Marte had shoulder surgery, out until after 2011 All Star break

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Laird stays hot in the desert

Via Erik Boland, lefty reliever Damaso Marte underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder last Friday, and won’t begin to throw again until after the 2011 All Star break. Marte was afraid he’d never be able to pitch again, so he took this as good news. For all intents and purposes, consider him out next season. He won’t start throwing until after the break, nevermind facing batters and stuff.

Damaso is under contract for under $4M next season, then the Yanks will buy out his 2012 option (another $4M) for $250,000. Since signing his regrettable three-year, $12M contract after the 2008 season, Marte has thrown just 31 innings with a 6.39 ERA. The ERA’s skewed by the ass kickin’ he took before going on the disabled list in 2009, though. He did hold lefties to a .136/.205/.242 batting line over the last two seasons (73 plate appearances), which is what he’s supposed to do. We’ll always have the 2009 playoffs, Damaso.

Football Open Thread
Laird stays hot in the desert
  • Big Stein

    Jeremy Affeldt c’mon on down….

    • Zack

      Too bad he has that thing called a contract

      • Big Stein

        details, details..

  • Frigidevil

    2009 playoffs Marte would have handled Hamilton a little better than any of our guys this year. Here’s hoping he can get back there someday.

  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    If he can come back and be healthy and ready for the playoffs, and then dominate in the playoffs then all is forgiven. If not, then I’m going to call my buddy Cueto over to kick some head.

  • Chris G.

    Does this mean insurance will take care of part of his salary for next year?

    • Mike Axisa

      I would imagine so. I don’t believe he had a history of shoulder issues before the contract.

  • Fair Weather Freddy

    Thats a shame. He pitched so well in the playoffs last year and was pitching well this year until he got hurt. Hope he can come back for a late stretch run next season and maybe help in the postseason.

  • Joseph Cecala

    There had to be something in that Pittsburgh water…

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      It may not have worked for Bay, Nady and Marte, but Bonds definitely got the right stuff when he went from the Pitts to SanFran

      • Frigidevil

        He also got a really big head

        • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

          I believe he got that something in SF… or somewhere else in the Bay Area.

          • Frigidevil

            Maybe a labratory in the Bay Area? Or a co-op? Or BOTH!?

  • bonestock94

    Boone Logan I guess. Is he locked in for 2011?

    • Rob

      Logan is arbitration-eligible this offseason, I’m pretty sure..he’ll be back for one yr arb deal..we’ll need to find another lefty reliever option as well.

  • adayoff

    Can someone explain why Marte was not under the knife back in May (or whenever he last pitched)? By the way, when did he last pitch?

    • Mike Axisa

      They probably didn’t find the tear then. If they had, he would have had the surgery earlier.

    • Zack

      Maybe they thought that he’d be finished (like for good) after the surgery anyways, so they were trying to have him rehab enough to pitch this October.

  • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

    I will always remember Marte being the first guy out of the dugout after the last out of the 2009 WS.

  • Reggie C.

    I guess this makes Logan more indispensable. Is there a quality LH specialist hitting free agency or trade market soon? I cant think of a LOOGY or +1 out reliever (MARTE) in the farm.

    • Zack

      Left-handed relievers
      Joe Beimel (34)
      Bruce Chen (34)
      Randy Choate (35) – Type B
      Scott Downs (35) – Type A
      Pedro Feliciano (34) – Type B
      Mark Hendrickson (37) – $1.2MM club option with a $200K buyout
      Ron Mahay (40)
      Will Ohman (32)
      Dennys Reyes (34)
      Arthur Rhodes (41) – Type A
      J.C. Romero (35) – $4.5MM club option with a $250K buyout
      Bobby Seay (33)
      Scott Schoeneweis (37)
      Hisanori Takahashi (36)
      Taylor Tankersley (28)
      Matt Thornton (34) – $3MM club option with a $250K buyout – Type A

      So Romero if the Phillies don’t want to pick up that option, Downs if Toronto don’t offer arbitration (they will), and Feliciano.

      • MikeD

        Those Type A relievers are a killer. Downs just might accept arbitration since most clubs will not want to pay millions, while surrendering top draft picks for a 35-year-old who will pitch 60 innings. He clearly has value, but the current compensation system for free agents works against guys like Downs. I certainly would not want the Yankees to sign him as a Type A. He made $4 million last year, if he goes to arbitration he can expect somewhere north of $5 million. That could make the Blue Jays hesitate. I suppose they could take the risk, then if he accepts, they could trade him. Teams like the Yankees or the Red Sox would be less concerned with the money aspect. Money and top draft picks is another story.

        Same with Rhodes. Who is going to pay that high a price for a 41-year-old?

  • T.J.

    I’ll always have a soft spot for Marte.

    I’m not sure why at all but he’s been one of my favorite players on the team the past two years.

  • MikeD

    Marte averaged 70 games over seven seasons, from 2002 to 2008, pitching 428 innings, limiting the opposition to 330 hits, while striking out 466 batters to an ERA of 3.05, and an ERA+ of 149. He had established himself as one of the most durable and top lefty relievers in the game. I’m sure Cash figured he’d lock up one quality lefty for the pen that the team could count on for the next three years, while then supplementing him with another lefty of the moment, be he named Coke, Logan or whomever. The plan didn’t work, but that’s not to say it was a bad plan.

    Shoulder surgeries are much harder to recover from than elbow surgery. Not sure where Marte’s surgery rates on the “oh crap, I’ll-never-be-a-good-pitcher-again” scale. At least it doesn’t sound like it was rotator cuff surgery. Hope he makes it back, but seems unlikely he’ll be helping the Yankees if he does.

    • JohnnyC

      “The plan didn’t work, but that’s not to say it was a bad plan.”

      Problem is, that gets said too many times when discussing Cashman and pitching.

  • Neil

    Brian Fuentes?