Gary Sanchez underwent heart tests

Open Thread: February 16th Camp Notes
Albert, CC and crazy, crazy ideas

Via George King & Marc Carig, 18-year-old prospect Gary Sanchez recently missed a week of minor league workouts to undergo medical tests on his heart. Nothing serious was discovered, though Brian Cashman wouldn’t say anything beyond acknowledging that Sanchez is fine now. I’m glad he’s okay, but anytime you need to get some test performed on the ol’ ticker, it’s scary. No idea if he’s back in camp yet or if he will be at some point.

(Is it insensitive to plug the Top 30 here? Sanchez did come in at number three after all.)

Open Thread: February 16th Camp Notes
Albert, CC and crazy, crazy ideas
  • YankeesJunkie

    He had an enlarged that means he will have extra grit!

  • Steve H

    The tests came back conclusive: Sanchez is cold blooded.

    • boogie down


  • Mike HC

    No, definitely not insensitive. You guys should add a Prospects tab on top the page so the prospect rankings are easy to refer to throughout the year. Maybe even update them intermittently throughout the year too. That could be fun to see how the rankings change at the mid way point, end of the year etc … Just some thoughts.

  • felixbanuelos

    Feel better buddy, YOU are the future of the yankees since we will probably trade Monty

  • Dirty Pena

    You could be like Deadspin and just have the top 30 at the top of your page for the next five months.

  • Teh Comp Pick

    Hope Gary is Ok.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Ugh…ouch. Any other players who had something like this and ended up okay?

    • JGS

      Considering we have no idea what it is…I’m going to go with yes.

      Aaron Boone played 12 years on a bicuspid aortic valve that eventually needed replacement, and played in the majors after the surgery.

      • Drew

        i remember when he came back from heart surgery before Jose Reyes came back from a hamstring injury HAHAHAA

  • Midland TX

    Apologies, seems like low-hanging fruit but someone should probably get this out of the way:

    So long as they’re conducting heart tests, [Joba | AJ | A-Rod | insert your favorite punching bag here] should get an exam.