I was using to describe the Bill Hall at bat.

        • JMK says:

          Well to seriously answer your question: Being lights out in AAA is something of an accomplishment, but he’s a bit on the older side and facing hitters without nearly as much discipline or raw talent. I don’t want to simplify it but tons of guys throw up excellent lines and just can’t replicate it in the big leagues. Huge difference between the two.

  165. All Star Carl says:

    OMG he hit it so far he hit the Zales sign. Wth is wrong with Michael Kay.

  166. bexarama says:

    Why have I not turned this game off yet?

  167. Reggie C. says:

    Pull the A team. Insert C team.

    Change the channel.

  168. Hall and Nokes says:

    Well as my Uncle Les used to say, when the money’s gone, it’s time to move on.

  169. Cy Pettitte says:

    Bring in Brackman, give me a reason to keep watching

  170. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    This is when you put Gaudin in.

  171. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Bill Hall is a pretty nice utility player; It was a good trade by Theo.

  172. Henry says:

    Do they even care anymore?

  173. Oh Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. Did Kay really just bust out pitching to the score?

  174. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Tell me if Brackman is in otherwise I’m not watching a slaughter.

  175. Felix Hernandez had a 2.35 ERA in April. It was 4.79 in May, but this bad April thing needs to stop and be fact checked.

  176. Kit says:

    You okay, Lowell? Sorry you got hit in the face.

  177. Zooboy says:

    Granderson is a class act.

  178. Bigdragos says:

    This is my second post so I am not sure on etiquette here

    I do not want to sound negative

    But at what point do we not sugar coat how badly the Yankees look over the past month. Yes they will make the playoffs, but the way they are playing, they could be out by round 1.

    I want to stay positive and think the Yanks could turn it on in the playoffs, but the last month have worn me down and I do not think they can switch it on that easy

    Sorry for the rant

    • ND Mike says:

      Welcome to the “I’m tired of watching this crap” club.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Well it’s not like the A team has been out all those times. We won’t see instant outs from Cervelli or Pena or whatever. They’ll be fine tough the playoffs will be tougher this year.

      Just pray Girardi and co. doesn’t bring the scrubs along for the ride.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Welcome to the site.

      My rebuttal would be that you don’t need to be hot entering the playoffs in order to win the World Series (2000 Yankees went 87-75 and entered the postseason cold), and your point about the Yanks possibly being out in Round 1 applies to every playoff team. They could all be out quickly if things go wrong. Me? I’ll trust the Yankees talent and depth and assume the ALCS will come down to them and Tampa, and that could go either way.

    • Mike R says:

      I agree with your rant. I feel like we’ve been waiting for the team to “heat” back up since the end of August. Granted the Red Sox and Rays are both good teams we just don’t look nearly as good as we did back earlier in the summer. I just really hope we can get on a hot streak the last week of the season and carry it into the playoffs. If we don’t I am VERY concerned we’ll have trouble making it to the ALCS.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      The only team that has “looked good” in September is the Twins. Might be related to every other playoff spot being cemented in late June (essentially) but that’s just a guess.

      • Bigdragos says:

        If the playoffs began tomorrow, Yankees will face one of the hotter or more “confident” teams in the twins. I think if the twins get morneau back, well i do not really want to think about it.

    • Because they’re making the playoffs within a few games of the best record in baseball (at least) and plenty of teams have won the World Series despite shitty Septembers. A team can get hot at any time.

      In comparison, the 2007 Rockies who had the best September run ever, got shit on in the World Series.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Agreed, and the 2006 Cardinals got shit on all season (83-79 real, 82-80 pythagorean) but still won the World Series. Playoffs = different animal.

    • bexarama says:

      Nope, they haven’t been playing particularly well over the past month but I mean, I’m not sure what we can do. It’s not like they’re not trying, and it’s not like if I yell at them from my sofa or we write a billion articles about it on RAB, it’ll have any effect at all. Teams have gone into the playoffs playing really badly and won it all (IE, 2000 Yankees). Just not really sure what to do other than complain about it on here.

      • Bigdragos says:


        Thats why I said it was rant more than anything else, I have on many occasions flip the channel hoping the Yanks will turn it around by the time I flip back. It worked last year, not so much this year. LOL

  179. All Star Carl says:

    lol what the hell was he looking at

  180. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    THIS is awesome.

  181. Nice says:

    J. Albaladejo = Mariano’s heir


  182. I’m going to name that hit–the oppo slap over the middle infielder’s head–the Gardner Special. Objections?

  183. JMK says:

    Don’t worry guys – we’ll bring the tying run to the plate in the 4th inning.

    (I know, I know.)

  184. What about Longo as an MVP candidate? 6.5 fWAR, 7.6 bWAR.

  185. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Jeter killing the rally. THAT WAS OUR ONLY SHOT, JETER!

