Yanks offense returns for 11-3 rout


(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Put the man on and get him in. The Yankees had the first half of this formula all month, but they haven’t executed the second. Last night they took care of business, putting 17 runners on base and leaving just seven of them stranded. That helped CC Sabathia through a shaky first few innings. He settled down as the game went on and ultimately was awarded his 20th victory of the season. He cared so much that he was in the clubhouse when the team recorded the final out.

The Yanks had control of this game from the beginning. They loaded the bases on a hit by pitch, a walk, and a single in the first, and then brought around two runner on a Jorge Posada single. Then in the second they got another on a sac fly. While the Orioles did creep back into it with a run in both the second and third, that’s as close as they’d get the rest of the way. The Yankees answered with another run in the fourth and then two in the fifth before tacking on five the rest of the way to seal the game.

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Derek Jeter continued his revival, going 2 for 3 with two runs scored and two RBI. It seems like he’s had a good at-bat every single time up since the day off last weekend in Texas. His OBP has actually dropped a bit, but it seems like he’s ready to rip off a string of excellent games. The two runs scored put him over the century mark for the season. Robinson Cano also crossed the century mark tonight, as his two-run home run gave him 101 RBI on the season. He’s the third Yankee to reach the plateau.

What makes these plateaus so remarkable is that they come from infielders. The outfielders are always knows as the heavy bats, but the Yankees don’t operate that way. All four infielders slot into the first five lineup spots. That’s a pretty remarkable feat. What makes it more insane is that all three of the Yankees’ outfielders are among the top 11 AL outfielders in WAR. The offense might have sputtered lately, but it’s tough to question a group this stacked with top players.

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Sabathia added a line to his Cy Young resume by recording his 20th win of the season. This shouldn’t matter, but it does. CC has pitched wonderfully this season and has lived up to all expectations of him. He also happens to pitch for the best team in the league. That alone — the best pitcher on the bet team — certainly should warrant consideration for the award. But after further examination it’s clear that other pitchers are having better years. But for the Yanks, CC has done it all. With the magic number down to just 7, it looks like Sabathia can take it easy in his last couple of starts and gear up for a long playoff run.

After a mean slump followed by last night’s dramatics, a blowout was just what the Yankees needed. Berkman was the only starter without a hit, but he gets a pass for the way he’s laced the ball since he returned from the DL. Other than that it was a relatively stress-free game. We’ll take another one of those any day.

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  1. Still unbeaten in the New Stadium Era. Let’s hope that the streak continues tomorrow afternoon with Andy (yay!) on the mound.

  2. Carlosologist says:

    [...]awarded his 20th victory of the season. He cared so much that he was in the clubhouse when the team recorded the final out.

    Why did I like this line so much?

    Such a great game today. Hopefully Andy can complete the sweep tonight.

  3. Greg G. says:

    We’ll take another one of those any day.

    Hey, how does tomorrow look for you?

  4. JGS says:

    Robinson Cano also crossed the century mark tonight, as his two-run home run gave him 101 RBI on the season. He’s the third Yankee to reach the plateau.

    And the fourth Yankee second baseman ever–Soriano did it once, Joe Gordon thrice, and Tony Lazzeri five times.

    Yankee record for RBIs by a second baseman is Lazzeri’s 114 in 1926. Think Cano has a shot at that?

    • Carlosologist says:

      I think he has a decent shot. He seems to be heating up after that vicious slump in which he looked gassed. Considering that we appear to be entering a team-wide beast mode, Cano has a shot to set a new franchise record.

      • JGS says:

        Considering we just won two games against the Orioles (Showalter pixie dust or not, they are still not a good team), one of which we were down by 2 runs on our final strike, I think it’s a bit early to declare team-wide beast mode.

        That said, if Cano gets hot again, he could do it.

    • RKelly39 says:

      He’ll fall short but that’s pretty good company

  5. Eric says:

    For all the Gardner haters and lovers:

    Read it and appreciate him. The Yankees won’t be in the position they are in without him this year.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Probably not but the question being asked is whether he’ll perform to be like this in upcoming years which I doubt.

      • Eric says:

        Keep on doubting him all you want. The guy has done nothing throughout his baseball playing life since being “cut” by his high school coach (read it here: not once but twice, but prove his doubters wrong.

