The RAB Radio Show: December 14, 2010


How many ways can you spend $23 million? Mike and I aren’t going to stop until we figure out every conceivable option. We’re talking about the available payroll and how the Yankees can use it to their advantage, absent a viable free agent option.

We’re also talking about the flexibility that Russell Martin brings and what he could mean for the 2011 team.

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  1. Mike HC says:

    When you lose out on top free agents, it is no consolation to hear about how “competitive” the offer was.

  2. Yanko says:

    How much would it cost to send AJ to a baseball acadamy to re-learn how to pitch? What’s the price for Phil to learn a better changeup this offseason? How about Joba getting another chance to start? Cant the Yankees improve on what they have instead of throwing away money not-spent on Lee?

    • mbonzo says:

      AJ already reworked his mechanics this offseason.

      • Yanko says:

        What is the source? “already reworked” before Christmas is kind of early to declare “AJ already reworked his mechanics this offseason” considering the Yankees are paying him ace money. With a season he had last year, I want to hear that Aj is working constantly and will continue to work constantly for the remaining of the offseason to make him a better pitcher. Phil needs another pitch (develop a slider?) or a better cutter/change. This off season is about a shitty AJ contract and shitty Joba handling over the years. No one would cry front end starter if AJ and Joba could get through 6/7 innings now and again. Cash and co need to look within. Joba and AJ are rotting in mediocrity and my confidence in Phil is going in Joba’s direction.

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

      AJ is what he is. I don’t think it’s possible to kill Bad AJ. Phil should improve like what elite pitching prospects do. They hate Joba so he’s a 6th inning reliever.

      A this point we shouldn’t depend on improvements. Though I’m sure they’redefinitely doing all they can so they can improve.

  3. mbonzo says:

    I’d love to see the Yankees somehow manage to come under the Luxury tax cap, and use that $23m they woulda used to sign Lee, and the $60m they would have paid in luxury tax on international signings and draft signings. Darvish would be the first guy to get.

  4. Jobu says:

    Does anyone know of an android podcast player that will play the RAB radio show? I cannot find it on Listen or several others I have tried.

  5. Jimmy McNulty says:

    I really hope they give Joba another chance at the Rotation before blowing the farm on a pitcher who isn’t as good as Cliff Lee.

  6. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Joe, the reason why you hated the offseason: The Red Sox Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee turned down the Yankees.

  7. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Also, I can see Felix being available soon. The Mariners blow ass, and they’re miles away from contention despite what Dave Cameron thinks. Maybe not now, maybe not in July, but I think that by next July the rumor mill will be running.

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