Ten questions for the 2011 season


Looking for some light reading on the first day of the new year? Then check out Brian Hoch’s ten questions for Yankees going into 2011, headlined of course by the pitching staff. The other obvious questions involve age, and how it will impact Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Mariano Rivera, among others. Sounds a lot like every other year, now that I think about it.

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  1. Jerome S. says:

    LOL @ the comments section.

    • The first thing I read “George would never have sat on his hands” that’s all they can look up to these days, it’s getting annoying yet I still find it hilarious.

      Letting Matsui go was a mistake? Nah.

      The Yankees won’t go after Soriano? Thank god.

      I’d rather do nothing than do something just for the sake of doing something

  2. Nigel Bangs says:

    “They’ll need that, because Boston features a ton of dangerous lefties in Jacoby Ellsbury…”

    Maybe not dangerous, but certainly FEARED.

  3. Juke Early says:

    I fear the noxious waves of hypocrisy emanating from Boston & the gin blossoms on their noses. . ..

  4. Darl says:

    Another question: why isn’t Pedro Feliciano listed on the Yankees roster?

  5. Joey C says:

    God, reading through those comments made me so happy that RAB exists.

  6. “[...]because Boston features a ton of dangerous lefties in Jacoby Ellsbury, Crawford, Gonzalez, David Ortiz and J.D. Drew.”

    One of these is not like the other.

  7. Larry G says:

    Afraid of the Red Sox? The only one, as of this moment, that is proven is Crawford, Ellsbury, Sloppy, and Drew, need to perform before they can be seen as feirce. The new first basemen, Gonzales, needs to be injury free if he will be any help to the Sox.

    The Red Sox got better with Crawford and Gonzales, but the Yanks still are the better team, the media is trying to revive the rivalry.

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