Open Thread: March 1st Camp Notes

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Report(s): No deal for Liriano in the works
Proof that Phil threw at least one changeup today. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Here’s what went down in camp today…

  • The Yankees lost to the Pirates this afternoon, getting shutout 2-0. Phil Hughes and Steve Garrison each chipped in two scoreless innings, David Robertson one. A Curtis Granderson triple was the highlight of the offense. Jesus Montero went 2-for-2 in throwing out attempted basestealers and 0-for-3 at the plate. Brett Gardner had an outfield assist. Here’s the box score.
  • Joe Girardi said he wants Hughes to work on his changeup and his overall consistency, then qualified it by saying “[this] kid won 18 games last year. Hard to complain about what he did.” Le sigh. Hughes said he threw just three changeups today, adding that his goal is to make a usable pitch, not necessarily a put-away offering. “If I can get a little better each year, hopefully it’ll be a good pitch by the time I’m 40,” joked the righty. (Peter Botte, Erik Boland & Jack Curry)
  • It was raining in Tampa, so everyone took batting practice in the indoor cages. Derek Jeter was working with Kevin Long to get his new stride down, as he said he would do yesterday. (Yankees PR Dept. & Marc Carig)
  • Andrew Brackman, who managed to grow an inch this winter (now 6-foot-11), threw 20 pitches from a indoor mound and really “[aired] it out” according to Girardi. Brackman said he’s fine following that groin/hip issue and will throw another bullpen on Thursday. Greg Golson is okay after getting hit in the head with a pitch over the weekend; he took batting practice today and could get into tomorrow’s game. Ronnie Belliard is still at least a week away from just testing out that calf strain. Thanks for coming, Ronnie. (Jack Curry, Eric Boland, Chad Jennings & Carig)
  • The rotation the rest of the week: A.J. Burnett (Weds. vs. Astros), Freddy Garcia (Thurs. @ Rays), Bartolo Colon (Fri. vs. Red Sox), and CC Sabathia (Sat. vs. Nationals). I guess Ivan Nova‘s going to come out of the bullpen one of those days. (Botte)

Here’s your open thread for the evening. The Rangers (huge game), Islanders, and Knicks are all in action, plus MLB Network will be showing a replay of today’s Tigers-Phillies game at 8pm ET. Talk about whatever, enjoy.

Another Kickstarter Project: Baseball History Audio App & CD
Report(s): No deal for Liriano in the works
  •|4:1270508852 Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Jesus threw out a runner AND threw out a jogger.

  • The Real JobaWockeeZ

    Jesus 2 for 2 at catching but 0 for 3 at the plate?! Wow. Was this on TV?

    And Hughes I love ya but it’s ST. Who cares if you get hit around with the change. It needs to be improved.

    • CS Yankee

      The first dude wasn’t really running as ball-four was called a strike; the other one was legit.

      All this about Jesus not being mobile seems to be just BS…when Dellin pitched he was (great but) wild, Jesus had to jump out and snag a pitch that was 90-something. I real knock might be what that one scout said that pitchers don’t brag about him as a catcher & Mauer offered something similar in advise of getting close to them.

      I would think that with the language barrier, it has to be “X” times to be a foriegn guy catching and building that battery team.

  • Accent Shallow

    I really would like Hughes to work on the changeup more, but luckily both him and the Yankees’ coaching staff know more about pitching than I do.

    • CS Yankee

      I always had a hard time throwing it when most couldn’t catch the heat…I would never start with a change-up unless the FB was established or I was 3-0 and they were thinking FB pipe-bound.

      Maddux, on the other hand was beyond crafty, he is one of the few that would throw a changeup in to buckle the knees…which is crazy because if the batter is late he can still catchup but Maddux would throw it in a FB count (2-1, 3-2) and either get the miss or weak 3B-side grounder.

      Hughes has to believe that little CU will fool those bombers like Beltre, Hamilton, etc quite a few times and keep them guessing.

  • 28 this year

    Andrew Brackman is 25 yet he still grew another inch??

    • Carlosologist

      Some people continue to grow into their late 20s. Most people top out at 21.

      • Mike Axisa

        I’m 29 and I keep growing. Unfortunately it’s wider and not taller.

