Open Thread: Grandy’s 50-50 for Opening Day

Imagining Hanley in pinstripes
New Year's Resolutions
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There’s good news and bad news about Curtis Granderson‘s oblique injury. The bad news it’s rendered him questionable for Opening Day, but the good news is that it’s not serious enough that a stint on the disabled list is a foregone conclusion. The Grandyman took some swings off a tee and played a little catch today, saying that he thinks he’s got a 50-50 chance of being ready by Thursday. In other news, Gustavo Molina caught CC Sabathia in a minor league game this morning before catching the big league relievers in the official game this afternoon, so yeah, pretty good indication that he’s making the team.

Anyway, here’s the open thread for the night. MLB Network is showing the Twins and Red Sox (live), plus the Knicks, Nets, and Devils are playing. Oh, and there’s college basketball as well. You all know what’s up, so have at it.

Imagining Hanley in pinstripes
New Year's Resolutions
  • First Time Poster
    • First Time Poster

      Guess the brass are going with 2010 results over ST results. I would of liked to have seen Colon in the rotation but I won’t complain.

      • Ryan

        Don’t you mean Second Time Poster?

    • Jerome S.
    • Ryan

      way to break the news!

      • First Time Poster

        Yep. I missed the original post… you got me!

  • CMP

    Looks like Molina is gonna be backup catcher which is a good thing because it doesn’t look like Montero is ready especially behind the dish. No sense in rushing him at this point with the offense being the least of their worries.

    • jim p

      Plus the bonus of starting his “time served” clock later, and the advantages of that down the road.

  • Jack
  • OldYanksFan

    Agree. For Monty to have made the team this Spring, he would really have had to impress…. which he didn’t. Looking at it now, getting Martin was a great get for Cashman. Considering how bleak things looked the day after Cliff signed with Philly, I think things have turned out reasonable well.

    It’s a shame Colon could not have dropped some weight. If he knew his arm still had some life, he really killed his chances of starting by being so heavy. I sometimes wonder how serious some of these guys really are. He could have Nolan Ryan’s arm, but his weight at his age is a major impediment.

    • CMP

      He still should have won a spot in the starting 5 over Garcia regardless of his weight.

      • whozat

        Freddy Garcia threw 160 tolerable innings in the AL last year. I agree that Colon had a better spring, and that his stuff looked more impressive, but ignoring the 2010 sample in favor of a handful of Spring Training starts would make no sense.

        • thumper

          But why use logic here??? It’s the what have you done for me lately mindset and stimulating those internet traffic hits. (Tex crushed the ball again is ST, and we all know how the season is going to start for him.) If you want to really boil your blood pressure, head over to espn and read Wallace’s article.

          Besides, if Garcia tanks, Colon’s still on the team anyway and you can just slide him into the 5th spot if need be.

          • CMP

            Colon has totally outpitched Garcia this spring and besides his better results, his stuff has been much better according to every scouting report and article I’ve read. There is nothing to lose by letting Colon pitch until he proves he can’t do the job.

            At least there is some upside there. Are you worried you might get 100 mediocre innings out of Garcia instead of 160 like last year???????

        • CMP

          Your comment makes no sense. The 160 mediocre (at best) innings Garcia threw last year are irrelevant to the argument as to who is the better starting pitcher right now.
          The Yankees likely won’t need more than 100 innings out of those 2 if they’re successful in aquiring a better pitcher or moving up someone from AAA.

          Maybe if I said the Yankees should cut Garcia in favor of Colon you would have a point.

          • thumper

            Colon hasn’t pitched effectively for years though. I’ll take Garcia’s 160 inning sample over Colon’s 15 inning of spring training. You can’t discount all of last year for a few 2-3 inning stints. He’s throwing 95 mph now because he’s been pitching winter ball; he’s at his peak, whereas Garcia notriously pitches poorly in ST. For the next few months, Garcia projects to be better.

            I’m not expecting a whole lot from either, as long as the 5th starter passes the Better Than Javy 2010 test.

          • Pasqua

            Garcia’s innings in 2010 are not irrelevant. They are a measurable body of work. It’s just as easy to say Colon’s handful of innings in ST are more irrelevant; sample size, level of competition, etc.