  186. Matty says:

    Rays take the lead. 3-2

  187. ND Mike says:

    Why do the Yanks only get 2 out hits when there are no RISP and then when they hit second immediately ground into a force?

  188. charliechoochoo says:

    I just got home and I’m sure I am hallucinating this score. WTF happened?

  189. ND Mike says:

    Never fear my Pinstriped compatriots! I know how we can fix this! Hire Lou Piniella as a “consultant” to come in and light some fires under some asses and for good measure allow him to go out and argue with the umpires for comedic effect.

  190. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    since the 8 game winning streak, Yankees are 6-11, with a 4 game losing streak and a 3 game losing streak…..but only losing 2 games in the standings.


  191. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    The balance of power shifted when the Yanks acquired Jerry Hairston Jr.

  192. Kit says:

    There you go, Tex.

  193. ND Mike says:

    I just hear a little “let’s go Yankees” chant. Made me smile. If this was the Twins and at Target Field it’d be quieter than a library.

  194. bexarama says:


    (Probably not. But allow me my jokes cuz I’m watching this crap.)

  195. jbkx says:

    Whats up with this team? Tex needs to do more than flash the glove (hell Buddy Biancalana was a vacuum back in the day but he was worth what he was paid). Jeter gets a pass from me for now. Grandy has been OK lately. ARod has been cold more than hot. Same with Gardner. Robbie and Swisher are the only regulars that have had good seasons. Besides CC, the rotation has been luke warm or worse (AJ needs a lobotomy). The same can be said about the pen with Mo being the only known quantity (Joba/lobotomy). The fire doesn’t seem to be lit yet. Hope they can flip the switch.

  196. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Tex is all like “Go fuck your mother.”

  197. Bigdragos says:

    Not being Sarcastic here

    When was the last time a Yankee hit a three run Hr or a two run HR?

    whenever it was, it seem so long ago

  198. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Dat 1 wuz lyke way bak.

  199. All Star Carl says:

    4 more bombs for A-Rod come on do it.

  200. iYankee(next generation from Apple) says:

    selfish stat padding.

  201. Kit says:

    And there you go Alex. Rally starts now?

  202. Zooboy says:

    I don’t care how meaningless this game is. I still hate watching the Sox pound the Yankees. Especially with that punk Beckett on the mound.

    Oh — Homeruns!!!

    Never mind.

  203. ecks says:

    Can’t wait to read the headlines tomorrow – Josh Beckett, Yankee killer! Came through as the Red Sox were preparing to make their final push for the playoffs!


  204. All Star Carl says:

    Keep and eye on Giants vs Rockies.

    It’s early but it could happen.

  205. Kit says:

    Let’s just cut the lead in half.

  206. Nice says:


    If he took Andy out in the 3rd, and used Kerry Wood or Mo, we’d still be in this game.

  207. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Did Beckett just scream “Fucking faggot?”

    Mike, ban him.

  208. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Jon Lestaahhhhhh

  209. Kit says:

    C’mon, Mitre. They’ve scored enough runs for the night. Keep them where they are.

  210. Sunil says:

    I think the reason theres so much frustration behind the yank’ play (for me at least) is because some of the losses have been so one sided. if the pitching stinks, the offense just seems to want to take the day off also. a lot of one sided losses for a team like the yanks is especially frustrating because you think that a good team can be firing on one dimension and still get the job done sometimes, but lately that hasnt been the case. sterling said it earlier, 6-12 in their last 18, thats just bad baseball. i think the yanks of ’09 were stronger than this team.

    • ZZ says:

      i think the yanks of ’09 were stronger than this team.

      If this is true, which I am not saying it is, why does it matter?

      • All Star Carl says:

        1998 Yankees had more “spunk” than this team.

        • bexarama says:

          Debatable, but I’ll help you find out. Anyone got the measuring cups ready?

          (It’s Friday night and I’m inside, the Yankees are getting blown out, Pettitte pitched like shit. I’m gonna be gross.)

          • Sunil says:

            debatable indeed. a friend of mine argues that ’09 had the stronger rotation, while ’10 has a weaker rotation but a stronger bullpen. i guess it also depends on what your place more importance on.

          • Jon in CUO says:

            Well done. I think you’d have more trouble with the ’61 Yankees though, based on Mickey Mantle’s contributions alone.

      • Sunil says:

        I guess it doesnt matter. its an opinion that i was putting out there. kinda like the entire message i just posted. to get feedback on my opinion

  211. ND Mike says:

    Did Mitre just pitch two scoreless innings or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

  212. Pat D says:

    Sorry, guys and gals, I’m late to the party. Did I miss anything?

    /yes I’m being an ass’d

  213. Bigdragos says:

    Anyone think Girardi is going with the “A” line up tomorrow?