        • MannyGee

          I grow two inches every holiday season, myself… 1 in to the left, and 1 to the right

      • Richard Iurilli

        I’m 21 and 5’7″. I haven’t grown in about five years.

        • icebird753

          must not have gone through puberty again

    • ledavidisrael

      It is possible as his body is becoming healthier his back/core muscles have grown which could prop him up another inch.

  • Teh Comp Pick

    The games don’t count and there were only 4 or 5 regulars in the lineup, but a NYY team should never be shutout and limited to 4 hit by a Pirates pitching staff. Just shouldn’t happen.

    • JGS

      On the other hand, the games don’t count and there were only 4 or 5 regulars in the lineup.

    • Bryan L

      I no rite?

      Dude, it’s Spring Training. Just enjoy these stress-free games while you can.

    • MannyGee

      if this pisses you off, I can’t wait to see you after the obligitory 2 hit stinker against the Royals to complete the sweep… Jeter will go 1-14 in the series and you will likely kick your dog.

      • Teh Comp Pick

        Did I say it pissed me off?

    • Jorge

      Off with Austim Krum’s head!

  • Mike Myers

    Throwing this out there, is it possible Brackman has Giantisim ala andre the giant? Imagine a 7 foot 8 pitcher…that would be awesome. He could just hand the ball to the catcher.

  • mike c

    I’d like to see brackman get a shot in the rotation this year

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ

      He might pass the Sergio Garcia test but he wasn’t flat out dominating in the minors. He was very good but still has come things he needs to work on.

      I’d rather let him test AAA up and then call him up if our pitching is killing the team.

      • MannyGee

        He might pass the Sergio Garcia test but…

        OK so in order to get a roster spot does Brackman need to golf better n Mitre too, or just pitch better n him?

        • The Real JobaWockeeZ

          Took me an hour to get what this meant. Nicely done.

  • first name only male (formerly Mike R. – Retire 21

    So this Montero kid is like a poor man’s Jose Molina?

    • Guest

      Well played.

  • pete

    4.5 days into being a vegetarian…I don’t think I’m gonna make it guys

    • Steve H
      • Chris

        Exactly. That steak was once a vegetarian.

      • Teh Comp Pick

        Thats f- up

      • pete

        not fair

    • MannyGee

      wow… she must be INCREDIBLE!!!!!

      b/c… well, you know… there IS only one reason a guy would go veggie on us, and go against the tribe and all…

      • Operation Killer B’s

        Hey my girlfriend is a vegan but there is no way I’d go veggie I wouldnt last. Shes fine with it.

        • fire levine

          I think vegans are cool. Means more meat for me

          • Operation Killer B’s

            Haha shes a yanks fan too so shes even better

    • hogsmog

      I think totally constricting yourself to vegetables is sort of silly. My diet is mostly vegetarian, because most meat is gross (taco bell, cafeteria, etc.). But, if I’m at a place that serves really good meat-food, I’m totally down. I probably eat it once a week. In the end, I think I get most all the health benefits of being a vegetarian, but none of the heartbreak.

  • Cy Pettitte

    Does anyone know if theres a place to watch Betances and Banuelos’ first ST appearances online? missed them live


      betances was sick, i’ll tell you that


    Brackman’s still growing? Man that’s scary.

    i wonder what SBGL thinks of all of this.

  • Sheepmeister

    So Verducci has an article about how great starters are over relievers yet in the article continues to argue that even though Neftali Feliz should start, Joba should not.

    • Teh Comp Pick

      I understand given the way he frames it. He kinda uses the common hearsay amongst devout NYY fans that Joba’s medicals suggest it’s not a good idea and acts as if he has the knowledge to back that up. Most of the RAB community I think has long concluded that the FO just knows something we don’t. Otherwise, yea why not?

  • Multiple Personalities


    • Mike Axisa

      Knock it off please, stick with one handle.

  • Kiersten

    I was pretty pumped today to discover that the MLBtv yearly package includes Spring Training.

    It’s like Christmas. Only better.

  • Betsy

    Phil did not say he was afraid of the change getting hit, he said he wanted to work on his other pitches as well (as he put it, the curve and cutter abandoned him in the 2nd half). I think that’s pretty smart.

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ

      Ah thanks.