            One way to come to terms with it is this: Colon’s on the team. If Garcia shits the bed, Colon can replace him if need be (and, likely, shit the bed as well).

        • MannyGee

          disagree, you play the hot hand… not like Garcia has suiters knocking down his door.

          you start Colon until his arm falls off in May and you have Freddy fresh in the “Ace Chair”… When Freddy goes to shit Millwood will be all stretched out… that should carry us through June when the Indians are out of it and we can get Carmona…

          see? simple math.

  • 28 this year

    I have to do a research paper for high school connecting three things. I am planning on doing 1984 by George Orwell and Guernica (a painting by Picasso) and I need either a movie or song for the third thing. Any ideas for that third thing and/or a thesis>

    • Jerome S.

      Do All Quiet on the Western Front, and do something about Post ww1 disillusionment or statism.

      Yeah, it’s been done, but it’s a good idea.

    • thumper

      Instead of pigeonholing yourself into a specific book and painting, wouldn’t in make more sense to come up with a broad thesis -> pick 3 things that are somewhat related -> then narrow it down to a concise thesis.

      Just a random thought from a stranger on the interwebs. You might look at Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, Guernica, and then pick any war film depending on how you want to take it with your thesis.

    • CMP

      The movie could be V with Natalie portman and Hugo Weaver which was about a totalitarian society like 1984.

    • Tank the Frank

      For a movie I think A Clockwork Orange or 2001: A Space Odyssey would work. Both Stanley Kubrick movies are well known for their classical score that should go well with your paper and A Clockwork Orange shares some themes with 1984.

    • 28 this year

      thanks for the help guys!

    • sausage face

      Try doing it with Planet of the Abes with Mark Wallberg.

    • nsalem

      Movie: Brazil Terry Gilliam
      Music: Ascension John Coltrane

      • thumper

        wise choice, you can never go wrong with coltrane.

  • squishy jello person

    Asked on Twitter, worth asking here: anyone feeling a monster A-Rod year?

    • Monteroisdinero

      With good health, I am. The loss of weight really seems to help him and the loss of steroids does not seem to be affecting his power.

      The acquisition of that great, off the field, latin talent “Diaz” seems to be helping his game too. :-) Might be one of our best offseason pickups.

    • Nostra-Artist

      My pick for AL MVP. I’d take A-Gon, but he’s coming back from shoulder surgery which should sap his power a bit. Especially in the beginning of the year. Alex looks healthy and primed for monster year.

      • MannyGee

        aaaaaaaand he’s over rated, but don’t sweat that.

    • MannyGee

      only Cameron will be feeling a Monster A-Rod ANYTHING this year

  • JM

    I’m doing a fantasy Draft right now, and I waited too long for a 1B. It ain’t looking good. I guess I’ll join another league also to compensate. I’ll show my results to see what you guys think, but I’m not too happy so far.

    • squishy jello person

      Grab Moreland if he’s available. Real sleeper candidate.

      • JM

        Ugh I missed him too.

      • rapael hughmungus

        Yeah but word is Moreland in kinda dirty..

        • squishy jello person

          Why would that matter for fantasy?

          • Ryan

            aww honey, “Dirty” is slang for good or great

      • Nostra-Artist

        Aye! Grab more land, and grab it by the end of my mighty sword! Gaaarrrrr!!! /cheesypirate#

  • Gonzo

    Over under on Millwood starts this year?

    • Nostra-Artist

      Zero. I’m disappointed he’s taking a few of the AAA turns of an actual prospect, and suspect he’ll be cut by May 1st.

    • Nigel Bangs

      Well, let’s set it at 0.5.

      I’ll take the under, mostly out of optimism.