  214. Carlosologist says:


  215. Kit says:

    There we go! That’s the Torre way! Cutting leads in half. (And hopefully winning because I am so fucking sad right now).

  216. Cy Pettitte says:

    glad I kept the game on, enjoying watching Beckett get shelled, even if we’re losing

  217. Greg says:

    If we can get it to three we have a shot

  218. ND Mike says:

    …still doesn’t make up for that botched catch.

  219. cjc says:

    so when do they start talking about momentum shifting (yes I’m being a bit sarcastic)

  220. Carlosologist says:

    So, uh, how did we get shellacked for ten runs?

    /been out all day with my friends

  221. Bigdragos says:

    I think Atchinson is the equivalent of Gaudin, so we might have shot here

  222. Carlosologist says:


  223. ZZ says:

    Holy shit. Guess that’s why Girardi left his regulars in.

  224. Cy Pettitte says:


    we back in this big time baby, Sox bullpen sucks

  225. Greg says:


  226. Frigidevil says:

    Oh this is just marvelous

  227. bexarama says:

    Stop fucking teasing me, Yankees.

  228. Marc says:

    Alex could very well hit 30 this season. That’d break the 100rbi 30hr 13 season record, right?

  229. Stratman9652 says:

    Love. This. Team.

  230. FIPster Doofus says:

    Well, it’s a game now. After being down 10-1, that’s really all you can ask for.

  231. cjc says:

    yessss momentum shift thrown out there from the yes crew my night is complete

  232. Jon in CUO says:

    I guess I should switch back from the Rockies-Giants game now, right?

    • Jon in CUO says:

      Just in time to see Cano ground out. I’m bad luck tonight, so for the benefit of everyone watching, I’m changing it back.

  233. Carlosologist says:

    A-Rod is climbing these lists very quickly. The future all-time home run king is on his way.

  234. ecks says:


  235. So how many people would die by your hands to get A-rod’s talent? I think I’d murder one person and manslaughter (can I make that into a verb?) two.

  236. Greg says:

    Now the Hall HR looms large

  237. joe t says:

    I left this game an hour ago. Any positive signs?

  238. Bigdragos says:

    Is there a remote chance Yanks sign K Wood for 2011?

  239. Kit says:

    Seriously. Good fucking job, Mitre. You really deserve some applause tonight.

  240. bexarama says:

    If only we’d bunted in some of those runs

  241. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Holy shit it’s a game.

  242. Cy Pettitte says:

    Berkman HR here

  243. Stratman9652 says:

    Vmart pulled that ball down about a foot.

  244. Wow, I’m really not even that mad. Nice play, Adrian.

  245. Actually, I’m really mad at those fans. Why the fuck did you assholes jump?!

  246. Greg says:

    Stupid fans.

    It’s in your section.

    Prevent that

  247. Jorge + non fastballs = painful to watch.

  248. Pat D says:

    Tito not screwing around anymore bringing in Bard.

    Can’t wait till I get home and hear Millar or Williams or whoever it is on MLBN saying that the Red Sox are right back in the middle of it, provided the score doesn’t change.

  249. Stratman9652 says:

    Imagine if Long had fixed Granderson earlier in the year…

  250. AndrewYF says:

    Did anyone just hear a ‘Trot Nixon is a horse’s ass’ chant?

  251. Cy Pettitte says:

    odds of Papelbon implosion in the 9th?

  252. ND Mike says:

    I’m always amazed at how fast Gardner is.

  253. Greg says:

    Well the fans ruined that inning by not body blocking Beltre.
    All the air seemed to be taken out after that play.

    Note I said inning not game

  254. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    That 2-0 call on Berkman was BS ! We got screwed out of a possible walk and the entire complexion of the inning changed. I blame the umpire for this travesty!

    Sorry for the late reaction , It just hit me.

  255. All Star Carl says:

    2 innings of Wood why?

  256. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I hope Beltre leaves Boston.

  257. Mike Axisa says:

    Heh, Beltre just got effed in the a by that curve.

  258. pat says:

    Hah, nice swing.

  259. Cy Pettitte says:

    Wood > Beltre

    so nasty

  260. Dela G says:

    lol holy shit that curveball to beltre was literally knee buckling

  261. Cy Pettitte says:


  262. Cy Pettitte says:

    why does Kay call Daniel Nava Nova? It bugs me so much for some reason

  263. Greg says:

    Jeter has to get on for the big guys

  264. Mike Axisa says:

    It’s been far too long since this team has had some pie…

  265. CBean says:

    Dear Yankees, please don’t break my heart. Thanks.

  266. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    I am trying to determine who is a bigger pompous A Hole , Michael Flatley or Papelbum.

  267. ecks says:

    That was an incredibly nasty 3 pitch sequence (the Beltre AB). Hitting both corners and one down the middle, but still low. Reminds me of what could’ve been with this guy.

