Levine: “Cash is doing the right thing”


Via Pete Caldera, team president Randy Levine came out and backed the team’s patient approach this offseason. “[Brian Cashman] is doing the right thing,” he said. “He’s being patient. We have time. We’ll make [the team] better.” This qualifies as news during the slow holiday season, but what did you expect Levine to say? He’s not going to come out an bash his GM for the uneventful offseason.

In other news, pitchers and catcher are just 48 (!!!) days away.

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  1. MikeD says:

    Super. Now all we need to do is pick up a pitcher!

  2. bonestock94 says:

    Can’t wait till #4 pitcher Sergio Mitre arrives at camp.

  3. CS Yankee says:

    No time to panic, yes having two #1?s was a great plan (hats off to Philly for playing smart and aggressive).

    No really stud pitcher is available for a few years (minimum). Would we really want the Lackey signing last year? Giving away the farm for a talented head-case would be foolish, we have that in AJ and his investment was almost all cash (lower 3rd/4th draft lost, i believe).

    We need a solid proven pitcher to be our #4 starter for 2011 as Nova/AAA arm should take care of the #5 spot. We get spoiled saying it has to be a #2 (or better) because we are the Yankees, but in reality a Francis/Penny type of player could do wonders until July.

    Once July comes around, a team (perhaps Brewers, ChiSox, whatevs) will likely need to contain costs due to being 10+ out with a declining revenue base…

    enter Ninja


  4. Aj says:

    Speaking of patience, according to MLBTR the Yanks offered Jesus Montero for Joakim Soria last year. Thoughts? I think it’s a lot for someone who is going to be in middle relief for a few years.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      Thank God that didn’t go through!!!
      Remember how dangerous Big Papi was in his prime?
      How he killed us?
      People act like if Montero can ‘only’ be a DH (and a BUC), he’s worthless.
      Just a worthless Cabrera/Frank Thomas kind of bat.

      No, I’m not sure he will live up to expectations… but we have to see. I know many more prospects fail then succeed, but we can’t let Montero go because of that.

      We need more then talent. We need CHEAP talent.
      We already know we can spend BIG on FAs.
      The question is: Can we develop our own?
      Ya know, like Jeter, Bernie, Andy, Mo and Posada.

      We have no future Dynasty if we trade away our best talent.

  5. mike c says:

    hopefully cash doing the right thing = filling a dumptruck full of money to drive over to andy pettitte’s house

  6. Bryan L says:

    Get ready for ninja Cashamn, I can feel it.

  7. OldYanksFan says:

    Oh… and Levine didn’t have to say ANYTHING.
    And Cashman IS doing the right thing.
    Sometimes it’s better to be celibate, then get drunk and bang the fat ugly chick.

  8. mustang says:

    Yankees fans= the crowd

    Kevin Beacon= Cashman and Levine

  9. Pounder says:

    The dreaded ‘vote of confidence’.

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