      • Shaun says:

        Where in Gardner’s history says he can’t? Before he got hurt last year he hit .270 with a .345 opb, his minor league career shows consistency, always hitting between .280-.300 after minor struggles at a new level (hit .272 when he was first promoted to AA mid-season in 2006 but in his first full season in 2007 he hit .300; the same thing happened in his mid-season AAA promotion hitting .260 but in his first full season hit .296)

        Considering the fact he hit .300 for the majority of the season, and has been playing with a busted thumb that actually requires surgery in the off-season (which he has been playing with for the past 2 1/2 months; coincidently that’s the exact same time his bat began to slow) This is Gardner as a player and he’s going to do what he’s always done, he shouldn’t have been a surprise but we didn’t pay attention.

    • Kiersten says:

      “What is are these runs worth? By sabermetric standards, a lot– a little more than the equivalent of one win.”

      ESPN, folks.

  6. Cecala says:

    Awesome game, so glad to be there live to see CC pitch for his 20th win. He is now 4/4 in all the times I seen him pitch. Also the Yankee fans outnumbered the Balt. fans like 65/35 it was pretty funny.

  7. Jerome S says:

    It must be sad to be in your home ball park and here chants for the other team.

  8. ShuutoHeat (Don't Trade GGBG Pl0x) says:

    Good stuff, CC nails down his 20th.
    Hey, that Gardner guy can really play baseball.

  9. Sean C says:

    This is hopefully something for the Yankees to build upon for a nice run into the postseason. Yes, it’s Baltimore, I will give anyone that, but it’s against teams like this that the Yankees are supposed to win.

  10. forensic says:

    I find it kind of funny how suddenly it’s ok if Berkman is basically a slow, poor defensively, worse hitting Brett Gardner.

    Since the DL, his .094 ISOD is basically the same as Gardner has done all year and he actually now has a negative ISOP after last night. Even before last night’s 0-5, his ISOP was .060, which is still quite a bit lower than Gardner this year. Also, in a small sample, his 2-10 with RISP has certainly hurt the team during this tough stretch.

    People would be freaking out if Brett Gardner was even still playing if he couldn’t run, couldn’t defend, and showed even less power than he already has. But for Lance Berkman it’s ok, only because he set such a low baseline for himself by being invisible for 2 weeks after getting here.

    • Sean C says:

      At least you admit that you are working with a SSS.

    • Chris says:

      What exactly is your complaint? That he’s getting too many hits, and not enough walks?

      Since coming off the DL (and before last nights game) Berkman is hitting .455/.550/.515/1.065. His numbers are certainly inflated by the high batting average, but a .515 SLG is very good and a .550 OBP is just ridiculous.

  11. Tom Zig says:

    Since CC Sabathia joined the the Yankees, they are 44-22 in games in which he starts. #TrueAce

  12. Mike Nitabach says:

    What a great game! CC is da man!

  13. Great game, but again with the “One-inning-and-out” for relievers. Joba throws five of seven for strikes and he has to be pulled? Hey, Joe, that NOT why the team is called the Yankees. 8-run lead, why risk opening up the Gaudamn game?
    Also loved the Return of the Living GGBG, as he makes his way up the basement stairs chewing on folks’ knees and saying, “More cortizone”

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Joba throws five of seven for strikes and he has to be pulled?

      Of course he doesn’t have to be pulled. But if he threw 20 more pitches to get through the 9th, then he might be unavailable today. You know, when he may actually be needed.

      I can see getting on Girardi for a lot of things. This is not one of them.

  14. Mickey Scheister says:

    CC is the best pitcher on the best team in the toughest division in the tougher league. All that, IMO, does is state the big mans case for Cy Young. Granderson with a nice blast and a walk GGBG just putting on a show and Jeter with some situational hitting and 2 nice knocks, I like, I like! Now it was against the O’s soooo I dunno how excited I really am… Aw fuck it, I’m elated after the past two weeks. With Andy back on the rubber for the first time in what feels like a season, I hope he continues the recent trend and spits hot fire today!

    • pete says:

      Felix’s case for the Cy Young:

      Hi, I’m Felix Hernandez. I’m the best pitcher in the A.L., and I’m having the best season in the A.L.

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