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Yanks fall to Rangers in extras
The paramount importance of getting it right

Some Saturday morning links for your pleasure:

Here’s an update on former Yankee Matt Nokes.  It’s pretty cool that he has stayed in the game and is so devoted to the art of hitting.  Usually you hear about guys like Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn being students of the game, but Nokes seems to fit right in.

Bonus link to Nokes’ website with video of him catching a Roger Clemens fastball in the ribs and throwing it back to the mound.

A post at takes a look at Andrew Brackman and the success he has had this year.  There are lots of quotes from the Brackmonster himself and the piece notes that he is close with Austin Romine and how well they work together.  We may see that battery in the Bronx in a few years.

A story about Roger Clemens and steroids that doesn’t immediately call him Former Yankee Roger Clemens.  I’m sure it will never become public, but I wonder if Bud Selig will have anything to say to the Blue Jays if they knew all along that Clemens was juicing (if he was).  I doubt the Blue Jays could have disclosed anything since it is personal medical records, but I wonder if there is/was any plan in place for what a major league team is supposed to do if they find proof that a player is using steroids.  Clearly everyone looked the other way in the past, but if it becomes public that the team knew and did nothing to stop it, Selig will be none too thrilled.

While the Yankees had a banner year down on the farm, the rival Red Sox took a step back.  While they appear to have had a solid draft to build some depth, many of the crown jewels of their system either didn’t take steps forward or took steps back in 2010.  Just remember this the next time organizational rankings come out, just because someone says Team A is better than Team B, it doesn’t mean that can’t change.

Yanks fall to Rangers in extras
The paramount importance of getting it right
  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Great links Steve. I never thought I would read Pete Abe writing about prospects. At the end of the day, no matter what anyone has said, Baseball America will still rank the Red Sox organization over the Yankees. I’m willing to bet on it. (not so much money, but pride)

    I’ve read from a strong source that Brackman, Jesus, Phelps and J. Ramirez will be traded for either a mediocre or crappy set-up guy.

    • Zack

      I know we’d never see Pete say that the Yankees sacrificed good looking numbers and instead challenged a kid by sending him to the next level, it would just be another overrated Yanked prospect

  • Plank

    I assume everyone at every level of the game from the bat boys to the owners and the commissioner knew players were using steroids. It wasn’t until Canseco’s book came out telling the truth that Selig saw the public outcry and started to “take notice” of the situation.

    • nsalem

      Your assumption is correct!!!!

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    LOVE the Nokes/Clemens link. I remember that happening but, honestly, I’ve always kind of wondered if I made it up because I haven’t seen a clip of it in so long.

    I feel like fans who maybe weren’t around earlier in Clemens’s career felt differently about him than I did when he was a Yankee, since I remembered him pitching against the Yanks and being an ass-hat. I always root for the Yanks to succeed, of course, but I could never really be a fan of Clemens the way I was a fan of the other players. I always hated that freaking guy. Remember him wearing the eye-black? Vomit, what a moron.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Agreed. Rooting for Clemens made me feel dirty.

    • bonestock94

      I distinctly remember hating his guts growing up. I was never thrilled about his acquisition even though he was that good.

  • Thomas

    Reaching The Show is the dream that led Brackman to select baseball rather than basketball, another sport at which he stood out in college.

    I hope Brackman really chose baseball, because he actually had a future in it, since he didn’t really stand out in basketball. His freshman and sophomore years (the only two he played), he averaged about 19 minutes, 7.5 pts, 3.5 rebounds, and 1 block for NC ST, not exactly a major basketball school (though does play in a major conference).

  • bonestock94

    Is it true that Kalish is that good? The article has a quote that says something to the effect of him being an all-star for 10 years..

    • Zack

      It came from the Pawtucket manager, so yeah take that with a 20lb grain of salt