  • Avi

    You can watch it here but you need to be a subscriber.

    • Avi

      Sorry. This was meant to be a reply to Cy Pettitte’s question above about where you can see Betances’ performance.

  • Avi

    Can we see an up-tick in Brackman’s velocity? Imagine how good he’s gonna be when he’s fully developed :)

  • Ray the Anti-Handle

    So how about Andy Sonnanstine? 5 HRs in 11 batters. Ouch.

  • Captain Bawls

    Couldn’t Brackman still growing be an issue? As in, he got his mechanics down as a 6’10” dude – but he’ll need to figure things out again if he keeps on growing.

    • Teh Comp Pick

      Do people get taller at 25?

  • Reggie C.

    “Unemployed winner” … Charlie Sheen’s manic act might’ve made twitter history. Has anyone ever added so many followers in that short window of time?

    Anyone else think AJ Burnett’s start are must see? This team doesn’t compete for the playoffs if AJ can’t bring it.

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ

      I thought Charlie Sheen was the man in that. Psychotic or not it was hilarious and he was even right on a couple things.

    • Steve H

      They made the playoffs last year without AJ bringing much of anything (nor did Vasquez). But I don’t think he’ll be as bad as he was last year either, it is the true outlier in his career. Hopefully just a blip, not the norm going forward.

    • Nostra-Artist

      I don’t buy this line of thinking at all. If Nova proves to be the solid #3 starter that AJ’s supposed to be, then whats the difference? If they land a deal for a front line starter, then who cares about AJ? This stuff about the season coming down to AJ is just way too oversimplified.

  • Reggie C.

    IF Hughes can’t get the changeup to generate a few swing and misses per start , he essentially leaves no room for an off-night of the curve ball. Hughes must throw it more, and its disappointing to read Joe G.’s rather archaic perspective.

  • Steve H

    Nice little blip from Klaw on Sanchez today:

    Sanchez can hit, and looks like he’ll hit for power, and while Jesus Montero comparisons fall under the “obvious scout is obvious” tag, there are some important parallels, including the question of whether Sanchez can remain behind the plate. I think he can, and at worst think he has a better shot to do so than the more massive Montero does. A full year behind the plate and another year of physical development will go a long way toward answering the question of his defensive future, but there aren’t many questions about his offensive potential. If Sanchez doesn’t make a big leap, it’s probably because the odds that he’ll catch have dropped for some unexpected reason.

  • Hey Guy

    I’m on a drug…it’s called Charlie Sheen…

    • Jerome S.

      Meet mr. Qaddafi.

      ^Next great reality tv show.

  • NJYankeeFan

    Between Brackman, Betances, CC and Andy Sisco, if a basketball game ever breaks out, the Yankees should kick some ass!

    • Steve H

      I bet Gardner could do a great Wojo impression at PG.

      • Teh Comp Pick

        hahaha, I bet Grandy can play, hes an athletic dude.

    • ledavidisrael

      What about a football game? They’d own.
      O and D line

      Bartolo Colon
      CC Sabatia
      Joba Chamerlain
      Romulo Sanchez
      Boone Logan?

      Mariano Rivera

      Brett Gardner
      Greg Golson



      Mark Texiera

  • JohnC

    Tough loss for the Knicks. Were playing great but fell apart in the 4th quarter

  • Big Juan

    Fantasy baseball question.

    I’m in a keeper league. It’s 6×6 roto scoring with HR, R, RBI, SB, OPS, AVG for hitters and ERA, K, SV, QS, K/BB, WHIP for pitchers.

    We keep five players. I’m definitely keeping Posey, Wright and Hanley. Who do people like for the last two spots out of Shin-Shoo Choo, CarGo, JUpton, Kershaw and Gallardo.

    Sorry to people that don’t give a shit. Thanks to anyone for their input.

    • Mantle28

      Kershaw and GarGo with Upton as the next choice

    • Steve H

      I’d keep one of the pitchers and I prefer Kershaw. Since the league is roto scoring I’d probably keep CarGo. In head to head you run the risk of him playing a week on the road and not contributing too much, but in roto that’s not a risk.

      • Big Juan

        This is what I was thinking. But I can see the case for Choo or Upton. Thanks guys.