Kevin Long on MLB Network’s Diamond Demo

The Yankees bullpen, in perspective
Open Thread: Granderson goes down under

Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long made an appearance on the MLB Network yesterday, showing off some of the drills he does with Alex Rodriguez and Robbie Cano. The four-and-a-half video can be seen here, and it comes highly recommended.

The screen drill with Cano is something to behold. I was lucky enough to see them bust out the screen and a bucket of balls when I was in Tampa for the Sept. 13th-15th series, and it was seriously just homer after homer into rightfield. All you’d hear was crack!!! off the bat and then thud!!! when the ball hit the seats a few seconds later. Here’s a half-decent picture I took of the drill. You can see the ball in flight (in front of where the second baseman would be) and Eduardo Nunez waiting his turn off to the left.

The Yankees bullpen, in perspective
Open Thread: Granderson goes down under
  • RR

    Saw this on Twitter, never saw the screen training before. Looked great.

  • Mike HC

    That was excellent. Nice recommendation. Loved when they put Long on the spot and got him sweating a little bit. He crushed those though.

  • Avi

    Nice swing by K-long. Sign him up!

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Maybe the Yankees FO has been reluctant to give up Nunez because of the progress he’s been making with KLong.

    It has to be something.

  • batman

    awesome video. klong’s got some pop in that bat.

  • AndrewYF

    I’m extremely happy that Cano has gotten so good at baseball. He’s been my favorite Yankee since the day he came up.

  • Big Apple

    i love watching cano hit..he is so smooth and that ball just jumps off his bat.