Open Thread: Mike Lamb

So...Would You? (Part I)
Weighing Wade LeBlanc
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Aaron Boone’s knee injury during the 2003-2004 offseason had a major impact on the Yankees, most notably because it opened the door for Alex Rodriguez‘s arrival in New York. It also had an impact on Mike Lamb. Not long after Boone’s injury, the Yanks swung a deal with the Rangers to acquire Lamb, an up-and-down third baseman stuck behind then All-Star Hank Blalock. He was set to be the team’s everyday guy at the hot corner in 2004, but less than two weeks later he was again a man without a position following the A-Rod trade.

The Yankees acquired Lamb seven years ago today, then traded him to the Astros just a month later. He never played a game for the Yankees outside of Spring Training, but that year he posted a .365 wOBA in 312 plate appearances for Houston. Lamb spent four pretty productive years with the Astros (.342 wOBA in 1,436 PA, 5.3 WAR), but he’s nothing more than an afterthought in Yankee history*.

Here’s the open thread for the evening. The Islanders are the only local team in action, so yeah, go out and have fun.

* Just for the sake of completeness, the prospect the Yankees sent to Texas (RHP Jose Garcia) never made it out of Double-A, and the prospect they received from Houston (RHP Juan DeLeon) never made it out of Single-A.

So...Would You? (Part I)
Weighing Wade LeBlanc
  • long time listener

    You might say Lamb was silent with the Yankees.

    • Joe DiMaggio’s Ego-Ghost

      + 1

    • Richard Iurilli
  • Gonzo

    Now that Tyler Skaggs is a “good” prospect, what would be a comparable trade for Dan Haren from a Yankees perspective.

    I am not intersted in what was said to sought by the DBacks, or Joba.

    • Mattchu12

      Considering the plethora of holes on the Angels’ roster, they’re going to want a lot. It might not be fair, but the Angels just aren’t a team that I see “rebuilding”, so they’re going to overvalue the hell out of players like Haren and Weaver.

    • Accent Shallow

      I don’t want Dan Haren. That whole “first half pitcher” thing he does is for me a major red flag.

      • Mike

        i think i’d rather have weaver

        • Accent Shallow

          I don’t want him, either.

          Oy vey.

          • first name only male (formerly Mike R. – Retire 21)

            What are the requirements to interest you?

            Serious question.

            • Accent Shallow

              I like neither Haren’s or Weaver’s HR-rate.

              Basically any pitcher with walk and K-rates similar to them. Low HR rates are a big plus.

              • radnom

                Beggers can’t be choosers.

                Either one of those guys would be a great addition to shore up the rotation.
                Although I tend to agree that the required price will be too much, for the exact reasons you mentioned. You never know though – I think of the two, Haren is more likely to come at a palatable price.

                • Accent Shallow

                  You’re absolutely right, it’s just funny that he’s asking after the two pitchers with great K/BB ratios who I’d not be enthused about.

                  (I’m sure someone else could come up with someone who has a 3.5 or better K/BB ratio that I wouldn’t want either. I’m picky.)

  • icebird753

    Why not sign Oil Can Boyd? The dude has great velocity, and would be either the heir apparent to Mo or a serviceable #1 starter for the Yanks. Think Walter Johnson in his prime, just the only difference being that Boyd’s black, thin, a relatively older pitcher, and is sexy.

    • JGS

      Relatively older than Walter Johnson?

  • Pasqua

    Took a trip to Scranton in the summer of ’09 and saw Lamb playing 1B for the Mets Triple-A team. Odd how things go.

    • icebird753

      great story. Here’s a cookie for that.

      • Pasqua

        Wow. You’re an ass.

        • Pasqua

          Did I type that out loud? Redacted.

  • Craig

    Lamb was the 2nd player to hit a HR in a WS with an animal last name. The first was Tim Salmon in 02

    • Slugger27

      greatest comment in the history of RAB

  • Teh Comp Pick

    but what about Hank Blalock, dude is still just 30…crazy how things work out!

  • mbonzo

    I know a lot of people here use Last year it was $120, but it looks like you can get the 2011 season for $100.

    I did see it go cheaper last year after a price mistake by MLB, instead of $119.99 they put it online for $19.99 in the beginning of the season. Im sure someone got fired for that one; I wouldn’t expect the same offer this year.