Open Thread: A new reporting date

Expecting Jesus
Comparing the bullpens of Boston and New York
"Yes, all you little people are down there, and I'm up here!" (Photo Credit: Flickr user edogisgod)

Bob Klapisch reports today that the Yankees have pushed their reporting date for pitchers and catchers back to February 14th for some unknown reason. Pitchers and catcher had been scheduled to report on the 13th. Klap originally said that the change had to do with Michael Kay’s wedding, which is scheduled for the 12th, but alas. I had this big elaborate post all planned out where I’d joke about the only food on the weeding menu will be  steak and chicken parmigiana, of course with no condiments and definitely with no soup. For shame.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The Rangers, Isles, Devils, and Nets will be in action, plus you have the Packers at the Falcons a little later on (8pm ET, FOX). You all know what to do, so have at it.

Expecting Jesus
Comparing the bullpens of Boston and New York
  • Esteban

    I find it bizarre that they would change the schedule due to Michael Kay (even if it’s not true in the end).

    • Mike Axisa

      Klapisch said it was because Girardi would be in attendance.

      • Esteban

        Ah, ok, I guess that makes sense. The one day wouldn’t really matter anyway.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    The news of the Soriano signing gives me little faith in the organization. I don’t know what would be worse, if it was Cashman’s idea or the organization let Randy Levine usurp Cashman and talk them into spending 35M on a middle reliever. Now I fully expect them to trade Jesus Montero for Gavin Floyd.

    • Esteban

      I dunno, one (probably bad) signing doesn’t make me lose faith in the Yankees. Even if ownership is starting to take a more active interest in baseball operations, as long Brian Cashman has mostly the final say, they’ll be ok. I mean the Yankees made the playoffs every year, even before Brian Cashman had sole authority.

      • bexarama

        Gotta say I agree with this. I think Levine’s dumb and I’m not happy with the signing but if there is a pattern of people going totally over Cashman’s head (I don’t think A-Rod counts either, twice since 2005 isn’t a pattern), then I’ll get worried. Right now, there isn’t.

      • mike c

        cashman also signed igawa and marte too… the difference here being that soriano is actually going to improve the team

        • The Real JobaWockeeZ

          A. Hindsight is 20/20
          B. give me whatever crystal ball you have.

          • TRJWIG

            Yankees fans angry that they just signed the best reliever in baseball? I’m shocked.

            • Monteroisdinero

              This. But after all, Mo can pitch forever! and 3 games in a row! and never get injured!

              And Mo wanted Soriano-how interesting.

              • bexarama

                Soriano is not young and has not been as healthy though his career as Mo has been. Also, even if you really do believe he’s the heir to Mo, he’s only signed for one year beyond Mo’s contract – assuming Mo retires (I mean he probably will but would you bet against Mariano?) and Soriano doesn’t opt out.

                Also, I love Mariano to death. That doesn’t mean I want him, or any player, GMing my team. He wanted Joba in the bullpen too.

                • Monteroisdinero

                  Just finishing your 30 year season as a closer is young in my book. At this point in their careers, Soriano has thrown less innings than Mo. If he is the heir to Mo, we will sign him. Time will tell but we have the inside track. With our offense, even with marginal starting pitchers, we can score a ton and make lots of games close in the 8th and 9th. Soriano will close games for us this year too.

                  Mariano’s having an opinion on joba in the pen is a different issue that we have all argued about ad nauseum.

                • Poopy Pants

                  “Also, I love Mariano to death. That doesn’t mean I want him, or any player, GMing my team. He wanted Joba in the bullpen too.”

                  Exactly. We saw how that worked out with AJ.

            • Andrew

              I don’t think Yankees fans are angry per se, it’s more frustration over how the team has spent a good chunk of the 2011 payroll, and potentially 2012 and 2013. $12 million for a set up guy is a lot for a team that had been putting the bullpen together relatively cheaply for a few years running.

