Could Mo seek a two-year deal?


How long can Rivera keep pitching? After the Yankees won the 2009 World Series, a jovial Mo said he would do this for five more years if he could. But during the season Mo was a bit more subdued about his future. One year at a time, he said. From a recent New York Post report, it sounds like he’s now thinking somewhere in the middle; “…there is talk within the organization that the future Hall of Fame closer wants a two-year deal.” Joel Sherman and George King call this a “minor hurdle,” but I’m not sure it would be much of a hurdle at all. The Yanks want Rivera to pitch for them as long as he’s physically capable, and it appears he wants the same.

The article also brings up an interesting point. For a few days now we’ve heard that the Yankees and Girardi are close to a deal. There is a chance that the deal has been finalized, but because of the World Series the team has not announced it. Don’t be surprised if we hear something on Friday, the first off-day.

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  1. CBean says:

    I’m already crying at the thought of Mo retiring.

  2. larryf says:

    2 years is perfect. Try to teach the cutter to all and have the younger pitchers absorb the calm, professional demeanor of Mo. Let’s get his replacement working the eighth effectively before Mo retires.

    • Thomas says:

      Try to teach the cutter to all and have the younger pitchers absorb the calm, professional demeanor of Mo.

      I have a feeling this would have happened by now if it was going to happen at all. Either Rivera doesn’t want to teach other his pitch/demeanor or he can’t (more likely).

      • ChrisS says:

        Mo has, historically, been willing to teach his grip to anyone who wanted to learn (Doc Halladay during the All-Star game springs to mind). Unfortunately, throwing that pitch effectively is something that requires something that can’t be taught (either a physical talent, an incredibly consistent delivery, an almost imperceptible change in finger pressure, or a combination).

        Mo is unique and it’s going to suck when he finally hangs it up.

        • Thomas says:

          Exactly, that image of Halladay was my reason why I thought it was likely that he can’t really teach it to other even if he is willing.

  3. rek4gehrig says:

    I’d better renew my season tickets now.

  4. Nostra damn us says:

    If Mo wants 2, Mo gets 2. Anybody thinking next pitching coach? Nah, mebbe not, he ain’t got but one pitch!

  5. Mike HC says:

    Well, I’m sure the Yanks preferred the one year deals, but I highly doubt Mo asking for two is going to be a deal breaker, ha.

  6. Danny T says:

    1 year with player options for 2012 & 2013 at 12/14 million per

  7. theyankeewarrior says:



  8. dan genovese says:

    sign him for 10 years and make certain he plays all 10

  9. One of these years he’s going to start showing his age and Yankee fans will get tired of him blowing a save every 4 chances.

  10. Yank the Frank says:

    Whatever Mo wants, Mo gets.

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