  268. Mike Axisa says:

    Just get it to Alex…

  269. Marc says:

    At least Jeter can’t hit into a double play

  270. Dela G says:

    jeter that was at your eyes!!!

  271. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I really want to know what makes the head high cheese so appealing.

  272. Come on, Swish. Start a rally.

  273. Kit says:

    Ugh, Derek, you can’t do that, babe. Swish and Tex. You need to get on.

  274. Fuck, that may’ve been ball 3.

  275. Greg says:

    well we’re done for the game

  276. Come on, Tex. Let that shit go.

  277. ecks says:

    Now the Alex walk-off grand slam is off… But the Berkman one is still on!

  278. That’s more like it, Tex.

  279. Cy Pettitte says:

    back to back to back HR’s?

  280. Carlosologist says:

    Stop being so mean Tex

  281. Greg says:

    Well, it’s at Alex, Mike

  282. ND Mike says:

    Not that I dislike the HR or anything, but does anyone else wish that they did it with singles and doubles sometimes?

  283. ecks says:


  284. Mike Axisa says:

    The Yankees will bring the tying run the plate in this game!

    /never too late

  285. ecks says:

    Walk to Alex, Cano HR please

  286. Dammmmmit, that 2-1 pitch. A-Rod so wants that back.

  287. Sunil says:

    man, i really want swish to get 100 rbis this year

  288. They ain’t dead yet, mother fuckers. Let’s go, Robbie!

  289. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Let’s go Canoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Greg says:

    Tying run to the plate

  291. Mike Axisa says:


  292. Carlosologist says:

    Robbie tie this bitch up so my dad can give me cash.

  293. ND Mike says:

    Cano if you ground into a force out again….

  294. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Where the fuck was that?

  295. Dela G says:

    holy shit that was bullshit

  296. Marc says:

    That was pretty far outside

  297. ecks says:


  298. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Cano not fucking gritty enough dirtbag?

  299. ecks says:

    I love how all of our extra base hits are HRs.

  300. Greg says:

    well, I blame Jeter and Swisher for not getting on

  301. Kit says:

    Ahhhh…that sucked. At least it wasn’t a crushing loss. Come back tomorrow and Sunday and win, please.

  302. All Star Carl says:

    Jeter Swish and Cano aint clutch. Could have walked multiple times.

  303. ND Mike says:

    Ugh. That was kinda sad.

  304. Marc says:

    Robbie needs to not swing at every pitch, he isn’t Vlad

  305. Jon in CUO says:

    O’Neill Theory anyone?

  306. Carlosologist says:

    At least we came close. Oh well, blow them out tomorrow after Lester is out of the game.

  307. bexarama says:

    Blahhhh but at least they didn’t roll over and die. I guess.

    My poor Andrew Eugene. :(

  308. It'sATarp says:

    Not enough heart unlike the sox /sarcasm

  309. ecks says:

    To come this far… Well, that’s baseball. We can’t beat the shit out of Papelbon everytime, can we?

  310. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Christ , Are the umpiring crew on Boston’s payroll!

    Andy ineffective and fucked up , Boston won in cohort with a dirty umpiring crew.

  311. Bigdragos says:

    Who do the Sox play next?

    Would not care normally, but Nova and Moseley pitching the nxt two days.

  312. jbkx says:

    Is this the wake up call the Yanks needed? Christ I’d hope, there aren’t too many chances left. Yanks need a hard ass on the team (I’ll bite on the O’Neill Theory).

  313. Greg says:

    I just don’t to be forced to clinch in Fenway. The fans come into play there. The Red Sox play better there. And the records go out the window.

    • Zanath says:

      I can’t even see that happening. The Red Sox play four in Chicago after this, and I can’t see them sweeping as bad as the White Sox can be. Meanwhile we play Toronto, and we have a favorable pitching matchup in the first game at least.

      I am also not a fan of conceding games before they start. Lester doesn’t have to be lights out tomorrow. Maybe he has a bad game. Maybe Nova pitches a gem. Who knows?

  314. Zanath says:

    Well at least they almost came back.

    I don’t know guys, I do think it’s important that we win at least one game in this series. I don’t think tomorrow is as hopeless as it looks. Maybe this near comeback will give us some momentum.

    • gachupin says:

      The Red Sux are done unless there’s another Ortiz jersey somewhere in da Bronx. Even if they sweep this weekend and they might considering the matchups, they’re not going to take the Chisox series. What pisses me off is TB’s going for all the marbles while Joe G’s overanalyzing overmanaging as usual. We basically lost our shot at the division coz Girardi wouldn’t play to win. Now we get the Twins who are on fire, and lose home field advantage, probably in both series. Twins are 52-25 at home. Don’t think we’ll get past the ALDS hope I’m wrong.

  315. Beanietown says:

    Yanks are playing with the Red Sox. They should just end it and stop the torture for them

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