              I think a lot of the frustration, though, goes away if either Pettitte comes back or another non-Mitre starter emerges before Spring Training. The SP 4/5 slots are still too glaring a hole for people to warm to Soriano, I think.

              • TRJWIG

                Good thing the money isn’t coming out of your pocket. I’m so sick of hearing this fanbase bitch about the payroll over and over. When the day comes that the yankees can’t sign someone because they’re priced out of the bidding, then you can complain all you want, until then, just settle down already.

                • TRJWIG

                  And also, please tell me who you would like the yankees to have brought in SP wise that they can’t anymore because of Soriano. By signing Soriano they’ve now made Joba expendable to be traded for a pitcher or they can put him back in rotation or Joba stays put and they sign one of the remaining free agents. Don’t see Soriano setting the rotation back.

                • mattdamonwayans

                  The money is coming out of the fan’s pockets.

                  • TRJWIG

                    Solid point. Excellent response. I never thought of that you know? I agree. Perhaps everytime Cash or any of the front office wants to make a move or sign someone, we should assemble every paying fan at the stadium and do a yea or nay vote on the matter. I’m gonna draft the letter to the Steinbrenners right now actually and I’ll email it to you when I’m done. Actually instead of doing it on word, I’m gonna write it on crayon, on a roll of toilet paper, in order to properly reflect how intelligent the premise is.

                    • Pete C.

                      Mr. Damon Wayons is right though, the money really does come from our pockets. I just don’t see MLB, other team owners in general, and the Steinbrenners in particular, coming to their collective senses, cutting payroll size, ticket prices, and giving back a percentage of all the revenue they receive through commercial endorsements.
                      And then all those companies paying exorbitant rates for commercial time will rebate all us customers the amount we overpaid for our purchases, just to cover the inflated price of the commercial time. All out of the goodness of their hearts.
                      See all better now.

                  • Poopy Pants

                    I refuse to go to another game at YS, so I guess I shouldn’t care.

                • Andrew

                  The team does, as hard as it may be for you to believe, tend to keep their payroll around the same dollar area every year. Meaning, there is a budget. Meaning, it’s not out of hand to discuss the fact that the team tied up $12 million of that budget in a pitcher set to throw around 70-80 innings this year. Just because it’s not my money doesn’t mean it’s out of hand to discuss, since the team does operate under a model where there isn’t a limitless supply of cash.

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      The only reason why the signing was made was because Cashman didn’t step in and stop it. He prefered to keep the pick, but it was not that important that he would have to prevent such a deal.

  • Richard Iurilli

    Separated at birth? Jim Ricker from the eighth season of 24 ( and Hank Steinbrenner (

    • bakekrukow412


  • bakekrukow412

    I wonder if Paul O’Neill is invited to Michael Kay’s wedding…..

    • Bryan L

      “You know Michael, has your fiancee ever told you that you have a big head?”

      • bakekrukow412

        hahaha, by the way, have any of you seen Michael Kay’s fiancee?!?! How the heck did a guy like him reel her in?

        • Bryan L

          She’s really nothing too special…

          • bakekrukow412

            Well, here’s hoping she doesn’t like ketchup, or, well, any other normal foods for that matter. Actually, O’Neill will probably stay away from the wedding on the basis that there will probably be nothing to eat.

        • YanksFan77

          It’s probably one of those fake celebrity weddings, like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, JLo and Ben Affleck. When you’re an A-lister like Michael Kay, you’ve got to keep your name in the papers.

          How many times did he mention his wedding on air last year? ridiculous.

  • Nostra-Artist


    runs away

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ

      should be traded right this instant. We get it you want him in the bullpen. Trade him for someone who does more for the team. The fact they are debating it is ridiculous unless they plan on starting him which I have no faith in.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        If they plan on starting him we can only hope they told him to prepare in the off season as a starter oh but wait Cashman has said he’s a reliever and that’s it but Cashman isn’t always forthright. This is so confusing.