    • MannyGee

      I am taking the over! He will limp through a month of starts when AJ goes down with an oblique in June

  • JM

    Here is my team in a 10 team league:
    C Mauer
    1B Konerko
    2B Uggla
    3B Reynolds
    2B/SS Stephen Drew
    1B/3B Carlos Pena
    OF Heyward
    OF Victorino
    OF Adam Jones
    OF Swisher
    OF Span
    UTIL Luke Scott
    P Lester
    P Johnson
    P Feliz
    P Brett Anderson
    P Danks
    P Bailey
    P Cahill
    P Leo Nunez
    P James Shields
    Kevin Gregg

    Is this any good? I though I could’ve done much better.

    • CMP

      I like Wieters on the bench. If things finally click for him, you could trade him for a better 3rd baseman.

    • boogie down

      Perhaps not great, but definitely solid. My guess is that waiver wire acquisitions and late-round draftees have more to do with the league’s winner than anything else; stars will be stars, and we know that.

      Here’s my first-ever FBB draft (10-team, mixed):

      C Jorge Posada
      1B Albert Pujols
      2B Kelly Johnson
      3B Ryan Zimmerman
      SS Starlin Castro
      OF Justin Upton
      OF Jason Heyward
      OF Nick Markakis
      UTIL Rajai Davis
      UTIL Denard Span

      SP Felix Hernandez
      SP Mat Latos
      P Zach Greinke
      P Matt Cain
      P Wandy Rodriguez
      P Brian Matusz
      RP John Axford
      RP Joe Nathan
      RP Mike Adams

      BN Gaby Sanchez
      BN Aaron Hill
      BN Travis Snider
      BN Omar Infante

      What do you guys think?

      • squishy jello person

        You did this in a 10 team league!?!?

        • boogie down

          My first five picks were: Albert, Zim, Felix, Upton, and Heyward. It absolutely helped that I was at one end of the draft snake, getting the last even-numbered pick and first odd-numbered one back-to-back. Felix falling to me at #21 was a little surprising: I thought he’d be gone in the 14-17 range, if not higher.

          Pitching being as deep as it is, there were a lot of relative bargain picks: our 6th round saw Price, Josh Johnson, Gallardo, Hamels, and Latos picked, followed by Greinke at #61.

        • Ryan

          is that so surprising?

      • MannyGee

        dunno how late you grabbed Latos, but I think once he comes back from the burstitis he is going to surprise some folks.

        I took him somewhere down in the 140s, great sleeper pick

  • Tom Zig

    RAB Conference League South needs 1 more person.

  • Jack

    League ID: 103464
    Password: riveraveblues

    Got six spots left, draft is tomorrow.

    • AnthonyMichael

      Have room for 1 more?

  • Poopy Pants

    Is Colon the ‘mop up man’ right now? or will someone else get that role?

    • Ryan

      yeah, he’s the long reliever

  • Dax J.

    Hey guys! My Fantasy League draft was today, and here are my picks. Can you guys evaluate my team and tell me how I did? It’s a 10-Team league.

    C/1B – Victor Martinez
    1B – Joey Votto
    2B – Dan Uggla
    3B – Casey McGehee
    SS – Jose Reyes
    OF – Hunter Pence
    OF – Jayson Werth
    OF – Mike Stanton
    Util – Alexei Ramirez
    Util – Kelly Johnson
    BN – Pablo Sandoval
    BN – Aaron Hill
    BN – Brett Gardner
    BN – Miguel Montero
    BN – Juan Uribe
    SP – Felix Hernandez
    SP – Dan Haren
    RP – Joakim Soria
    RP – Joe Nathan
    P – Ryan Dempster
    P – Hiroki Kuroda
    P – Trevor Cahill
    P – Johnny Cueto

    • mbonzo

      Pretty nice draft. I would say your pitching is a bit weak, but you have lots of offensive depth. I’d try and trade or drop guys like Uribe and Miguel Montero for a SP and RP.

  • JZ

    Anyone catch this turd in the NYT this morning? According to Mike Tully, smart GMs should do everything to get David Eckstein and Carlos Pena, cause when they’re on the field their teams win. Also, the Yanks are much better off without ARod. And the Reds are better off when the reigning NL MVP is on the bench.

    • Tom Zig

      Is that satire?

  • Tommy

    Two more spots just opened up in the RAB Conference American League. The draft is at 630 this evening. League ID is 62821 and the password is riveraveblues.