Heathcott goes under the knife, out until February


According to his Facebook status, 2009 first rounder Slade Heathcott is having surgery on some unknown body part for some unknown reason. It’s worth noting that he did go under the knife to repair a torn ACL in high school, and he also missed a bunch a time after injuring his shoulder diving for a ball in the outfield. Hopefully it’s nothing major and has nothing to do with the knee again; the last thing you want a speedy centerfielder type to develop is knee problems. It’s unclear if he’ll be ready for Spring Training.

Baseball America recently ranked Heathcott as the 18th best prospect in the Low-A South Atlantic League, where they noted his all-out style of play. I’m jumping way ahead of myself, but it would be a shame if that keeps leading to injuries.

Update: According to one of Heathcott’s comments on FB, he’s out until at least February. So it wasn’t too serious. Hopefully he can start he season on time.

(h/t Andy in Sunny Daytona)

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  1. JGS says:

    Get well soon, Slade :(

  2. Oh no :(

    Hopefully it’s nothing major.

  3. Dick Whitman says:

    Slade will be out until at least February before he can start training again.

  4. I hear that Slade is getting some Wrist Snap Injections to help satisfy Mike Newman’s (From “Scouting the Sally”) concerns over his swing.

  5. jonathan says:

    I’ve had 11 surgeries and I can tell you after a major knee injury your other knee kind of wears down until the injured knee is 100% healthy and sometimes it takes just a cleanup to get you good to go. Also, with the ACL there might require some cleanup of debris or scar tissue. Hopefully it’s something minor like those.

  6. B-Rando says:

    Wait a second…Mike are you facebook friends with Slade Heathcott?!

  7. Captain Jack says:

    He’s a position player, it’s likely nothing major that will lead to anything to be concerned about.

  8. LeftyLarry says:

    I didn’t do knee surgery for my torn meniscus, do tons of work on my quads, hammys and calves and I’ve been able to get by 5 years without the surgery and without as limp.Swells up after 3 consecutive days of golf but it’s livable.
    All my buddies who did surgery, keep having more and worse issues on both knees.

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