        • Nostra-Artist

          Cashman didn’t lie, he was overruled.

          • Mattchu12

            Can’t say ‘THIS’ enough.

      • Nostra-Artist

        should be traded right this instant.

        When there are no starters available?

        We get it you want him in the bullpen

        Really? I did a blog post this morning advocating the exact opposite.

        Trade him for someone who does more for the team.

        When his value is at its lowest?

        The fact they are debating it is ridiculous unless they plan on starting him which I have no faith in.

        Huh? Who said the Yanks are debating anything?

        • pete

          I think by “you” he meant the yankees

          • Nostra-Artist


            Where’s the delete button in this place?

  • Monteroisdinero

    Kay’s head is so big it attracts flying paper. Look carefully. Feel sorry for his wife. Marriage is hard enough but throw in a neurotic workaholic loudmouth for a husband…If I were her I woulda said-

    See Ya!

    • Bob Stone

      How does a big head attract “flying paper”?

      • I Voted 4 Kodos

        It has its own gravitational pull?

  • James

    Granted I don’t listen to Michael Kay’s radio show and understand people’s beef with him that way, but in terms of a pure baseball announcer, I don’t hate him. He’s better than other non-baseball guys like Joe Buck and Al Trautwig. I’ve never gotten the sense he’s really a douche. He makes his share of corny jokes, but other than that… I just don’t see it. If you guys give me real evidence, I’ll agree with you.

    • Chris

      Kay’s radio show is pretty good. He’s a little weak discussing sports other than baseball but for the times when Mike Francesa’s superiority act gets too much to stand, Kay’s show is a nice alternative. Only downside is Don LaGreca chimes in way too much and he’s pretty much a moron.

    • The Oberamtmann

      I get and try to listen to the other announcers when the Yanks are playing away. Trust me – Kay is in the top ten if not the top five of baseball announcers. Most are absolutely horrible. Think of it this way: Rays announcers are in the top half, easy.

      The issue is that we hear him every day, so we know his quirks, the things he always gets wrong, etc. His job is to talk for three+ hours every night. He does not know who watches every game and who watches sometimes, and he has to say the things that he said the day before for those who haven’t been watching every game like we do. Similarly, he will run out of things to say otherwise. He doesn’t have the choice to just be quiet; it’s his job. We’d get sick of Bob Lorenz too if he did play-by-play every day.

      We all get very annoyed at our announcers because they’re like a relative we talk to every day… but we don’t get to talk back or to question them. That’s why, much as he never talks about, y’know, baseball, I enjoy when O’Neil’s in the booth. He helps show that Kay actually has a personality and a sense of humor. Even though they’re not talking baseball as much, it changes it up. Flaherty even approaches having a personality when O’Neil’s on.

      Even when the problem is that Kay doesn’t know very much about the opposing team, he handles it a lot better than most other announcers do. Kay will say “i don’tknow” or, if the stat guys in the truck send up information he said something wrong, he *will* admit it. Other announcers just make shit up. Kay is *not that bad.* And he’s definitely not full of himself like the worst announcers are.

  • Mattchu12

    Anybody feel like the Oakland Athletics will be the surprise team this year?

    Great bullpen (and possibly adding Fuentes), great young rotation, and a pretty solid lineup? I think they are going to be a pretty damn good ball club next season.

    • Jerome S.

      In the AL West? All they gotta do is be a .550 team to win it.

      • Mattchu12

        I meant surprise team as in surprise team all around. As in, World Series Champs or best record in baseball type surprise team.

        • Jerome S.

          I guess. They’d need some luck and a major, jaw-dropping move at the trade deadline.

  • Nick Carraway

    Interesting move, but right now I’m focused on the football games tomorrow- specifically the Jets in NE.

  • Nigel Bangs

    I am loving these weekend writers. More content crushes less content.