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Open Thread: Maybin on the move
Football Open Thread

Here’s some links to check out before the Jets take on the Mangenius, the Giants sack Jon Kitna 17 times and the Pats find a way to beat the Steelers.

Mike Fish at has a piece on Roberto Alomar’s life since his career ended.  I knew it was bad, after reading this column it’s worse than I thought.  Alomar who will get into the Hall of Fame this year was an amazing ballplayer.  I think because he played for 7 teams and didn’t play any of his peak in a big baseball market he’s a little overlooked, but he was special.  Alomar was a very similar player to Derek Jeter and I can’t imagine how he’d be viewed had he spent his whole career in the Bronx, Boston, Philly or another good baseball hotbed.  He certainly would have gotten into Cooperstown on the first ballot with room to spare.  His career fell off a cliff in 2002, but what he did as a second baseman for a 10 year stretch was pretty amazing.

Former Yankee prospect Brandon Weeden is finding success on the football field.  Weeden was the first player selected by the Yankees in the 2002 draft  He showed some early promise but his baseball career was derailed by injuries.  I enjoy stories like this so I’m glad to see he’s having success.  Weeden is 27 years old, so I wonder if his coach Mike Gundy considers him a man or not?

Marc Carig wrote on his blog about the difficultly he can run into writing for different audiences through different mediums.  It’s a very good piece and while I’m sure many have you have seen it, if you haven’t I suggest doing so.  Like now.  Also take a look at Craig Calcaterra’s take on Carig’s post which is also informative and thought provoking.  Pretty good stuff in both posts.

Here’s a good piece over at Yahoo by Kendall Rogers on Karsten Whitson and why he spurned a couple million bucks to go to college. I think we can often interject ourselves into players lives’ without truly knowing how they feel so it’s good to see Whitson’s explanation.  It’s definitely something to consider when free agents don’t sign where you hoped or expected, or when draftees decide not to sign.

Open Thread: Maybin on the move
Football Open Thread
  • GeraldY

    Alomar was a great player and he should be in the Hall of Fame. It annoys me, however, that he is aggrieved that he was not a first ballot Hall of Famer. Bobby Grich(125 OPS+)and Lou Whitaker (116 OPS+) were as good as or better than Alomar (116+) and they, unjustly, never came close to the Hall of Fame.

    • Nostra-Artist

      Whitaker doesn’t get nearly as much support as he should. It’s hard to imagine putting Alomar or Jeter in and not electing Whitaker.

      • Hughesus Christo

        Uhh… what?

        Ignoring the dozens of issues I could point showing that this needless Jeter comp is wrong, 2B and SS, while similar, are not the same. Offensive production from SS is more of a historical outlier.

        • Januz

          I cannot believe people actually compare Jeter to Alomar. First off, finding a 3,000 hits 2nd baseman is not unique (Hornsby, Collins etc), while Jeter will be the 1st SS in HISTORY to achieve that number. Next, Jeter has always conducted himself with class, on and off the field. Unlike Alomar with his spitting on Hirshbeck, and spreading AIDS to women. In my humble opinion, this guy has absolutely no regard for women (He at least should have had the decency to wear a condom). As for his being “devastated” about not being elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, get over it…………… Joe DiMaggio and Cy Young were not elected on the first ballot either. Not to mention that there were people who felt Willie Mays or Hank Aaron should not be elected first ballot either. Finally, 25 years from now, although both will be Hall Of Famers, Jeter will be discussed as one of (If not the best SS in history), while Alomar will be a footnote in history.

          • bakekrukow

            Benny Agbayani is the greatest player of our generation, hands down. He shits all over Alomar.

    • pete

      Alomar was also one of the best defensive 2Bs ever, though.

      • Januz

        There is no question that Alomar was a great defensive 2nd baseman, and a Hall Of Famer. But there are certain guys in sports who numbers alone cannot measure: Bill Russell & Tom Brady are obvious examples of this, so is Mariano Rivera (Who gets ranked by one statistical analysis (PVEA) as below Don Sutton, Kevin Brown, Phil Niekro & Mike Mussina, and barely above Dennis Martinez). This is simply one example of why using stats alone, to evaluate players (Alomar and Jeter being just one example) is way out of line.

  • Zack

    Couple points about the article about turning down $2.1m

    -He said he wasn’t matured physically or in the greatest shape and wouldnt be able to handle pro ball if he got tired after the first UF workout- somehow I think ML organizations, who deal with athletes 24/7 and have the player’s best interest at heart (unlike college coaches), have training staffs to work with draftees.

    -The author mentioned that Cole & Purke are “recent history suggests [his] decision probably won’t backfire” – that’s just stupid, considering neither have been drafted or cashed a check yet, they’re a year away.

    -That being said, it’s the kid’s decision and he’s free to pick what he feels the best path is for him.

    • bonestock94

      Exactly, I’m still not convinced it was the best decision. If he’s happy that’s great, but for that kind of money I’d be willing to leave my comfort zone and then some.

    • Hughesus Christo

      The unspoken truth:

      Big time athlete at UF has… advantages. Yeah… “advantages.”

  • icebird753

    dude, great article, aside from editing

    • Mike R. – Retire 21

      Dude, great article, aside from editing.


  • Andrew

    Brandon Weeden, man the Yankees had some crappy drafts back in the day. Although hey great, he got the Yankees Kevin Brown! Because that ended so well *barf*

    Seriously, I always enjoy the Chris Weinke stories of near-30 year old guys playing quarterback in college. I’m sure he’s glad to break out at Oklahoma State since he wasn’t too good at that whole baseball thing.

  • Mike


    Mediums = fail

  • OldYanksFan

    Alomar did really fall off a cliff. For the 10 year period preceding, he compiled a 127 OPS+ with some of the best defence ever seen around 2nd base. Unfortunately, a great ballplayer who was also an unstable person. He wasn’t the bat Joe Morgan was, but had an amazing glove.

    Before he ‘fell’, he was certainly one of the best to ever play 2nd base.